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"You'll stay until I make sure you are not a threat to my pack, little bunny." " Stop calling me a little bunny! Even If I say, who is gonna believe me huh?! They didn't believe me once, what makes you think they will believe me now?! " "I don't care. You will stay here until I'm convinced that you're not a threat to my pack! " I repeated pulling her even closer if it was possible. " What pack, mate? You use terms I don't understand. What if you decide you are convinced when I'm a 70 year old woman?" "Then you'll grow old here with me." " I will not grow old with your grumpy face. " ............... How can a strong powerful creature accept a weak creature as his life companion ? How can a werewolf imagine having a human as a mate? How can an Alpha make Luna a weak fragile girl? How can a pack of wolves accept having a human luna? I have another question. How can someone who saw a beast kill her father in front of her eyes live amongst them? Hana is visiting her mother and brother when she finds out that the beast is a werewolf , half human half wolf, with yellow eyes and canines. Her biggest disappointment, her mother is married to one of them and she was never crazy. The beast existed and he ripped her father's heart from his body in front of her eyes. If Radian is a proud Alpha who doesn't want a weak human as his mate , Hana is half albanian.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Human mates

Alpha Radian Hawkeye

“Robert and his mate are here alpha.” My beta James announced after he knocked on the door of my office.

Lately I had been very moody , everything seemed irritant and made my mood worse.

I knew I was being harsh on my pack, I never wanted to be a feared alpha. I wanted to be a.., I can’t find the right word to describe it. Maybe a nice , sweet approachable alpha?

Nevermind, when I took my alpha title when I turned 18 , my father passed away , two years later my mother as well. Now I’m 26 years old and I haven’t found my mate yet.

I have traveled to every other pack, it seems like the moon goddess is punishing me for something, I don’t know why.

I have turned to a gloomy person .

I wasn’t in the mood to listen to Robert and his human mate, they wanted to ask for permission for the woman’s daughter to come to our pack. A new human who doesn’t know about our kind .

“Alpha Radian thank you for your time.” Robert spoke as the human stood next to him.

I noded with my head waiting for him to continue.

“As we informed you my mate’s daughter will visit us tomorrow , we wanted to ask permission for her to stay in the pack during the months of summer.” Robert explained in a breath.

“You mean 3 months?”

“Yes alpha.” Robert gulped.

“What if she discovers what we are? I can’t stop our routine because of one human , she will see what we are and other unexplainable things.” I spoke coldly , I was on the verge of my nerves.

I was very nervous and not patient.

“We will take care of her. My daughter is a brave girl who would do anything for her family. She won’t betray her mother.” The human raised her chin proudly.

I disliked the idea of having a human mate. They were weak, no physical strength , no mind link , no strong senses.

But whatever, since some of them were my pack mates I accepted them.

“But if something happens that puts my pack in danger because of your daughter, she will be punished . Now you may go.”

I ignored their terrified eyes looking at my computer . I had some documents to read .

But I wasn’t in the mood, as I mentioned , so I mind linked Macy to help me relax.

I knew i should have waited for my mate, but it was taking too long to find her. Maybe I’ll never find her.


Hana Bishop

The bus left me in a forgotten place. It was an old station where my mother and her husband Robert were supposed to pick me up.

“Why are you living in a deserted place like this mom?” I talked to myself as I sighed while pulling my suitcase .

It has been two years since I left for college, my mom and my little brother moved with Robert to his hometown.

I never remembered the name of the town.

My mom sounded weird on the phone when I told her about my visit, that made me more doubtful.

Was my mother okay? What if something bad was happening to her or my brother and she couldn’t say it?

I would come at any cost to see if they were doing fine.

A blue truck stopped in front of me.

My mom screamed running towards me with open arms.

“My baby.” Mom crushed my bones.

“Mom you’re getting stronger.”

“Oh , sorry baby. You must be tired , come on.”

I followed my mom and sat in the back seat.

“How was your trip Hana ? ” Robert asked , from his driver’s seat.

“A bit tiring, but okay. Oh I brought ‘byrek’ with me, my grandma cooked it.” I saw my mom’s face lightening she loved ‘byrek’.

“What is ‘burek’ ? Robert was confused not being able to spell it .

“Oh it’s a traditional albanian food. You know Hana’s father was from Albania .” My mom explained to him.

" If your mother loves it, I’ll definitely try it. ” Robert winked at me.

I liked him for my mom, after what happened to my father I was glad she was able to fall in love again .

I remembered the time when she decided to end her relationship with Robert, she was so depressed. She loved him, but she kept saying she had a reason for our own good .

I remember she became sick for days , until I took the first step to meet Robert and ask him to fight for my mother. It was weird but that guy was sick and depressed as well.

After 15 minutes or so we entered a non asphalt road with ups and downs.

Then we passed a fence with 5 guards around , weird .

“Mom, why are there guards around?”

I asked them from inside the car .

“For safety baby. The owner of this land wants us to feel safe.”

My mom explained forcing a smile .

“Safe from what? Did you say the owner of the land?”

“Yes , this is an inherited property , the owner is the nephew , they take good care of us.”

Robert responded this time, ignoring my first question.

There was a huge mansion , as my mom explained it like it was a building with different apartments. Only that it was a huge mansion. Apparently many people wanted to live in remote places.

There were other buildings like a hospital , a school , a college, and other buildings we saw during the road to the mansion.

“Okay , so this is our modest apartment.” Robert smiled as he opened the door for me to come in.

It was like a huge house with many rooms and big enough, with a little kitchen.

“Are you kidding? This is huge .” I stared at the room amused.

“Come on, let me take you to your room. ” My mom pulled me by my hand.

" Do I have my own room? ” I asked, being confused. I thought I would stay in the guests room or the kitchen.

" Of course, we prepared it for you. ” My mom took me to a room on the second floor, it was simple but beautiful .

" Thank you so much mom and Robert. ” I hugged my mom . Robert gave me a sincere smile holding my hand.


“Baby I have to explain something to you.” My mom was waiting for me in my room when I got out of the shower.

“What is it mom? You look concerned.” I sat down next to her waiting for her to speak.

“Well I want... I want to explain to you how things work here because you may see or hear things that may look strange to you.”

My mom was trying to find the right words. I didn’t interrupt her, just waited for her to continue.

“The owner of the land is called ‘Alpha’, he is kind of like someone who rules the town , like a major or something like that.This place is a bit traditional, they have their customs. And we have dinner all together, with the alpha and the other people who live here every saturday. It’s kind of a gathering. And since today is saturday, I know you must be tired, but we can’t say no to the alpha.” My mom made an apologetic face.

" Okay , no big deal , it’s weird but if it is something you always do I won’t spoil your activities .” I forced a smile as my mom kissed my forehead and left the room.

What was wrong with that old man? He was just the owner of the land not their grandpa to obligate them.

I had to attend that dinner to see with my own eyes why my mom was so afraid of that old man.

There was something wrong, if they were doing something to my mom or these people I had to figure it out.

My mind was thinking about many horrors , what if I couldn’t leave the place anymore, what if they didn’t let me?

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