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Chapter 2: Finding mate


With negative thoughts on my mind I got ready for dinner. Since it was summer, it was hot in the evening as well.

But in this place it was a little chilly , I put on a no shoulders white shirt with a black corset on top and a long dark green skirt. With my black sandals.

I loved those vintage clothes , it made me feel like I belonged to another era .

My chestnut long hair was in waves and I put a light make up with sparks on my eyes.

I loved sparks.

My bracelets and rings filled my hands, made me feel more like myself.

"Oh, you look gorgeous."

My mom complimented me as Ricky my little brother came running towards me.

"Where were you little buddy?"

"I was playing with my friends." He pouted as I took him in my arms.

"Oh you are heavy for a ten year old boy." I faked a surprised face.

"I'm a big boy." Ricky smiled showing his little teeth.

"Come on, we are getting late. We don't want the alpha to arrive there before us." Robert made an apologetic face to my mother.

We walked on foot since the distance was short until we arrived at the place.

It was kind of an outside restaurant, with a huge long wood table. When we approached the people gathered there turned their attention towards us, or better say towards me.

Many eyes on me.

Were they looking at me because I was new? Okay new girl in town. Now stop staring is rude.

I wanted to tell them to stop staring but I was always a polite girl so I forced a smile and followed my family.

Ricky held my hand as if understanding I was feeling under pressure.

As soon as we were about to sit everyone got on their feet like soldiers straightening their shoulders.

"Stand up." My mother whispered signaling me to do as others did.

Were we watching a turkish or albanian movie ? That we had to stand up when the old man arrived?

But to my surprise it was not an old man, it was a young one with deep blue eyes and black hair .

I stared at him shamelessly while the others avoided looking at him .

We were at a very large distance because he was at the beginning of the table and we were near the end ,but I felt his eyes on me. He had a shocked expression on his face. Didn't he know I was coming?

Then his eyes were strange like darkened more and he was keeping himself from bursting out at any moment. What did he have against me? It looked like he hated me, like he didn't want me there .

Or I may have been imagining it since I didn't have my glasses with me and he was sitting at a large distance from me.

'Alpha'. I heard here and there as people bowed their head to him. People bowed their head? Weird , I was looking at them with wide eyes.

Then my eyes met again those of the alpha, that's how they called him. He motioned for people to sit down.

So narcist and selfish. Who likes to be called an alpha? Of course he would be a young attractive man. I was fighting myself not to find him attractive , but when he looked at me it was like i literally melted in my seat.

He had this energy, this strong and dominating energy. But his eyes were empty, it gave me this need to hug him. Why would I hug a selfish unknown man.

Damn it, me and my senses. Sometimes I felt like I could predict things and feel others energy. And his energy was over helming.


Alpha Radian

"Did you let them know about the human girl?"

I asked to my beta as I was checking some documents.

" Yes, I informed them to be careful but they didn't like the idea. Some of them revolted but finally agreed when I mentioned you. They seem to be afraid to oppose too much." James smirked.

" Aren't you afraid of your alpha, beta James? " I mocked him.

" Nah, the scary alpha is my childhood friend, alpha Radian. " James was my only friend who also was my little sister's mate , so I knew he was my right arm.


It was saturday , that meant dinner with the pack , the new human had arrived so she would be joining us .

I was angry I had to force my pack to be careful around this human just for the sake of two pack members.

But Robert always supported my father that's why I felt indebted to him.

As soon as I approached the restaurant I smelled a scent that I had been looking for so long.

A sweet scent overwhelmed my lunges. My mate, she was here. My wolf was excited repeating in my head 'Mate! Mate! Mate!

I followed the smell that led me to our table. My pack members stood on their feet bowing their heads in respect.

But my eyes looked for her, until I found her near Robert and his mate.

The human, my mate was the human!

But humans are weak. I was angry but I couldn't let my pack know. I couldn't let her know.

She was human. I needed a strong luna for our pack.

But she was beautiful, she had that elegance that werewolf females don't have. So feminine and sensual, even though she was small in body compared to us. I couldn't see how much shorter than me she was because we were at a long distance from each other.

I motioned for the pack members to sit, she followed my actions with her eyes. Her eyes on me lit something inside of me. I was excited and happy maybe.

Relax, it's just the mate bond.

How was I going to stay there acting like nothing was happening when she was a few meters away from me.

'What is wrong ? Everyone is smelling your distress? ' My sister mind linked me.

'Nothing, the human. ' I barely responded.

'Everything is okay, she seems nice. ' My sister shrugged smiling while I was watching her.

James understood we were mind linking each other.

He just winked.

After dinner ended and every one was meeting each other, Robert and his family came towards me.

Oh no, I had to leave , to save myself. But when I heard her sweet voice, damn it . Did I mention we can hear from a distance since our super senses are stronger than humans?

"Baby come on we have to thank him for letting you stay." Her mother pleaded with her who had her arms crossed over her chest.

"I don't understand why, he just owns the land, aren't you paying the rent for staying here? Is he like some mafia boss of the neighbourhood or what?" My mate responded while pouting .

Mafia boss yeah, more like big wolf, little bunny. A smile made its way to my face.

"Oh so you like the human girl?" James whispered near me.

"Stop saying bullshit, somebody will hear you and spread rumors." I turned a serious face.

Nobody needed to know she was my mate. She would leave soon anyway.

The family was now in front of us.

"Alpha, I want to introduce to you my ma.. wife's daughter Hana Bishop."

Robert smiled as the mother pushed her daughter forward to extend her hand to me. She forced a smile that fell from her face when I touched her hand. Tingles formed where we touched. She looked at our hands with an amused expression.

And what's up with her clothes, she looks so sexy. Even though she is so short compared to me and thin. Her small hand so fragile on my muscular hand.

Damn it, I was afraid I would break her if I held her tight.

But she was beautiful, that face like a baby, her dark brown to black eyes stared confusedly as she narrows her eyes. Her eyebrows were like thick harked arrows .

I was so lost in her that I forgot I was still holding her hand.

I pulled my hand away a bit harshly for her liking since I saw the angry look on her eyes.

Feisty, I don't know why I decided to push her limits and tease the little bunny.

"And you, do you have anything to say?" I asked her waiting for her to thank me for letting her stay.

"Like what? Like pleasure to meet you?" She crossed her arms on her chest in a protesting form as she raised her eyebrow.

" Like thanking me for staying here." I smirked showing her who was in command .

"Yeah thank you for letting me see that there are still rich spoiled persons who want to rule by inflicting fear instead of respect. Mendjemadh, arrogant.(conceited, arrogant)"

She smirked back.

She said something else in a language I didn't understand.

She was right at some point, about the fear and the respect thing.

" Hana,you behave! I apologize in her name." Her mother intervened.

"No, you don't apologize at all mom. What is it with you people? If you are not happy here you can always leave somewhere else. Dreqi ta hajë! (Damn it!)"

She spoke to her mother.

I noticed when she explained something she moved her hands and her facial expression changed.

I should be angry, but I found it amusing. Her being feisty, and smart , and her sweet voice . I wanted to hear her say my name .

I was losing it.

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