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intense and extreme erotica 18+ regular updates. "Your body belongs to me now, wife" "Your pussy is mine" "My son is a fool" "You'll be screaming my name, Billie". I'm Billie Bones, 24. I caught my fiancé of three years cheating with my cousin. So, revenge was that I went out and fuck someone else. Turns out, it's my ex's father. A hot steamy night of endless sex and multiple orgasms later, turned my night into a heavenly one. instead of having a one-night stand. Brock marries me. Turns out, his son never loved me, but he did. So, revenge is better served cold. Ex fucked my cousin. So, I married his dad. Keeping secrets is a dangerous game. A game of pawn pieces on a chess board. There's always a winner, and it's the queen. Check mate BOOK of betrayal, erotica, deep romance, and intense competition. Start date: 21/3/2023

Romance / Action
Leala Mureau
4.5 6 reviews
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Billie's POV

Dangerous right. Catching a cheater without him knowing about it?

Super fun, 'Not'.

I'm feeling disgusted and betrayed

My fiancé is sucking lips with a known whore. A slag from the digger bar. She's desperately trying to win his heart.

How do I know?

That's right. She's my cousin.

The girl who could have any particular guy she wanted. Yet, she's screwing my fiancé on my counter. Ugh, the audacity!

Moans and grunting filled my ears, as I threw a bucket of freezing water on them. Willa screams.

Serves her right for being a homewrecker!

“Billie, you bitch!”.

I'm a bitch? I'm being petty, right? Good.

“Oh, I'm so sorry that your pussy was being plunged into with my fiancé's dick”.

Ugh, I feel sick!

“W… What are you doing home?”.

Eye roll; stupidest question ever!

Fiancé name is currently known as A-hole number 1. Clearly not his given name. Ron Tyler—The douche bag!

“That's your shocker line for being caught cheating on me? And in my house”.

I want to rip these two in half!

Tweedledee and Tweedledum can't speak?


“What, nothing to say?”.

I started laughing at their dumb faces. Did they think that I was stupid?

Nope, Sorry, not a laughing matter!

“Baby, I'm sorry. It's an honest mistake”.


“So what, you just fell up inside her? Tell me what attracts you to a stationary whore”.

Hesitation is a fundamental of being a jack-ass.

The looks on their faces to see that I'm not losing my temper is a warning. Willa clothe herself, and with familiar clothes?

Oh, hell no! This bitch is wearing my clothes.

“You stole my clothes too? Are you seriously joking right now? You're a joke, Willa. I wonder what dear old Mummy and Daddy would think of their “precious, adventurous” daughter. And you stupid, get out of my house. You've been tainted by a disease”.

They're standing in the kitchen like statues. Did they think I was kidding? “Please I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you, baby”.

Bored now!

“Oh, you thought I was joking? Oh, no, no, no. I mean every word that comes out of my mouth. Get out of my house. Pack your shit, and leave, okay. Good. As for you tramp, let. Those clothes you're wearing, burn them along with yourself. GET OUT!”.

Yep, it's snapping time!

“You're being childish. This is the reason I've been cheating on you. You're lazy!”.

Lazy? Childish?

“I'm lazy? I work two jobs, plus own my own home. Which you reap the benefits from. Willa's parents pay for her stuff. She's in debt, and you call me lazy and childish. I'll turn full psycho if you don't get out of my house. Free loaders”.


They moved like their asses were on fire. Ron packed his stuff and waited at the door. I threw his ring at him and slammed the door.

Note to self; change the locks!

That night I went out with my girls. Even though my dick of a fiancé, not once thought about the consequences of his actions. Stupid.

That's until I saw, tall, dark and handsome walking my way while I was standing at the bar line. He wore a suit that compliments his body type. Mama likes. He's mysterious, yet he's walking around like a wet dream.

He looks delicious. I need help!

Staring into those lushest brown eyes as my pussy begs for his attention. He takes a seat next to me.

A sex-god. Please dominate me!

“Evening, Gorgeous. I'm Brockson, but people call me Brock. What's your name, darling?”

Not fair, even his voice is seductive!

“I'm Billie”.

“A beautiful name......Billie".

His voice purred my name, that went straight to my aching and neglected pussy. We have a few drinks before my friends bid goodnight.

“Want to get out of here, sexy?”.

I'm about to embark on a sexual journey.

“Sure, what do you have in mind?”.

Don't say it.

“I want to fuck you”.

Well, if joy was fun. Then, I'm getting screwed.

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