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Into My Light

By dbegaye2017 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


A story of a love that defies time and circumstances . A story of good versus evil. What is more powerful good or evil? A young lady who has been prophesied as the chosen one to defeat the demon nation that has begun to take over the world. This young lady has no idea who she really is or who her family is. She is thrown into a world that she does not understand with different people trying to end her life before she turns 21. She has a team of friends who know exactly who she is and do what they can to protect her. Within this group of friends is the love of her life. The love they share is stronger than anything else as they stand by each other.


Earth Angel and Demon War

All around were screams of fear, pain, and anguish as the demons go through the village killing all of the angels.

“Myrna, take Amaya and go to my mother’s house, so she can hide you and Amaya,” explained Daniel as he prepares to fight in the war.

“Daniel, what about you?” ask Myrna as she prepares Amaya to leave.

“Myrna, I am the leader and I can’t stand and watch my people die,” explains Daniel as more screams are heard.

“What about the Blake family?” ask Myrna.

“We know that the prophecy states that Amaya is going to be the most powerful earth angel ever and Grayson is going to magnify her power. I hope Samuel is taking precautions to save Grayson. Go now, to my mother’s. I love you and Amaya,” Daniel said as he kisses her bye.

Myrna takes Amaya and looks outside the door and she was frightened by what she saw. All around her she saw fire burning and townspeople running away. Daniel pushes her out the way and runs to kill two demons who were about to kill one of his townspeople. Myrna runs to Evelyn’s house, and Evelyn rushes them in as she hears demons bashing, banging, and clobbering at the back door. Evelyn runs to a secret passage in the library and rushes Myrna and herself into the passage and closes the door as the back door slams to the floor.

“Evelyn, what do I do?” asked Myrna scared.

“Well we are going to stay here until the fighting ends. Everything is going to be okay,” Evelyn said.

“My better half is out there fighting for us and if I lose him I will not know what to do. They want to kill Amaya and I don’t want to give them the advantage,” said Myrna.

“You are not doing that. We will be safe in here. No one knows this passageway exists except for Daniel. If he does perish, I will do all that I can to provide you and Amaya with the safety you need. Peace be still, honey. It will be okay,” said Evelyn.

“Evelyn, I will try,” said Myrna.

Daniel engages in the war looking for Hezekiah. Daniel slaughters any demon that is in his way or in his line of vision. His sword is dripping with dark red blood from the demons. Davalia, Grayson’s mom, sees a chance to run and she does. Davalia takes Grayson’s hand to run to safety in the hidden caves as Samuel engages in a fight. As they are running, his mom is shot in the back with two arrows. Grayson stands in the midst of fire looking for his parents with tears in his eyes. Before he knows it someone picks him up and begins running as he looks at Daniel saying good-bye to his home. He watches as his dad’s head is cut from his shoulders. When Daniel notices what is happening, he begins chasing the demon that has Grayson. While he is running he stops, and sees Hezekiah walking towards him.

“Hezekiah, it is time for this war to end,” screams Daniel as he summons a spell that knocks Hezekiah to the ground and Hezekiah takes out his sword.

Hezekiah raises and laughs as he takes out his sword. Daniel’s sword glows with power as he runs towards Hezekiah. Their swords collide shining colors of blue and black as they begin fighting. When something unexpected happens one of Daniel’s guardians comes up behind him and holds him still as his swords falls to the ground. Daniel begins to try to free himself.

“Morak, why are you doing this?” ask Daniel as he struggles to free himself.

“It is time for a new leader and time for you angels to die,” said Morak angrily.

“But you are one of us,” Daniel said shocked.

“I am not one of you if you paid attention you would know that I practice black magic and serve Cratos,” explains Morak.

Daniel is surprised by Morak’s confession when Hezekiah plunges his sword into Daniel’s heart. Morak lets him go so that he falls to the ground.

“Your time is up,” Hezekiah replies with a smile on his face.

“The future is secure for us angels, and your end is near. Just wait, the prophecy is going to end the demon nation,” explains Daniel as he spits up blood.

Evelyn places a protection hideaway spell on Amaya until she turns 21, so the demons cannot find her.

“Sleep now, my child. We will arise when I know it is safe to exit,” said Evelyn.

“I know Daniel is dead a piece of my soul just died,” said Myrna as sleep pulls at her.

“I know it child. I felt it, too,” said Evelyn.

At the same time Daniel begins to recite a spell to protect the remaining angels.

“Worter Sonstiger ostgermanischer sprachen,” he says as he takes his last breathe.

The demons start to incinerate and Hezekiah yells for them to leave, but before he leaves he cuts off Morak’s head. He leaves vowing to get rid of the girl in the prophecy…..

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