The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 9

“It’s not of what is in the outside, Its what’s in the inside that counts”


Part One.

“To do with you.” He ended off while pausing to look at my dark eyes. I couldn’t feel any self-control as I wrapped my hands on each side of his head and pushed my lips against his plump pair.

I woke up with someone kissing my mark. The feeling is pleasurable. It’s like going to heaven and back. My legs are tangled together with another pair as I opened my eyes. My eyes connected with a familiar pair.

“You have no idea of how much I dreamed of this moment” Jasper said with a husky voice. I can see adoration? Or is it love?

I think I’m imagining things.

“What?” I let out as he pulled my naked chest against his. The covers are coving our bare body while his eyes are trained on mine.

“I imagined this moment being more romantic, although, having you as mine, officially, makes everything great.” His smile is contagious. I swear that he would shine the whole world with just his smile. The way his eyes looked down at me, made my heart swell.

In the good way.

“You see…” I paused while trying to get up. I winced in pain from my lower half. “-things happened…” I winked towards his direction as I struggled walking to the bathroom.

“So, no round six?” I hear him holler from behind. I knew that he was staring at my naked back as I made it to the restroom. I rolled my eyes while I turned on the hot water. I felt my lower parts burn as the water encountered my sensitive parts.

Curse you Jasper…

“You said the opposite last night though…” my wolf muttered while dying of laughter. Only if she felt the same pain that I’m going through at this moment.

“Says the one who kept begging” I replied with a smirk.

“Oh, shut up human. You and I know that we don’t regret it” she ended while becoming quiet once again.

I turned off the water while wrapping a towel around my body. I turned my body towards the foggy mirror as I made different designs with my finger. I don’t know if it’s just me or what, that I love to make different designs with my finger in a foggy surface.

I turned my focus back to the mirror as I watched my final drawing. Jaspers name is written in a beautiful cursive format. I didn’t even notice when I started forming his name.

I shook my head while gripping tightly on my towel and walked out of the steamy room. The pain felt a bit better as I walked towards Jasper. I watched my mate from afar. He was trying to fix his tie while sticking out his tong to concentrate.

I giggled softly while taking his tie away from his hold.

“You don’t even need this Jas” I muttered while placing a small is on is plump pink lips. My eyes lingered there for a few moments as they reconnected with his silver eyes once again.

“Mi vida, you and I have a date” he replied with his smile. I narrowed my eyes in confusion. Since when did this happen?

(My life)

“Don’t ask questions. Just get dressed and meet me down stairs. You sister will tell you what to do.” He finished off while pulling me into a soft slow kiss. What I loved about Jasper is his mysterious vibe.

Since the moment, I met him, he always had this mysterious aura. Although, he turned to be one of the most important person in my life.

He was the first one to pull away while letting go of my hold. Felt empty. My heart was pumping in a fast paste as my breaths are irregular.

“Te amo princesa” he whispered as he left the room. I didn’t have time to respond because he shut the door. He seemed excited with a twinkle in his eye. Something in the pit of my stomach started to tickle. The feeling was like butterflies on the pit of stomach.

(I love you princess)

I quickly changed into the clothing Jasper placed in the bed. A note was placed between the clothing as I took hold of it. I quickly placed the boots on and opened the note. I felt like a little kid in Christmas morning.

Dear Hazel,

I bet that I already miss you!

I wanted to make sure that you are feed right before the day begins so can you please go down stairs and meet up with your sister. Thank her from my part, by the way.

If the clothing is not confrontable for your liking, get a maid to get you another pair (Yes, I picked out the clothing myself).

I know that your barley came back from him but I couldn’t wait to spend my time with you. Your family will arrive next week so I’m going to make every single moment with you, memorable.

About last night…

It was truly amazing. Words can’t explain how it felt. I can just imagine you blushing at this point while biting you lip. Princesa, if you don’t stop that, then I’ll have to help you with that;)

For our first time, I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. I planned a romantic event, to make it memorable. I’m not a romantic guy but I’m trying my best.

Who would’ve known that your uncle is a hopeless romantic…

Don’t tell him that I said that…

Anyway, I’ll be waiting for you. Take your time.

I love you. To the stars and beyond.

Yours Truly


At this point, I am grinning like an idiot. I couldn’t wipe out the huge smile off my face. I placed the note on my back pocket and marched out of the room with a huge grin.

I walked through the endless hallway and started walking down the stairs. I can smell the aroma of bacon and eggs coming from the kitchen. My stomach growled with hunger as I sat down in the stool.

“Morning Ire” greeted my little sister with a huge smile. I waved back with a yawn escaping my mouth.

“Ivy, leave your sister alone, she barley had any sleep last night.” My uncle retorted with a smirk on his face. I can the heat coming up to my pale cheeks as I turned away from my uncle and sister.

“Oh, Jasper!” I hear my uncle yell while squealing in a high squeaky voice.

I groaned with annoyance. In the other hand, my sister stood in front of the stove while giving me a confused look.

“What is he talking about Ire?” she questioned as I shook my head.

“He is just practicing for a play that we are organizing” I muttered with an innocent smile. She seemed to believe the lie as she handed me a note. She started flipping the eggs while I opened the red note.

Dear Iris,

So, you fallow directions… That interesting.


Just go outside and fallow the red petals on the ground. I know it might sound cheesy but hey, I hear that girls dig it.

Anyway, at some point, you’ll find a white fluffy rabbit. You can keep him. consider him as a present.

Hurry babe, I’m hungry! So, get that little arse over here so we can eat!

Te amo!



My sister gave me a thumb up while my uncle gave me a look.

“Remind me to kick his arse later. Your father will be surprised when he sees you once again…” he glared at the pot but, he gave me a smile.

“Have fun! But not that kind of fun Iris Avery Landon!” he yelled with a strict tone.

“Can’t make promises, Aiden Landon!” I mimic him with an innocent smile. I stated laughing as I started making my way to the woods, once again.

“I can see it in your eyes” I hear him mutter against my skin. I shivered as his lips started trailing down my neck and stopped in my collar bone.

“The need…” he muttered while nibbling on the certain spot. I bit my lip, trying to stop myself from making a sound.

“The fucking love” he continued as I let out a gasp as he bit down on my neck. I knew that tomorrow, I’ll have a love bite. Suddenly, he pulled away slowly with his dark chocolate brown eyes connecting with mine.

He gave me a smirk as he let go of my body, like if I was poison.

“I’m sorry princess, that’s not in my dictionary” he replied with a dark smile while walking away.

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