The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 10


I made my way out the back door with a smile on my face. Is it just me or is today a great day?

Someone cue the “Best Day Ever” song by SpongeBob, please.

Hahaha, I’m playing. I’ve been in a good mood lately since yesterday, I believe. No, not because I got laid.

“You know that it was because we got laid” My wolf howled with laughter. I can just imagine her smirking at the thought. This little shit.

“I don’t love him because of that, storms” I replied with a giggle. She kept quiet for a while whispering back, “You haven’t called me that in a while, Siri” she replied while I kept my focus ahead from me.

Yes, she calls me Siri. That was way before Siri was invented.

“I love you, you know that?” I replied with a serious tone. I’m close with my wolf, that’s no doubt.

“You know I love you too Siri!” she barked back with a Wolfish smile. I giggled at the nickname. It’s funny now-a-days.

I started walking towards the woods as a cold chilly wind blew though my body. Fear came through my body. Who in the right mind would walk in the woods?

Oh yeah, me.

The birds are chirping, the sky seemed to be clear, well I really don’t know if it’s clear or not because of all these tall trees. I love nature.

Nature always relaxed me whenever I felt stressed. I don’t know if it’s a werewolf thing but my human side seems to be calmed whenever I’m alone. Where are the petals that Jasper was talking about?

Wait is it April first today?

I quickly pulled out my phone and sighed in relief. Its March twenty ninth. Thank goodness!

Back home, my family and I would celebrate April fool’s day with the most epic pranks ever! My siblings and I – before Ivery and I got kidnapped – would prank the whole pack and it couldn’t end so well…

Hey, my parents would do the same so, that’s a valid reason.

Finally, after wondering for a few minutes, I found the petals. My dumb arse didn’t notice the petals right behind m. Was I really in that deep thought?

I followed the dark red, rose petals till there was an ending point. I starred in front of me. I was confused until a white, red eyed, rabbit came to view.

I love animals, although I couldn’t own one because I would get hungry and end up killing them…

Although, a doctor finally discovered a pill that kept my other side on check. Growing up wasn’t so easy as it may seem. My life is like a roller coaster. I started off being a stuck-up girl who cried for basically anything. And now, I don’t even know anymore.

After I met Jasper, my life as made a turn.

I picked the little animal up as I started running my hand through its fur. I felt myself smile at the tiny thing.

I wish I was normal. How much I would give to be human. Although, there’s a certain someone who has changed my mind. Ow would my life be like if I didn’t go to the section? I never wanted to be part of that. I remember of how much I hated the thought of having a mate.

Cliché, right?

I placed the rabbit down to the ground. He started hopping while I followed right behind. We came to a clearing in the edge of a cliff. I seriously never noticed this place before; or did I?

I couldn’t see anyone around here as I started freaking out. Is this some sort of joke or is someone planning to kill me?

I already have a list of people who wants me dead.

The rabbit hopped into a basket of fresh carrots as he started munching on it. I sat down, right next to the rabbit and starred at the ocean. I haven’t explored this place so this is new to me.

I watched the waves crash into huge rock boarders. My mind drifted off to the full moon. I’m not ready for that, not just yet. During that time, both of my supernatural species come out. Well, my vampire side wont if I take the pill.

I own an extra bottle at the castle, somewhere that only I know about.

“Guess who” I hear Jaspers voice say as I took hold of his hands.

“Ian Somerhalder?” I questioned with serious tone.

I can feel his stiffen while pulling me to his lap. “Who the hell is Ian Somerhalder?” he questioned while I gasped.

“Are you serious?” I asked with a shocked expression. I should really get him to see Vampire Diaries or google him. Jasper shook his head while taking out somethings out of the picnic basket. I narrowed my eyes to the basket as he took out cheesecake.

My eyes widen while I stood up quickly and snatched it away from him.

“Mine.” I growled playfully as his eyes flickered into a bright golden color. I ignored him as I tried to take a bite out of the cake. Right before the cake could reach my taste buds, I was immediately thrown over his shoulder. It took me a minute to realize what has happened when Jasper asked a random question.

“¿Confías en mí?” he questioned with thick accent. I don’t know what came over me, although, I don’t regret it.

(Do you trust me?)

“Sí.” I replied with no hesitation.


Suddenly, we were at the edge of the cliff. My eyes started to widen as he jumped. His hold was tight around my waist all the way down. It felt like eternity when our bodies met the cold water. I can’t swim as much with pants on. My legs are now around his waist while his hands moving my hair off from my face.

I gasped while trying to get water to come in my lungs. I turned my attention to his light grey eyes as he chuckled.

“Wasn’t that fun?” he questioned while laughing at my expression. I slapped his shoulder as he unwrapped my legs around him.

“Hell yeah!” I replied with a fist pump. He watched me in surprised while I let my whole head in the water. I loved the sensation the water gave me. Like how it felt cold at first although, the water gets warmer, later.

I’m not a professional on the water, but with Jasper, I’m sure that I’ll be fine.

“I thought you couldn’t swim” he questioned as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I noticed that he could reach the ground. The water reached him to his shoulders. While, I, in the other hand, was too short. So of course, I couldn’t reach.

“I can’t, I just go with the flow” I replied while giving him a smile. He started pecking my shoulder while nibbling at my mark. I quickly turned my body right in front of him and stared at the tattoo on his shoulder.

“What does the clock and the rose mean?” I questioned while running my finger through the tattoo. He had an old fashion watch on his chest, linked with a rose. I found it beautiful, I couldn’t even explain it.

“I believe that the watch is a way of showing that life goes by so fast and it is important to assess the time, while at some point in life was going to end.” He paused while looking at me in the eye. “While the rose reminds me of you and the passion I feel when I want to give up. In other words, the clock the rose demonstrates the importance of love and time we all have before it all comes to an end.” He let out without breaking eye contact with me.

I pulled him into a soft slow kiss, showering him all my love I have for him. I know that he has done stupid things like being with the brunette – which I still don’t forgive, entirely – although, he makes my heart beat irregularly, without even trying.

I learned to forgive and forget. Bu sometimes, you just must do, what you must do. I started pulling away as he starred at me with admiration.

“What if we play a little game, Rey?” I questioned with a smirk on my face. He watched me with confusion.


“What?” he asked with confusion. There was one word for what would happen next.

“Marco” I said with a smirk.

He got the hint while swimming towards me.

“Polo.” He replied as the game began.

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