The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 12

“Wish we can turn back on time, to the old days.”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“Mommy, can I pretty please go see daddy?” I questioned my mother. My mother tried to distract me with dolls that a tall lady brought her.

“He’s in a meeting darling. Please understand that.” I nodded sadly while looking around. This was my first time coming here. I always wondered where daddy went whenever he traveled. I watched my mom converse with a tall pretty lady while I stood there with a frown on my face.

“Mommy, who is she?” I questioned while looking at the lady with pure curiosity.

She started laughing while picking me up. The pretty lady looked at me with a smile on her face. I wondered if she is related to mommy. Is she?

“Iris, she’s my best friend, Vanessa.” She stated while I brought my arms up so Vanessa could carry me. With a huge smile, he prett- I mean Vanessa, took hold of me. I giggled as she tickled my tummy.

“Hello there, princess” Vanessa greeted while I gave her a toothy grin.

“Hi!” I shouted with enthusiasm. She tried handing me a doll as I threw it across the room. She stared at me with an alien look.

“Evil!” I yelled while wrapping my little arms around her neck. I hear laughter from behind me as I turned my head turned my mom.

“I should have not let you see chucky with your brothers” I hear my mom chuckle. I shook my head while burying my face to her neck. I felt protected, I just don’t know why.

“Brothers?” Vanessa questioned as my mother sat down in the couch.

“I had triplets Vans” my mom laughed while shaking her head. Suddenly, I made my way off Vanessa’s lap. I quickly took my chance to run towards daddy. I ran to the big doors that I saw daddy walk in with big man.

Finally, I found the double doors. The door knob was too high for my reach so I stood up straight and bent my toes. I am now in my tippy toes with my tong hanging down in the corner of my lips. I struggled to get the door to open, although, I finally got it to open.

I didn’t think twice about my action as I ran in the room. I hard all the chatter stop as I ran towards my father. I always been an adventurous type of gal.

“Daddy!” I yelled loudly while climbing to his lap. I felt my father’s arms go around my waist and turned my little body so I was facing him. My father had a small smile on his face, although, he started scolding me.

“Iris, I told you to stay with mommy.” He continued with his sort of mad face on. I chose to ignore him as I took old of his paper. I started sorting them and place them nice and neat for him. I heard a weird noise from behind as the alphas started staring at me. I gave them a cheeky smile in return.

One day, I want to be like daddy. I thought. I always admired my father, through thick and thin. My parents are always may super heroes. Like Batman and robin.

God, I used to love the old shows!

“Maze, leave the poor girl alone.” A tall scary man said. I turned my attention to him, although, somebody else got my attention. There is a cute little boy with the king?

I know this because of the crown! I’ve seen so many Disney princess wear them, so yeah.

I kept my attention to the grey eyed boy. Or you can say silver. That’s my favorite color!

Well, also the color red. But as in right now, my favorite color is silver!

This reminds me, I have color pencils in my book bag so I could color after this. Suddenly, daddy asked me a weird question. I stared at him with confusion.

“Baby girl, how about you play with Jasper?” he questioned with a spark in his eye. I looked at him confused. I don’t know who Jasper was, until the same little boy came up to me. He looked tall now. My eyes widen. He is not a little boy.

He stretched out his hand and looked at me. He had huge smile on his face so I could see missing teeth towards the back. I grinned while remembering that I lost two teeth’s this month.

“I don’t bite, I promise.” he continued. My curiosity was in full blast so I finally gave in.

I turned to my father and gave him a kiss on the cheek. My father smiled at me as I wrapped my small arms around him.

“I love you daddy” I muttered while taking Jaspers hand. I felt a weird sensation go through my body as the boy helped me down.

He didn’t let go of my hand.

“Hi! My name is Jasper and I love chocolate!” he cheered with his huge smile. I love the smile he has. I couldn’t help smiling back.

“My name is Iris, I love flowers!” I replied while walked away from the room. I couldn’t help but notice that he is about a foot taller than me. His hands are soft against mine. We finally closed the door of the room and I turned my attention back to him.

“I have color pencils, wanna color?” I asked with a smile on my face. Jasper took hold of my hand even tighter – I didn’t mind – and nodded as I pulled him towards the room I was in with mommy and Vanessa.

I watched my mom chat with Vanessa as I took hold of my book bag. I always carry this bag, in case is I get bored. Vanessa was the first one to turn around.

“Jasper?” questioned Vanessa as Jasper gave her a toothy grin.

“Mama, I met a new friend! Her name is Iris.” He replied while pecking my cheek. I froze with my wide eyes. I shivered at the cold breeze that pass through my spine. Jasper watched me with a worried expression. I wanted to assure him so I decided to do the same action he did. Although, something went wrong.

When my lips were about to reach his cheeks, Jasper suddenly moved to say something. So, my lips connected with his. We stood there, frozen in the spot. I didn’t know what to do. I always seen mommy and daddy do this. What does this mean?

Did I get boy germs?

We didn’t move at all. My lips are still connected with his. His hand is still intertwined with mine. I couldn’t help but smile. I pulled away with heat coming up my face. Jasper ran his hand through his hair, nervously.

“Iris, wats going on?” mommy questioned I turned to her with a smile. I watched mommy and daddy do it all the time. I seriously didn’t know what this means. Is he now my friend?

“Mommy, Jasper is my best friend.” I replied with a huge smile. Jasper took hold of my bag as I squeezed his hand.

Right before mommy could say something, I same back to the same hall.

“Want to go outside?” Jasper questioned as I nodded. He took me through a back door which leaded to a garden. There are so many flowers there. So many that you would lose count. This reminded me of snow white.

“Iris” Jasper asked out of the blue. I turned my attention back to him as I sat down in the middle of the lawn. My blue dress was like a blanket to me.

“Yes?” I asked while pecking out a few small flowers and handed it to him.

“Want to be best friends?” he questioned softly.

“Yes!” I cheered while hugging him. He placed his arms around my waist as we hugged. I love giving hugs, plus he seemed to need one. I felt weird around him. I didn’t even feel like this with my cousin, Brandon.

I sat right beside him while taking out the coloring materials and the book. He kept his left arm around my waist as we started coloring.

“Iris?” I hear Jasper question as my eyes connected with his beautiful light silver eyes. I stood up with a small smile on my face.

“Are you okay?” he questioned while taking a seat beside me. He pulled me to his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled closer to him while running my finger down his arm. I pecked his lips wile nodding. It has been about three weeks since he became my fiancé. I couldn’t be happier.

Although, I had been feeling sick the past few weeks. I just wanted to lay down and rest for the whole day. I spent my days out side, laying down in the middle of the garden. This place is like my get away.

“Are you sure?” he questioned while leaving light feathered kisses down my neck. This will never get old. I knew that for sure.

“I’m fine Jas. Just a stomach bug, I assume.” I replied softly while looking up at the sky. We rarely have time for ourselves because of pack business and other things.

“It doesn’t matter Iris, I’m taking you either way” he said while picking me up. I groaned as I felt something build up on my throat. I pinched his hand while pointing at the ground. Gladly, he placed me down and I ran to a bush.

I threw up everything that I have ate this morning. I felt sad.

The food was good this morning…

“Wow, you really hated my cooking” I heard jasper say as he kept holding my hair. I shook my head no while dizziness came through my system.

“Jas…” I started off as I was welcomed with darkness.

“Doc, what wrong with her?” Jasper questioned as I heard a shush.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” My mate replied stubbornly while the doctor ordered him to leave.

“Watch who you are talking to mutt.” Jasper growled as I tried moving my hand. My hands felt like if they were asleep. I slowly opened my eyes to see Jasper pinning the doctor against the wall.


“Jas” I let out softly. He didn’t seem to hear me so I picked up the nearest object – which was a spoon – and threw it at him. He immediately turned around and rushed to my side. I rolled my eyes annoyed.

Really. He just had to almost hurt the doctor?

“Stop moving woman, you’ll hurt yourself!” he scolded while pushing me back to bed.

“Jas, do me a huge favor.” I let out with a huge smile. He nodded while taking hold of my hand.Suddenly, I felt hungry.

“Can you bring me some mash potatoes with a steak in the side?” I started off as I started thinking of something else. An idea came in quickly. “-Oh, also get some pretzels with chocolate ice cream and hot Cheetos! Get the hot Cheetos! The green bag, you know the one that supposedly has lemon? Yeah, that one! Thank you, Jas!” I ended off while giving him a peck in the cheek.

“Say what now?” he replied while looking at me confused.

“Please go. I love you Jas!” I replied with a cheeky grin. He kissed my forehead while shaking my head.

“Te amo mas, princesa!” he yelled back while leaving the room.

(I love you more, princess)

I turned my attention back to the pack doctor who was dusting off his pants. He took hold of a small cup and handed it back to me. I looked at him with a confused look.

“Mind if I take some tests?” he questioned while I replied with a yes.

“Luna…” he continued with a look.

“Sheesh, can’t you take a joke?” I said while laughing. He shook his head while instructing me to pee on the cup. So, I went to the bathroom and peed on the cup. I don’t see why I had to do this.

About an hour later, Jasper hasn’t made his appearance although, the results were in.

“Luna” the doctor came back with a smile on his face. Why is he so happy?

“Yes?” I relied with mockery. I don’t know why I feel so playful today. The doctor ignored me while handing me a piece of paper. I opened it slowly while reading the words that made my heart stop.

My jaw dropped by just a simple word.



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