The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 13



“Huh?” was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I stood there in shock. So many things came running through my mind. Am I ready for a baby? Is Jasper ready for a baby?

Nervousness came through my system. My hand immediately landed on top of my stomach. I felt weird. I have a baby being developed in my stomach. A human being, well not total human…

“Congratulations Luna, you are carrying the heir of the kingdom. Also, come next week so I could do the ultrasound.” he smiled as I looked down at my little bump stomach. I thought I was getting fat because I’ve been eating too much lately. I folded the paper and placed it in my bra.

“Thank you” I replied softly with a small smile on my face. He was about to leave when I yelled at him to top. He turned around in confusion.

“Please don’t tell anyone. Not even Jasper!” I yelled while soothing my stomach. He nodded and finally left the room. I never thought of having kids, more that it’s this soon. I’m barley eighteen for goodness sake!

I met Jasper barley a few months ago, I think it has been six months?

Look at me now. Pregnant. I felt tears come down my cheeks. I will love my baby with all my heart, trust me I will. I think this is moving so fast. I feel like a whore, although, he’s my mate. I love him with all of me. Even when he robbed my first kiss.

I was four when he did. I wonder if he remembers. I consider meeting Jasper officially was in the selection. We lost contact throughout the years though.

Of course, I remember that time.

“Iris?” I hear Jasper say as my eyes focused on him. He had everything that I listed. My mouth watered of the sight. He kicked the door closed while making his way back to me. I watch him place everything on the cart.

“Why are you crying princesa?” he questioned while laying down beside me. I wrapped my arms around him as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I’m on my period” I simply said while he chuckled.

“Princess, you shouldn’t cry. Princess don’t cry.” He replied softly while soothing my stomach. I smiled at the thought of Jasper carrying a baby girl or a baby boy. I looked up at him with adoration. How did I get this guy in my life?

“Jas?” I started off with a deep breath. He hummed in response while running his hand through my hair.

“Would you ever want kids in the future?” I questioned with pure curiosity. This took him off guard as he ran is hand through my hair once more.

“Well yes, maybe in the future. I don’t want to rush into anything. Plus, you are still a bit young for that.” He replied softly. Ouch.

Am I really a little girl in his eyes?

“A little girl wouldn’t do those things, Iris.” My wolf replied out of nowhere.

“Reading my mind once again, storm?” I questioned while chuckling.

“I have nothing better to do” she replied while howling with laughter. God, how much I missed her.

“Where have you been?” I questioned while taking hold of Jaspers hand.

“Taking care of our pup.” She said with a grin. I can notice excitement running through her voice.

“So, you knew…” I asked.

“Of course, I knew Iris.” She muttered back happily. I nodded in deep thought.

“We are keeping our pup, I don’t care if mate doesn’t want him or her. But, I know he will want us.” She said with confidence running through her voice.

“Thank you Storm” I whispered with a smile.

“That’s what weird friends do Iris” she replied with a chuckle.

“Yeah, weird friend.” I mocked back while turning around to my mate.

I cut of the link as I fell asleep in my mates’ arms.

He laid beside me, asleep. I watched him sleep so peacefully. How can a frightening man look so innocent?

I stood up slowly while unwrapping his arms from me and made my way to the door. I looked back one more time and closed the door. I made my way out the door, to look for my sister. I walked down the hall and tuned to my right.

Of course, I found her in the kitchen with my uncle.

“Hi sis!” my sister greeted while giving me a hug.

“Hi lovebug” I replied with a wink. She groaned with annoyance as our uncle chuckled. I gave him a tight hug as his eyebrows farrowed.

“What the- “he started while placing his hand on my stomach. Damn it, I forgot about his power…

“Care to explain?” he questioned with a disapproving look.

“It-It’s not what it looks like…” I started off while stuttering. Why today? Why now?

“Iris Avery Landon!” he raised his voice while his eyes glowed a dark red shade.

“Uncle!” I shouted back while backing away slowly. My sister stood there, confused. I didn’t want anyone to notice yet. Well, not this way.

“On vospol’zovalsya vami! On zabral tvoyu grebanuyu chistotu!” he yelled in Russian as I coward away a bit. As in cue, my father and mother came in. Since when were they here?

(He took advantage of you! He took away your fucking purity!)

“YA vybral! Zovi menya kak khochesh’. U menya etot rebenok. Ty menya ne ostanovish’!” I yelled back with anger. His eyes soften a bit but harden.

(I chose to! Call me whatever you want. I’m having this baby. You won’t stop me!)

“What is going on here?” my father questioned as I ignored him. I had my hand against my stomach while screaming at my uncle. I knew that my eyes are glowing red. I haven’t drink my pills lately. Whatever I do can harm the baby.

“Iris” my uncle replied once more, lowly.

“NO!” I roared as I felt pain go through my stomach. I bent down and fell to the floor.

I heard everyone yell out my name as I squeaked out one word.


“Get out!” the doctor yelled as Jasper took hold of my hand.

My parents, sister, and uncle didn’t want to leave. They stood there with worried faces. I was beyond mad at Aiden, although, I chose to ignore all of them.

“Ignore them doc.” I squeaked out while rubbing my belly. The doctor started placing a cold gel on my stomach as he connected the computer screen.

“I barley checked you yesterday and now this happens. Luna, you should be more careful with your blood pressure!” he yelled at me as I looked down guilty. I’m going to be a horrible mother, I already know.

“Doctor just tell me if my baby is okay!” I yelled out in pain. I didn’t care that everyone heard me, I am in pain.

“Baby?” I hear Jasper whisper beside me. My heart stopped for a minute. I was about to say something when the doctor started talking.

“I don’t know the gender right now but I am proud to say that you having twins Luna” he announced. My jaw dropped as I stared at the little screen. Isn’t it too early to know?

“Your about three weeks pregnant. Although, you’re carrying alphas so your pregnancy will be short. And adding to the situation, they have royal blood so they will come unexpected. Maybe in five months or four. Please be careful with your blood pressure and your stress level. Anything could harm the babies if you don’t take care. I’ll give you a checkup every week just in case. In about three weeks, I’ll do another ultrasound. Oh also, I’ll print out some information that you will need. Like the type of foods, you must stay away from.” He ended with a smile.

“Thank you” I replied as he handed me a pill and a water bottle. I gladly drank the pill while the doctor said his goodbyes.

I sighed and leaned back with stress. I ran a hand through my hair and stared at the shocked faces.

“Jas…” I started off while looking at him with a worried expression. He stood there, frozen. I felt the guilt come to my system. I stretched my arm to take hold of his hand but he immediately left the room. My heart broke in two. I continued to rub my belly in distraught.

I watched my uncle leave, right behind him. I felt worried.

“That fu- “my father started off as my mother punched his shoulder. She came towards me with a small smile.

“I will love you no matter what Iris. But it will be hard raising twins. Look at how raised you and your brother. You three were a pain in the arse through the whole night.” She said with exaggeration. I turned my attention to my sister. She sat at the corner, looking down.

“Mom, where’s my brothers?” I questioned.

“They are with James and Brandon. They will be here tonight for dinner. I nodded my head while turning to my sister.

“Ivy, come here” I called out my sister. Her eyes brightened at the sight of me. I slowly sat up and patted the spot right next to me.

“Ivery, this is mom and- “I motioned my father over here. “- and this is dad” I said softly as she nodded while wrapping her arm around my waist.

“Mom, dad, this is my little sister and your youngest daughter, Ivery Landon.” I hugged my sister to assure her that everything will be okay. I didn’t want them to meet like this.

“Ivy, you know when we got cut and I escaped?” I questioned as her blue yes shined brightly. “Yes” she answered in confusion.

“A vampire erased their minds. For now, they don’t remember you.” I muttered while my sister let out a sob. I hugged her slightly while muttering a few things in her ear. I turned to my parents. My mom signaled me to let go. I let go of Ivery as my mother confronted her.

I watch my little sister hug her dearly while my father made his towards the pair. I watched the trio talk while I sat up in the bed with a small smile on my face. I rubbed my stomach with sadness in my eyes.

“Jasper?” I questioned through mind link. I waited a few seconds until he finally answered.

“I’m sorry Iris.”

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