The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 14

“I’m going to love you, like I’m going to lose you.”

“I’m sorry Iris”


“Doctor just tell me if my baby is okay!” I hear her yell in pain. My heart stopped beating as my wolf howled with joy.

“Baby?” I questioned softly with an expressionless face.

I’m imagining this right? In my twenty four years of life, I have never heard such amazing news!
I don’t know what got over me that I ran out of the room. My wolf kept growling at me as I ran even faster. That until her uncle slammed me to the wall.

“What the hell Black!” I hear him yell with anger laced in voice.

I growled at him while standing up. His eyes were glowing as mine were as well.

“Leave me alone, Landon!” I growled.

“Leave me alone my arse Jasper! Your so pathetic, you know that? My niece is pregnant for your damn fault! Yes, I’m happy for her but it’s too risky! More that she’s a hybrid! Hybrids always have a percent chance of dying when they give birth Black!” He yelled with sadness.

I stopped in my tracks and watched him in shock. “W-what?” I questioned lowly with the whines of my wolf.

“That’s why I got mad Jasper. She could die while giving birth. Now that you have the promise in your palm” he pointed at her name tattooed on my palm. “-you can die with her.”

My body slid to the ground, my back right against the wall. I rubbed my hands on my face with stress and worry.

“I don’t care if I die Aiden. I don’t want to take her life away from her.” I let out sadness. I feel so damn guilty for doing this.

“I understand that Jasper. All we have to do is take care of her. Trust me, I don’t want to loose my niece either. And don’t you mention this to her. It’s too risky.” I nodded while rubbing my forehead.

“Love every single minute that you live with her. Like if it was the last. I hate seeing her hate me like that. It’s my fault that she lays in the death bed at this moment.” I watch Aiden sit down right next to me, against the wall.

“Don’t say that…please” I said with an unknown voice.

“I wish the best for her. I really don’t want her to go through what I did.” He replied with sadness in his voice.

“You did?” I questioned with curiosity.

“Her grandmother died while giving birth to me. My mother is dead because of me. You don’t know the feeling of hate when people throw it at you. My brother hates me because mom gave up her life for me. A useless hybrid.” I watch him slam his fist to the wall.

“You don’t know of how much I wish I was dead instead. Living every day of my immortal life with this guilt. I never met her Jasper. You may be wondering of why she didn’t die when she gave birth to Iris father. She didn’t die because he wasn’t a hybrid. The werewolf gene was powerful.” He stopped while looking at me.

“I want your children to live with their parents. Grow up without hate towards one another. Jasper, take care of her. That’s all I’m asking.” He got up. With one blink of an eye, he was out of my view.

I stood there, in the ground without any movement. Until her beautiful soft voice came through my mind.

“Jasper?” She questioned through our mind link. The guilt came washing through me, badly.

“I’m so sorry Iris” I muttered while getting up. I made my way back to the hospital room and knocked at the door.

“Come in!” Her mesmerizing voice yelled out.

I walked in with a small smile on my face. I went right beside her and took hold of her hand.

“Mind giving us a minute?” I question the trio. Her mother nodded while grabbing her daughters hand. Her father in the other hand kept glaring at me.

“Black.” He started off while making his way towards me.

“Dad, please” Iris pleaded as her father nodded softly.

“If I see a tear down her face or I hear her yells, I’ll come and throw your arse outside to the dog house!” Her father threatened.

“Yes sir.” I replied while turning my attention to Iris. Once I heard the door close, I placed my hand on top of her stomach.

“I’m so sorry baby girl. I’m so sorry.” I let out while rubbing her small bump. It’s not really noticeable, although, it’s not very flat as before.

“Jas, why did you leave?” She questioned with sadness laced on her voice.

Why did I leave?

“I was a coward, Iris. Hearing you say ‘baby’ made my heart stop as my wolf howled with joy. Trust me, I will love them with all my heart. Like how I love you.” I said while placing a kiss on top of her forehead.

“I need you Jasper. Please don’t leave me” she muttered as her hazel eyes turned to me. I laid beside her and wrapped both of my hands around her stomach.

“I will never. Don’t you even think about that.” I said while planting a kiss on her soft lips.

Slowly and softly she kissed me back. I couldn’t help but hold her bum. I wanted her closer to me. I don’t want to loose her.

She moaned softly as a smile made its way to my face.

“I love you Jasper.” She let out breathlessly.

My heart begin to beat irregularly. I’m lucky to have her in my life. Little did I know that she became my world.

“Te amo, mi Reyna” I replied with a goofy smile.

(I love you, my queen.)

“I hope our kids are just like you. Well not the man whore side.” She giggled at the thought. I simply chuckled while pressing light festered kisses against he small bump.

“They will be beautiful as you, my love” I muttered against her skin. I can’t wait to hold them in my arms, hear their first words, I literally can’t wait till they are born.

I looked back to my queen who laid right beside me. How much I would give to live with her forever.


“Jas, stop!” I yelled as my mate tickled me softly. He was right on top of me, tickling me.

“No, this is adorable!” He yelled back with a grin.

“Sissy” I yelled back between laughs. He immediately stopped and narrowed his eyebrows at me.

“What did you just call me?” He questioned darkly. I swallowed some silva and repeated what I said.

“Babe, I’ll show you what’s a sissy” right when he finished, he attacked me with a kiss against my mouth.

Of course I didn’t mind. He laid down and pulled me on top of him. We continued to make out until we heard a cough right behind us.

“When I said to take care of her, I didn’t mean it like that Jasper” I hear my uncle say right behind us. I felt my cheeks warm up as I laid down beside my mate.

“I thought you hated me, uncle.” I said with a cold tone. He gave Jasper a look as my mate left the room.

“I would never hate you Ire. You know I love you so much.” He replied with a sadistic tone.

“Your words really touched me Aiden. Look where it got me” I said softly. He came beside me and hugged me.

“I was scared Iris. I didn’t want to lose you like how I lost my mother.” He continued lowly.

“You know it’s hard to lose me Aiden. I will always come back!” I yelled with a childish voice. I just wanted him to feel better than this sad mood.

“You know how much I over think things Iris” he replied.

I patted the side beside me but he nodded his head no.

“I’m sorry but you were making out with your mate there and I don’t know what other things you have done” he stated with a disgusted look. I giggled while shrugging.

“Well I’m pregnant. I don’t know what else could happen” I laughed as he looked down.

I placed my hand on his chin and made him look at me.

“Look, I forgive you. It’s my fault to begin with. You know you are my favorite uncle. Always been. I love you very much uncle Aiden” I winked at the end.

“You know that it makes me feel old every time you call me uncle!” He stated while shaking his head.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I do it” I replied while smiling. I got up and tried making my way to the door.

“Aren’t you supposed to be resting?” He questioned.

“I guess, but my sister is meeting our parents so I have to be there when everything happens.” I replied.

He followed me to the living room, where my parents were along with Jasper and his beta, Jayden.

“Jayden!” I yelled while hugging him. It has been a while. I think since my vampire side came out.

“Hey Luna” he winked while chuckling.

“It’s Iris, remember?” I asked with a hand on my hip.

“Yada, yada” he shrugged while turning to my mate.
“So what’s the news you had to tell me?” He questioned him. My mate smiled and came over to me.

“Your an uncle!” He yelled as Jayden stared at us with confusion.

“Wait what?” He let out with wide eyes.

“I’m pregnant Jayden!” I yelled with happiness in my voice.

“I’LL BE THE GOD FATHER!!!” He yelled while fist pumping the air. My uncle shook his head no.

“Nope, that will be me!” Aiden said with a knowing tone.

“Fight me then” Jayden announced as my uncle smirked.

“Oh, really?” He questioned while making fist with his hands. Jayden’s eyes widen as he back up.

“Let me get something really quick…” He announced while running out of the room. I shook my head as I made my way to the trio.

“Hey, how’s it going?” I questioned my sister.

“Pretty well. They don’t remember me but hey it’s a start…I guess” she stated with a sad smile. I patted her back and say right next to her.

“I’m trying here, I really am” my father muttered.

“I know. At least you know my name” muttered my sister softly.

“Wait, aren’t you supposed to be resting?” Questioned my mother with a look.

“Nah” I replied with a glint in my eye. Jasper shook his head and picked me up.

“Yeah she is supposed to. So if you excuse us, we will have to get going” he said while taking me to the elevator.

“Hey I barley got to spend time with them!” I yelled while banging my hands against his back.

“You know, your mini fist don’t hurt me. You have left me nail marks before and that didn’t hurt” he smirked as we made it to the fourth floor.

“Jasper!” I yelled.

“Jasper!” He mocked in a girly voice. I rolled my eyes as we made it to a room.

“Your annoying, you know that?” I asked him as he shook his head.

“I know, but you love me” he replied while laying me down in the bed.

“I really do Jas” I said as sleepiness came over to my system. I watch him lay down beside me and wrap his arms around my waist.

“I knew and I really love you also Hazel.” He said softly as darkness took over.

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