The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 15

“Some people just can’t be understood.”

-Jasper Black.

“I knew and I really love you also Hazel.” He said softly as darkness took over.


“Don’t talk to me.” I huffed while crossing my arms across my chest. I watched Jasper run a hand through his hair with frustration. I felt a bit guilty but I couldn’t control my mood swings. I’ve been getting these mood swings all day today. Don’t even ask why.

I basically slept all day yesterday. You have no idea of how great that was.

“Babe, come on…” He let out with a frown in his face. I ignored him and plugged in my headphones. I couldn’t stand looking at him at the moment.

You may be wondering of the reason why I’m acting like this. I have a reasonable explanation why. Let me tell you, shall we?

“Jas, let’s go for a run!” I yelled while placing my wild hair in a messy bun. I watch my mate come back with a unreadable look on his face.

“Sure” he said with a smirk on his face. I chose to ignore it as I ran to hug him.

“Thank you, thank you!” I yelled while pecking his cheek.

“Now your done, let’s go watch a movie” he replied while picking me up. I looked at him with a confused expression.

“What?” I let out, confusingly.

“You wanted to run so I let you. You ran towards me.” I punch his shoulder while glaring at him.

“You idiot! That’s not what I meant.” I frowned. He’s been testing me all today. Although, he is a good waiter.

“Sweet heart, your having this-” he paused while pointing at him self, “-idiots child.” He grinned with a wink.

“Nah, I’m having Zayn’s child” I retorted with a smirk.

“Who the hell is Zayn?” He stopped walking in the middle of the hallway while questioning.

“You know who Shawn Mendes is but you don’t know who Zayn is?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. I seriously have to take a look at his play list. I’m really curious to who he listens to…

“That’s a total different story…” He answered while looking away.

So he his a fan boy…

“You know what I will call my child if it’s a boy?” I said with a thoughtful look.

“Our” he corrected while motioning me to continue.

“Corn dog.” I said with a smile. I haven’t had a corn dog in a while. I wonder if people still eat them. He stopped for a minute and turned to look at me.

“Are you crazy, woman?” He said with a crazy look in his face. I giggled while pinching his cheeks. I am the one who is giving birth. So I have my rights.

I always wondered why males couldn’t give birth. Couldn’t their dîck move so they can pop out the kid? Or can they have surgery?

I could just imagine how Jasper would give birth.

THAT WILL BE HILARIOUS! But also disgusting…

What the hell Iris? Why am I thinking about this?


Why couldn’t I magically pop out these kids with a magic wand? Or be asleep for the whole process?

Thanks a lot Jasper. I will kill you soon.

“If you kill him, then your dead as well, idiot.” I hear my wolf say with a howl.

“Who told you to come in my thoughts?” I sass back with an unreadable expression.

“Well, your thoughts are disturbing my sleep!” She yelled with annoyance.

She can sleep? I thought.

“Yes, but now I can’t. Thank you very much Iris.” I rolled my eyes and blocked our link. What would I do without my wolf?

“Do I have to take you to the doctor again?” Jasper questioned with a raised eyebrow. I groaned while stuffing my face into his shirt. I’ve grown to love his scent since the first time I used his shirt.

“No!” I muttered softly against his chest.

Jasper took me to the pack doctor, thinking that I was dead. Do you remember when I told you that I slept all day yesterday? Well, he thought I was dead because I didn’t wake up. Isn’t it normal to sleep in for a day? I really needed sleep and he took that away from me.

“Can you put me down, please?” I questioned with puppy dog eyes. As much as I love being in his arms, I really needed to pee. I watch him shake his head while I started throwing a fit. I couldn’t hold it in my bladder no more.

“Jasper, I have to pee!” I yelled as I placed me down to my two feet, Immediately. When my feet hit the ground, I ran like turbo to the bathroom. I wasn’t joking about this. This reminds me of a youtube video that I have watched a few years before.

I rather not talk about it. YouTube is seriously a bad social media to be addicted on.

“Are you done yet?” I hear him question as I frowned.

“Can you give me some space? I will be fine in a bathroom. What could go wrong?” I yelled with annoyance. Since the moment he found out that I am pregnant, he became this over protective bear!

Yes, you heard right, bear!

He would follow me everywhere! I’m surprised that he didn’t walk in, right now. Although, I am very thankful for being alone, for once. I try not to think about giving birth because I would feel light headed and afraid about the situation. Like how my mom said in my birthday. Her pus- Well, lets not talk about it…

“If you don’t come out in five minutes, I’ll come in and drag you back to the room!” he yelled back.

Since when did he get aggressive?

“Yadda, yadda!” I muttered while washing my hands.

Once I heard his footsteps go away, I immediately opened the door to check if anyone is around. Lucky for me, the hall was empty. I mentally cheered as I ran down the hallway.

Have you heard of ‘Running Silently’? Well that’s what I did. Well, I think I was silent.

I used the elevator - because I felt so lazy to use the stairs - to get to the main floor. Right after, I made my way to the kitchen.

My stomach started growling so that meant that we are hungry. I rubbed my belly as I made my way to the fridge.

At this moment, I wanted lasagna. So lasagna I will get.

I wondered why no one was here. It’s so quiet now-a-days and I don’t like it. It’s like a boring sixties movies up in here.

I stood up in my tippy toes to reach the cabinet,although, I wasn’t tall enough to reach.

Have you ever had that moment where you have to get a chair in order to reach for something?

Well I do.

So I went to the dinning room and pulled out one of the fancy, comfrontable chairs. I felt guilty but this is worth it.

I climbed onto the chair and started to reach for the ingredients. When I was about to come down, I heard a low growl.

Who let the dog out?

I looked down to see a very angry Jasper. I wonder what crawled up in his arse.

“I leave you for about five minutes and I find you up in a chair! Get down woman!” I narrowed my eyebrows and placed the ingredients back to the cabinet.

“Excuse me?” I replied lowly.

“Chairs are not used for that, little girl! Are you giving lap dances or are you using it for suicide?” He questioned with his hands on his hips.

He’s acting like my mother. What on earth is wrong with this guy?

“Excuse me for being hungry.” I said while getting down. I didn’t bother to put the chair back to where it was.

Lap dances? Where the hell did he get that from?

I walked to living room and started watching YouTube for the rest of the afternoon.

“Please eat something baby. Please. Por favor princesa” he begged while I ignored him. I continued to laugh at this you-tuber, Rudy, and his friend, Juanpa, were dressed as policemen. They are really cute for my opinion.

(Please, Princess)

That until, Jasper took away the lap top. I looked up at him with a glare.

“Do not disturb the princess when she’s on her period…” Darius said while taking a seat right next to me. I chuckled while embracing my brother in a hug. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss him.

“See, he understands!” I yelled with a huge grin. My brother roles his eyes while taking out his phone. I watch him text someone as my eyes narrowed.

“Oooo let me see” I whispered while taking hold of his phone.

“Who’s Andrea?” I questioned with a smirk. A small blush spread through his face while trying to get his phone back.

“Na-a-ah!” I shouted while calling the Andrea girl.

“Can’t you get the message? Leave me alone!” An annoyed voice said as I smirked. I turned to my brother with a glint in my eye. This is literally a day to remember. My brother rarely dated. The last time he dated a chick, she ended up cheating on him. Trust me, I killed her the next day.

“Hello Andy!” I replied with a smile. I could already hear confusion on her voice. I wonder if she actually bites. I could already sense that shes a tough chicken nugget. Like the uncooked ones. Maybe there is a reason for this…

“Who is this?” She questioned with curiosity. Hasn’t she heard that curiosity kills the cat?

“That doesn’t matter. Anyway, I’d like to know who you are.” I said with a sassy tone. I was having a good time talking to this chick. At least she wasn’t cussing my butt like other girls would’ve done if they heard a female answer their boyfriends phone.

“Oh…Darius didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend…” She muttered softly. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It’s because he can’t get a girlfriend.” I replied while laughing. I couldn’t help but imagine her face at this moment.

“Yeah, the jerk can’t even talk to a girl correctly” she answered while laughing along.

“I like you. By the way, I’m his twin sister. Well, we are triplets…” I said with a chuckle.

“The devil has siblings?” She yelled with wonder. I had to pull the phone away from my ear while turning to my brother. He kept shaking his head while getting up. Although, I couldn’t help but notice his rosy cheeks.

“Oh yeah…” I started off once again as I spent my afternoon talking to a stranger over the phone.

I looked at my tiny little bump with curiosity. I wonder if they can hear me.

I know that it’s too early yet, I feel a connection with them.

“I promise to kill your daddy when your born” I started off softly while glaring at Jasper.

He rolled his eyes while unbuttoning his white dress shirt. I couldn’t help but stare at his bare chest as he took off his shirt. I don’t know of how long I have been staring until I felt him come closer to my laying figure.

“Like what you see?” He questioned with a smirk.

“That is a really cliché line Jas” I laughed while rolling my eyes. He shook his head while pecking my lips softly. I could never get tired of feelings his lips against mine. It’s a habit, although, I couldn’t but remember of how I hated him. An idea came to mind.

“Fine, if you don’t let me go for a run, we are going to wear onesies!” I exclaimed while getting up to our closet. The day before, I told my brother if he can do me a favor and his is the favor I was talking about.

“Oh no. Just no.” he relied with a frown. He watched the clothing with horror. I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression.

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad. Your lucky Darius bought batman and bat girl onesies” I pouted with a ghost smirk on my face. I can’t wait till his mom see’s this.

“You are killing me little by little, shorty. But fine, as long as no one takes a picture or looks at me, everything ill be fine.” he said while my smirk widened. I started taking off my clothing till I was in my undergarments and started placing my legs inside of the leg holes. I turned around to see what Jasper was doing and found him taking pictures of me.

“Oh no you didn’t…” I started off with a glare.

“Oh yes I did baby girl” He grinned while taking off his pants. This little pervert. I decided to play with fire so I took off the onesie and started walking towards him with a seductive smile. I watch his eyes flash to a golden color and black. Well, this will be interesting.

Suddenly, he took hold of my waist and pulled me right to his chest. His eyes stared at me with hunger as he licked his lips. I tried looking somewhere else or I will fall under his touch. We wouldn’t want that.

“Como dicen princesa, cuando juegas con fuego, te quemas” he muttered while dipping his face to my neck and started sucking on my skin. His touch bought fire and life to my skin as I tried to fight against the feeling. I couldn’t let him control me once again. I was about to push him away, until he started kissing my mark. I muttered a few colorful words under my breath as his lips came up to my face.

(Like they say princess, when you play with fire, you get burnt)

“Jas-” when I was about to say something, he cut me off with his lips. Lets say that, my plan was definitely ruined by just one stupid movement of mine.


I watch my beauty beside me with a smile on my face. I couldn’t help but stare at her features. I was about to cuddle closer to her when I heard a knock at the door. I sighed as I pecked my mates cheek. I got up and made my way to the door.

“We have a problem.” I farrowed my eyebrows and followed Derek to my office. I am starting to wonder who is in charge in here. Just because I have mate doesn’t mean that my reputation will change.

“What?” I boomed through the door and taking a seat on my black chair. I stared at my mates brothers with a stern look.

“We found something that may grab your attention-” Darius started off although, he was cut off by Derek.

“You WILL care about this.” He ended while handing me a note. He crossed his arms and placed an emotionless face.

Dear whoever,

You think that it’s simply so easy to get Iris back with her sister, ay?

Although, don’t think I’m stupid. That is all part of my plan. She was let out easily. I’m not that nice or easy to get rid off. That bitch is so easy to fool. She thinks I’m frighten by her?

Ha! What an idiot.

Watch your surroundings every minute, every second. Enjoy your time with her. Trust me, it’ll be her last.

I’m coming. Ready or not, I will get hold of her.

The ones that are trusted the most, are the ones that betrays you.



“What the fuck!” I yelled while slamming my fist against my desk. This caused my papers and picture frame to fall off the desk.

“Take a chill pill dude. We just have to stay by her side at all times. Like now.” Darius said while looking at me in the eye. He started taking a few pills out of a bottle and handing them to me.

“I’m serious. Take a chill pill” he continued.

I mumbled a few things while storming out of the room without a word. I needed to be with my mate.

I came back to the room and wrapped my arms around my mates waist. Memories came rushing through my mind of the thought of losing someone dearly to me, all over again.

“Abuelita no, por favor no te vallas” I sobbed out as my grandmother kissed my forehead. She laid in the bloody ground with pain. I can feel the pain coming out of her body.

(Grandma, no, please don’t go)

“Hijo, Te amo mucho. Mucho Jasper. Por favor cuídate. No seas tonto mi rey.” She paused while taking off her bracelet.

(Son, I love you so much. So much Jasper. Please take care. Don’t be stupid my king)

“Here, take it. Give it to someone you really care about.” She placed the bracelet in my palm and looked at her injury.

“Mami LaLa…” I choked out while mind linking my father.

No answer.

“¡Corre corazón, apúrate!” She pushed me as hard as she could while wincing in pain.

(Run sweetheart, hurry!)

“¡NO!” I yelled with anger and sadness laced in my voice. I was about to pick her up when she whispered her last three words.

“Te amo Jasper, siempre.”

(I love you Jasper, always.)

“Jasper!” I hear my mate yell as my body shook, repeatedly.

“Jasper, look at me” she repeated softly as my eyes stared at her light hazel eyes. I could feel a tear come down my cheek as I got up. I quickly made my way to the door and stopped once she called out my name.

“Your brother will be here any minute. Stay here, I’ll be back.” I replied coldly while slamming the door.

My mind shut down as I mind linked her brothers.

“Quickly, come and stay with your sister. I’ll be back.” I said while rushing out the castle.

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