The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 17

Don’t judge me from reading my story. Judge me by my personality.

“My name is Eric, Tyler’s younger brother.”


I looked at him with a shocked expression. I didn’t know that the devil had siblings! No wonder he felt familiar. I remember when I shook hands with him, I felt this weird Aura. I have the tendency to know someone by just simply touching their hand. I find it really cool.

“Can you place the duct tape on my mouth again?” I questioned with a frown. I didn’t like the way he is touching me. It burns my skin every moment. I feel like piece of meat where you will give it to the wolves.

I felt his hand squeeze my bum as I gasped.

“You little fu-” I didn’t finish my sentence because he ducked taped my mouth. Oh, now he wants to obey me.

“You know, your much better when you are quiet. I don’ know why my brother ants you and your mate. Although, I can feel something different about you. Has anyone told you that you smell strange?” he questioned. Did he really forget that he ducked tapped my mouth?

Before I could do anything – not that I would be able to – I felt a slight pinch in my bum.

“I hope you sleep well, princess” I hear Eric say as my mind became fogy. Black spots became to surround my vision as I became light headed.

“What...” I started off but I immediately closed my eyes as darkness over powered me.



“She should be waking up soon. Get everything prepared for tonight.” I hear a familiar voice say from afar. I struggled to open my eyes as my head started pounding like a hammer pounding on the wall. What did that bastard do to me?

“Alright.” Another voice replied coldly.

Finally, my eyes snapped open with full alert. I could hear my heart pounded irregularly as I looked around the place. Suddenly, my eyes connected with a familiar pair. My heart stopped beating for a second as my body grew cold.

He couldn’t betray me. He couldn’t...

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Well, I am feeling that right now. How could I have been so stupid? I trusted him with all my life. We were friends since birth. We literally are, well, were friends since birth. The same curly headed guy I called my best friend stood right in front of me with an emotionless expression.

“Brandon?” I whispered with a dry throat. I felt my heart continue to brake at the sight of my so called best friend.

Call me weak, I don’t care. I have a reasonable explanation.

“Shut up.” He replied coldly while backing away. I tried to move but I was now tied up in a chair.

Memories stated to hit me on the face when I looked at him. I trusted this bastard! I told him everything! I even told him about my period and stuff. He would go to the store and pick up the things I needed. What went wrong?

“Brand-” I started off with my voice cracking at the end.

“What did I tell you? Shut the fuck up Iris!” he yelled with pure anger. I simply sat in the chair with the best emotionless expression I could master. For sure, I’ll have to turn off my emotions before the bastard comes in.

“No, you shut the fuck up! I told you everything! I trusted you with my fucking life Brandon. You were everything to me. You were even my first crush.” I ended with a sob. It’s true. When I was about seven, I think, I developed a small crush on my best friend. It was stupid, it never lasted either way.

He continued to lean against the wall, emotionless.

I couldn’t feel my wolf nor can I move. I felt hungry. Way beyond that. I could smell his sweet blood rushing through his veins. I haven’t drank human blood or should I say, werewolf blood. My heart doesn’t let me betray my best friend like how he did to me.


That’s my issue.

My heart always stops me from doing certain things. I couldn’t let it over come me. I knew I had to turn off my emotions so I could protect my children and my mate.

“You could end up killing him Iris... Then you’ll have to deal with your mother’s best friend.” A small voice said in my mind. I didn’t know what it was but she got me thinking.

“Your father! James, is he with you?” I questioned with curiosity. I received a good sign when he shook his head no. At least he could listen.

I began to hear footsteps from afar as I grew nervous. I felt weak. Weak from betrayal. I began to have an inner battle with myself, to either turn off my emotions or stay in this state. Knowing myself, I would mess everything up. They would find out about my children and harm them. I can’t let them do that.

I just can’t.

So, I finally decided to turn them off.

I stood emotionless without a care in the world. My thoughts began to fade way as the door opened, revealing the guy who betrayed the kingdom. He began to walk to my direction with an amused look on his face. I rolled my eyes and looked away.

“So...” he started off while touching the rope.

The idiot backed away quickly when the rope sung him. I smirked, amused. He is an idiot, just like his brother.

“Bitch...” he muttered. I rolled my eyes while looking around the room. I feel like I am in a cliché story. The room is all back without a window in the view. There is rarely any light in here. The back dirty walls made the room more darker.

Where am I?

“How is this not hurting her?” yelled Eric with anger and annoyance. I chuckled at his short temper. I really wonder how Jasper never caught any suspicions of this guy.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?” replied Brandon with annoyance.

Why are they talking to one another like if I wasn’t here? This really annoys me. Eric continued to calm his wolf – I noticed this by his glowing golden eyes – while Brandon continued to lean against the wall.

“Let’s play game darling.” Eric said while wrapping his hand with a cloth. He motioned Brandon to come closer.

“Hand me the knife.” he growled.

I watch Brandon go to a tray and pulled out a pocket knife. Eric shook his head no as he took hold of a bigger knife. This is not the first time that I have been tortured. His brother used to hit me with the wire and shoot me with silver bullets.

Don’t ask me of how I am still alive. I don’t have an answer for that question.

“Let’s start a little game, darling. I’ll ask you a question and you will answer them correctly. If you answer them wrong, then I will have to cut you and get a bigger weapon.” He explained with a grin. I nodded with a bored look on my face.

“Question number one. What are you?” he questioned with curiosity.

I stood in the chair with an emotionless expression. “A female.” I replied without hesitation. He wasn’t specific enough so that will be is answer. His face grew into an awful frown as the tip of the knife sliced my skin in half, across my arm. I hissed in pain while glaring at him.

Brandon handed him another knife. Although, I can smell the wolves-bane through the knife. The knife wouldn’t affect me at all. Except, it will affect me by just slitting my skin and the air would burn the cut. Oh, I really hate that.

“Question number two. Where is my brother?” He asked with a cold look on his face. I gave him a puzzled look.

“I don’t give a damn of where your brother is” I let out with an emotionless face.

Wouldn’t he know where his brother is? They are related after all.

Without any warning, he stabbed my upper thigh with the knife. I yelled in pain as I let out deeps breaths. I couldn’t hold the pain in my leg. Not because of the wolves-bane, it’s because of the knife being stabbed – really deep – in my thigh.

Eric came up to my face once again. Our breaths could mix by the closeness. “Tell me where my brother is!” He yelled with anger.

I tried to calm the pain in my thigh but it wouldn’t work.

“Hopefully in hell!” I yelled while spitting on his face. He closed his eyes and backed away, slowly. I tried moving my hands but it’s no use. I could hear his heart pound quickly; his blood pumping through his veins, through his body. I could feel my fangs coming to view as I shut my mouth shut. I tried to stop my fangs from coming view but I failed miserably.

“What the hell?” Brandon let out with horror.

“Come over here...” I muttered lowly as Brandon took hold of a gun. How did I ever call him my best friend?

What a fucking coward.

“Don’t shoot her!” Yelled Eric with a cautious tone. Smirked as fear and anger faded away. He came closer to me and analyzed my state. Oh how much of an idiot he is...

I took the opportunity to take a blood simple. I bit down in his neck without a care in the world. I didn’t go deep so I wouldn’t mark him. His blood came flowing through my fangs as I moaned in delight. His yells filled the room as I drank his blood.

Although, I still like animal blood more better than his. His blood taste like expired milk.

I was about to drink even more when Eric was yanked from my hold. I whimpered slightly with my hunger not being refilled. The more blood I drink, more stronger I get.

“Call Jasmine.” Eric let out as he fell to the floor.

Brandon looked at me confused but fear crossed through his eyes. He came closer but not to close. He squat down and asked me the questioned his boss asked me.

“What are you?” He asked with wonder.

I stood there emotionless. Nothing to be said, although, I would like to have fun for a bit.

“Your worst nightmare.” I replied while closing my eyes and began to hum a random tune.




“Sir?” I hear my slave say from the other side of the door. I quickly hid my papers and yelled to come in.

“This better be worth my time Lillian.” I said with a cold tone. I looked up to the short female. She had a scared expression and a guilty look on her face.

“It’s about your brother sir.” She replied without a stutter. I stood up and crossed my arms. This certainly grabbed my attention. I haven’t heard of my baby brother in a long time. Well since our mother-

“And?” I said lowly.

“He’s back sir. Our spy’s heard that the queen has been taken and I assume your brother is with her.

Once those words were out of her mouth, slammed my fist to the desk, causing every paper to fall to the ground. Her frightened figure is like food to me. It makes me proud.

“Don’t assume Lillian! YOU BETTER HOPE THIS IS TRUE OR HE’S DEAD!” I yelled with anger leaking through my voice.

“No! Sir please!” She yelled with urgency.

She started shaking with tears coming out of her eyes.

“Get someone to track down my brother! Now!” I continued to yell with my eyes flashing and my fangs coming out to view.

“Yes sir...” She muttered while quickly walking out of my office.

I sat back down with a frown in my face. How didn’t I know this?

He told me that he wouldn’t be back. This little bitch. Why do you have to come back now brother?

Just why now?

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