The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 18

“Life is a bitch. Sure, we get hurt. But that is fine.”


I sat in the same seat for about two weeks I assume?

Well my point is, is that my stomach started expanding a bit but not so much. I’m in my seventh week of my pregnancy. They haven’t figured out what I am and my pregnancy, well not just yet.

Brandon would still be asking me questions and I, of course, would deny it or get lost in my little world. Although, the last few weeks, been pure hell. Not like the burning flames and fire. No, none of that. Instead, I have been tortured to the full max.

Eric would come in and shoot me with a silver laced gun. Thankfully, not near my stomach. Let me tell you more better, shall I?

“Ready to tell me the truth kitten?” Eric came in the room, alone.

I stared at his neck with wonder. How didn’t he die that time I bit him? Not unless... No, he didn’t have help from a witch...or did he?

“I don’t know what your talking about.” I replied while trying to look away from his cold eyes. It’s been about two days since I got tortured. I felt weak, although, the blood has helped me stay awake and alive. I think that’s the only thing that has helped me stay in my feet and keep my kids alive.

I watch him reach for a fork. I don’t know why he would get a fork, out of everything he has in that tray.

I think I spoke to early because he stabbed my cheek with the fork. The fork literally stayed against my cheek. Like it wouldn’t come off at any cost. It stood dangling in my right cheek. I tried to ignore the pain in my cheek and look at him without an expression.

“Once again darling. Tell me where is my brother.” He questioned.

This question made me feel so annoyed. The same damn question. How would I know? His damn brother is hunting me down as well. So what are the odds?

My whole life is like a game. Hunting Iris.

Always hunting my arse. I don’t even know why. I think I don’t even want to know. But for sure, I have a list of people I hate.

But there is a question hunting in my mind.

Where is Jasper?

Where is my mate? I thought he would be here since a long time ago.

I wasn’t worried about myself. Im worried about my children.

“Aren’t you supposed to know where your brother is? Your related to the devil after all! Let me go you fucking dumb arse! If you want to find your damn brother, then let me go. He wants me after all...” I muttered the last part.

I’m getting sick of being here. I’m sick of being away from my family. I’m sick of everything.

“Shut up!” He yelled while taking hold of a silver gun. I swallowed my silva as he gave me a grin.

“Your pretty mouth is going to get you in trouble in so many ways little girl” he muttered as he pulled the trigger.

I tried moving but it’s useless.

I looked straight at the gun. I wouldn’t lie. I am afraid. Beyond that! I couldn’t let the fear get through me. But I’m sure anyone could detect my fear from afar. I couldn’t keep up with this big girl act. I switched my switch since a while ago, when my stomach started hurting. I couldn’t handle it. His beatings made the pain grow.

Right before I could act, the bullet made its way to my shoulder. I winced in pain. It’s like cutting a hole on my eye.

“Once again, you better answer the question...” he said with the same smile he had since the beginning.



The same man came in the room. No one else was beside him. A cold breeze blew in my direction.

What the heck? We are in a closed brick room. I think I’m going crazy now.

He came closer and squat down and started untangling the knot. I looked at him confused. Why would he be doing this?

Once my leg was free, I immediately kicked him in the gut. I watch him fall back with a low groans. I smirked weakly as my legs burned. The rope did leave a purple mark in my leg. I quickly looked away.

Eric stood up again and undid the knot of my hands. He knew that I didn’t have the strength to move. My wrists are hurting because of the stupid rope. Once they were free, I moved my fingers a bit as Eric pulled me up by my hair. I’m thankful that this shirt is really loose or he would notice. Although, I hated his scent. I extremely hate it.

“Ow!” I whimpered as he didn’t let go of my hair.

You could do anything, you can torment me and kill me if you want but...don’t touch my hair! Call me a girly girl but I don’t care. I rarely cut my hair since I was small. I always hated cutting my hair. I don’t know why though. I just really disliked having my hair short.

“Oh shut up girly. You won’t tell me anything so I will have to make some use from you.” He replied with a grin. I didn’t have time to progress anything because I am being pulled out of the room. The bright lights hit my vision without any warning. We are now in a long hallway. Paintings are hanged up in the walls. I didn’t have time to analyze any of them because of this jerk.

We past a few omegas or should I say, rogues. I could smell them from afar. They stink up the whole place.

“Once we get to my room, I want you to get on your knees.” He said with a growl.

My eyes widen with fear. No...

He couldn’t...

“No!” I shouted as he dragged me across the hall. I didn’t have enough strength as he dragged me, wherever he pleases.

We are now in front of a regular white door. He opened it and slammed me across the room. I landed in my back as I groaned in pain. My head is throbbing, really badly.

What am I going to do?

I stood up slowly, my bones cracking at my movements. I couldn’t feel my wolf nor my vampire side. It’s like everything just shut down. My vision became foggy as I felt dizzy. I stood up with my body swaying, side by side.

The room became to spin, repeatedly. The hit did hurt, a lot. I touched my head so I could control the dizziness. By the time my hand touched my head, I felt something wet in my fingers. I brought my hand down to my eye level as I let my eyes concentrate on my hand. I saw a dark red color all over my hand. I gasped In shock.

Eric didn’t seem to care as he took hold of the shirt and pulled it over my head. That’s when I was fully exposed to my kidnapper.


I stood in the garden without any hope. I could hear Jasper yell out in pain from out here. Only if I could find my niece, no one would be suffering, even her mate. I should’ve been looking over Iris. I should have ran after her.

I took hold of a tree and threw it across the land.

My anger took over.

“God why always me!? First my mother and now my niece? Fuck!” I yelled while slamming my fist against another tree. I continued to punch the tree with all my power. A hole started forming as someone stopped me. I looked beside me to find my brother.

Mason isn’t taller than me. I beat him by an inch or so. I pulled my fist back and looked at him with confusion.

“Stop killing yourself Aiden.” He command softly. He looked at me with sad eyes. I know he could feel his daughters pain. I know that her brothers could as well. Triplets and even twins have a special connection between one another.

“No Mason. It’s my fault!” I yelled as I let my legs fail on me. I fell down to the ground without a word. No, I’m not going to cry. I do not cry.

I watch my brothers legs bent. He sat down right beside me. I rarely spend time with my brother. We were never in good terms. Even when I try. So this is definitely weird to me. Why is he even out here?

“I know I wasn’t here for you for most of your life time Aiden. And I know I haven’t shown you much love because of what happened...but I want you to know that I love you little brother. I grew to understand of what happened to mom.” He paused while looking up to the sky. He laid down in the grass as I did as well. I laid down and stared at the dark clouded sky. The stars are about to come up.

“It’s only us Aiden. I never had anyone else than my own family. Family means a lot to me brother. Including you.” He ended while turning back to me. His hazel eyes stared down at my hazel pair. Our color of eyes are past down by our mothers side.

I stood there, emotionless. Love isn’t so easy to express from my part. It’s hard to show to one. But I’m not heartless.

“I always been alone Mason. What’s new about that? I grew up without meeting our mother. I grew up hating myself because of who I am. From the bullying from pack members, then to the death threats from them! Mason, you have no idea of how much I suffered. The times I needed you, you left. Left me alone. I felt useless. Not until Iris came into my life and actually loved me for who I am. Not the monster I was born to be.” I said while standing up. I quickly ran through the woods and tried to find a death victim. I could hear a wild shifting from afar.

My brother.

That’s when I ran full speed to wherever my legs could carry me. Suddenly, I felt a hard object run over me as a cars engine turned off. I could hear it from where I am laying down from. I could smell the sweetest blood I have ever smelled before. Once a soft hand touched my shoulder.

I knew exactly what was happening.

“Are you okay?”

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