The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 19

Be the type of person who leaves a mark, not a scar.


I laid in the bed, naked. I couldn’t move. I’m afraid to move because he would come back and rape me again.

This horrid event will hunt me for life.

I let out a tear as I hold my body tightly. I wrapped my arms around my stomach as tears came out of my eyes. One thing I am glad is that I am pregnant right before he could. I hope my babies are alright because I am not.

I tried to convince him and tried to break free but no. I was useless. I was already weak.

I’m more weaker than before.

My core burned as I felt disgusted with myself. I let out a small sob as I laid in the cold bed. He decided to leave right after he broke me. I haven’t felt this bad as with his brother. At least his brother didn’t rape me.

Nasty old man.

I am surprised that he didn’t notice my stomach. Well, my stomach isn’t that large yet. I’m growing worried. I read about royal babies in a book once. Having a royal baby rushes the females pregnancy. And I being a female alpha, rushes the process even more.

I honestly don’t feel like an a alpha anymore. Not after what happened. I feel like a disgrace, a disgrace of my parents last name.


I tried getting up but my core burnt like hell. So I laid back at the nasty bad that will give me nightmares. This bastard. He knew I wouldn’t be able to get up. Oh, I hate you so much Eric. You and your fucking brother. I hate you.

Hate is a big word, I know. Trust me.

For me to hate someone is really difficult. I may dislike you but that doesn’t mean that I hate you. Even for all the sluts I’ve known, I don’t hate them. I just really dislike them.

I hate no one more than I hate them. I rather die than live this life. All my hope is on my mate. More tears began to fall down my face as I cuddled myself into a ball. The hurtful event kept roaming through my mind.



Please, someone make it stop!

I placed both of my hands over my ears and closed my eyes tightly. The memory rushing through my own devilish mind.

“Stop moving you bitch!” He yelled with pure anger laced on his voice. I tried fighting my way out of here but I am already weak. He starved me, he beat me without any hesitation. Reminds me of my ten year old life...

“Stop it! Please...” I whimpered as he undid his belt and hit me several of times, all over my body. Every hit was even worse. I didn’t let him hit my stomach as he drew blood from my back. My back is all nude as I lay right in front of him. I feel extremely disgusted.

“Now the mighty bitch is pleading. No wonder you make no queen!” He yelled while taking off his shirt. I didn’t want to see his ugly self. I knew I would throw up by just looking at him. This does not include my pregnancy side effects.

“More that you move, the more pleasure you will get.” He said with a smirk on his face.

I cried silently as he started roaming his hands through my body. I wanted to slap his hands away but how would that work? He would punish me even more. I feel so useless. I really hope my children doesn’t live this life I am living. This is hell.

He turned me around so I was facing him. He continued to touch me, and tried to kiss me. His disgusting lips wanted to touch mine. I couldn’t let him do that. He pecked my mark but it shocked him back.

He immediately pulled away with hesitation. Shocked at his dismay.

My mark started burning in the bad way.

It was like a huge itch. Like a ant bite that you can’t get rid of. But this is even worse. Or when you step in a Lego. That amount of pain is what I am feeling at this moment. Although, like I said, this is even worse.

I’m sorry Jasper.

I’m so sorry...

I thought as he placed himself in me. I yelled in pain as I cried even harder. Call me whatever you want. I never imagined getting rapped. Someone kill me, please kill me now.

Every thrust is even worse.

My heart kept breaking as he took advantage of me. The room grew cold for me. Cold like ice. I couldn’t feel anything. He became even rougher each time. Eric is nothing like Jasper.

Oh Jasper. My Jasper.

How much would I give to have you here. Having your arms around me. Having your smart comments or your bright silver eyes looking down at my hazel ones. Why couldn’t you be here? My Prince Charming.

That’s all in the books.

A total fantasy. Why couldn’t I be like Cinderella or Belle from Beauty and the Beast? I could keep on naming princesses but nothing would change.

I am no princess. I will never be.

“Say my name!” He yelled while going deeper. I shook my head no while crying. I grew silent rather than saying something. I learned my lesson. Talking got into this mess. I rather lose my voice than have this.

I should’ve treasured my family and mate than being the spoiled female I was some the beginning.

“Say my fucking name!” He pinched my bare skin that made me yelp.

I rather stop it here. The rest is worse than that. He had the nerve to still hit me right after. No lie. He immediately stood up and put on some clothing. At least something was better.

He was wearing clothing.

Right before I could get up by that time, he grabbed his cellphone wire and hit my back once again.

Am I a piñata?

I really feel like one.

Anyway, now I am trying to get up. I couldn’t stand being in this same bed where he took advantage of me. I just couldn’t.

I sat up slowly while wincing. I tried moving my legs so they can touch the cold floor. Once my bare foot touched the cold marble floor, I stood up gently with awareness. The cold hair blew to my skin as I picked up the shirt from the floor. I don’t have anything else to wear. So I will have to stick with this.

I slowly made my way out the door. The hallway is empty. No one can be seen. I can finally get out of here, although, I may die in the process. I can’t stand this life any more but my children needs a better life than this. I’m going to make it my mission to kill him and leave. Leave without no mercy.

If I want my happy ending, then I’ll have to eliminate the ones who ever played me.

Starting off with the devil.

Let me change my saying. I will not start with the devil. Instead, I will start with the Devils brother.

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