The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 1

“Learn from yesterday,

Live for today,

Hope for tomorrow”


“Get her some food.” I hear the devil command as I sat in the cell. It’s been about a month or so. I sighed as I leaned back on the cell wall. Every single day, I follow the same routine.

Get up, walk around, draw in the cell wall with a rock, go pee, talk to my wolf.

Repeat the process.

I watch a maid come towards my direction with her head down. I could catch the smell of bacon and eggs in the plate. But I refused to eat it; It could be poisoned.

My wolf stopped communicating with me since the day I got captured. I thought that he’d come and torture me for leaving but surprisingly, he hasn’t even talked to me since he dismissed me.

“I heard you went mute” I hear the devil say as his minions tugged harshly in my arm. I winced a bit but continued to fallow them. There was a reason why I let them take me so easily. As you may have guessed it,

My sister.

“Don’t you even try talking to me” I muttered as I starred at the setting right ahead of me. I can hear him growl with anger as I smirked.

“Don’t you dare disrespect me, little girl.” He roared as I rolled my eyes.

“Oh Tyler, I’m not as little as before, so you better respect me” I chuckled at the end as he growled but stood away. I felt my smirk widen as I started feeling weaker.

My connection with my mate started getting weaker as my mind started to get clouded. “Oh baby, you have no idea of what I have planned for us” He laughed as my wolf released a low grow towards the bastard.

My vision started to become black as I encountered the cold hard ground.

“Iris, please eat something and stop being stubborn!” I head a hush voice say as my hazel eyes encountered a familiar pair of brown.

“Lilly?” I questioned as pushed myself off the wall. I came closer to the small figure. I am a foot taller than her. Of course, she’s older than me but she’s like a second mother to me. I watch her light brown eyes sparkle as she accidentally touched the cell.

I watch her hiss in pain. I couldn’t feel the pain of silver because well in half wolf.

“Lilly, it’s really you?” I muttered softly as I watched a few tears fall down her face. She nodded while turning to see the guard behind her. “I missed you my little girl. Well not so little anymore my Luna…” she whispered the last part.

I raised an eyebrow, confused. “Oh, everyone here, knows about your doings Iris. I’m so proud of you” I smiled softly as my throat began to itch.

“My sister?” I blurt out randomly while her expression fell down a bit.

What? What happened to my baby sister?

“The master lost his temper a lot of times after you left that he took it on your sister…” She whispered as a guard came in the room. I recognized the guard as her chosen mate.

“Matt!” I whispered/yelled as he looked down in my small figure and smiled warmly at me. “Little one” he choked out as I took hold of their hands. I squeezed them softly as they stared at me in shock.

“H-how?” Lilly stuttered out as I shook it off.

“My sister” I signaled to matt as he looked at me strangely. I groaned. I really missed my, mate and family. “My sister.” I choked out as my throat began to burn. Please, not now…

I know that my eyes are golden with a mixture of red at this moment. “Little on- “they started to say as I cut them off. “Go!” I yelled as I fell to the ground.

My hunger came back with a huge force. My fangs came to views as I felt them poke my bottom lip. They stood there looking at me weirdly as I tried to hide my face. No one must know, not even them.

“Go.” I huffed as I smelt their sweet blood. I felt my wicked side grin as I stood up with a glint in my eye.

“Little one…” Lilly whispered as my hunger grew. My wolf finally tried to fight my other side. I fell as Lilly tried to reach out for me. I whimpered as my wolf gain control.

“Lilly, should I call the alpha?” I hear matt whisper as I let out a low growl.

“NO!” I let out as the ground shook. My eyes widen as they look frightened. Suddenly, an idea came to mind. I stood up slowly as I winced. The whined in my lower stomach was slowly healing so as for now, it’s painful.

“Lilly, did he clean my room?” she got the idea as she shook her head no. “He always believes that you’d come here” she whispered as I frowned. That little-

“Can you bring me the pills that I used to drink every morning?” I asked as she nodded. I felt myself relax as I mouthed a ‘sorry’ to Matt. He shook it off as he pulled Lilly with him.

“We have to get out of here before he takes notice.” He replied as I sat in the floor once again. Lilly placed the food in the floor as I thanked her. They made their way out of the room while I waved a goodbye.

I prayed that she could find those pills, soon!

I don’t know if I could take this new beginning. I will kill him, with no mercy. My wolf and I want his blood.

He will see the monster he made me be. The real monster that many mothers or grandmothers told their children before going to sleep. The story where there’s no happy ever endings.

If I want my happy ending, then I’ll have to eliminate the ones who ever played me.

Starting off with the devil.

Hey! Welcome to Book Two of the series!

This chapter is short, I now but trust me there will be longer ones *winks*

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