The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 20

“Drink from the well of yourself and began again.”


“Xavier, call the witch!” My mother yelled as I felt my heart break, literally. I felt my whole body hurt, I cannot describe the pain. I just can’t find the words to explain it at the moment. The pain is over powering me, more than anything. My heart keeps on beating, irregularly.

Not for a good cause this time.

“She’s on her way Vanessa! Didn’t you hear me the first time woman?” My father yelled back with frustration and worried laced on his voice.

“I’m so sorry mijo...” My mother muttered with sadness. I hate seeing my mother like this-

“Iris!” I yelled in pain while slamming my fist to the wall. I could barley stand still without falling. The pain started about a hour ago when my father and I started contacting our friend, a witch.

“Sit down Jasper!” My father said while pushing me to the bed. My mother quickly brought a cloth and cleaned my fist. The cloth began to soak up the dark read blood from my fist. Suddenly, I felt an unbearable pain in my back. It felt like I was being hit a million of times in my back.

Over and over again.

“Tell her to hurry up!” My mother shouted with nervousness. I knew that she is anxious about this situation. My father came to his side and wrapped his arm around her waist and took hold of her chin so she could look at him. Usually, I find this disgusting.

“Listen, she will be here any minute. Darling, just wait. I know that it kills you to see him like this. It kills me as well, he’s our son. Have patience, por favor!” He replied with his lack of Spanish at the end. I know that my mom is teaching him the language.

She nodded and turned to aid me.

“Vanessa!” Yelled Melissa, Iris mother.

I turned my head to look at her. She has eye bags under her eyes. Her messy bun looked like a chickens nest as her husband ran right behind her. Her eyes looked more alive than a few days ago. I wonder why...

“Yes Meli?” Questioned my mother while walking towards the couple. My father stood still with a worried expression. My father rarely shows emotion towards anyone, except my mother. So, this moment I will surely treasure for life.

“I found a few thing Iris owns and a piece of her hair. The witch, Alex, asked me about. I watch my mother nod as a tall lady came in the room. She had a cape covering her face as she walked in. I could feel her power, it is strange. I have never met a witch before in person.

“Alex, you made it!” My father greeted as Alex nodded.

“You collected a few things that I asked?” She questioned while turning to Melissa. Melissa nodded while pointing at a bracelet and a piece of hair. The witch shook her head disappointingly.

“I need blood. Something that connects with her soul.” Replied Alex, disappointingly. Everyone stood still, thinking for an answer.

“Take mine!” I said quietly as I sat up. I tried to ignore the pain that came blossoming through my chest.

I showed her the promise I made. The promise laid in my palm or you could say wrist. Her name is printed beautifully while I stared at it.

“Ah! Yes!” Cheered the witch while taking out a tube and slicing my thumb. I groaned slightly. Great, another thing to worry about.

Right before the cut closed, about three drops of blood fell in the small tube. Alex entry let go of my hand and walked towards the nearest table. I stood up slowly and made my way to the same table.

I took hold of my stomach, trying to feel a bit more better.

“Son, I want you to repeat the same words that I’m about to say” she stated while spreading a world map. I looked at her confused but nodded either way. Everyone surrounded the table with pure curiosity.

I just wanted to get my mate back.

She started chanting a few words as I repeated right back. She told me to close my eyes and to concentrate, so I did. I kept chanting until I heard a few voices. I quickly opened my eyes without hesitation.

Right on top of the map was a dot on top of a specific location. Although, right above that, was a small cloud. Like the one you find in Percy Jackson’s movie when the lord of the dead communicated to camp half blood over the fire. Well, something like that.

The point is, I could actually see my mate. I grew happy but this source of happiness didn’t last long when anger came in.

“Say my fucking name!” Yelled a blond guy at my mate whom is below him. I watch him punch her as she yelped in pain. My wolf started to come to surface at the sight of our mate. No wonder I could feel so much pain.

“Quick, find the location! This is about to disappear in about two seconds.” Alex shouted as my father found the location and Melissa simply took a picture of the map.

I quickly stormed out of the room. I couldn’t stand the look of my mate nor the event that is going on. My heart shattered at the sight. I know she isn’t doing that as a volunteer. I could see the pain in her look, her expression.

My wolf tried to contact hers but it’s no use. Her wolf can’t be dead...right?

“Calm down Alan” said my father with a frown. My father rarely calls me Alan, my middle name.

“How can I be calm father? How!” I roared while banging my gust against the wall. I watch the maids walk around us, quickly in fear.

I couldn’t control my temper right now. How can I be here while my mate is some where being rapped!?

“Do it for your mate Jasper! Your future wife!” Said my father in a defeated tone. I never seen my father in a weak state, never.

“Papa, how can I be here, without doing anything? My future wife and my children are at risk!” I whispered while falling down to the floor. Another wave of pain flew past me.

I’m so useless...

“Children?” Questioned my mother from behind.

My father had the same shocked expression as my mother. I looked up to them with a small smile. Just imagining our children running around the room made my heart swell in the good way. I really hope I get to see my children grow up, see their first steps, their first words... Well everything.

“Twins” I replied while looking down.

Twins...I whispered to my self with a smile. I haven’t smiled in a while. Not after what happened.

“Since when?” Asked my mother with a tear falling down her eye.

I stood up with a proud smile on my face. “Six weeks by now. Well, almost seven.” I replied. I could imagine her small belly, growling with our children. I promised my self that I will get her back.

Even if it means death.

I’m coming for you Iris. I will get you back. And that is a promise.


“What the hell are you doing?” I hear a growl right behind me. My eyes widen as I turned around, slowly. I’m afraid to see his face. Please, not now.

“Uh-” I started off but I was cut off with his hands taking a hard grip on my elbow. I moaned in pain as he tossed me inside the same room we were in a few hours ago. He closed the door and came closer to me. I didn’t want the same event to happen again.

I started praying to the moon goddess, repeatedly.

“I didn’t order you to get out of this room. So do not get out of this room!” Eric yelled angrily.

I took hold of a lamp that is right beside the bed. I am very thankful about this. He looked at me like if I was a joke.

Am I funny to you? Be honest.

“What? A lamp can hurt me? Sweetheart-” he didn’t get to finding his sentence when I smashed the lamp to his head. Eric immediately fell to the ground without conscious. I fist pumped the air.

Although, a certain smell caught my attention.

My eyes immediately narrowed to his blood, falling down from his head. I found myself licking my lips as I squat down to his unconsciousness. I can’t help the hunger. I am very hungry, I have to feed. It’s not an option.

It’s either his life or mine along with my twins.

So I brought his limp body close to my mouth and pressed my fangs into his neck. I started sipping on his blood as I moaned in delight. Sure, his blood is not as great as the ones I’ve tasted before but this will do.

I couldn’t help but to continue to sip even more. I felt my strength come back as my stomach growled in hunger. When I didn’t get anymore blood, I threw his body across the room. Right before that, I checked his breathing and heart beat.

Guess what?

There wasn’t any. I didn’t feel guilty.

Nada, nothing, zilch!

This is my first kill but this is way too worth it. It’s self defense. That is a reasonable cause, right? Well, I’ll take that as a yes.

I quickly took out his wallet and his phone. Thankfully, he does carry a phone. I turned back to the door as silence filled the room. I watched him lock the door right before he was about to attack me. So I am good for a few minutes.

I started unlocking his phone, trying to find the right passcode. When I was about to give up, I tried the most obvious one.

Zero, zero, zero, zero.

It flippin worked! This is a huge face palm. Like kill me now.

I quickly knocked on wood so I wouldn’t jinx myself. So, I unlocked his phone and called the number I memorized immediately.

I’m not surprised that he didn’t answer at the first ring.

Come one, please pick up! Finally he answered! I had to wait till the fifth ring!

“Yellow, Landon residence!” My brothers voice boomed through my ear drums. I rolled my eyes but smiled. I felt so excited that I’m about to get out of here. I started looking down the ground. No one was out. Knowing them, they didn’t have patrol.

“Darius, it’s me, Iris!” I whispered while jumping off the window and landing on my feet. I rubbed my belly as pain grew a bit. I bent down and started running. My life literally depended on me.

“Hello...its me- wait Iris?” He said in a surprised tone. I grinned a bit as I ran out from the land. I am faster than before, thank goodness. For once, he was useful for me.

“Darry, call Jasper, now. Tell him to call me when he gets the message!” I said in a desperate tone. I looked ahead of me to see trees. Trees all around until I saw a few buildings.

“Actually, he is in the next room beside me. Hold on.” He said while I started hearing shuffling noises in the background. I quickly ran to the nearest building which happened to be a coffee shop.

“Hello?” I hear my mate say with a tired tone.

My heart skipped a beat at his deep, muscular voice.

“Jasper...” I let out with relief.

I looked right ahead of me as the whole crew in the coffee shop started to bow down. My eyes narrowed at the sight.

“Iris?” He whispered in alert. I smiled while making my way to a familiar wolf.

“Yes, it’s me Jasper. Please come and get me...” I whispered as I stared at my sisters mate, Matthews Beta.

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