The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 21

I turned my attention back to a certain male whom kept a straight face towards me. I looked down to my attire once more with a hint of warmth coming up to my face. For sure, I am not telling my sister about this...

Suddenly, a random she-wolf came into view. She bowed down, almost down on her knees. When will I ever get used to this?

“My lady, Luna, are you okay?” an elder woman came rushing for my aid. I shook my head yes and turned to the Beta.

“Beta...” I paused and looked at him, hesitantly.

“Beta Collins” he replied without hesitation.

I smiled softly as I announced his name. The dirty blond haired male stood right in front of me, like a solder.

“Luna.” He greeted with a bow. I laughed softly, this is too much formality in one day. Collins seems to be too strict and formal for my liking. Hopefully, my sister loosens him up. Not that I was looking, he seems to be really fit through that simple tank top.

Oh, little sister...

“Come on boy, you can’t talk to your future sister-in-law like that.” I stated while embracing him into a hug. I felt him tense up but hesitantly hugged me back. He seemed to force himself to do so.

I pulled away immediately but I gave him a nervous smile.

“Sorry about the stench... I had an accident...” I muttered as I sat down at the nearest char. I crossed my legs and pulled on the shirt even farther.

“The alpha should be here-” when he was about to finish his statement, the doors opened. I started to get up, thinking that it was my mate. Although, I sat down once again when I found a tall muscular alpha.

Matt nodded at his beta as my future brother-in-law left. Awe, I guess I’ll have to annoy him another time. Matt pulled out a random char and sat beside me. Suddenly, his smile turned upside down.

“What the he-” I placed my hand on top of his mouth.

“I know, I know...” I paused and looked around.

“Mind letting me take a shower in the pack house or wherever there is a bathroom?” I questioned as the smell of blood hit my nostrils.

Matt looked confused but he agreed. We stood I as I limped my way out. My body still hurts, out of everything that has happened.

“Are you okay?” Questioned Matt with a worried tone. I tried to lie but my lower pain of my body got the best of me.

“Up, up we go then...” He muttered while picking me up in bridal style. I whined a bit as we, well he walked in the woods. Once we are alone, his questioning started.

“Now, mind myself asking of why you smell like blood?” Matt asked while looking at the stained shirt. I really wanted to take this nasty shirt off and burn it.

“I- I killed someone...” I muttered under my breath. My mind wondered off to my ex best friend. He is the next victim in my list.

“I never thought you would be that type of gal” he replied with a small smirk on his face. I groaned in annoyance and rolled my eyes.

I rubbed my stomach as it growled lowly. I- I mean, we are hungry. I blushed as I stuffed my face in his neck.

“It was all self defense” I muttered against the thin shirt material. I can feel his chuckle vibrate through his body. All the way to his chest. I lifted my face up from his neck and touched the back of his head.

“Matthew, you just don’t understand!” Yelled the beta in fusteration. I can see both Matt and his beta in a formal place. I guess that they are in his office. This is just so strange.

I could see this memory in a third person pong of view.


“I may not understand but I am trying to comprehend!” Roared Matt while standing up.

I watch the beta shake his head and slam his fist down his desk.

I’m less than a second, all I could see is the beta. Now I am in Matthews point of view.

What the heck?

“I- I just don’t want to lose her...” Whispered the beta with sorrow.

“Cole, we will talk with Iris, her older sister-”

The memory is cut short when I accidentally let go of his neck. I blinked twice and looked at Matt with confusion. We are now in a strange room.

I never seen this room before. As like in reading my mind, Matt anwsered my question.

“This is my room.” He said while walking towards his kings size bed. He sat me down in his bed and walked to his large closet.

I watch him take out a shirt and a pair of shorts. I can already imagine myself in them. They will be large for my tiny figure.

I deeply wished that these were Jasper’s clothes. I really miss him, along with his scent.

“Here, you can shower and use these.” He said while pointing to a random door.

I nodded and got up slowly, making my way to the black door. His room is so cliché. I literally read so many stories, dealing with these types of men.

When can I find a guy who doesn’t own a black or dark colored room?

I can hear the door close beside me so I took the chance to get ready to shower. I took off the shirt and threw it to the trash can.

No, I’m not done with that shirt. I will burn that horrible thing. I really should’ve burnt his body as well.

Eh, at least I’m away from that ugly thing.

I turned on the hot/cold water and looked at myself in the mirror. The girl I stared at wasn’t me. She seems so slimy and lifeless. Sure, my lady parts did grow a bit but my stomach seem to be small but not as small as before. I frowned.

I wonder if my babies are doing okay.

I shook my head and got in the soothing shower. I felt free. But I know my demons will come out soon. Maybe too soon.

The feeling of the warm-ish water running down my body made me moan in delight. It’s just so soothing, so joyful for me. This is like going to the beach for the first time.

Although, I dislike the beach. Too much bird poop on the sand. Sorry, I think of the negative things a lot. But, I know that I am right. Google can tell you interesting facts!

I tried to scrub the nasty things out of my body. Trying to get his germs off of me. I scrubbed and washed my body so many times. My skin is even red because of all the scrubs.

Then I washed my hair with Matt’s weird scent. But hey, that’s how ‘men’ smell like, I think...

I can’t wait to get home and be with my family. With my mate.

I rubbed my stomach, I wonder if I can know their genders. I don’t think so. Although, I think their heart is developed already. I really should’ve listened to my biology course.

When I was done, I wrapped my body an hair in a towel and stepped out of the tub. I feel so fresh now. Thank you so much goddess.

There are times that I really dislike the moon goddess. Yeah, I was about to say that I hated her but hate is a big word...

I took hold of the clothing and placed them on. Although, I didn’t have undergarments...

Oh well... I just hope no one notices.

I unwrapped the towel and let my hair loose in its wavy structure. I hope my life doesn’t get more fucked up as it is.

Although, hopefully my children bring me back to life.

I walked out of the room with a small smile. The cold air hit my body in an instant. The air actually felt nice. I crossed my arms and walked out of the door. I really need food in my system.

This fucker starved me for days. I forgot of how long I stayed with him. I don’t even want to know. The past should be remained in the past.

I walked down the hallway with my arms crossed. I didn’t want my nipples in everyone’s view. This house or where I am, seem more smaller.

Where am I?

“I made you something to eat” I hear Matt say from afar. I wide smile spread through my face as my stomach growled. I laughed quietly while taking a seat in the table.

“Thank you Matt” I said with gratitude. I cannot wait for some meat to fill up my stomach.

When the plate is placed on the table, I literally started eating. I felt like if I was in heaven. But I felt pain go through my stomach before the first bite.

I ignored it and continued to feed my self. I am so hungry, I really didn’t care about the pain.

“Iris-” Matt started off saying as I fell down my chair. My stomach started hurting even more. What is wrong with me?

“Hey Matt, where is-” I her my mates voice say as I struggled to maintain the pain.

“Iris!” Jasper yelled as he looked at Matt.

“What happened!?” Jasper exclaimed, in urgency. I started to whine as Jasper picked me up. His touch made my body burn up, in the good way. I felt at home. I felt alive.

“I don’t know! She was fine until I saw her wince. She started to hold her stomach.” Matthew explained while motioning Jasper to sit me down the couch.

“Call the doctor!” Yelled my mate. He sounds scared. I hate hearing that tone come out of his mouth.

“He’s coming. He should be here any minute!” Replied Matthew with the same tone.

I continued to whine while running my stomach. Jasper lifted up Matt’s shirt and looked down at my stomach. I know he could see the scars.

Hopefully he doesn’t see my back...

I watch his eyes turn black. I know that his wolf of gaining control.

“Who did this to you!?” Roared a deep voice. His wolf gained control.

“He-he’s dead!” I replied with a groan. I turned to look at Matthew. He is on his knees, literally.


“Get the fucking Doctor, now!” Roared the same deep voice. I still couldn’t feel my wolf. What happened to her?

“Yes, my king.” Matthew replied while rushing away.

Jasper’s dark eyes turned to me as he lowered his head to my stomach. I flinched as his lips pecked my stomach. He gave me butterfly kisses up my stomach while looking up to me. I can see a lot of emotions go through his eyes.

“I’m sorry mate. I’m so sorry...” Muttered the same voice with sadness.

I wanted to reply but another strike of pain hit my stomach. I whined out loud as I took hold of my mates hand.

His wolf let out a small whine while lowering his head so his ear is touching my stomach. I watch him smile.

“They are alive...still. I can hear their heart beat” replied Jasper’s regular voice. His eyes turned back to their regular silver shade. I smiled back at the thought.

But the pain continued to spread. Where is the doctor!?

“Where is she?” Questioned the doctor from the doorway.

I watch Matthew point to our direction as the doctor came in with two nurses.

What’s the occasion?

“Sir, you have to move so we can check her up” said the doctor. I gave Jasper an assuring smile. I really hope that everything is alright.

Jasper let out a small growl but he let go of me.

“Amy, get the heart monitor. Jack, get my bag” ordered the doctor. They both nodded as the doctor started running a few test. I don’t know of how long he ran the test until he came with a conclusion.

(Let’s say that Iris is at her tenth week of her pregnancy. I’m just extending the amount of time she was with Eric)

“Luna, have you eaten well lately?” He questioned. I shook my head now as I looked down.

“Luna, your lacking nutrition, vitamins, and blood.” The doctor said as he took a look of my body. Of course, I didn’t let him see my lady parts.

“Doc, how about the pain? What’s the reason behind that?” I questioned with curiosity.

The pain didn’t last so long because he injected something which I’m not quite sure of what it is. But it is helping relax. I’m thankful of that.

“Luna, you were at risk. Your body wasn’t accepting the solids/ liquids that you kept feeding yourself with. More that you lack blood. Your body is rejecting any solid/ liquid that came in. So the babies life’s are at risk. And by just looking at your scars, I could see another reason why you were on pain...” He said softly as he signaled the nurse to come.

I watch the doctor lift up my shirt a bit and placed gel on my stomach. It felt cold, comforting.

“Luna, alpha, there is Baby A...” The doctor started off while pointing to the mini television.

When did they connect all the wires?

Jasper immediately sat in the ground,and had to kneel beside me with a huge smile on his face. He looked at me with a weird expression. Happiness is clearly shown on his face.

“And there’s baby B...” Continued the doctor. I can hear their hearts now. Hearing their hearts made my heart speed up. I haven’t felt this happy in a while. I’m glade that they are okay.

“I’ll print out a copy of the ultrasound and you’ll free to keep it.” Said the doctor with a small smile.

I nodded as I continued to watch the screen. I can’t wait to have them in my arms. I know Jasper feels the same way.

The doctor exited the room as Matthew stood in the doorway with his mouth open. I giggled softly at his expression.

“Surprise!” I said softly with jazz hands.

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