The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 22

Matt continued to stare at me with surprise. Well, I do not judge him. My mind shifted to the kingdom. How would everyone react? Not only will I have one baby. But instead we are having two.

Jasper started to wipe out the gooey, cold gel as it tickled me. I laughed softly but winced in pain. These scars are deeper than I thought.

“This is a joke, right?” questioned Matt with disillusion. I turned my head towards Matt and mouthed ‘no’ with a small smile. I know that Matt seen me as a little sister since the last time we met. Yeah, I know. We met once but I felt a connection with him.

No, not in that way.

“Can you give us a moment?” Asked Jasper without hesitation. Although, he said it as a command. I could hear his foot step walking away as Jasper leaned down to my stomach.

I watched him, confused. Until, he started pecking my stomach with light feathery kisses.

I could see the worry in his eyes when he arrived. When I arrived, I swear that my whole world stopped. I know that I was in pain but I missed my mate, no doubt. I saw how his eyebrows narrowed as he watched me with a frown. I wish we could be a normal couple. Nothing and no one in our way.

I felt Jasper intertwined our fingers as he placed our hands right below my breast. My heart is racing like the moment I met him. Every moment I spend with my mate has always made my heart race like never before. He is my own fairy tale.

Maybe we didn’t have a normal life with a small house and a white fence but all I cared about is having him in my life. I grew to love him even if he has done stupid mistakes. Like being with the slut from the beginning. Although, I am not a girl who stays mad for ever. I feel like, if he cheats for the second time (Which the first time we weren’t even together or considered a couple...) I would leave his arse. Being my mate or not.

I felt his soft lips make their up my my body, right below my chest. My breath became irregular as he inserted one of my ‘friends’ inside his mouth. I moaned softly as he sucked and licked my nipple.

I arched my back as Jasper took hold of my waist and pulled me closer. I let out a few whines as he teased me. The feeling he is giving me is very pleasurable. Like being in heaven. You don’t even have to go to heaven in order to feel this feeling.

“Mate...” I hear a faint voice say softly.

My eyes widen as she spoke. Also because Jasper started massaging my other friend. I don’t know how or when, but Jasper is now hovering on top of me. I feel things getting heated as the atmosphere began to get hotter.

“Mate!” yelled my wolf, a bit more louder.

I hummed in pleasure as my wolf began to surface. She still sounds weak, weaker than ever. I forgot the last time I heard her say something. I really missed my other half. She is literally my other half.

Suddenly, I hear Jasper growl lowly as he ripped my shirt off. My eyes widen with fear. I do not fear my mate. Goodness no!

I’m fearing him...

“Stop moving you bitch!” I hear his voice yell, inside my head. I can hear his deep voice tell inside my mind as I covered my ears. Why, why is he back?

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” I yelled while accidentally punching Jasper at his jaw. I quickly got up and ran to the corner. I felt the cold air hitting my bare chest as I took in deep breaths.

No Iris...

He is not here.

“You worthless slut. What the hell are you doing!?” I hear his voice say as I shook my head no. I continued to shake my head like a madman. I swear tag this voice continued to get louder.

Much louder.

“Iris...” I hear my mate say as I looked up to see his worried silver eyes. He started to come closer, cautious from my motives.

I don’t know if it’s my sick mind playing games with me or it’s real life, but, I swear I could see Eric right behind Jasper with a knife.

“NO! Jasper look out!” I yelled as I pushed him to the side. I waited for the knife to hit me but I felt nothing. I looked at my surrounding for him. But I couldn’t see him no more.

I felt arms around me as I flinched. Although, I could feel the familiar sparks up my spine. I relaxed immediately as I started calming myself with his strong scent.

I closed my eyes while hugging his built figure. His arms are around my body. I can hear his steady heart beat from his chest. I always loved to hear his heart beat. It’s relaxing.

“Baby, please tell me what’s wrong” I hear him mutter while running his fingers against my scalp. I moaned softly, finding his moves so pleasurable. His large hand continued to run through my hair, slowly and softly. I wot like falling asleep.

“J-Jas, he is going to kill you...” I whispered while letting out a tear.

I just can’t lose him. I can’t someone else. I just can’t.

“Who are you talking about amor?” He questioned softly while nibbling my right ear.


“E-Eric...” I replied softly.

I can feel his posture change as anger ran through his body. I can feel everything that he feels. It’s our connection. Next thing you know, Jasper let out a soft sigh.

“No te preocupes mi princesa. Yo estoy aquí ahora...” Jasper stated while placing a kiss on my cheek. I smiled a bit. I love hearing his sexy accent. Oh, I missed it so much.

(Don’t worry my princess, I am here now...)

Without warning, he attacked me with kisses. At first, he pecked my check once to get a reaction from me. And then, he started pecking my cheek repeatedly!

I could help but smile even brighter each time he pecked my cheek. I let out a small giggle when he tickled my side. He knew my weak spot.

“I love your smile princesa. Never stop smiling amor” Jasper stated with a grin in his face. I nodded as an agreement.

Jasper kept his distance, trying to be gentle with me. He wouldn’t touch me inappropriately at all. His eyes would switch to golden every once in a while but he tried to control it.

“Jas, can I have something to cover myself?” I questioned while shivering with cold. The cold air did start to take affect on my pale skin.

Without hesitation, Jasper took off his black shirt and started placing it over my head. I felt like a baby when he dressed me. The shirt reached all the way above my knees. Matts shorts are covering my bare legs. I knew how Jasper hated when I wear males clothing which is not his.

We sat on the floor. Still in the corner of the room. We may look like freaks but I don’t care.

An idea came up to my mind. I was waiting for this moment to tell him. Hopefully my wording doesn’t sound stupid. More of my accent.

Well here goes nothing.


I watch my beauty with curiosity. I could see nervousness run through her beautiful features. Her cute button nose scrunched up in a cute way.

She always does that when she is either nervous or when she is thinking. I find it adorable. Of course, I will not tell her that... Well not yet.

“Is everything okay? ¿Los bebés están bien?” I questioned worriedly. I couldn’t help but let my Spanish come out. I tend to do that at points.

(Are the babies okay?)

“Yeah, everything is fine Jas. It’s just...” She stopped while looking at me while biting her bottom lip. I couldn’t help to stare at her plump pink lips. Those lips are an addiction to me.

I swear, I would do anything to have those lips against mine.

“Te amo Jasper” I hear Iris say with confidence laced on her voice. I always admired her confidence. I find that trait sexy.

(I love you Jasper)

Suddenly, her words hit me like a ton of bricks. I froze and looked down at her. Her gorgeous hazel eyes stared at me. She kept analyzing me. Trying to find some sort of answer.

Sure, her Spanish isn’t natural like mine but for my opinion, her voice is beautiful.

No doubt.

Without thinking, I took hold of her chin and pulled her closer to me. Once when her pink lips reached mine, fireworks started rushing through my body.

If this is how heaven feels like, then someone kill me. I want to go there!

I could just feel her smile making its way to her beautiful face. I love being the reason she smiles.

I love her smile. There is no description or words on how to describe her smile. You would only know by trading souls with me.

I was in pure heaven until I felt something sharp In my lip. Honestly, it stung. I could ready taste my blood.

My eyes shot opened as Iris pulled away. She looked frightened for a split moment.

Immediately, she pulled away and blushed. Her eyes are glowing in this dark red shade.

Weird as it sounds, I find this side attractive...

Shut up Jasper...shut-

In a blink, Iris stood right in front of me and squat down as she stared down at me with this unknown look on her face. I was about to say something when Iris sat in my lap while giving me a smirk.

What the fuc-

“ smell so good...” She stated with a moan.

I can’t lie...

I am getting awake...

Although, I feel so confused. Her mood changes even faster than my mother!

And my mother is just... What’s the word.... Um...not understandable. Yeah, Is not understandable.

“What?” I asked as she came closer towards my neck. I stiffened as she ran her fangs through my neck.

“No wonder she is crazy for you, mutt. You smell delicious!” She cheered.

Immediately, I pushed her away.

This is not the Iris I know.

I watch her body get up from the floor. I threw her to the wall as the impact left a huge hole. Right through the hole I could see Matthew taking a piss...

Well that is not a sight to see. I quickly turned away. I’m afraid to be blind. I’m too young for that.

“What the actual fuck?” Retorted Matthew with confusion.

“Long story...” I muttered as I made my way to Iris or whoever she is.

I took hold of her neck and slammed her against the wall.

“Who are you? And what did you do with my mate?” I questioned as ‘Iris’ grinned.

“Kinky much daddy?” She replied while giving my cheek a peck.

I rolled my eyes and tightened my hold on her neck. I could hear her hiss as she flipped our position. Now, she had me against the wall while she came closer to my neck, once again.

“Now, you better listen to me or you’ll never going to see your ‘mate’ once again.” She threatened me with a glare.

“Bitch.” I whispered while punching her in the shoulder. I couldn’t touch her stomach or I’ll kill the babies.

After all, my mate is somewhere in there.

“Hun, your mate is one. Literally.” Replied the devil.

I growled at the sound of the disrespect of my mate. How could I ever fight someone who has my mates body? I don’t have the guts to...

She bloody knows!

“Now, babe, play nice for me and I’ll be nice for you.” She purred while winking at me.

I watch her small figure sit in the bed with her legs crossed. She stared at Matthew with a bored expression.

“You know, you can come in. I really dislike my privacy being limited.” Iris or whoever she is stated.

Matthew came in and stood beside me with a confused look on his face.

“You know... You’ll be the one paying for that...” He whispered while shaking his head, disapprovingly.

“Can you two cut the crap? I have important matters to attend.” Commented ‘Iris’ with annoyance.

“Speak.” I commanded with my arms crossed. I need to be cautious of her actions.

“Baby, that doesn’t work with me.” She pouted. I have to admit...she looks cute.

Although, this is not Iris so she is not cute at this moment.

I repeat, she is NOT cute at this moment!

I watch her eyes flash into some sort of of golden. Meaning that Iris is trying to take control.

“Can you two stop the lover one-o-one? I just care about my wall getting repaired!” Retorted Matthew with annoyance. He kept staring at his broken wall.

“Shut it mutt.” She growled. Then, she turned to me with a fake smile.

“Anyways...before I give you your mate, I need to discuss about a few things.” She stated while getting up to look around.

“Go on...” I replied with curiosity.

“I need Tyler dead. I need to see his blood in my hands. That’s all I am going to ask for.” She demand with anger in her voice.

“That makes two of us.” I muttered.

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I am here. You need me and I need you. It’s a win win situation.” She stated with an actual smile.

“Right...” I said quietly.

“Well, I am leaving. Just remember to pay the wall, alright?” Asked Matthew while walking out of the room.

Once he is out, I stood up and said one word that made her grin with happiness.


Memory: Lauren’s Point of View (Iris vampire)

“Oh little one, you are just ravishing.” Stated Tyler with his usual smirk. His eyes kept on looking at me, up and down. I feel disgusted.

His cold eyes kept me locked in my own mind. My soul is locked in his selfish prison.

“Lauren, you have to let her out, one way or another.” He stated with his arms crossed.

I rolled my eyes and made my way out the door, where the party is held.

“You don’t fucking walk away from me. You like bi-” he started off as I quickly slammed him against the marble floor.

“Fuck you. If I wasn’t in this situation, I would’ve beat your arse!” I yelled angrily. I pulled the bottom of my dress up as he glared at me.

“You are useless! Just let Iris out!” He demanded with anger.

“How about... Hell to the no?” I questioned with a thoughtful expression.

“I need her you bîtch! I will kill your damn beloved if you don’t.” He threatened.

“Don’t you fucking dare Tyler.” I growled lowly with a threatening glare.

“In a press of a button, of course I will Lauren.” He continued to threaten. I looked at him with pure anger.

I hate him, I hate him so much. But I have to do this.

For Iris.

Little did I know, he killed my beloved by the end of the night.

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