The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 23


I rubbed my eyes and sat up in an instant. I found myself in a daze with the blank white wall. No words seem to cross my mind, nor my mouth. I slowly turned my head and analyzed my surroundings. I tilted my head to my right side and watched the walls with despair and confusion.

What happened?

Thankfully, I am not in a hospital, I assume. Although, I think I talked too soon. The reason to because if the sound of door knob twisting caught my attention.

“Iris?” I hear my mate say from the door. I watch his tall, fit figure come in the room with some chips and a teddy bear in his hand. I narrowed my eyes at the objects. What did I do now?

I didn’t faint, right? Oh lord, please don’t take me back to the old days...

“Yes?” I questioned back with confusion. I sat up slowly while wincing a bit. My back is killing me. But, why?

The look of relief past through his handsome facial features as he handed me the soft brown bear. The bear isn’t over exaggerating tall, although, it is at an alright height. Next, Jasper placed the Cheetos at the table while taking a seat right next to me. When I say next to me, I mean, literally right next to me. He pushed me to my side a bit, being careful with my body and laid beside me. So, I am not in a sitting position, no more. I felt his warm arm wrap around my waist as his hands rest in my growing stomach.

My curiosity grew while Jasper ran his hands through my stomach. Why isn’t he saying anything? and why can’t I remember what happened? All I remember is kissing my mate and tasting a bit of his blood. The next thing you know, I blacked out. Like if I couldn’t see anything nor hear anything. It’s like I was being possessed.

“What’s the occasion?” I questioned softly while turning my head up so I could see his silver orbs.

Jasper stared down at me with a blank look. No expression could be expressed. My anxiety grew a bit as I tried to find some sort of answer. But I found nothing.

Although, I had a feeling that he is trying to hide something away from me. I just know it.

Finally, the tension between us faded away when I head a knock at the door. I was about to yell out something, when Jasper’s deep voice cut me off by shouting to the other person on the other side to come in. I sighed in annoyance as I watch my brothers come in the room along with my parents.

My father seemed happy to see me as he narrowed his eyes towards my mate and I’s position. I can feel a deep blush trying to invade my face as I heard my mate chuckle from beside.

“One foot away, please” muttered my father while glaring at my mate. I laughed softly while my mother came forward and wrapped her arms around me. I can feel the bed get lighter as my mate got up to give my mother a bit more room to hug me. Being in my mother’s arms always made me feel like a five-year-old. Bringing back memories of when I was young.

“I would ask if you are okay but you would be lying to me so I’ll ask something else.” she paused while taking a glance towards my older brothers. “Are the babies okay?” she whispered in my ear.

I rolled my eyes and nodded. I think they are okay...

“Yeah, they are. I am seriously curious about how they are still alive and healthy...” muttered my mate with wonder. I know that he didn’t mean it to sound rude or anything like that. Although, I am wondering the same exact thing. I have been through some shit and they are still alive, I can feel their connection.

“Excuse me? Who are they? Because Darius and I are just fine” stated Derek with confusion. I shook him off while motioning them to come forward. Thankfully, a sheet and covering my body, so they can’t see anything other than my face and arms.

“Can you please give us a moment?” I questioned to my parents and my mate. Jasper nodded while walking towards the door and my mom followed, right behind. Although, my father kept his posture the same. He didn’t move a muscle.

“Dad?” I asked with wonder. He stood emotionless, against the wall.

“Come on old man, stop being a dick” Darius chuckled as my father rolled his eyes. He came forward and finally showed me a source of emotion, worry.

There is my father that I know.

“First, shut your trap young man.” Answered our father with a playful glare. I watch Darius shrug, unaffected of my father’s response. “Secondly, I am not old! I am barley thirty-seven!” exclaimed my father with a knowing look. He hated being called old, even when he doesn’t look old at all. My father looks very well for his age, for my opinion.

“Mom is thirty-five though...” I muttered, gaining my father’s attention. I watch him roll his eyes as he engulfed me into a hug. I love being in my father’s arms. It’s like being in a safe place, where no one will come and get you. Although, the cruel world just had to ruin that for me.

“So? She loves older men, what your point?” my father questioned while pulling away with a smirk.

I sighed while shaking my head. Who would ever when Mason Landon?

Only my mother would. Only Melissa Landon would. God, that woman is like a bull! My mother is the weirdest woman I have ever met. To top it all off, she is also the most stubborn woman you would meet. Don’t get me started off when she was pregnant with Ivery...

“Dad... I am too young for this...” I muttered as my annoying brothers chuckled from behind. I immediately glared and crossed my arms.

“Says the girl who is pr-” he started off as I literally bit his arm. I always loved to bite his arm since I was young. I really don’t know why. Like the time, he didn’t let me go to the park, I was five.

“Who is pretty!” I ended with a grin. “Wow dad, you really do love me after all!” I exclaimed while rubbing his arm and glaring at him slightly.

My father gave me a death glare in return. He hated being bitten (Which I do not get why because my mother left him her mark in his neck...) and hated being glared at. I seriously don’t see how people cower away from his glares. I find them very amusing.

“Bullshit...” muttered Darius while looking around.

“Anyway, where are we?” I questioned while trying to get up. In less than a second, my father quickly pushed me down while looking away. My brothers kept their heads turned to the other side. What?

“Maybe you should get dressed first hun... then we will see...” muttered my father while handing me a pair of cloths along with undergarments. My face tuned red as I quickly accepted them.

The reason of why I wanted to speak to my brothers is to tell them that I am expecting. Although, everything has changed so, I will find another way right before I began to really show.

“Thanks...” I whispered as they quickly left the room without a word. Only if I was informed before this situation happened...

I stared at the piece of clothing that is laid in my hands. I sat up and turned my body towards the side of the bed. I let the blanket fall as I shivered from the chilly air, hitting my bare skin. I stated dressing when I hear the door open. I was about to put the dress when Jasper came strolling in.

He has a small smile on his face he came closer to where I am sitting and helped me get up. My bare foot touched the floor as Jasper handed me the dress. I gave him a grin as I placed the dress right over my head and struggled to put it on. My breast was on the way. I sighed in annoyance.

I can hear Jasper laugh from behind as he pulled the green dress down so the cloth could pass through my chest and stomach. Sigh, I look like a girl who is in her fifteenth week of pregnancy as in the other hand, I am barley in my tenth.

“Let’s go!” stated Jasper while taking hold of my hand and pulling me out the door. I stubbornly didn’t move. I still needed my shoes or something.

“Oh yeah...” he muttered while pulling something from below the bed. I immediately took hold of the item and placed it on my feet. Now, we made our way to the door as Jasper opened it for me.

“Thanks” I whispered like a shy high school girl. I don’t know of why I am acting like this. I guess it’s because I haven’t seen him in a while.

“De nada, mi amor” He replied with a grin. He bent down a little to peck my lips while lingering a bit in the position.

(Your welcome, my love)

I can feel my cheeks warm up as we made our way through an unfamiliar hall. I am assuming that we are still in Matthews pack.

I really didn’t know these parts of his house or pack house at all. That’s until I smelled something delicious. I couldn’t help myself to run towards the smell. I haven’t eaten in a while so this is a reasonable occasion. I arrived at the kitchen where my mother is behind the stove while my father is chatting with Matt.

I could already see my brothers sneaking away some of the food that my mother is cooking. This doesn’t surprise me at all. These little fat arses.

“What did I tell you? She always comes in less than a second when I cook this” my mother stated while gesturing to the Lasagna. My mouth is watering at the sight. I always been a huge fan of lasagna, Chinese, and Hispanic foods.

“Glad to see you wide awake Iris” greeted Matt with a smile. I nodded while taking a seat in the stool. I am just waiting to be feed these little monsters inside of me (Joking).

“So, Jasper, where will you be taking her?” questioned Derek while munching on a piece of the cooked lasagna. I got out of my trance when my brother asked that question. I turned to look at my mate with confusion. Where are we going? I literally woke up. Is he serious?

“Just let her eat Derek...” muttered Jasper while looking out of the kitchen window.


“So where are we going?” I questioned when we sat in Jaspers car. I began to buckle my seat belt as Jasper turned on the engine.

“A place.” Stated Jasper with a small smile on his face. Although, the smile didn’t reach up to his eyes. There’s something off about him. I tilted my head to my right side.

I know Jasper better than this. Although, I kept quiet. He had a thinking face on as I reached up to take hold of his hand. I rubbed his knuckle softly as he pecked my knuckle.

“You know that I love you, right?” He questioned while taking a quick glance of my figure.

“Of course, I do, Jas” I replied softly while looking out of the window. The clouds are blocking the sun, making the atmosphere turn a bit dark. Like a shade.

I really love this weather.

“Eso está bien.” He replied with a bigger smile.

(That’s good)

I love his accent. His thick accent that ran through his pink tong. His silver orbs that kept staring down at me.

He kept on driving for a while as the soft music played in the back ground. I could hear him mutter the lyrics softly with the rhythm. Of course, it had to be a Spanish song.

I understood half of the song by the few words I learned from the book. Hey, at least I know better than what I knew in the very beginning.

“Yo te miro, se me corta la respiración...” he started singing in this beautiful tone. His accent is clear whenever he talked Spanish but now, it’s even more understandable and clearer. Not that I couldn’t understand him before...

“Cuanto tu me miras se me sube el corazón...” he continued to sing softly while looking at me by his mirror. As of this moment, I couldn’t hear the singers voice. All I could hear is his deep soft voice.

Jasper hit every pitch correctly, even when I couldn’t understand most of it. I just wanted to record him now and place his voice as my ring tone. But now, that I think of it, I don’t even think I have a phone no more. I don’t know of what happened to it...

I shook my head, to get my mind out of that situation. I started to analyze Jasper. His feature did change since the last time I saw him. He grew a small beard as he has eye bags underneath his eyes. One thing I knew for sure, we need a vacation. And I will make that happen.

“Princesa?” questioned Jasper as I felt the car stop moving. I narrowed my eyebrows and looked out the window. We are in a strange place. No one can be found within eye level.


“Where are we?” I asked out of curiosity. This place looks like a death scene or something like that. From the car window, I could only see small amount of grass on the ground as the wind blew across the land. At least the weather makes the mood a bit much... happier?

“I want you to meet someone” He replied while getting out of the car and opening the door for me. I gladly took hold of his hand and stood up from the passenger seat. Jasper closed the door behind me and guided me to this ‘someone’.

We began walking a bit more far from the car when Jasper let go of my hand and took out a key from his pocket. An unexpected thing happened...

The tree bark opened. I can feel my mouth open in shock but in the same time I am not surprised. If vampires, werewolves, and other super natural creatures exist, then, why should I be surprised about this?

Jasper motioned me to go inside as I stepped inside the other side of the door.

The same gloomy sky is shining in here. Although, the environment seems more clean and unusual. Like in Alice in Wonderland. Immediately I got this home-y feeling. I haven’t felt like this in a while. This feels nice.

There were many trees but there was a clearing near. Jasper guided me to the clearing as he kneeled to stare at a shining plate. No, not a plate of where you eat. Another type.

“Iris, I’d like you to meet my abuelita, Laura.” Jasper spoke in a soft voice, without looking at anything except me. He kept staring at me for some sort of reaction, I believe.

“Abuelita, this is Iris, my mate. The one you always wanted me to meet” continued Jasper with the same tone.

I tried to squat down a bit, as my stomach touched my knee. Honestly, my stomach seems to grow more over night or something but I feel weaker each time.

No, I am not Bella from twilight.

Laura Garcia 1957-2010

Hermana, Madre, y Esposa

I stared at her picture as Jasper started telling me stories about her. We sat beside one another as we laughed and made jokes of their memories. Just watching Jasper with a bright smile on his face made me feel like a little girl who is experiencing their first crush.

( Sister, Mother, and Wife)

The way his dimples deepened every time he talked or laughed. I always been jealous when people had dimples, although he is an exception. He always been an exception.

“Like once, she tried to get me inside because I had a habit on playing soccer in the rain but I dragged her with me. I remember how she literally threatened me with a slipper, well whatever you call it. I grew up using the word ‘Chancla’.” He chuckled while replacing the water of a pot.

“She sounds a lot like your mother” I laughed as Vanessa came to mind.

“Oh goodness, she IS like my mama” Jasper said with a horrid expression. I couldn’t help but to laugh at his expression. I find Vanessa very entertaining and lovely. She is just unusual, just like my mother.

“So, abuelita, nosotros tenemos un anuncio tan especial...” Jasper stated off while taking hold of my hand and placed me in his lap. He wrapped his arms around me while his hands rubbed my growing stomach.

(So, grandma, we have an announcement so special...)

“¡Vamos a tener un bebé, bueno... dos!” Jasper cheered with a smile on his face. That same smile never dropped since we came in here. I could see his excitement and happiness from over here. Anyone could notice it by this point.

(We are going to have a baby! well... two!)

The air began to increase as Jasper hugged me tighter. Although, the temperature felt nice against my skin.

This moment felt like forever. Like a dream that I didn’t want to wake up from. A dream that came true. I just wish that whenever I wake up from this dream, I still have him in my life, no matter the dangers that will face us in the near future.

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