The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 24


I stood in one if the balconies in the castle, watching the out doors with a small frown on my face. The outside world seems so... Happy?

Something that I am not.

The wind blew past my body as I plastered an ghostly smile. The wind continued to blow as I leaned towards the railing. My blond hair moved along with the wind while my eyes stared straight ahead. The woods seems so dark. Dark and mysterious.

Dark and mysterious things always catches my attention for some reason. It’s like in the stories.

The main character always.... Well sometimes, finds dark and mysterious things interesting.
Though, there is one disadvantage of that.

They end up being welcomed with a load of crap.

I continued to stare out as I suddenly began to hear a knock at the door. My head quickly snapped towards the direction of the door. I began to walk towards the door as I flipped my hair to my back.

I placed my hand on the door knob and opened the door, slowly. My eyes narrowed as my brothers stood right outside the door with small smiles on their face. I didn’t have time to question or say anything as they walked inside my room. Well, its not my official room.

I closed the door and turned around with confusion. I rarely talked to them and barley know them. Its been a few years since we communicated and things. Now, everything seems awkward. Like, I care and love them, its just... Complicated.

I missed so many years out of their life. They don’t even remember me. This truly breaks my heart. They don’t even remember a thing.

“Ivery, right?” I hear Derek say from afar. My blue eyes looked up to his own pair. His eyes are a bit more of a darker shade of blue than mine.

“Y-yeah...” I let out as I mentally yelled at myself. Is that the best. I could do or say?

“Your name is very unique. I wonder of how mom got that name from...” muttered Darius while laying down in my bed. He seemed to get comfortable, little by little.

I stood there, against the wall with an awkward expression. I don’t know of how to feel or of what to do. They haven’t tried communicating with me, much.

I am incredibly confusion of why they try now.

Is it because of Iris not being here?

After all I am her shadow.

I had never been jealous of my sister. Sure, she got a normal life with our family while I, in the other hand, had to work my arse off for someone who would come and hunt me if I don’t do the job correctly.

It’s like being in hell for most of the time. I think that Satan is better than what Tyler is.

Tyler​ makes the devil look like an angel.

Just saying his name or thinking if him makes me puke.

“To make it clear, we actually came here to get to know you. Iris has been nagging about you ever since the truth came out.” Derek declared as he came closer to my small figure.

Only if he could remember our childhood.

Everything would’ve been so different.

“I know that I-” she started off saying as Darius stood up quickly and cut him off.

“We.” Darius corrected while motioning between himself and Derek.

Derek rolled his eyes and wrapped his arms around my waist. His body warmth is against my cold body as he tightened your hold. “We always cared about family. And you, little sister, will always be part of the family.” Derek stated while a loud voice yelled, “No matter what!”

I let out a small giggle as Derek picked me up. We are only five years apart, I believe?

“Darius you know what time it is!” exclaimed Derek as my brothers attacked me with the tickle monster.

No matter how old I get, I will never get tired of having a moment with my brothers.

Without being my sisters’ shadow.


“Come on Jasper, when are we going to get home?” I questioned tiredly with a yawn. I sat in the passenger seat as Jasper drove away.

Jasper kept a small smile on his face as we intertwined our fingers.

“Hazel, lets enjoy not being surrounded with guards and problems. We barley have moments to ourselves. Just please sit back and relax, alright?” Jasper stated with a small smile.

Guilt came swirling through my mind as I nodded, in agreement.

Immediately, Jasper pulled over and placed the car in park. He turned his body towards my direction. “Look, by the look on your face, you look like you are about to piss yourself” he stated with a chuckle. My eyes widened as I slapped his arm.

“Jasper!” I exclaimed with a small blush making it’s way to my face.

“Jasper!” he mimicked my voice, over exaggeratedly. I rolled my eyes as he stared down at me, amused.

“Im joking, sheesh. Just relax. You do trust me, right?” he questioned while giving me a pointed look.

“Uh-” I stuttered while smirking. A frown made its way to his facial features as I let out a small laugh.

“Of course I do, Jas. I will, always.” I stated with a smile on my face.

A small vacation is what we need. After the whole event with the evil brothers, all I want to do is to spend time with my mate right before these monsters come to the world.

I have to admit, once they are born, Jasper and I will be all over the place. Honestly, I am not ready to be a mother. I am still a teenager. Jasper may be a few years older and an adult but I am not.

My life seems to be pilling up so quickly, without a warning.

“You do know that I love you, right?” he questioned while taking a quick glance over to my direction.

“Your going all smushy on me Black!” I replied with a grin. I don’t know of why I am in a such a playful mood.

“Do you rather see this side of me or my other?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“This one...” I muttered.

“Great, because I wasn’t going to show you my other side either way. It’s never my intention to show you my other side, Hazel.” he said softly while pecking my knuckle.

“I love you Jasper, no matter what load of crap that comes our way. I know that your grandmother would be proud of you Jasper.” I replied while looking at him.

His teeth clinged as I brought up his grandmother. I know that it’s a touchy subject for him but I want him to know that I will always be here for him. Plus, we are like puppets. If something happens to one, it also happens to the other.

“My abuileta always was the one who took the demons out from the castle. She hated the way my father ran our kingdom for many reasons. She would tell me to see of what my father does wrong and improve it for the better. For example, the selection.” he paused for a second and took a deep breath.

“My father could’ve ended the selection ever since he met my mother. The rule states, ‘The king must have his queen in order to end an official event’ which is included, the selection.”

“Wait, your against the event?” I questioned out of curiosity. Jasper and I rarely talk about these things and curiosity kills the cat.

“I never liked the idea nor buying woman for my own pleasure. I have seen many mishaps because of this. Many females gets raped. Others are lingering for their mate. This world is just horrible...” Jasper muttered towards the end.

I sat in shock as I tried to process all this information. But one question came up to mind that also slipped off from my mouth. “Then why don’t you end it? All you need is to marry and all that, in order to pass the new law?” I questioned.

We parked right in front of a hotel as Jasper answered my question.

“As much as I want to end it. My father would think of me as a disgrace for that ‘unrightful’ action.” he replied with quotation marks.

I watch his tall body get out the door while I followed while opening for mine.

A second later, Jasper helped me get out of the car and led me to the hotel. The sun raise touched my skin as I hummed at the pleasure of it.

I looked over to Jasper to see his excited features. I was about to question it of when a male came up to us.

“Welcome to Lock Oak Hotel, how may I help you?” he questioned with a smile.

Are people around here always smiling? This reminds me of SpongeBob for some reason...

“I set a reservation under the name of Black” replied Jasper.

The male started typing away as I stared at Jasper with confusion. Why is he so happy?

Not that I mind.

“Room 110. Enjoy your stay, Mr and Mrs. Black” he stated while handing Jasper the key.

Did he just said-

“Come on, I have a lot planned for both of us.” stated Jasper while leading me to the elevator.

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