The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 25


“Come on, little girl. Speak!” I hear his dark voice yell as he took hold of my chin.He forced me to look at him, even when I don’t want to see him. His touch disgust me and brought shivers throughout my body.

I glared at him as I tried to let out a few words from my mouth. Once I opened my mouth, nothing would come out. No sounds.


Tyler stared at me with a frown as he yelled out a new name.


The familiar blond showed up from the shadows. He walked towards his brother as they stalked towards me. I hate the way they look at me. I just hate looking at them. Having both of them in the same room makes me dizzy. That is definitely a bad sign.

My eyes widened as I quickly ran to the other side of the room. For some reason, the room seems to shrink as I ran. Their voices taunted me from behind.

I looked down to see blood running down my legs. My eyes widened as my body shook in fear. Luck is never at my side. Why Moon goddess, why?

I stopped and pressed my hand against my stomach as I felt nothing. No connection can be found. This is extremely strange. Normally, I would feel this strong energy.

The warmth would hit my hand, although, now, I feel nothing.

“Awe, look, the mute is crying” Eric taunted as he yanked on my hair and tried to touch me in some sort of way.

His brother came beside him and smirked with his crooked teeth. “What? Cat caught you tong, you pathetic little girl?” he questioned while making big cuts on my arm. “Oh, wait, I made you mute. Tell me little girl, who made you mute? Tell me who!” Tyler yelled with loud echos vibrating through the background.

“No!” my mind yelled as nothing came out of my mouth. I felt useless as my hot breath hit his cheek.

My vision began to swirl while their taunts grew louder.

“Iris!” yelled my sister from afar.

My head began to move around like a doll.

“Mi amor, wake up!” another voice yelled more clearly. My wolf tried to reappear but she seemed to get weaker, whenever she tried.

The Langston brothers began to fade away as my eyes flew open, within a second. I sat up and immediately touched my stomach as the familiar warmth swirled through my hand.

I smiled softly while turning to Jasper. He stared at me confused. His worried look never left his face as he pulled me in a hug. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around his neck as I sobbed quietly.

I haven’t dreamed this intense in a while.

“It’s just a dream princesa. Sh...” Jasper muttered repeatedly as he placed me on his lap and started running his fingers through my hair. His fingers felt soft as I moaned softly. His hands are great for many things...

My heart beat slowed down a bit while I closed my eyes. His deep voice entered my mind while leaving my thoughts behind.

By some point, he started muttering Spanish words that I couldn’t comprehend. Trust me, a dictionary doesn’t help that quick.

“Jasper...” I muttered while looking​ up to his memorizing silver eyes.

“Hm” he hummed, lowly. I analyzed his features, noticing that his beard is trying to reappear.

I must say, my mate is hot.

“Can you teach me Spanish?” I questioned softly with a small smile. He looked at me weirdly but nodded. I mentally fist pumped the air.

I want to know more about his culture and language other than what I learned briefly from the old dictionary. Don’t ask of how I even caught up with all the Spanish words. I still have no freaking clue.

“Can we start now?” I asked while moving away and taking a seat right in front of him. I sat, criss cross apple sauce way, and stared at him with an excited smile.

“You have to sleep, Iris.” He scolded with a frown. I watch Jasper yawn as small lines began to appear on his face. He looks very tired and helpless by this point. He kept on trying to keep his eyes open for me but he failed miserably.

I shook my head and looked out at the window. The light of the moon shined in the room. I think the full moon is coming soon. So, that means that I should get ready for it.

“I can’t sleep. But, more better, I’ll let you sleep. You need it.” I state while getting up. I need to do something to keep my mind off from the nightmares. Isn’t that the point of coming over here? To relax?

I made my way out the balcony, to see the pool. The bright light of the moon shined down at the water, reflecting it’s light. A ghostly smile stretched through my face as the moons light hit my skin.

Goddess, please don’t give my children my life. Anything but that...

I silently prayed as I leaned down in the railing for comfort. The cold breeze blew softly around me as my hair moved along with it. I laughed softly, knowing that she heard my prayers. I may have gone through hell and back but, I rather take it for the good of others.

Just like Martin Luther King Jr, in the Civil Rights Movement.

I always believed that everything happens for a reason. Although, I do not know of why my life turned out this way. Maybe I won’t ever find out or maybe I will. Well, who knows.

“When I said that you should go to sleep, I meant, you and I.” I hear Jasper say from behind. I can feel his arms wrap around my waist while pulling my back against his front. Jasper started to rest his chin on top of my head as silence took over for a while.

“I-I can’t sleep...” I mumbled while starting at the outside world with a blank look.

Jasper let out a small sigh as he picked me up from my feet. “Can I tell you something that my mother used to tell me in my early years after becoming king?” Jasper questioned while walking towards the door.

“Sure” I replied with a small smile. I know that he trying to lift up the mood and make me forget about my horrid dream.

As we walked down the hall and made our way to the lobby, Jasper began to talk once again. “Someday, we will become someone. Someone that people will remember you by-”

“Like leaving a mark?” I asked out of curiosity. I do not know of where this topic is going.

“Yes, a mark. Although, what I mean is, to make change in this world in order to make it better. You know, just like The Selection.” he states while walking out of the building and out to the pool area. I thought that he would sit me down in a chair or something but instead, he placed me in the edge of the pool.

“Isn’t the pool closed by this time?” I questioned as Jasper turned to me with a mischievous grin.

“It is” he replies with a chuckle. My eyes widened as I looked around in caution. I can hear Jasper’s laughter from beside.

This little ninja-turd!

“Ninja-turd? What the hell is that?” he asks with his loud laughter. He sounds like a dying dog. Oh the irony...

“You turd! How did you hear me?” I exclaimed with confusion. His laughter continued to increase as I began to mumble a familiar song.

“oh you’re such a turd” I began to sing softly while kicking my feet in the water. Thankfully, the water reached out towards Jasper. His laughter immediately stopped as he stared at me with a cold look.

Either way, I continued to sing the parts I remembered.“oh yeah a giant turd and you look like a turd...” I singed, well... more like yelled while taking off my top - which is Jasper’s shirt - and dived in the water. The feeling of the cold water against my bare skin made me feel alive.

The pleasurable feeling swirled around my body while I continued to swim under water. I can feel Jasper’s panic vibes from down here as I jumped and yelled,

“And you sme-eee-ee-ell like a turd!”

Jasper starred at me with a frown. My eyes lingered down at his toned chest as I ran a hand through my wet hair. I had quickly became frustrated with the cold windy temperature, as I began to shiver.

All of a sudden, I felt something warm wrap around me as I looked and noticed it was a towel. ″All fun has to come to an end before you get sick, mi amor″Jasper said. I pouted, not really feeling like leaving as though it felt actually peaceful out here.

After a while I eventually replied, ″Okay, but this was fun we should come here more often.″ We then started walking back to the room, well more like Jasper falling asleep whilst walking, while I was deep in thought. Before I had actually noticed my surroundings I noticed that I am no longer with Jasper but in another room with a piano.

The piano looks old, yet it had also looked new. It seemed as if it was calling my name to play it. As if I was in a trance I started walking towards it and even though I never learned how to play the piano I had a feeling to still try.

As I finally made my way to the piano, I sat down and started humming and playing with the keys. In other words, I began to mess around. In the moment, I forgot all of my worries. As I had lost Jasper when I somehow ended up in this room.

When it felt like hours, I noticed someone was standing near the door, unsure of the unfamiliar person, I stopped playing. The unknown female started coming towards me and I tried to make it seem like I didn’t notice their presence. Although, she began to walk towards me with a smile.

For an estimate, she looks like she around five or maybe four. Well, who knows. Her hair is braided to the side as her bright silver eyes stared up to me. I turned my body towards her as the little girl came closer to me and sat on my lap.

I felt confused in the situation while the little girl touched my stomach.

“Mama, I feel sissy!” she cheered as she leaned down and placed her ear against my stomach. I became stiff when I heard her soft voice call me ‘mama’.

I don’t remember giving birth to her. Or did I faint while giving birth to her?

Hopefully I didn’t.

“Mama, daddy showed me new song!” my ‘daughter’ cheered as her small fingers touched the piano keys and began to play ‘Happy Birthday’.

I kept my eyes on her small figure as she played the song without hesitation. I felt confusion and emotional. Could this be a sign or just a dream?

“Happy birthday mama!” her voice cheered as her voice began to fade. Then I no longer was able to see her so, I just sat there starring into space where she was sitting at a while ago. This moment with me just sitting there lasted a while until my vision went black.

My mind was blank with no thoughts I was truly speechless... soon started to feel something poking me in my side. Although, I tried ignoring the poking as it continued. So, like any normal person, I slapped whatever what poking me.

I heard an ‘Ow! puta madre-?’ and the voice sounded very familiar so I opened my eyes and was met with startling bright silver eyes.

I bounced back in shock of the the fascinating eyes of the familiar person which I found out to be Jasper, and since I hadn’t seen him since we parted ways a while ago I couldn’t help but ask with a grin, ‘When are you going to teach me Spanish?’

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