The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 26


“No, absolutely not!” Jasper yells as Iris cracks up laughing with amusement. It has been an hour ever since Jasper started his ‘Spanish Lessons’.

“What? Don’t you say, Buenas Nachos? For goodnight?” Iris exclaimed with a frown. She swears that she is saying it right. In the other hand, Jasper kept banging his head against an invisible wall.

“Ay, mi amor, ¿que voy hacer con tigo?” Jasper mumbles while taking out his phone and searched up ‘Google Translator’.

“Mira, ‘buenas nachos’ literally translate to ‘good nachos’. Believe me now?” Jasper questions with a frustrated look on his face.

“Gosh, do you have something against nachos, Jas?” explained Iris with a pointed look. “Plus, I am sorry that I do not have that same accent as yours. I will stay with my white accent, thank you very much” she barked with an frustrated look.

The couple kept staring at each other, thinking of what to do next until Jasper came up with an idea. A smirk came across his face as Iris stared at him with a confused look on her face.

“So, lets play a game, princesa” he states while coming closer to where his princess sat at.

Iris looked at him nervously while she nodded with confusion. “What game is it?” she questions. Jasper couldn’t wait for this game to start because he knew that his mate isn’t very good in pronouncing things in Spanish. Although, he loves the way she tries for him. That is all he cares about.

“So, I will tell you a few phrases in Spanish and you will have to translate them in English. Although, if you get a translation wrong, you will have to take a piece of clothing off.” Jasper states with a grin.

“Wait, what?” Iris questions with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe of what Jasper is expecting her to do if she gets a translation wrong.

“This is a way of proving yourself babe. Plus, I want to know if you really learned something or you just stared at me for the whole hour” Jasper states with the same grin.

Iris looked down at her clothing to find only her thin dress on along with a small jacket. A frown came across her features as she agreed to the stupid game. She didn’t want to be seemed as a loser. She likes to prove people wrong. Including Jasper.

“Okay, lets start” said Jasper with an excited smile.

Iris nervously tugged on her jacket as Jasper engulfed her in a hug. “Don’t worry. I have faith on you. Plus, I will not mistreat you in any way. Well, without your word.” Jasper says with a sincere smile.

“Let’s get this over with” Iris says with a deep sigh. Although, deeply within, Iris feels excited about this ‘game’. She loves to try new things along with challenges. She can’t let down a challenge.

“Lets start easy then, ¿Eso está bien, con tego, verdad?” Jasper questions his mate with a smug smile.

(That is good for you, right?)

Iris smirked, knowing the answer of this.

“Sí, eso está muy bien” Iris replies with a smirk of her own. How hard could this be? She wonders.

(Yes, that is very good)

Jasper simply raises an eyebrow while placing a hand on her thigh. Iris sat, criss cross apple sauce on the bed. Of course, the couple feels the familiar sensation go up their spine by just a simple touch.

“Okay, so when I say the Spanish word, you will have to translate just like I said a few minutes ago, okay?” Jasper asks with excitement.

“Bring it on” Iris says while placing her hair in a messy bun. She feels confident with herself, although, the thought of her nude body being shown to Jasper is a bit too much.

But, he is her mate. He wouldn’t hurt her.

In the other hand, Jasper regrets this game. He is excited, of course. Although, having his mate debate on her decision made his wolf growl in anger. He disliked the way his mate is feeling. He just wanted her to feel comfortable.

“¿Cómo te llamas?” questioned Jasper with a smile. He knew that Iris would get it right.

Right away, her eyes sparked as she fist pumped the air. “Gosh, I know this one! It’s ‘What’s you’re name’!” she yelled with excitement.

Jasper loves the way Iris smiled. Her bright smile made the room shine with a light that she will never notice. He feels like he accomplished something.

Like if he is bring her old self back from the dark hole that the evil world dug her in. That is the whole point of the game. He wanted to bring her back to a different world.

Their world.

“Very good. Give teacher a kiss, will you?” Jasper replies a second later with a grin. He pointed with index finger towards his lips as Iris rolled his eyes.

“What will I get in return?” she states with a smug smile.

“My love? Isn’t that enough for you?” says Jasper with a fake cry. He looks away dramatically with a frown.

“No, I just used you for the sex” Iris says while placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Was it worth it?” Jasper questions Iris with hope on his features.

The couple started some drama series without even noticing.

“I’m pregnant, isn’t that enough prove for you?”

“And scene!” Jasper yells while attacking Iris with a kiss on her plump lips. This took her by surprise but she returned the gesture.

Without any notice, Iris wolf, Stormy, began to come to the surface. Unfortunately, Iris never noticed. Her supernatural sides kept fighting for dominance as the couple pulled away.

“Next?” Iris questioned, out of breath.

“Quiero que nuestra hija se llame avellana” Jasper states without hesitation. Iris couldn’t help but to feel confused. She feels like Jasper said that statement to quickly.

“Can you repeat that again?” Iris asked with confusion.

Jasper gladly repeated his statement. “Quiero que nuesta hija se llame avallana”

This time, Jasper repeated his statement more slower than the first time. Unfortunately, Iris still stayed confused. All she could understand is the word ‘name’.

A few minutes past as she asked Jasper to repeat himself. Even when he repeated it even slower, Iris didn’t seem to understand. So, she gave up.

“What did you say?” Iris questions with a disappointed sigh.

“I said, I want our daughter to be named, Hazel.” Jasper said while taking a glance of her expression. He doesn’t know if she would agree or disagree. Although, she wouldn’t change his mind, no matter what. He is determined on naming his daughter after the first nickname he gave Iris when they met.

Iris took off her jacket and turned to Jasper with a bright smile. She knows of where that name came from.

“What if we aren’t pregnant with a girl or what if she doesn’t have Hazel eyes?” Iris asks with a raised eyebrow.

Jasper simply chuckles while shaking hid head.

“It’s a possibility mi amor. And she doesn’t has to have hazel eyes in order to name her that” Jasper replies with an ‘duh’ look.

“That’s understandable” Iris mumbles while motioning Jasper to go on.

Without another word, Jasper begins to think of other phrases.

[A/n: Iris will be in Italics and Jasper will be in bold.]

"Buenas Noches”


“Buenos días"

"Good Morning"

“Me gusta comer”

“I like to eat”

"Tu me encantas"

“You are a cunt? What the actual fudge Jasper?!”

“Take the dress off. And no, I am not a cunt!” replies with wide eyes. In the other hand, Iris laughter filled the room as she took off her dress.

“Te amo"

“I love you”

Jasper smirked and embraced Iris in a hug. “I love you too baby mama”

Iris eyes widened as Jasper started tickling her. “Jasper, get off!” she yelled between laughter’s.

“Tell me that you love me” he yelled while pinning her down. His couldn’t stop from wondering to her bare skin. Their touch affected him as much as it affected her.

Right when things was about to get heated, one solid movement happened that surprised them both.

“Did the baby just kick?” questioned Jasper with wide eyes.

“Yes, yes they did” replied Iris with a huge smile on her face.


Have you ever felt the feeling of love? The warm feeling against your hand that makes you believe that you have something to live for.

With one simple kick I felt against her stomach, I couldn’t help but smile at the feeling that keeps on bubbling up my stomach.

Does every dad-going-to-be, feel this feeling?

This is just... Amazing.

I never felt like this before. Even when I tried my best to be the king that my father was before. I feel like a puppet instead.

My life was planned way before I was even born. I remember growing up with my grandmother beside me. She was my rock.

Even when my mother was busy with the royal duties, she would make time to be with me. Although, my father was always a bit distant.

I grew up with a bipolar father. He wasn’t a ‘show’ emotion guy. I always disliked that trait about him.

Memories with my father ran through my mind with that simple kick from one or both of my children. It was like reliving my childhood once again.

This will not happen again. History will not happen again.

And that’s a promise.

I looked down at Iris swollen stomach with love. I couldn’t believe that this is happening.

A chance to become someone that I am made to be.

Not someone so people expect me to be.

“Jas?” I hear Iris say with worry. I kept my hand on her stomach, feeling their small kicks connect with my hand. I wish I could stay like this the whole time.

Iris, my children, and I.

I stared up to see her beautiful hazel eyes staring down at me with a mixture of confusion and worry. I love the way she worries about me. Make me feel important, somehow.

Sure, the kingdom needs me. Although, having someone who you love actually care about you is something that I always found attractive.

I took hold of her cheeks and engulfed her in a kiss.

Her soft lips against mine always made my wolf and I go crazy. Just one kiss.

One kiss that changes my whole world.

Damn, I sound like a woman.

Well, I don’t care.

Suddenly, a batman ring tone filled the room, causing Iris and I to separate. Although, through the process, causing our heads to bump together.

“Are you okay, mi amor?” I questioned with worry. I felt guilty while my phone kept ringing. I just wish to slam it against the wall.

“Just pick up the phone, Jasper” Iris replied, chuckling. I could see her hand soothing a certain spot on her head as I mentally cursed the caller.

Did a brain cell move around her head or something?

“Are you-” I am cut off when Iris placed a kiss on my lips.

I couldn’t help but let a goofy smile stretch through my face. “Just go, you turd” Iris commands with a wink.

“Mate...” my wolf purred with satisfaction.

“Fine.” I growled in annoyance. I stood up and walked across the room. When I found my pants, I struggled on going through the different pockets.

What can I say, I am a pockets man.

I felt a cold object touch my hand as I pulled out my iPhone. I felt like strangling Derek with all my power.

“Landon.” I growled. I looked back to find Iris motioning me in a questioning manner. I shrugged and turned back to the call.

Now that I think of it, since when have I placed that ringtone for him?

“Get the hell out from there Darius!” Derek yelled with annoyance. The sound of breaking glass grabbed my attention.

“Don’t tell me that you’re in the palace” I state with anger. I left my parents in charge of the kingdom while I am gone. Fortunately, I took care of my important meetings and business so, there isn’t any major things to worry about.

"Don’t get your dick on a twist. I am miles away from there. Anyways, get my sister on the phone, Black!” he yells with urgency.

“Don’t you-”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Iris questions her brother. She gave me an innocent smile while continuing to talk to her brother.

I silently stood beside her, trying to listen to their conversation.

“We got it!” Derek claimed with joy to his sister.

Wow, he still hates me. I thought that I was a loveable person?

“What are you talking about, Der?” Iris asks with confusion. My eyes lingered down to her plump pink lips. I could sense her nervousness from a mile away. She is biting her bottom lip which made wolf howl with want.

Please stop biting your lip... I begged to my self. Now my eyes couldn’t leave from her.

Damn it.

Like a sign from the goddess, her brother continued talking. “With a little help of google and Jarred, we found a way to bring back our memories!”

With that simple line, Iris dropped my phone and started yelling in delight. My eyes widened when I saw my phone hit the floor. Sure, I could buy another one but... Ouch.

“Did you hear that Jas?!” Iris shouted with wide eyes. Instead of being happy for her, I am more worried at the moment.

My eyes are wide like watermelons. I kept looking up and down because of her childish behavior. Of course, who wouldn’t be worried when a pregnant woman is jumping on a bed.

I wanted to yell at her but in the same time, I love watching her smile.

“God...” I let out with fear.

She continued to jump with excitement. I am surprised that she hasn’t gotten dizzy yet.

Moon goddess, if you’re listening to me, please make her stop jumping. I prayed with my eyes closed. I am afraid to see her.

So with all my strength, I took hold of her waist and sat her down ok my lap. I didn’t hesitate on grabbing my phone along the way. Luckily, the screen didn’t crack.

“Iris?” Derek questioned, variously.

Before Iris could reply, she vomited. Unfortunately, she vomited on me. With wide eyes, I looked down to my bare chest with disgust.

I felt disgusted but I am trying to understand. Of course, I am not angry with her.

“Oh crap!” she squealed with shock. Once again, Iris placed her hand on top of her lips and ran to the bathroom.

I remained in my seat with the same shock expression as before.

What happened?

“Hello?” the devils voice continued to yell over the phone.

Carefully, I lifted the phone up to my ear and stood still, thinking of what to say. Right now, my mind is blank. Blank like a sheet of white paper.

“I will have to call you back” I choked out with a small cough. I can hear Iris puke from this room as I grew worried.

“Wait, what’s going on Jasper?” Derek exclaimed with worry.

Without another word, I ended the call and rushed to my puking mate.

This wasn’t part of the plan...

“Mi amor?” I began softly while kneeling down. This sight breaks my heart but she confuses me... A lot.

One minute she is all giggling with laughter and next thing you know, I find her puking with tears.

Woman are so confusing.

I took hold of her hair and placed it back. This is the only action that seems to be helpful, so why not?

“I feel so guilty Jasper. This is all my fault.” Iris sobbed while pulling the lid down and flushing the toilet.

I kept my hold of her as a thought ran through my mind.

What on earth is she talking about?

“You need a shower. Yeah, I do too” I cooed softly. I cleaned her lips with a towel and picked her up.

I handed her the towel so she could clean herself a bit.

When I sat her down on the bed, I helped her strip down as I walked back to the bathroom. Many thoughts came up to my mind concerning her family and my mate.

Shouldn’t the vomiting stop already? She is already more than half way through her pregnancy. For our babies, it takes five months.

She’s in her twelfth week.

Well, I don’t know many things about pregnancy, though, I made a mental note to research the information with google or most likely with my mother.

Oh my mother...

Knowing her, she would tell me with full detail...

A shiver went up to spine as fear grew.

Let me rephrase that. I’ll ask Melissa. She knows about this stuff, right?

“Hey Jas, can you hand me the phone really quick!” I hear Iris yell from the bedroom. Her voice sounds rougher than before. This caught my attention.

I turned on the water and made my way back to my mate. She is confusing much more these days. I don’t know of what to do.

Is it her pregnancy triggering her emotions or something? I always heard my father complain about that.

Once I came back to the room, I found Iris in the same position I left her in. Although, her eyes kept flickering to golden and red.

I thought she had lost her wolf, ever since she came back. Well, ever since Lauren (her vampire) took over.

“Jas- agh!” she groaned while her back came in contact with the bed. I rushed to her side to see what’s going on until her eyes opened.

This time, her eyes are a pure bloody red color.

Not this again...

“I have a few minutes to say something that will get your interest” a familiar voice said within my mates mouth.

“What is Lauren?” I questioned while helping her sit up once again.

This feels awkward for my opinion. I would be lying if I said that I felt fine with this.

“If you didn’t know, I am connected with your children as her wolf is. Although, her wolf seems to be more weaker than I am for a reason that I have been trying to find.” she states with a all groan.

“Wait, how?” I asked with confusion. Isn’t the werewolf gene more dominate than the vampire gene?

“God, I don’t even know myself. Do I look like the dictionary to you?” She questions with a glare.

I shrugged and took a seat in a rolling chair. Lauren suddenly looks down in disgust. “What the hell?” she whispers.

“What’s the news? Just tell wont you?” I announced in annoyance.

My heart kept beating irregularly when her eyes softened. She ran a hand through Iris stomach with a small tear falling down her eye. Or should I say Iris’s eye?

God this is confusing...

With a cough, she started to speak. “Uh- yeah. I can feel something weird whenever I get connected with your children. When I say weird, I say hybrid weird. If you haven’t gone to the doctor, then you and your mate haven’t noticed that a heart beat is messing. I can sense the other one but one of them is missing a heart beat.”

My heart stopped for a second as I took a quick glance to her stomach.

This cant be true...

“Is he or she dead?” I whispered with fear.

I never felt this feeling until I met Iris.

Her eyes widened at the declaration. “No! You don’t know of what I mean Jasper.” she laughed at my expression. I felt slightly offended at her laughter.

How is this funny?

“The reason of no heart is, one of them is a vampire. Sure, he or she may have the werewolf gene but the blood that your mate has drank, affected the way one of your kids are being produced. There may be a slight chance of having him or her grow much more fast than her sibling.” she explained. She continued to rub Iris stomach with care. I can see her eyes brightened by just having a soft touch of the growing stomach.

“So let me rephrase everything.” I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

“One of them will possibly be a vampire?” I requestioned. I couldn’t help but bite my lip on our conclusion.

“Well yes. Don’t forget, she will most likely have a shorter pregnancy due to the vampire baby.”

“How is that possible?” I yelled. I ran a hand through my hair in frustration.

What are we going to do?

“Anything is possible Jasper. If you need help, look for her uncle Aiden. He knows about these things more than I do. I suggest that for her health. Go find Aiden before time beats you to it!” she declares while closing her eyes.

I immediately stood up with confusion. Why Aiden?

“Why Aiden?” I questioned to her, desperately.

I shook her body with caution but I was too late.

A familiar pair of hazel eyes are staring back to my silver pair.

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