The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 27


I stared at my mate with confusion. There are lines on his forehead, due to his stress (I assume...). His silver eyes didn’t have the same sparkle that I always seen on them before. This time, he seems just plain tired with a mixture of stress.

“Are you okay? Do you want some water?” I hear Jasper question while gripping on his hair in distress.

“Uh- I think so?” I replied in a questioning manner. I don’t remember anything other than throwing up on him.

My cheeks warmed up at the thought of my stupidity. That move must’ve been my most embarrassing move I have ever done in front of him or any male species.

“God, the shower! He yelled to himself while picking my body up and rushing back to the bath tub. I stared down at the small white bubbles that formed with some sort of soap.

My body just wanted to jump in and let the water rise through my body.

Like a mind reader, Jasper placed my nude body down to the warm water. A small moan came out of my mouth while I closed my eyes.

“Thank you Jas” I state with a small smile. I felt like falling asleep in this warm surface.

Have you ever felt like you were in cloud nine?

Well I have. Not once, but three times I believe. I rather not talk about those reasons...

I opened my eyes to see the white door.

Since when did he leave?

I stared at the door with confusion but shrugged away. I let my body sink even lower onto the tub as I closed my eyes and let myself drift away into some watery wonderland.


“What do you mean ‘you can’t find him’?” I roared through the phone. The sound of my best friends laughter rung through the other line.

“He is gone. Disappeared. We can’t track a damn leech your majesty” Jayden mocked. I can just imagine his smug smile on his face by now.

“I am not playing with you, beta” I replied with a small sigh. All I want to do right now and lay down with my beauty and sleep.

It’s never to late to sleep.

I couldn’t relax with my mate being in danger.

When isn’t she in danger? My mind mocked.

You shouldn’t have knocked her up, buddy. Or placed your pencil in her sharpener-

I slammed my fist on the night stand and sat down on the bed. I couldn’t find Aiden anywhere. Well, nowhere near pack grounds.

The word is currently being spread as I talked to Jayden with frustration.

“Look, I hate hearing you like this, Jasper. I will try to contact with the Landons-”

When Jayden mentioned the Landons, my mind finally clicked. I felt a wave of stupidity rush through my mind.

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Well, you are too busy with Iris in order to think of anything else...

“Please contact the witch. You know of who I’m talking about, right?” I stated in a questioning manner.

I stared down to my feet, thinking of what Lauren told me.

"-Go find Aiden before time beats you to it!”

What I still don’t get is of why I need Aiden.

Think Jasper, think.

“Leave me alone, my arse Jasper! Your so pathetic, you know that? My niece is pregnant for your damn fault! Yes, I’m happy for her but it’s too risky! More that she’s a hybrid! Hybrids always have a percent chance of dying when they give birth Black!” He yelled with sadness.

I stopped in my tracks and watched him in shock. “W-what?” I questioned lowly with the whines of my wolf.

“That’s why I got mad Jasper. She could die while giving birth. Now that you have the promise in your palm” he pointed at her name tattooed on my palm. “-you can die with her.”




My eyes widened at this realization. His mother went through that! He knows something that others may not know!

“Jasper! God, I will personally get your mother-” Jayden blabbed through the phone.

I quickly took hold of the phone and ended the call. I opened up my contacts and tapped on ‘Mason Landon’.

I repeatedly tapped my foot against the marble floor, waiting for him to answer.

“Hi darl-” Mason paused and frowned when he caught glimpse of my face.

Why does he hate me? Wait, correction, why does he dislike me?

“-oh, it’s you” Mason ends his sentience. I can see his office background and Ivery, his daughter.

“Hi Jasper!” she greeted with a grin. Her blonde hair is styled back while her bright blue eyes shined brightly.

A small chuckle came out of my mouth while greeting back.

“Darling, have you seen your uncle Aiden?” I questioned her, instead of her father. I can see Mason glare from the side.

Why are the Landon males so... Hateful?

Ivery is like a little sister to me. Even when I just met her, my wolf and I felt the need to protect her just like a older brother would.

You can’t blame me.

I don’t have any siblings.

“Darling? What the f-” Mason says until Ivery placed her small hand on top of his mouth.

Since when have they gotten along? In my point of view, I see a father daughter moment. I wonder if I my future child would be like that with me.

Or be afraid of me...

“I haven’t seen him Jasper. Why?” she asks. Her eyebrows farrowed just like her older sister.

Even when their appearance may not be similar, they do have similar habits.

“Baby, I think your mother is calling” Mason announces while tapping on his daughters’ back.

“But-” Ivery starts her sentience with confusion.

“Yes Melissa​, she is coming!” Mason yelled as Ivery huffed and started making her way out.

Although, right before she closed the door, she yelled something.

“Tell my sister I said hi! Also, tell her to bring me some McDonalds!” she yelled. The sound of the door close ended the joking matter, immediately.

Mason turned to me with the same cold eyes as before.

“Why do you need my brother?” he questions while resting his head on his palm of his hand.

I can see the dark purple eye bags right under his eyes.

“I’ll tell you whenever I get back. Just please tell me of where your brother is” I replied desperately. I don’t want to link any information out, due to the risks. Of course I trust them, though, I don’t want to risk anything.

He looked at me with surprise. “That will be a huge problem... Let’s say that he is gone” he replies with a groan.

Again with the word.

“Landon, you need to be a bit more specific.” I growled in frustration.

“One thing you must know about my older brother. Aiden has major anger issues” Mason states.

“I see it runs in the family...” I mumbled.

“Speak up boy, even with hearing aids, I can’t flipping hear you!” Mason taunts with a smirk.

“It runs in the damn family” I growled back.

Why is everyone trying to get on my nerves today?

Surprisingly, Mason didn’t growl or pick up a fight with me this time. Instead, he stared at me pride.

I think I am dreaming.

“And that is what I call a man” he chuckles. His hands kept playing around with some colored cube.

I stared at him with an dumb founded expression.

“My name is Mason to you, Black. Also, like I was saying, Aiden and I picked up a small fight which leaded my brother to run. You know, like speedy Gonzalez. Anyway, the point is that he disappeared... He had always been the fastest one between the two of us...” he mumbled towards the end.

“La- er- Mason, we must find your brother before time beats us-”

“Excuse you?” a new voice said while cutting my sentence.

“Meli, this a man to man conversation.” Mason groaned to his mate. Fortunately, Melissa ignored him and waved at the screen.

“Where’s my baby, Jasper?” she asks with a frown. Her eyes lingered to me and around my hotel room, looking for her daughter.

“She’s taking some sort of bubble bath or whatever woman calls it” I replied with a smile.

“Woman, get out...” Mason growled to his mate.

“Jeez, that’s not what you said last night-”

I watched the screen shift. I can hear their hush voice argue with one another until the screen came back to normal.

The pair is smiling at the screen. This honestly creeped me out.

They are a weird arse couple.

“Look, Aiden must be still around these grounds. He must have gone for a quick run. Who knows. He may have taken a run to Europe. Don’t worry, he’ll come back soon.” Melissa jokes with a wink.

“You two don’t get what I am trying to sa-”

“Dad, can-” another new voice rung through the room. I am not surprised to see Derek Landon.

“Oh, it’s you.” He ends with a bored look.

“Can someone find Aiden Landon and report back to me? I have other things to get to. Sorry to cut this family reunion​ short.” I implied, sarcastically.

“What went up your arse?” Derek states with a raised eyebrow.

“Language!” Melissa yelled while pinching her sons’ elbow.

“Mother, you yelled words way worse last nig-”

“Mother of all life, will you listen to me? I really don’t care about what you guys did last night!” I yelled.

I should have called her other brother instead or someone with an actual brain.

“For your information, I was not involved in their baby making” Derek states with his arms crossed.

I had no words.

No words with this family.

I just want to end the call and find Aiden myself. I guess I’ll have to cancel my surprise date tonight.

So, like a responsible adult, I pressed the red button and turned back to my very quiet mate.

Strangely, I haven’t heard anything from her.

That is very strange.

On my way to the bathroom, I grabbed a towel and undressed myself.

At least I can spend time with my mate, right?

I opened the door slowly, without making a peep and let myself in. There she stood, eating some strawberries while humming to a random tone.

I really want to take a picture but sadly, I don’t have it with me. Plus, that would be considered stalker-ish... right?

I walked closer too her and squatted down. I made sure that my towel is still wrapped around my waist right before I stated to massage her shoulders.

“Hey” I whispered.

I mentally punched myself at the stupid one word, I decided to use.

Wow Jasper, why are you so romantic?

“Hi Jas” she replied with a small giggle. I can her moan right after which made my body freeze.

I tried to remain calm as I continued to massage her shoulders without thinking of other things that can lead one thing to another.

“How are you princesa?” I mumbled against her skin. I begin to place small wet kisses on her neck. Luckily, she moved her neck to the side and gave me more access to her neck.

I continued to make my way down until my lips touched her mark.

“G-good...” she mutters. I can tell that she is out of breath, due to her lack of response. Also by the way her chest moved up and down.

“Do you want anything princesa?” I taunted with a small smirk. I can smell a sweet aroma that made my wolf and I, crazy.

“Join me?” she questions without any hesitation.

I really need my mother to slap me at this moment and to tell me that I am dreaming...

With her response, I took of my towel and placed it on the counter.

We will find Aiden.

I will do anything in my power to keep you safe, mi princesa.

Nothing and no one will take away my Hybrid Mate.

“Jas, want to have some fun?”

And I gladly, obligated.

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