The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 2

Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude because my personality is me and my attitude depends on you.

Starting off with the devil.


I woke up with loud banging in my cell. I stood up as I made my way to the hooded person whom is in front of me. The woman reviled herself as I grinned with joy.

“Lilly!” I whispered. She smiled down at me and pulled out a bottle filled with pills. “I brought them, I told Jack to refill them as you asked.” She replied as I nodded and took them within my hold. I walked back to where I had a spare of water in a glass cup.

Jack is the pack doctor of this ack. He was the one who helped me with my ‘problem’.

“Take care, little one. Matt is outside doing the night shift so I have limited time.” I nodded as I felt a bit better while the pill started digesting. I waved bye as I cat back down in criss-cross-applesause style. I sighed as I tried sleeping once more.

“Wake up darling” I hear a rough voice say as I groaned. I stood up while balancing myself against the wall. I tugged my jacket gently as I tried to hide the pills. I looked at the devil with curious eyes.

“What?” I replied softly as I sighed. He looked at me with a smirk; Of course.

“Don’t use that tone with me, young lady” he taunted as I smiled sweetly at him.

“What Alpha, this is a free nation” I replied while looking at my unpainted nails. With anger, he touched the cell bars as he pissed in pain. I couldn’t hold in my laughter as I watch his face turn into pure anger.

“Shut. Up.” He hissed as I continued to look at my nails like if they were the most interesting thing in the world. I pushed myself off from the wall and stalked towards him.

“What? Don’t you like the pain Tyler?” I replied with a mocking tone. I watch a glint of surprise pass though his eyes while his eyes turned golden.

“Don’t you call me that, mate” he growled as I punch him through the cell. My fist fit through the cell bars as my fist encountered his nose. I watch him grab his nose with pain. I smirked as my wolf howled with joy.

“What? A girl hurt your feelings Tyler?” I responded with a pout. Of course, I’m loving this moment. Only if I had a camera with me.

“You f*cking brat, when I get my hands on you…” he growled with pure anger as I made my way back to the wall. He’s a pussy, he can’t touch me and abuse me like the past years.

“Tick, tock” I taunted with mockery.

I should really get my nails done, I thought.

The idiot bang his fist to the bar as he pulled away immediately. That’s what he gets for making the entire cell out of silver. I quietly laughed as he groaned in frustration.

“You know…” he started off saying as he leaned against the white wall of the other side.

“You know…” I mimicking him, over dramatically.

“If you keep doing that, I swear to the damn moon goddess that I will f8ck your sister once again” my eyes widen as the news progressed through my mind. My wolf started growling lowly as I watched the bastard grin with delight.

“You sick b8tch” I growled as he lifted an eyebrow. I growled, not satisfied.

He continued to grin as he came closer. I wanted to kill him, here and now. I quickly took hold of his neck as I slammed him against the silver poles. He hissed in pain as I laughed.

“You f*cker, don’t you dare lay a hand on her!” I roared as my wolf tried to fight for dominance. I was beyond angry as I prayed for my little sister. His face turned a bright purple as lack of oxygen filled his lungs.

“Bi- “he started off as I pushed him away and then slammed him against the cell once more. “I’m sorry, I’m not bi” I taunted as I punched him, straight to his precious nose.

He started breathing heavily while I took notice of his messed-up face. I grinned while noticing his face turn purple, thank you silver!

“Aw, are you having a moment? Well sir, leave a message after the beep” I replied with a sarcastic tone. I stood there against the wall with a smile in my face. No, I’m not happy. I’m furious!

“Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” I continued with a high pitch tone. I watch is eyes turn golden as his wolf took over. I wasn’t afraid, to be honest. As long that I’m inside this cell, I can’t be harmed. I grinned at the thought.

“You listen to me- “his wolf growled but I cut him off.

“Oh, no buddy, you listen to me.” I growled while I made my way towards his direction, once again. His wolf is the craziest animal I have ever met.

“I am your Alpha, you better listen to me!” He roared as I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. Are they out of their mind?

“Dude, I’m not yours! I’m not an object either! Look at my neck, that isn’t yours and it never will!” I shouted as I tried to calm myself. His golden eyes watched my neck with furry.

“YOU ARE MINE!” he roared as I stared at him like a reindeer in head lights.

“Repeat that, one more time, I dare you” I growled lowly as his disgusting breath was in front of my face. I looked away in disgust but looked at him in the eye once more.

“You are mine.” He repeated as my eyes flickered to golden. I let my wolf take control. I watched the scene my eyes as se smirked at the guy in front of me.

“Listen to me once, and listen to me for the very last time.” She started off as she took hold of the guy right in front of us.

“I’m your Luna, not of this pack. You are truly pathetic if you think that you’re my mate. Trust me, my mate is not even as close of pathetic as you are.” My wolf growled as he let him go. I returned in control as I stood back.

“Also, listen one more time. Tell me where my sister is, or I swear that I will tear you apart, limb by limb till I feel satisfied. You better tell me where my sister is!” I whispered in his ear as I watch his look turn cold.

“Only in one condition.” He continued as I looked at him in the eye.

“What?” I questioned as I crossed my arms.

“You have to reject your mate.”

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