The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 3

Stay strong.

Make them wonder how you are still smiling.

“You have to reject your mate.”


Is he out of his mind? Yeah, his mom made an error while making him or he fell off the bed when he was young.

“Excuse me?” I questioned with a bit of sass. I think I misheard what he said. That bastard stayed leaning against the wall with a cheeky grin. If this was Jasper, then I wouldn’t mind. But in the other hand, this guy kills the whole thing.

“Reject that pathetic excuse of a mate” he replied with a low tone. By now, I was looking at him like if he was a joke.

“Your funny if you think that I’d do that. And more that it’s you.” I ended with disgust. He growled once again as I rolled my eyes.

“Seriously though, all you ever do is growl and repeat the word pathetic. Don’t you have something better to do or a better dictionary?” I continued with an innocent look in my eyes.

“Shut up!” he roared as I chuckled.

“Hold up, for once you’re right, I forgot to add the word, shut up to the list!” I exclaimed as I watch him blow with an anger. We all just must love sarcasm, right?

“You know, for an innocent name, your annoying” he taunted as I hummed.

“I got it from my mom, thank you very much.” I replied with my hands on my hips. I eyed him closely as he got out some keys. I narrowed my eyes at the keys as he tried to look for the right one. Okay, now im a bit afraid but I won’t let him get to me.

“Out.” He commanded as I stood there, against the wall like a statue. I hated being controlled or commanded, he knows that.

“How about no?” I snickered back as he opened the door. I feel like this cell is heaven in this place.

“I will come and get you myself if your arse is not out here in the count of ten.” He said with a cold look.

I nodded as I helped him count.

“One!” I cheered, as he rolled his eyes with his arms crossed.

“Two.” He continued while signaling me to get out, but my stubbornness got the best of me.

“Three!” I continued as he ran a hand through his face. Good. He needs to clean that ugly face of his.

“Four.” He replied with a growl.

“Hold up, what comes after four?” I questioned out loud as I started using my fingers. He looked beyond frustrated as I sat down in the cell.

“You know what, if you get out of here, I’ll let you see your sister.” He started off as I looked up at him with curious eyes. I nodded slowly as I walked towards the door. I signaled him to move away as I made my way out of the cell.

“Now, where’s my sister?” I questioned as he smirked.

“why would you like to know?” he asked with a dark look.

“My sister. Now.” I growled as he opened the door out of this room.

“Unlike you, she is actually nice and gentle with me” he replied while looking straight to the hallway right in front of us.

“Idiot- “I smacked his head with my hand. “-what did you do to her?” I growled as I pushed him against the wall. I got to admit, I’ve gotten stronger.

“Let go of me, or ill not let you see your sister.” He stuttered as I let him go. Signaled him to go on as he leaded me upstairs to the second floor. We were underground because the cells are located there.

I started to recognize the place as memories came through my mind. This is the maids floor. I felt my wolf wake up as I felt a bit exited but afraid. We walked furthermore the hallway. A maid came to us as she bowed her head at the bastard.

“Alpha.” She said with a shaky tone. She seemed to recognize me as her face changed to a shock expression.

“Ir- “she started off but she as cut off by the guy next to me.

“Where’s Landon?” he questioned as I listened closely at their conversation. The maid leaded us to a room. She opened a door of a room as we walked in. Of course, she left while closing the door once again.

I walked in furthermore as I found a girl with dark hair reading a book?

“Landon.” The bastard started as the girl sat up quickly and closed the book.

“Y-yes sir?” she questioned softly as I narrowed my eyes. I felt like punching this guy so bad but I hold it in. I turned to him and gave him a look to leave. He glared at me but listened to me for once.

Once he left, I turned to the young girl. Tears became to appear through my vision as I starred at the girl right in front of me. After all these years, every birthday wish has just come true.

“Ivy?” I whispered as her clear blue eyes connected to my hazel ones. I couldn’t tell what she is feeling right now till I felt her embrace. Tears came down my face while she sobbed against my chest.

“Ire…” she whispered as I looked at her. She looks exactly like mom, I felt a mixture of emotions now. She has grown a lot since the last time I saw her, which was when she was seven.

“How old are you?” I questioned softly, although, I already know.

“Thirteen.” My heart broke in two as I hugged her once again. I can’t believe this is happening. “You have no idea of how bad I wanted to take you out of this place” I whispered as she started crying.

“I’m really sorry that I couldn’t come back Ivy, I’m so sorry.” I sobbed. My sister hugged me in my torso. She’s about five foot. I kissed her forehead while she hugged me tightly. I felt her skinny bones against my skin as I narrowed my eyebrows.

“Does he feed you at least?” I questioned as she nodded.

Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door as I sighed. She quickly ran to the door and opened it. Guess who it was, if you guessed the devil, then ding, ding, your right!

I growled with annoyance while my sister sat in her bed, looking down. Is this how she gets treated. Tyler sat down right next to her while holding her chin. I watch my sister flinch as I quickly snatched his hand away.

“Don’t you dare try me” I growled while my sister’s eyes widen as I glared at the guy in front of me. He chuckled as I took hold of his neck once again. He is testing my patience, plus now that I’m back, he will not take advantage of me and my sister.

His life will be total Hell.

He tried to bite my hand while I, in the other hand, took a great hold of his neck. This is my chance. The chance to get out of here.

I watch him get weaker in the palm of my hand as he fainted in the ground. I smirked to myself as I took hold of my little sister’s hand.

“Ivery, let’s go!” I yelled/ whispered as we ran out of the room. We made it down stairs, as we were stopped by Matt. He stood there with his uniform. Yes, in this pack, they wear uniform. Even the beta, which in this case is Matt.

“I see you finally found her” he grinned while my sister and I smiled at him. He is like our father. He looked around as he took us to the back door. I felt my heart start beating quickly when we found the back door.

“Hurry, run as far from here. I heard your mate is planning a war Iris.” He continued while my wolf howled with cheer.

I took a better hold of my sister as we ran out of here. We ran past through the pack grounds as we made it to the packs boarder. This pack didn’t have very well security so that’s an advantage.

Suddenly, an idea came up in my mind. I grinned when we stopped for a quick break. I turned down to my sister with glint in my eyes.

“Remember the times we played Zoom, zoom?” I questioned as she started grinning.

Zoom, zoom was a game my sister and I played when we were young. It’s basically her getting on my back while I used my vampire speed and run.

“Yes!” she cheered as I squat down.

“Get on” I instructed as she obeyed my command. Knowing that I must take another pill soon, so that means that I have vampire speed. Finally, I started speeding through the woods.

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