The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 4

Behind us are memories,

Beside us are friends,

Before us are dreams.

Get on” I instructed as she obeyed my command. Knowing that I must take another pill soon, so that means that I have vampire speed. Finally, I started speeding through the woods.


A month ago, an hour after the capture…

“Jasper…Jasper!” I heard a frantic voice yell out while they shook my body. I groaned as I tried to find warmth. My hands started wondering around the bed as I opened my eyes.

“Get up hijo!” my mother yelled as she smacked me in the head. Why does she hit me all the damn time?


My mind quickly switched to my mate. I stood up immediately as I pushed my mother softly to the side. My wolf started pacing around while I ran down the stairs.

When I made my way to the living room, I found her uncle pacing nervously through the living room. I watch him bleed with a busted lip. I had a bad feeling as I felt pain go through my system.

I felt someone stab me in the stomach as I kneeled. The pain is unbearable. I watch my mother look at me with a worried look as Aiden came closer to my direction.

“Don’t you dare tell me that you made the promise” He muttered as he got hold of my palm. My mate’s name is printed beautifully in my palm. I didn’t have time to respond once again when I felt my lower stomach start hurting once again.

“What’s wrong with him?” my mother questioned while turning to aid me. She touched the place where the pain was coming from but Aiden snatched her hand away.

My mom turned to him and glared at his direction. “What the *beep* is wrong with you?” she replied with anger rating off her body.

“Ma’am just listen to me” he glared at her and turned to me. “What you are feeling is your mate’s pain.” My eyebrows narrowed as worry came through my body. I tried to get up but the pain felt worse.

“I can’t do this” I hear him mutter beneath his breath as cussed himself out.

“Tell me!” I roared with uncontrollable anger, coming off my body. My wolf started growling as the vampire glared at me.

“Don’t you dare boss me around mutt.” He replied darkly while worry started spreading through his features.

“Where’s Iris?” I questioned. My patience is not on check at this moment. Honestly, I could careless until my mate is in my arms.

“I’m not telling you because you ordered me. To make it clear, I’m doing this because I actually care about her.” He said while continuing, “My niece and I were at the green house while she started picking out some flowers. Although, this bright white rose grabbed her attention. When she was busy looking at the roses, I heard something around us as I started moving to the direction of where the noise came from.” He paused while a tear came out.

I heard foot steps behind me, as Mason Landon, Iris father came to the room.

“Wow, so today is the day I have seen my little brother cry” he remarked as he took his phone out and took a picture. Aiden glared at him but turned to me.

“From a distance, my yes connected with a dark red eyed creature. Right there I knew that something was in the woods. I started motioning Iris to get out of the place as she fallowed me. Suddenly, I heard the window glass break as I placed her on my back and ran to the woods. With my vampire speed, I out ran the rouges until I smelled him.” Aiden continued while his dark hazel eyes turned into a dark red.

“Brother!” Mason shouted out of irony. Why can’t he just get to the point? My mate could be dead!

“He took her Mason!” Aiden yelled as his fist encountered the wall.

“Who is he?!” I questioned as I pinned him against the wall. He looked angry but upset.

“The alpha” he choked out with sadness.

“Which alpha? Be specific, god damn it!” I hissed as Mason tried to pull me away from his brother.

“Alpha Tyler, Tyler Langston.” He hissed as he punched me in the gut. I stood there shocked. No one didn’t know who that alpha was till now. I knew my mate lied to me when she said she didn’t know his name, but why?


“Jasper, hijo, please come out” I hear my mother say in the other side of the door. I stood there emotionless, starring at the blank wall.

“Hijo, salte en cinco segundos o te saco yo misma!” She yelled with frustration. I groaned while pulling the covers over my head. Her sent is still lingered in the sheets. I refused to wash these covers.

(Son, get out in five seconds or I’ll do it myself!”)

“Uno…” she shouted as I hugged my mates pillow. I felt like I was going crazy.

“Dos…” she continued as I rolled my eyes. I felt useless, I know my kingdom would be disappointed at my actions. My wolf stopped communicating with me as I felt myself get choked ever once and awhile.

“Tres!” she muttered loudly while I heard my door break. I cuddled closer to the pillow as the covers were snatched away from my hold.

“This is seriously childish son” my father exclaimed as I ignored him.

“He is right Jasper. How are we going to find her, if you here in your bed, sucking your thumb?” she questioned while I glared at her.

“Mama, I’m not sucking thumb, I’m clearly hugging a pillow” I muttered softly. My eyes shifted to the door and narrowed my eyes. “You’ll have to pay for that” I continued but this time my eyes are at my father.

“Get up, you have a press conference today”

I groaned and shook my head no. I’m not ready for that, well not just yet. They chuckled as my mom started pulling on my leg. I started taking hold on the mattress as my father took hold of my arms. I started groaning with annoyance.

“Jasper, stopped acting like a baby, get up!” my mother yelled while I tried to get out of their hold. My wolf hasn’t respond yet, which triggered me.

“Aren’t you king?” my father questioned as I sat up.

“Papa, don’t you even pull that card.” I replied with a look. He let go of my leg while taking hold of my mother’s waist. I noticed their attire. They are dressed in fancy clothing so they were not messing around.

“Get up. If you’re not out in twenty minutes, then I’ll come and get you myself Jasper Alan Black.” My father continued as I rolled my eyes.

“Is it really necessary to say my middle name?” I questioned as I got up to go to my closet. He chuckled while he nodded.

I watch them leave the room while I placed my suit and crown in the bed. I starred at the crown for a bit as a memory came through my mind.

“Mama, donde esta papa?” I questioned while tugging on my mom’s dress She smiled down at me while picking me up. My first language is Spanish. My mom wanted me to learn Spanish and then English.

(Mom, where’s dad?)

“No se, Jasper, pero vamos a ver, okay?” she replied while bouncing me up in the air.

(I don’t know Jasper, but let’s go see, okay?)

We walked down the hall when we met with my father’s conference room. My mom opened it as I ran in. I can hear her giggle behind me as I entered a room full of Alphas. Every alpha turned to m direction as I made it to my father’s lap.

“Papa!” I shouted while I took his crown and placed it in top of my head. He chuckled at my action. There was about ten alphas in the room, right now.

“He’s taking his part already, huh” chuckled a guy beside my father. I stared at him confusingly while my father laughed and pulled me closer to him. “He has to live his life to the fullest Mason” my father chuckled while a little girl appeared in the room. I watch her dark brown hair flap everywhere as she ran. I loved her curly hair.

[Author’s Note- this happened way before Ivy was born so that means that she could talk. Remember, she could talk since birth, it’s just that, when she was twelve she came back to her parents, although, everyone had their minds erased]

“Daddy!” the girl yelled while jumping into her father’s lap. I starred at the curly hazel eyed girl with amazement.

“Iris, I told you to stay with mommy” the Mason guy scolded while the little girl started grabbing her father’s papers. The alphas started ‘awe-ing’ while I continued to stared at her.

“Maze, leave the poor girl alone” my father said with a wink towards the little girl. She looked like she was about four? Or younger. I am eight!

Yes, I know, I am a big boy!

“Baby girl, how about you play with Jasper?” her father questioned as my dad placed me down to the floor. I walked towards the girl and held out my hand.

“I don’t bite, I promise!” I said with a toothy grin. Last week, I lost a tooth but the tooth fairy left me two dollars!

She looked at me with a curious look. I was tall for my age, mama says it’s because I’ll grow as tall as my dad. The girl finally gave in but before, she pecked her dad’s cheek.

“I love you daddy!” She said cheerfully while taking my hand.

“I love you too sweet heart” he replied with a kiss on her forehead. I turned to look at her hazel eyes and smiled.

“Hi! My name is Jasper and I love chocolate!” I cheered with happiness. She looked at me with a toothy smile. I noticed that she lost some teeth as well like me.

“My name is Iris, I love flowers!” she replied enthusiastically. I grinned while we ran out of the room, hand and hand.

“Jasper, five minutes left!” I heard my mother yell as I quickly changed and styled my hair.

“Almost done!” I yelled out. I looked at myself in the mirror as I tried to cover the eye bags.

I placed the crown above my head I sighed while I turned back at the bed.

I took out my notebook and turned to a new page. I started writing my heart out as I imagined her beautiful face. I felt myself smile. How can I love a girl so easily?

I just felt useless. Without her, I’m nothing.

But with her, I’m completely speechless.

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