The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 5

The greatest gift you can give someone is your own happiness.

But with her, I’m completely speechless.


Why couldn’t I kill him? Darn it, why?

Hold on a minute. I know why. My arse would have gone to prison thanks for not having evidence. I groaned in anger.

I questioned myself as we stopped at this random pack border. I placed my sister back to her feet while I sat down in the could ground. I am beyond tired at this point.

“Ire, are you okay?” my sisters voice rung through the woods. I muttered a yes while I laid down. I am basically out of breath and strength.

“I’m just stressed out ivy, everything will be fine, if I’m here.” I assured her with a smile. Honestly, I had no clue on how this will turn out. I stood up once again and made my way to a small pond. I took out the pills and drank one. This helped me control my hunger and other side from intruding. Although, no one would even recognize the scent.

“Ire, can I ask you something?” I hear her soft voice question with wonder. I turned back at her and nodded.

She took a deep breath and started off. “Has mom and dad ever talk about me? Or how about our brothers?” I felt like a ton of arrows hit my heart, repeatedly.

How am I supposed to answer that question?

Do I just say, “No, they haven’t because they don’t remember you?”

Before I could answer her question, we heard growls. They are coming from behind us ask pulled Ivery behind me. I turned to look at the wolves with confusion. Am I in pack lands?

The wolves are all growling as the black wolf came forward. I growled lowly as the wolf flinch. He watched me with confusion. I tried keep my face emotionless but a smirk wanted to come out. I coughed while signaling the wolf to change.

I think he hates being bossed around as he growled loudly in my direction. Although, he did listen to my command. I giggled softly while my sister hugged my torso.

I watch each wolf change as I turned around in the opposite direction. I could hear the cracking of bones from behind. Suddenly, I heard an unfamiliar low voice from behind me.

“Turn around.” He commands as my wolf growled. She didn’t like being bossed around.

“Who do you think you are?” I questioned as he narrowed his eyes at me.

“Who are you, rogue?” he questioned back with a dark voice. His men started to take hold of my sister as I kicked him in the gut. He went flying off across the land. I can’t let anyone else touch her. Not right after I found her.

The alpha took hold of my wrist and pulled me to his chest. “Who are you?” he questioned once more as I kneeled him in accident. It’s an instinct.

The wolves started growling and trying to take hold of me as I took hold of my sister’s little hand.

“Don’t you even think about it.” I growled lowly. Immediately, all of them stopped coming in our direction, even the alpha. I felt a mix of emotions come through me.

I watch that alpha recover while his eyes turned into a foggy shade of brown. Great, now I can’t hear this conversation.

The wolves started disappearing except the alpha and the beta. I gave them a questioning look while my sister whined. I could feel her fear rating off her body. I hugged her little body, to show some assurance.

“Why do you look so familiar?” I heard the alpha say with confusing while the beta kept starring at my sister.

“Tell your beta to keep his eyes to himself, please?” I replied with my eyes lingering at the beta. I watch him blush a little as his emotionless face came back.

“You can’t demand me, rogue.” The alpha growled while I crossed my arms with amusement.

“Oh really, test me.” I taunted back with a smirk on my face. I watch the alphas face turn with annoyance.

“Do you have any idea who you are messing with?” he questioned while I started looking at my nails.

“Should I?” I taunted back with a bored expression. He clearly showed his anger towards me.

What’s up with me? I’m always bumping into alphas!

Suddenly, I felt something sharp hit my shoulder as I started falling to the ground. Although, someone got hold of me right before I hit the ground.

“Iris!” I heard my sister yell while in the other hand, I heard someone quietly muttered, “Shit.”

I woke up in a bed. The room is unknown to me as memories came rushing through my mind. I quickly stood up and ran out of the room. My wolf kept trying to connect with my sister. The connection was weak.

I ran into a Livingroom and found my sister watching television with the beta starring at her from far away. What the heck?

“Ivy?” I muttered quietly as I sat down right beside her. She turned to my direction and hugged me tightly. “Ire!! Are you okay? I told the idiots to leave you alone, although they kept looking you like if you were the saint.” She replied with a confused look.

Trust me, I’m as confused as her.

I turned around to see a group of people starring at us with shocked faces. Is there something on my face? Or am I too ugly to be here?

I chuckled at the thought. This pack is weird for my taste.

My heart started beating in an irregular paste when I heard a familiar vice from the television.

“Hello. As you all may have known, my mate, Iris Landon, has been captured.” I watch my mate pause while looking straight at the camera. “If any of you have any information about her or you have seen her, please let us know.” I kept starring at him with adoration. My wolf started whining, as my heart kept pounding irregularly. He looked different since the last time I saw him.

I noticed his eyes are a darker shade of grey as he looked like if he was hit by a train. He was wearing a black suit with medals. I always loved men in suits. He bloody knows that.

In the background, I could see my brothers conversing between one another while my parents tried to shush them.

“Ivy, look that’s mom and dad” I whispered softly at my sister as she made her way to the television. I watch her eyes shine with happiness when she caught a glance on our parents.

“Ire…Is that Derek and Darius?” she questioned while taking a glance at me. I nodded slowly. I haven’t seen her this happy since the day we got captured.

I ignored the voices around me and continued to listen to my mate once again.

“Iris, if your listening to me, I promise that I’ll get you from that fücker.” I heard gasps around the room and on TV. I giggled at his choice of words. I could just see his father laughing in the background but suddenly, turned neutral when he caught the camera being pointed towards his direction. His mother kept shaking her head while giggling.

“No matter what, I will get you back to my arms. Te extraño mucho mi princesa.” He continued with love in his eyes. I felt my heart tightened as it melts. I read a Spanish to English dictionary when I was in the castle so I knew exactly what he said.

(I miss you so much, my princess)

I watch him run a hand through his hair as his face turned emotionless once again. “Anyway, I would like to say that I apologize for my language, I couldn’t help it. But as your king, I’d to say, thank you to all of those who fallow our laws and our monarchy. I have recently been informed about an alpha who is being disobedient. I know that he is watching me at this moment and I’d like to say a couple of words for you.” He took a deep breath and intertwined his fingers together.

“When I take the hold you, you will be punished for many reasons. For breaking the law, poor leadership, and for kidnapping. We have given you warnings, but you have cut the last string. You better start getting ready for war, Alpha.” My mate finished off with an emotionless face. There were many gasps in the room, including myself.

How did he know about him?

My hands started shaking uncontrollably. I watch my mate say a few other words as he ended his speech.

“This Is all for today. Thank you all for everything.” He flashed a half smile as he made his way out of the room. The reporter came back as I quickly turned off the television. My sister kept staring at me in shock.

Whenever the royal pack declares war, nothing will end well. I know that the pack would win against Alpha Langston but I didn’t want people to die over that man. I quickly stood up as pack members started to bow down.

I was afraid of this happening.

“Luna” one of the pack members acknowledge me with a shocked expression. Everyone else started doing the same thing while stood there emotionless. I didn’t know what to do.

I haven’t been Luna for a long period. I nodded at their direction as the alpha came to view. His face didn’t show any emotion, except for admiration.

“No wonder. I knew that I recognized you from somewhere.” I chuckled as I sat back down.

“I was afraid of that.” I replied honestly while looking down. I wasn’t a big fan of attention but my wolf was enjoying it.

“Why? Shouldn’t you be proud to be the princes of the werewolf race?” he questioned while looking at me in the eye. My mind is clouded in the moment. I didn’t think of myself as the higher person, I just wanted to be with my mate.

“You know what Alpha…” I paused. I didn’t even know what pack I am in now.

“Alpha Parker, Alpha of the Midnight Howlers pack.” He answered immediately as I nodded.

“You know what Alpha Parker? Don’t you ever judge by rank, judge people by their personality. That’s where you find the one.” He looked like he was progressing my words through is brain. I smiled softly as I turned back to my sister.

She was watching television once again.

“Thank you for your hospitality, although I must get going. I have to go to my mate, I have to solve some problems, including this stupid war.” I muttered throughout the end.

Finally, he cracked a real smile in my direction. “I’m sorry about how my pack and I, treated you in the beginning” he continued while standing up. I shook it off as I held my hand out for a handshake.

What caught me in surprise is the warm hug he embraced me with. I never imagined him being a hugger.

“I just despise rogues.” He muttered through my hair as I soothed his back.

“Listen to me Alpha- “he caught me off with the sound of his name. “Matthew”

I coughed while pulling away. “Well Matthew, listen to this advice and I’m sure you’ll thank me in the future.” I paused for a second and continued. “Never Judge a book by its cover.”

I stood up as an idea came up through my mind.

“May I use your phone?” I questioned as he nodded. He too out his iPhone and handed it to me. I chuckled at his wall paper. You would never guess what it was.

“Really?” questioned with a smirk. He rolled his eyes and unlocked his phone. I quickly dialed Jaspers number. I memorized it by heart.

He wouldn’t answer till the fifth ring.

“Yes, Parker?” he answered with frustration. I turned to Matthew as he blushed a bit but turned around.

“Bro!” I yelled in a guy’s voice. I tried to hold in a laugh. I can just imagine his eyes narrowing.

“Parker, I’m not in the mood for your jokes, what do you want?” Jasper questioned once again with anger. I rolled my eyes while Matthew started laughing.

“Then, I guess you don’t want to talk to me Jasper?” I questioned with an eyebrow raised. I can hear him cough in the other line.

“Iris?” he whispered in shock.

“Yes Jasper, it is I!” I replied with a laugh.

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