The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 6

“Yes Jasper, it is I!” I replied with a laugh.


“This Is all for today. Thank you all for everything.” I announce lowly to the camera and audience. I flashed a quick glance to the public and made my way out of this room. I meant every single thing I said, I don’t regret it.

Right after I finished the conference, I rushed back to my room. As you may guessed, I went straight back under my covers. Usually, now-a-days, I end up in my bed.

I would so date my bed after Iris.

I literally threw myself to my messy bed. I took my black tie off while throwing it across the room. I sighed as I tried taking off my shirt. My fingers started struggling with the buttons as I gave up.

I laid emotionless in my bed with my arms behind my head. I starred at the blank walls, thinking. Her beautiful face came through my mind as a huge toothy smile appeared in my face.

I remember that exact moment when her beautiful hazel pores connected with mine. It was in the section, the night that changed my life.

“Iris Avery Landon, alpha female of the Moonrise pack, please come in stage.” I remember the announcer say while I starred at the beauty get up from her seat. I chuckled loudly to myself on how nervous she looked since the very moment her name was called out.

I smiled softly at the memory. I was thankful for my perfect eye vision because I got to admire my princess from afar. The day I made her mine, right in front of everyone.

Her soft, exquisite hazel eyes came in contact with mine.

I paused for a minute as another memory came blowing through my mind.

I stood against the wall with my hood up. I kept looking around for any type of danger, although, I found many drunk teenagers. I sighed while looking at teenagers make out.

Ew. Disgusting, I thought.

Why am I here? I questioned myself with annoyance. Oh yeah, for her.

Finally, I could sneak off from the castle for a short period of time, although, I’ll make it last. Yeah, I know. It’s not something you expect from a king.

Oh, how much I disliked being king.

Suddenly, the girl I was waiting for, made her appearance. Don’t ask me how I knew that she would be here.

I watch her acknowledge her members with a nod and a small smile. I swear on my dog’s grave that my heart started beating irregularly.

Her sweet smile lit up the room. I can see a lot of males already lining up to have a chance with her. Knowing half of them, they just care about being with the alphas daughter. For my opinion, I didn’t care about that.

I watch the two males leave her side as she made her way to the couch. I stared at her tiny figure. I took a glance of her notebook as I gasped. There was a beautiful rose with petals falling down.

So, she’s an artist.

I took me a while to come up with something to say. I was thinking of many forms to greed her. I even tried it with different accents!

I moved my body so I could be closer to her.

At the end, I finally said something.

“Hey” I said with a bit of my Spanish accent. Yeah that happens, sometimes. I felt like pounding my head against the wall. From all this thinking, all I come up with is hey?

Oh, moon goddess, kill me.

I watch her start write in cursive. I fell for her handwriting already.

“Hi” she wrote with a smile. My silver eyes met with her addicting hazel ones. I wish I could just hold her…

“You can’t talk?” I questioned out of nowhere. I felt myself get nervous as her hazel eyes remained on me. She remained quiet while looking at me. Her look wasn’t of lust or of love, they were out of curiosity.

She hasn’t said anything so I continued. “What’s your name hazel?” I questioned with a smile on my face. I knew that she was curious and more that I’m wearing a hood over my head.

She started writing once more as my eyes wondered to her note paper. Finally, she stopped and showed me her name.


I felt my eyes brighten by just knowing her name. My uncle wouldn’t tell me what her name was so, right at this moment, I’m treasuring it.

I felt my mouth start moving by itself as I started a conversation with this beauty. “You write beautifully Iris, Who showed you how to write in cursive?” I questioned with curiosity.

She started writing once again as I took in her appearance. She would bite her lip every once and a while as I started imagining those pink lips against mine.

“My father showed me when I was young” she wrote while I nodded in understanding. Her eyes connected with mine with the same look she was giving me since the beginning.

I was about to say something else when she cut me off by moving closer to me and showing her notebook to me.

“Do you ever smile?” it questioned as I looked at her confusingly. That was random.

I tried to smile for her sake but I failed. I really wanted to but I want to smile when we actually meet one another. I stood there watching her eyes. I may be creepy, but her eyes are captivating. Like a little kid receiving sweets.

“I cant” I replied with a masked look. In reality, I want to smile. Just watching her, makes my heart and my wolf go crazy.

Right before she could say something, I watch a guy come in my direction, so I quickly excused myself. I walked away quickly with my hands in my pockets. I bumped into my cousin in my way out.

“Jas!” he yelled while giving me a hug. I tried to not roll my eyes, but it’s so hard to not roll my eyes to this guy.

“Cousin!” I yelled out with sarcasm. I really need to get out of here.

“Wow, I never imagined the ki-” he was about to say king hen I quickly ran to the woods and shifted to my wolf.

I turned to my phone – which was right beside me – and answered the call. I don’t know how I didn’t hear it ring before.

“Yes, Parker?” I responded with frustration. It better be good or else.

“Bro!” I hear him yell as my eyes narrowed. This idiot is pranking me. He knows exactly about how I feel on being pranked on; more in this situation.

“Parker, I’m not in the mood for jokes, what do you want” I replied angrily.

What happened next is what threw me off guard as my heart started skipping a beat as my wolf howled with joy.

“Then, I guess you don’t want to talk to me Jasper?” I hear my mates voice say with a giggle. I felt like I was being pranked n but right now, I could careless.

“Iris?” I questioned with shock. I just wanted to get up and run like a lunatic around the castle.

“Yes Jasper, it is I!” I hear her voice cheer like if she was Shakespeare. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her response. I took hold of my pone with all my strength I felt like she would disappear.

“Hello?” she questioned with wonder as I clicked on the facetime app. I quickly clicked on the button as the screen turned into a face chat.

I watch the screen show ‘connecting’ as I became more anxious. I am praying to the moon goddess that this is not a prank from him. Finally, her beautiful face is shown all over my screen as mine is in a little box in the right corner. I couldn’t help to screenshot this moment.

“Jasper!” she yelled as I yelled out her name as well. I watch Matthew eat an apple in the background as I turned back to my mate.

“how, uh, what?” I stuttered as she laughed at my expression.

“Jas, I need to introduce you to someone” she replied with a huge smile on her face. I watch the screen start moving uncontrollably as she ran. Suddenly, the camera zoomed to my mate and a little girl.

“Jasper, this is my sister Ivery. Ivery, this is my mate, Jasper.” I was shocked. I have so many questions. I watch her sister wave enthusiastically in my direction.

“Hi Jasper!” She yelled as my mate laughed. I already see the resemblance. They had the same skin tone, smile, etc. Oh, also the same personality as what I can notice at this moment.

“Hi!” I waved back with a smile. I tuned to my mate as I took in her appearance.

“Princesa, want me to call your parents?” I questioned as she nodded excitedly.

“Hold up, let me ask matt if he has a computer” she responded while leaving me with her sister.

Matt? Since when ae they in nickname terms?

“Jasper, how old are you?” I heard Ivery say as I gave her a thoughtful look. Of course, I was messing around with her. She started laughing while asking me once more.

“How old are you Jasper?” repeated with a giggle. Just looking at he, makes me remember her little sister in so many ways. They could even pass by twins.

“I’m twenty-four” I replied softly as her eyes widen.

“That old?” she replied with a shocked expression. I watch her turn back to her sister and started yelling. “Ire! Did you know that Jasper is twenty-four?”

I hear my mate yell out a no while she came back with Matthew. “Jas, I’ll call you by Matt’s account in skype!” she yelled out while looking at something in the computer as I nodded. Her sister started questioning once again as my lap top started ringing once again.

“Talk to you in a minute Ivery” I quickly responded as she nodded with a grin. I ended the call as I made my way to my desk.

As the chat was connecting, I made my way to the living room where everyone is at, including Jarred. Finally, the chat connected as Ivery filled the screen.

“Your sister?” I questioned as she rolled her eyes.

“She’s eating from matt’s fridge and he is trying to hide the pop tarts” she replied with a bored tone. She flipped the camera so I could see the mini situation. Indeed, she was right.

“Matt give it!” I hear her yell as he held the box, up high. I rolled my eyes at the scene as I sat down the couch. I watch everyone else in the room minding their own business.

Suddenly an idea came to mind. I could just feel myself smirk.

“Iris get the hell down!” I commanded as I watch my mate fall down the counter. I winced as I felt pain in my bottom. Although, I tried really hard to not laugh.

“Iris?” I heard her father question beside me as the screen flipped once again to Ivery.

“Hey Jasper, be careful. She wants to murder you at this moment.” She explained with a giggle. I chuckled.

When Iris is mad, I find it adorable.

“Melissa?” Mason questioned as Ivery became quiet. I can see her face brighten when her father spoke.

“Daddy!” she yelled with a huge smile. I can see Iris in the back ground, trying to make her way to the camera. In the other hand, her father stood beside me, confused.

“Iris, what’s the meaning of this?” He questioned as Ivery turned to her sister with confusion.

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