The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 7

“Missing you is not like missing a shoe. Missing you is like loosing my life.”

-Jasper Black

“Iris, what’s the meaning of this?” he questioned as Ivery turned to her sister in confusion.


I tried to make my way to the camera as fast as I could, although my sister started screaming, daddy. I felt my heart sink as it became to break down in pieces. This wasn’t my pan. My plan was to show my father Ivery and try to make him remember somehow.

If that didn’t work, I had to go to plan B. This is where Jarred comes in.

“Iris?” I hear my father question one more time as my mate gave me a pity look. I smiled at his direction, letting him know that everything is going to be fine.

I hope…

“D-Daddy, Daddy-o, Father!” I started mumbling random terms as he gave me a pointed look. In the other hand, my mate started laughing. He gained our attention as he handed the camera, quickly to my father.

Coward. I thought.

“Daddy, it’s me Ivery!” my sister continued with a smile on her face. I sat right next to her while motioning Matthew to give us a moment. He nodded as he made his way out of the room.

“Daddy?” my father questioned as realization flashed through his face. He looked at me with a ‘Is that her?’ expression while I nodded. I knew that he didn’t remember but I explained to him about what happened, etc.

“Ivery?” he questioned with a foreign tone. My little sisters face brightened while nodding excitedly.

“I miss you!” she cried out as a tear fell down from her watery eyes. My fathers face softened with a small smile. I know that he wants to remember.

“Dad, call Aiden!” I yelled with a frantic tone. I felt guilty from cutting them off but this is important. He snapped out of trance and turn to me with confusion. “Why?” he replied with confused. Instead of answering his question, I started yelling my uncles name, repeatedly.

“Aiden!” I yelled like a mad woman. I caught his attention when he walked towards the camera with a sleepy look.

“What the hell do you want woman? Don’t you see that I was sleeping?” he questioned with a sarcastic tone. Although, his expression changed when he noticed my sister and I.

“Ivery?” he questioned, well he yelled with his voice cracking at the end. I laughed while scooting over so my sister could get a better glance at the screen. Thankfully, she remembers him as he remembers her.

“Uncle Andy” she whispered while motioning me to come closer. They started chatting while I started motioning my hands across my neck, meaning that he has to cut the conversation. This is really important.

“Ivy, let me have a quick talk with your sister, okay?” my uncle questioned while blowing her a kiss. My sister giggled while acting like she got the kiss. We were always close to our uncle.

Once I’ve seen my sister leave the room, I turned back to Aiden. “Have you tried bringing back their memories?’ I whispered with curiosity. The only way for a person who has been either been brain washed etc, the vampire whom performed the compulsion.

I watch him shake his head no with a look.

“What?” I questioned as he continued to look at me like if I was crazy.

“You know how stupid you sound like?” I stare at him with confusion as he continued. “I thought you were dead or something! You know that bastard wants you dead or make you his, flower. And here you are, asking me about a different situation!” he yelled with his eyebrows raised.

“I’m sorry Aiden, it’s just after everything that has happened, I’m just tired. Tired of running away from the same person.” I replied with a tiring tone. His eyes soften while running a hand through his hair.

“How did you even get out of there?” he questioned with a frown. A smile made its way on my face. I knew that he would be back, although I had to try something in order to get away from their and come up with a plan.

“I strangled him.” I said with a strict tone. Only if I killed him there…

“Your joking, right?” he asked while looking at me with wide eyes. I rubbed my eyes while laughing.

“I’m not joking, I just attacked him when her least expected it.” My response reminded me of the time that Jasper and I trained together. I should thank him later, I’ll just add that in my list.

“You’re such a badass, babe” he replied with a smirk.

Not so many people would have said that in the beginning…

“Learned from the best.” I grinned as he chuckled. I watch my mate show up in the back ground with covers on top of his head. I look at him confusingly as he came up to the camera and snatched it away from my uncles hold.

“Can you give us a moment?” he questioned the people in the room while they left the room. I guess I’ll have to solve the memory case myself when I get home. When the door finally shut, my mate starred at the camera, straight at me.

“I’m going to be there around five, this afternoon.” He announced without hesitation.

“Today?” I questioned as my heart started beating in a quick pace.

“Yes today. I miss you, I can’t live another day without you mi princesa” he replied with a sad look, plastered in his face. Oh, how much I would give to be with I’m at this moment.

“You know that I miss you even more, Jas” I let out with a sob at the end. Curse you period!

You know how emotional and bipolar I get during these times? Well, to answer it for you, it gets really ugly. Well I’m not on it yet, although I get emotional right before it starts. I should really not get into that topic…

“You know what? I’ll come and get you now.” He said while getting up. I cleaned away a tear as I started questioning him randomly.

“Wait, what?” I questioned once more while I watched my mate roll up his white long sleeve. He turned to my direction and winked. I felt my cheeks warm up as I tried looking somewhere else.

“Come on babe. You know you want me” he smirked while coming closer to the camera. I laughed as a smirk came upon my face.

“Nah, I don’t see Christian Grey around here” I replied while looking around. I watch him growl with jealousy as he stated something that made my heart jump.

“Expect me in the front door in thirty minutes. You’ll regret those words, baby girl.”

He winked with a smug while he blew a kiss to the camera. Suddenly, he ended the call. I stood there, smiling like an idiot.

What just happened?

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