The Hybrid Mate

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Chapter 8

“Gossip is just words. They don’t mean anything.”


What just happened?


“What happened?” I hear my sister question as I made my way back to the couch. I shrugged while my grin widened. I watch my sister turn off the television as she turned to me with a questioning look.

“Nu-u-uh, there is something going on here. Just because I wasn’t with you for a long period, doesn’t mean that I don’t know that look, Ire” she replied with a smirk. Her words did touch my heart but I tried to ignore her as much as I could muster, although, she had another plan.

She sat in my lap without getting up.

Well this is not awkward at all.

“Get your fat butt off from me!” I yelled while moving around. Her hair is all over my face as I groaned. I watch matt come in the room while handing me the chips I asked him since the beginning.

“Thank you” I let out with a smile. He nodded while leaving the room. I knew what type of guy he was. He is those cliché guys whom you find a book. The guy who thinks that they are all that and scary, although, they are a softy by heart.

If you ever read a book about the male saying that they are cold hearted, then guess what my friend?

Start laughing because that is the most ridiculous thing that you can ever hear.

Aka, Jasper.

“Princess, Mr. Know it all is here” I hear Matt yell through the front door. I lift my sister up and placed her on the couch. People rarely call me by my title. I hate it when they did, though, I love it when Jasper called me that with his accent.

“Oh no, I want to see this!” she replied while running to the door. I rolled my eyes at the immatures while running as well. The door was opened with Matt chatting with my mate, while my sister watched him with a dropped jaw.

“Someone, bring the holy water…” I hear her mutter as I gasped at her comment.

Is this illegal?

“He sure is the definition of illegal…” my wolf whistled as I rolled my eyes towards the horny wolf. Even my mouth started watering at the sight of my mate.

I can feel my mark itch, wanting my mates touch. I finally made it to the doorway as his eyes immediately connected with mine. I stood there, in a shock form. My mind did register quickly to feel my mates body touching mine.

“Iris…” he muttered in his Spanish accent while hugged him back tightly. My heart was beating like if it would jump out from my body. Stupid Organ.

“Jasper…” I whispered while continuing. “Te extrañe, Jasper” I whispered as he pulled away with a shocked expression. I know that my Spanish is not perfect or even great as Spanish speakers, but I did mean what I said.

(I missed you)

“Te extrañe también, princesa.” He replied while leaning for a kiss. Sadly, someone just had to ruin it.

(I missed you too, princess)

“I’m sorry to interrupt this, but, there’s a child in the room and this is just disturbing for me so, just go back home and do the nasty over there, okay?” Mathew said while rubbing his back of the neck.

A little crowd formed around us as pack members stared at my mate with amazement. Females started trying to reach for my mate as I slapped their hands away. A blonde scoffed while the other female started laughing.

“Thank you for everything Mathew, see you later” Jasper replied while pulling me away. In the other hand, I stayed standing like a statue. I took hold of my sisters’ arm while whispering something to her ear.

“Say thank you” I said with a twinkle in my eye. She started hugged a good bye to the alpha and the beta while I took notice of the beta’s expression. He seemed to melt on my sisters hold. I can feel a smirk come stretching through my face.

So, I was right…

“Thank you, Mathew, for everything. I hope I see you soon” I replied with a smile as my mate took a good grip of my waist. He nodded with a sad smile while I waved a goodbye.

“I’ll see you in the next meeting, Luna” he said with a wink at the end. I can feel the irritation of my mate, ridding off his body. I giggled softly while taking hold of my little sister’s hand.

I felt the small jar of my pills in my back pocket so I relaxed a bit. For a second, I that that I have lost them on my way here. I took one last look at my surroundings as we made our way outside.

I was about to sit in the passenger seat when I hear someone call out my name.

“Iris!” I turned around to see matt, running towards my direction. I stared at him with confusion as he took out the chip bag.

“You forgot something.” He continued while I started laughing and gave him a hug.

“Thank you, Matt,” I continued to laugh. This is funny for my opinion.

“I traveled all the way to town for your stupid commands. Of course, I wouldn’t let you just leave this behind”

I was about to say something when a hand took hold of my elbow and pulled me inside the car. I watch my sister close the door and Jasper locking it. I narrowed my eyes as we started speeding away.

“What was that?” I questioned as my sister started whistling and my mate took hold of my hand.

“Nothing that should concern you.” Jasper replied while soothing my hand. Honestly, at this moment, I just wanted to be alone with my mate.

I hummed in response while starring at my mate. He looks handsome as always. Although, his unshaven beard made him even more handsome, if that is even possible.

“You know, you can take a picture. It last longer” he said while handing me his phone. I gladly took his phone from his hold and took a picture. I gave him a cheeky grin while clicking on his gallery.

His gallery was filled with pictures of me, even the ones when I was little. I narrowed my eyes in confusion. When did he get these pictures?

He watched me from the driver’s seat with the same look from the moment his eyes connected with mine.

“Jas, when did you get these pictures?” I questioned while showing him the pictures that I am talking about. He pulled his hand away from mine as he scratched the back of his neck.

“From your mom” he replied shortly. My mind started drifting off on a certain thought. Don’t quite remember when my mother took pictures of me when I was small. Or is it because I have poor memory?

At some point, I started drifting off to complete darkness.

I started hearing whispers around me while I felt my body being lifted. Electrifying shocks started spreading throughout my whole body while I snuggled closer to the warmth.

This feeling is undeniable.

No words could describe of what I’m feeling now. All that I can manage to say is, I feel alive.

“I can carry her” I hear my brothers voice say while I felt my mates chest vibrate.

“Jasper?” I hear my sister question as my eyes flew open. I can hear her anxiety from up here. My hazel eyes connected with a familiar shade of silver. My heart skipped a beat when his soft plump lips encountered my forehead as he sat me down the couch.

I took hold of my little sisters’ hand and started muttering sweet things on her ear. I was afraid of this happening since the moment we reunited.

“Ire, I could see something is wrong. You can’t fool me, even if you tried.” She whispered as my father’s brother came in the room. I watch his expression changed from emotionless to happiness.

I swear that I heard him sob. He placed his body between my sister and I as he hugged us both tightly.

“Iris…” he whispered while looking at me.

“Ivery…” he continued while looking at my little sister this time. I can see the tears falling down his cheeks. Since when did Aiden become emotional? I should really learn to call him uncle.

“Hi uncle Andy” my sister answered with a bright smile. I couldn’t wait to see my parents look when they get to see their daughter. Reasoning to because, my sister is like a little replica of my mother.

Her bright blue eyes, freckles, laugh, etc. I always watched to look like my mother, although, my father always said that I looked perfect the way I am.

I turned to my mate as I left my sister with our uncle. Aiden gave us some quick thumbs up while my mate and I walked up stairs.

“Where’s my parents?” I questioned quietly while looking ahead. We are barely on the second floor. The same old stairs are upon us as the bright lights shined the way.

“They had to go back to their pack. I didn’t inform them that I would pick you up this early so they decided to check on the pack to see how things are going.” He answered back as I nodded in understanding.

“My brothers?” I continued to questioned despite to the fact that I’m questioning him like a police officer.

“They went along with them so we are basically by ourselves. Well except for the royal pack and the servants.” We finally reached to the fifth floor. Apparently, the workers are almost done fixing up the room and collecting evidence for the council. We walked past through blank white walls with paintings hanged up. I stopped walking for a minute and analyzed one particular one.

“Is this you?” I asked Jasper out of curiosity. In the painting, there was a tall young dark haired boy. He looks about eighteen in this portrait. He stood tall and imitating as I giggled at his expression.

“Yes, I was in school during that time. I think I was nineteen when I graduated in Royal Prep.” I hummed in a response while taking another look of the painting.

Suddenly, he scooped me up onto his arms and walked inside a door. I didn’t have time to know what was going on because he was gone. I started to panic for a quick second when he came back with a smug smile.

“Remember what you told me a few hours ago, babe?” he questioned while taking off his shirt. I couldn’t help but stare at his figure. My eyes betrayed me by wondering off. My mind started getting foggy as I took in the piece of work that is standing right in front of me.

“Come on babe. You know you want me” his voice rang through my mind as I took in his appearance. I feel so dirty as my mind started wondering off.

“Expect me in the front door in thirty minutes. You’ll regret those words, baby girl.” I hear his voice say in a raspy tone as I stared at him with an indescribable expression. My heart is pounding like if I ran a mile.

He stalked closer to my small figure and trapped me against the bed. I stood up and stood up with my tippy toes. I showed him my dormant side. I love challenges. He pressed his body closer to mine as my breath is caught up against my throat.

I looked up to his memorizing sliver eyes. I couldn’t figure out what was running through those dark eyes.

How did this escalated so fast?

“If you keep looking at me with those innocent eyes…” he paused while taking hold of my thighs. I couldn’t stop looking at him. I just couldn’t.

Hazel, you are driving me crazy” he muttered wile sucking on my mark.

My wolf howled with pleasure as my eyes darkened. Jasper took a good hold of my thighs as I wrapped my legs around his waist. My eyes never left his dark eyes. I know that he can smell my scent.

“What…” he started saying while kissing up my neck.

“Am…” he continued as he teased me slowly and painfully. He knew of how much I wanted him. That son of a-

“Going…” he muttered against my cold skin. My emotions are all over the place at this moment. I can feel my fangs starting to grow as he ended the line.

“To do with you.” He ended off while pausing to look at my dark eyes. I couldn’t feel any self-control as I wrapped my hands on each side of his head and pushed my lips against his plump pair.

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