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Me Without You

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Chapter Two

The two other men grab me by the arms and dragged me to a car parked at the entrance of the ally. I'm fighting, pleading for my life and they don't care. This is like a second nature to these guys. They kill people, that's what the do, I've just seen it. I look back over my shoulder to the spot where that poor man's life was taken. I don't see him anymore, it's cleaned up like it never even happened. My view gets cut short as I aggressively get thrown into the back of the car. Two men sit on either sides of me and the man with the black hair is in the passenger seat. There was already a guy in the drivers seat. We start to move. My heart still beating so hard. My eyes swollen and still filled with tears. Do I beg for my life still? They have taken me. I don't know what to do. You always see in the news people going missing, people getting taken, but you never, ever think it's going to be you. My head stays looking straight but my eyes shift to the man sitting on my right, he has a gun grasped firmly in his hand, his hand is resting on his lap, and the barrel of the gun is facing me, if he were to pull the trigger right now, I would be hit in the abdomen. My eyes shift over to the man to my left. He is carelessly spinning his gun in his hand. Playing with it as if it's a toy, and not a killing machine. It's vile, that people in the world like this exists. Killing people, taking people like we are nothing more than a piece of dirt. I'm scared, I'm fucking scared. But now I'm angry too. I'm going to die, I know it, but Im not going to die on their terms. Im going to die on my own.

I quickly reach my hand and snatch the gun out of the guy to my lefts hand. Then I swiftly bring the gun up to the side of my head. The car comes to a screeching stop. The man to my right now has his gun raised to my head as-well. Two guns on me, the one I'm holding, and the one he's holding. I see eyes on me from the rear view mirror, but the man in the passenger seat continues looking forward. Then I hear laughing.

"This fucking woman just took my gun" his laughing continues. "She took my gun and could of aimed it at any of us, and she aimed it at herself" his laughing is intensifying. He's right, why am I aiming it at myself, they don't care if I die, if anything it will be convenient for them.

"If you are going to shoot, shoot." The man in the passenger says, coldly. He then turns around. "Otherwise put the gun down, you're wasting my fucking time" he turns back around.

Fuck this guy. Fuck everyone in this car. I'm not thinking straight, my blood feels hot. Without thinking I pull the trigger and flinch. Squeezing my eyes shut. Am I dead? No I can't be.

"She fucking did it! She pulled the fucking trigger! You got balls I'll give you that." The smart ass to my left says, while still laughing. He snatches the gun from my hand. "Next time take the fucking safety off."

"Are you done fucking around? I got places to be." The passenger speaks. "Drive."

The car starts moving. This time, the gun that was once in the man to my rights lap, is now pressed against my temple. Every time I move, even a little, the barrel of the gun gets pushed harder against my head.

We have been in the car for what feels like a couple hours. We are outside of the city now. The car was slowing, it stopped for a gate to open. There were men standing by the gate, running who was aloud to enter I assume. We passed through and proceeded down a long road. Eventually we came up to a huge house. A mansion. There were a couple men outside the front door, talking to each-other. When they saw the car approaching they stopped there conversation and started towards the car. I jerk forward a little as the car came to a stop.

"Try something, little girl. I promise you, you'll regret it" the man to my left says as he pushes the barrel to my head one last time. His voice is raspy, and deep. He sounds older. All the men except the driver exit the vehicle, slamming the doors on their way out. The driver looks at me one last time in the rear view, this time, showing some sympathy. He then exits as well. I'm watching the men, they are talking, nodding and then they start to look at the car. I'm assuming they are having a conversation on who is to kill me later. I'm still angry, I'm still scared. But over the past couple hours of driving I have become a bit numb. I have started to accept my fate. Maybe they will sell me to some disgusting, vile human being that will use me as a puppet. Maybe they will pass me around for themselves. But now I'm just hoping they kill me.

All the men, except the driver, and the man with the black hair, starts making there way to the car. My heart begins to race again. There's like 7 men heading towards me and I have no idea what their intentions are. The door swings open and I start kicking at them, reflux. One man, grabbed both my legs dragging me out of the car, causing me to drop heavily onto the dirt ground. I'm flailing and screaming. I want to go home. I feel a sting to abdomen. My breath has been lost and now I'm curled up holding my injury. One of the men kicked me in the stomach and now I'm laying here wincing in pain. Someone reaches into my pocket, they pull of my phone and a hear it crunch under a foot. Next thing I know I'm being dragged into the house and dropped onto a bed.

I hear the pattering of feet leaving the room. Once the door closes I break down, sobbing and screaming into a pillow. I'm screaming so hard I can barely breath. My chest feels like it's on fire, I wish it were. I screamed and sobbed for what felt like forever, my eyes began to feel heavy, my mind went blank. There I was, sleeping on a soggy pillow, awaiting my death.

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