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All my Heart

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Life always gives you a second chance. It certainly gave to Melissa. Will melissa be able to hold onto that love and life for the second time or Carl will be lost?

Romance / Drama
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“I will not accept this ridiculous resignation of yours, Melissa”, said my boss in loud voice in front of all the board members in a very formal way yet with a hidden meaning in it.

I got that meaning but still wanted to give him my resignation whether he likes it or not.

“With due respect sir, this is my final decision and I would very much appreciate it if you accept it, and give me my severance pay till the end of next week till then I will clear out all my schedules and fulfill all the mandatory procedures for the same. I shall now take your leave sir and board members”, I said and left the room knowing the trouble I just got myself into.

I came back to my office and let myself calm down after rolling down the curtains.

“It’s okay Melissa… it’s okay. You did the right thing. When people will know about this, they are gonna judge you and him so it’s better for you to leave before the words get out. Take a deep breath girl”, I told myself in my mind.

I got up from my chair to move my stuff to the already arranged cardboard box I bought with me while coming to the office today. I just turned my back to my laptop when I heard my notification sound for my mail and I froze knowing whom it was from.

BOSS!!! And I was right It was him. The mail reads,

“Dear Employee,

You just wait for me at home melissa. I make sure to give you your severance pay for this sudden act at the board meeting today. I am impressed and turned on both by the audacity you showed today. And women… I knew you are something when I first laid my eyes on you. You got yourself a very huge amount of severance pay.

I know your reaction right now. A mix of blush and imaginative eyes with a pinch of fear. I know I am right. Well, you can clear your desk.

I know you won’t even reconsider your resignation so I won’t even try to make you take it back. You always know your mind and you do accordingly and you think million zillion times before making a decision, So I will accept your resignation after a week.

Why a week? Well, for a week you have to come to the office as my Personal Assistant. If you accept this condition, I will consider taking your resignation.

Make up your mind till I come there, baby. OH, Melissa, it is.

Thank you

Your BOSS”

He is right about my reaction though. I hate it when he does this.

“And what about this Personal Assistant condition now? Why can’t he just let me go silently from the office? If I had to make a scene, I would not have given my resignation in the first place, I mouthed to myself sitting on the chair. Again!”

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