When I Look at You

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Chapter Twenty

About an hour later, Blaine and I excused ourselves to head out for our trip. Grabbing my backpack and my new camera, I jumped into Blaine’s truck and we took off towards the marina. “I’m so jealous!” He said as we hit the highway. “You are going to let me try it out, right?”

“I’ll think about it.” I replied, smirking at him.

“Gee thanks. Did you enjoy your party, though?”

“I did but...I don’t know.”

“But what?”

“I just feel like there’s something I’m missing, you know? Like I’m glad everyone is getting along but how is it that my mom, my dad and Tammy are all on such good terms? My mom was referring to Tammy with vulgar terms before I came down here. Now they are friends? I just find it odd.” He shrugged.

“Maybe once they got to know each other, they found they are alike more than they thought they were. It’s a good thing, Kerri. Most people in your situation have to act as a mediator between parents. Both your parents are awesome and the fact they get along so well still is a blessing, really.”

“You think so?”

“I do. You’re very lucky.” He pulled into the marina and parked in the overnight section. Climbing out, I grabbed my things as he grabbed his own backpack from the truck bed. Walking hand and hand, we headed to Cooper’s dock. We quickly found his boat but he was nowhere to be seen. “Stay here.” Blaine said, smirking at me. He jumped up on the boat and vanished for a minute. When he reappeared, he held his hand out for me. I took it and he pulled me up onto the deck of the ship.

“Where’s Cooper?” I asked. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything is fine. I just might have told your father a little white lie.”

“A little white lie about what?”

“Cooper and Yara are actually in Georgia for the weekend visiting her parents. Coop may or may not have given me permission to take his boat camping anyway. And who goes camping by themselves?”

“So it’s just going to be us?” I asked, my nerves setting in my stomach.

“Yup. Is that okay? I wanted to surprise you. If not, I can take you home.”

“No! It’s fine. I trust you. You can drive this thing though, right?”

“Sort of?” He called as he headed up to the wheel above the cabin. The boat roared to life under my feet as he started the engine. I helped him untie the lines and pull them up on the back of the boat. Securing the anchor in it’s holder, he pulled slowly off from the dock and headed out towards the open sea. As he drove, I slipped under into the cabin and changed my clothes. Even though it was summer, the air was beginning to cool at night. I put on a pair of jeans and an old sweat shirt before heading back up to the deck, He had also pulled a sweatshirt on and was zipping it up as I joined him by the wheel.

“Are we still going to Moose Head Island?” I asked, sitting in the chair next to him.

“Yes. It’s actually called Cape Reardon. When we were younger though, Coop swears he saw a moose swimming in the water by the beach there. Even when he was told that moose do not hang out at the beach. So he calls it Moose Head Island because he thinks a hidden society of moose live there waiting for him to return some day. I told you it was a long story.”

“I see. At least he’s imaginative.”

“That he is. He’s a great guy though. I don’t know where I would be without him.” He pulled back on the throttle and brought the boat to a stop. We were floating about ten or so feet from a long dock that protruded from a small island. Small lamps lit up the dock and led a walk way on the beach. “Cape Reardon is usually dead. No one except locals come out here and they rarely come out here at night. Especially on the south side of the island. Rumor has it that wild boar roam the island looking for unexpected beach goers to attack.”

“Is it safe to be here?”

“Oh yeah. Coop started the rumor.” We drift until we stopped next to the dock. He jumped off the boat and tied it to the posts, making sure it wouldn’t float away. Climbing back on, he grabbed his bag and a small cooler before helping me off the boat. The boards of the dock creaked as we walked towards the beach. Looking out at the water as we walked the beach, I could see the harbor in the far off distance. Lights from it twinkled softly and I could just see the lighthouse off on the left side of it.

We walked for a little while before stopping on the part of the island that had white sand. Blaine quickly lit a fire with some drift wood and set a blanket up on the sand. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a speaker dock and some cups. I raised an eyebrow at him. “I have another surprise for you.” He explained. Bending over, he opened the cooler. From inside, he pulled out a bottle of pink tinted wine. I noticed it was the kind that Jenna and Tammy drank.

“Did you steal from Tammy’s stash?” I asked.

“I figured she would blame Hannah. That’s why I took two.” He twisted the cap off the bottle and poured some into each cup. He held one out to me which I took. “Have you had wine before?”

“Yeah. At a wedding once.”

“Good. Let’s have a toast then, shall we?” He said, holding his cup up. I held mine up as well. “Here’s to another year older and the generous scheming of your parents to send you down here for the summer.”

“Cheers.” He tipped his cup against mine before taking a sip. I brought mine to my lips and took a large sip. IT was sweet and tasted almost like fruit juice. It was delicious. I took another swallow, finishing my glass.

“Woah there, slugger.” He said, refilling my glass. “We’ve got all night.” Leaning over, he set the wine bottle in the sand and plugged his phone into the speaker system. SLiding his finger on the screen, soft music began playing through them. Taking my glass, he set both his and mine down next to the bottle. Wrapping his arms around me, he began to slowly sway us to the music. Resting my head on his shoulder, I slid my arms around his neck as I leaned in closer to him.

“I’ve got a secret to tell you.” I whispered as we danced, breaking the silence between us.

“Oh yeah?”

“My mom and I are moving here.” He pulled away, looking at me.

“Really?” He asked, an excited smile filling his face. I nodded, returning it. “Yes!” He exclaimed, picking me off the ground and twirling me around in a circle. A giggle escaped my lips as he set me down. He cupped my face in his hands and placed a kiss on my lips. “I have been dreading telling you goodbye at the end of the summer.”

“Well now you don’t have to. We’re going to start looking at some houses in the next couple of weeks and I’ve already been approved for the early graduation through the high school with you. My dad called them yesterday.”

“I can’t wait to show you off to everyone. You going to be able to handle Hannah at school?”

“I’m sure I can as long as I have you by my side.”

“Always.” Leaning in, he pressed his lips against mine. He trailed kisses from my lips down my chin to my neck. Tilting my head back, I gave him more to work with. It felt amazing as he nibbled on my collarbone, his fingers pulling at the zipper of my sweater. My eyes slid shut as his hand gripped my hip to pull me closer to him.

A loud clap of thunder made us both jump. Glancing up at the sky, we saw lighting flashing off in the distance as storm clouds quickly began to roll in. “Shit!” Blaine said, letting go of me. He scurried to grabbed the speakers while I grabbed the rest of our things. The rain began as we started running up the beach. It was a complete downpour by the time we reached the dock. IT pounded the surface of Cooper’s boat as we tried our best to climb on as fast as we could. We finally managed to get into the cabin as another roll of thunder shook the whole boat. Both of us were soaked head to toe, dripping water where we stood. He attempted to pull his sweatshirt over his head but the wet material stuck to him.

“Here. Let me help.” Stepping closer to him, I helped him pull it and his t-shirt off revealing his bare chest. It became apparent to me that I hadn’t seen him without a shirt on before and I felt a blush begin to form in my cheeks. Reaching up, he gripped the zipper of my sweater and undid it, helping me pull out of it. The cooler air of the cabin gave me goose bumps as I stood there in my black bra and jeans. My jeans felt heavy with the water in them.

“Tell me to stop if you aren’t ready.” He said softly. I nodded. Reaching over, he unbuttoned my jeans and helped me out of them. They landed with a thud as he tossed them to the side. I did the same for him, leaving him in his green flannel boxers. Gently, he placed his hand on my shoulder. He stuck his thumb into my bra strap and slowly slid it down my shoulder. Taking a deep breath. I reached behind me and undid the clasp. IT came undone and my bra loosened in my other hand. He tossed that to the side with my other clothes, leaving me standing completely naked for the first time for anyone in front of Blaine. Stepping closer, he looked down at me and smiled softly. “You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.”

“No I’m not.” I whispered. He cupped my face in his hands again and pressed his forehead against mine.

“Yes you are. Inside and out. I’ve never loved anyone more in my life than I love you.” Sliding his arms around me, he picked me up and carefully laid me back on the bed in the cabin.

“I love you too.”

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