When I Look at You

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Chapter Thirty Three

I barely did the speed limit as I hightailed it towards the marina where Coop kept his boat. My car was barely at a stop as I jumped out of it, my sneakered feet pounding the pavement as I ran. Cooper’s boat was still floating at the end of the dock in his spot, music playing from the cabin. Coop was on the top of the upper deck, wiping down the railings. Blaine was below, looking up at him. Cooper stood up and saw me standing there, panting as I tried to catch my breath. Blaine must have followed his gaze because he turned around. He eyes landed on me and we both froze. He had a grey long sleeve sweater on and his khaki shorts.

After what felt like a century, he walked towards the ladder and climbed down. Stepping down, he stood in front of me. He peered down at me, so much pain and emotion stared at me. “Why didn’t you tell me about your brother?” I asked, finally find some nerve to speak. His look of pain deepened with realization. “Hannah told me about him. You could have told me about him. I could have helped you with your grief.”

“Because I thought that if you knew about him, you would treat me differently. No one is honest with the kid with the dead brother. And I didn’t want you to think about any kind of death before you had to. I thought you were going back to Maine.”

“My mom bought that house. The only we looked at right by this marina. She left it to me in her will. My aunt has to stay with me until I’m done with school but it’s officially mine. She must have found the ad in my room.”


“I saw your photos. Did you enter me into the contest?”

“I did. You deserved to win, Kerri. I had to do something to make up for what I did. Sorry I didn’t tell you about my exhibit. I knew if you had known, you wouldn’t have let me take them.”

“Do you remember when we played that game on our date? The questions game?”


“Do you remember that last question you asked me?”

“Yeah. When you look at the future, what do you see?”

“You. I see you, Blaine. I knew it then and I know it now. I know it’s crazy because I’ve only known you for this summer but deep down, I feel like I was destined to meet you. To fall in love with you. I never want to experience that with anyone else. But if we do this, I want to do this right. No more fuck ups. I don’t want to be hurt like this in a few months. I want this to be end game. You and me for the rest of forever. I need to know that you can handle that now or not.”

“Really?” He asked, stepping closer. I nodded. He reached out and wrapped his arms around me. “I thought I had lost you forever. I’m so sorry, Kerri. I should have been honest with you since the beginning. I was just trying to save you from what I felt when I lost my brother.”

“I understand that now. Thank you. You have been so good to me throughout this whole thing and I never stopped to thank you.”

“I’m sorry about your mom.”

“I’m sorry about your brother. Wish I could have met him.”

“He would have loved you.” He said, tucking a piece of my hair behind my ear. “Of course, he would have tried to steal you from me the second he saw you. Terrible flirt. Never knew when to quit it. Wonder where Cooper learned that from.” Smiling, I placed my hands on his neck. His face was scruffier than it was before.

“But he wouldn’t have been you.” Standing up on my tippy toes, I placed a kiss on his lips. He wrapped his arms around me tighter, pulling me in closer.

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