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Lovely and Adored - (Book 2) - Full Story

By Amber Hall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica


Lilee and Alyi have been together for over two years now and are getting close to each other every day. They've moved to Seattle from New York and are on the road to building a life together and settling down. The couple is full of life, love, and adventure. Their relationship has become more and more intense with the reliance of pleasure and discipline in their world. Lilee has taken her place as a full submissive, but she has a need that she isn't sure Alyi is ready to give into yet.

Chapter 1

The sun was beautifully hot and the sea smelled salty and inviting. I stared off at the water and enjoyed the bright sight.

“What’s on your mind,” Alyi asked me as she came and sat next to me.

“I’m just looking out and enjoying the view. This sight never gets old. I know we try and sail once a month, so the view isn’t new, but it’s perfect. How is Mason doing?” Mason was a friend that she hired to sail with us. He controlled the boat, so Alyi and I could spend time together without worrying about the sails. He doesn’t always go with us, but it’s a treat when he does.

“He’s fine. He could really use the paycheck, so I feel happy I invited him to come with us. I love being able to spend the quality time with you on the water. I love sailing, but when you’re here, it’s easier for someone else to do it. Your hair looks extra orange in the sun. I love my little ginger.” I blushed.

“Thanks. I always enjoy it when you sail though. I like to watch you, but it’s nice when you have nothing to tend to except putting the sails up. Do you think here is a good place?”

“I think it is.” Alyi motioned to Mason to let him know we were ready to fish.

The wind was very light and the sails were slow enough to cast out. Alyi grabbed our fishing poles. I had to re-do my line first because the last time we fished something got a hold of my line and pulled it off the pole. We had deep sea poles and heavy fishing line luckily. I laced my pole up with new line, sinkers, and a hook from the tackle box. People were usually surprised when they find out that Alyi and I fish, but we’re from the south. We’d been fishing for years.

“Ready to cast out?” Alyi asked as she was putting bait on both of our hooks.

“Yes, ma’am.” And we casted out. “This is nice,” I said. “Fishing can be calming.”

“I agree. This is a great way to spend my day off. I’ve got my Lovely, my boat, and the sea. Today was really needed.”

“You work a lot and very hard. You deserve your time off. Is there anything I can do for you to help make this day better?” I winked at her.

“Not now, sweet girl. It’s time to fish.” I pouted, but didn’t argue. I sat there with my pole in my hands and just waited. I enjoyed catching fish, but waiting for them to bite took some serious patience.

After several false alarms, we were going home fishless. Alyi and I both had several bites, but the fish always let go before we had a chance to snag them.

“Better luck next time,” Alyi commented as we were getting into the Hummer.

“You’re right. We caught enough last time to make-up for this time.” We headed home, back to our new house. We had lived in New York for almost a year and a half, but now we were in Seattle, Washington. We built a house near Elliot’s Bay and the drive from the marina to our house wasn’t very long.

Alyi designed a house and had it built for us last year. We had only been living in it for a few months, but it was perfect. It was a freaking huge house. Alyi invited our friends, Riley and Erik, to come live with us after discussing it with all of us together. The house was big enough for all of us and then some.

The house was built out of lovely sand colored and gray rock styled bricks. It had several windows across the front and back of the house in a decorative setting. It almost looked like a mixture of two different houses because of the symmetrical castle style structures on both sides and the hint of gothic structure that decorated the majority of the house. On the castles were an outdoor balcony that had a staircase coming down to meet in the middle – close to the front door. There were private entrances on both sides under the staircase. There was a huge pool in the back of the house that curved around the sides of the house and almost reached the front yard. There was a hot tub on the opposite side of the pool that was up against the house. There were several different chimneys throughout the house to accompany the several fireplaces within – including our bedroom. It was a beautiful creation. Alyi and I had our area on the left wing of the house and Riley and Erik were on the right wing. We had our own living rooms, but we shared the kitchen, and laundry area. The laundry room had two washers and two dryers for everyone’s convenience. Everything else was separate. The arrangement was working really well for us. We were all happy with it.

“You got some sun,” Alyi murmured to me as we arrived home and drove into our underground garage. Beyond the car garage wall was our gym and then behind that wall was Alyi’s work garage. She brought her work home with her a lot. She liked having a designated place to build her projects, at least the parts that could be built here.

“I know, I can feel it. Now that I’m out of the sun, it’s starting to sting a little bit.” I started to rub my cheeks and felt how warm they were.

We walked upstairs from the garage to the main level of the house. There are three floors and our bedroom was on the main level.

“Thank you for today. I had a really good time sailing. Sailing always makes me happy. I love you,” I told her.

“I love you too babe and you are more than welcome. I enjoyed today as well. Let’s shower and get all the sweat and salt off of us.” We went in our bedroom and headed to the shower in our bathroom.

Our shower was large and had two shower heads, so we could shower separately if we needed to. There was also a bench against the side wall. The glass double doors were slightly tinted and had double handles.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. We started taking our clothes off while we walked toward the shower. I watched and I saw the tattoos that covered her body. I thought they really added character to her body – not that it needed it.

Alyi had several tattoos all over her body. They were up and down her arms, legs, back, ankles, feet, and across her chest. There were things that she enjoyed and had meaning to her. There was her Navy anchor, various quotes, plants, vines, and other things. The most recent one was a corset style tattoo going down her chest. It was really neat. I decided that one was my favorite.

I joined Alyi in the shower and began to wash my hair. While my arms were up, Alyi reached around and started to rub her hands all over my body. It took me a moment to realize her hands were all lathered up. Her hands went up and down each leg. She continued rubbing until my whole body had been washed. I relished in the feeling of her hands all over me. I didn’t want them to leave my body.

“Do you like the way this feels?” She asked as her hands ran between my legs, after I’d been washed off.

“Very much,” I breathed.

Her hand began to rub my ass while the other hand slipped two fingers inside me. It felt divine. My head tilted backwards as her fingers moved in and out of me. She slapped my ass and began to bite my neck. Her bites felt good as she held onto my soft flesh. I was so turned on at that point that I just held still and moaned loudly.

“That’s my girl. Be loud for me.” Alyi smacked my ass one more time and lead me to the bench of the shower and sat me down.

She kept her fingers inside of me as she knelt down in front of me. I groaned out loud as her tongue met my clitoris. She teased me by lightly flicking me with the tip of her tongue. My body started to writhe and grind into her hand. Mercifully, she began to lick faster and her fingers moved quicker and deeper. My grinding got deeper until finally I erupted, screaming her name.

“Good girl,” she complimented me.

“Thank you,” I sighed. That orgasm was intense. It had been days since Alyi and I had been together long enough to fool around. She had been on a business trip and didn’t return until late last night. I was not allowed to touch myself while she was gone, so it had been awhile.

“Get on your knees,” it was a command. I did as I was told and waited for further instruction. “Good girl. Now, it’s my turn.” As the water ran down of our bodies it made the mood even hotter.

Alyi stood right in front of me and propped one leg up on the bench. She fisted her hands in my hair and pulled my face right up to her wet spot. She smelled delicious and tasted even better. Her hands held my head in place and I felt her rub her clitoris against my tongue. She was in control. I was just a tool. I liked when she used me for her pleasure. I licked her hungrily and greedily. She was grinding into me and spreading her sweet juice all over my face. I could feel her body start to stiffen and when she came, she held my face tighter to her. She finally let go of me and then just got on both feet and continued her shower. I stood up and just watched Alyi run her hands all over her beautiful body. It was making me all hot and bothered again. She was a goddess.

After our shower, we headed to the kitchen for an evening snack. We had eaten on the boat, but now we had the munchies. When we got into the kitchen, Erik was in there hunting for something to eat as well.

“Hey, what’s up?” He asked as we walked into the room. Erik was a Riley’s boyfriend and a quiet guy. He was about five foot eight, had dark hair, and green eyes. He was wearing some sweat shorts and a green t-shirt.

“We’re just hunting for a snack,” I answered. “How was your day?”

“Pretty good. All I did was work though. Now, I’m hungry.”

“Us too. We just need a snack. We had a meal on the boat, but now it’s munchies time.”

“Oh, yeah – how did that go?”

“It was fun and hot,” Alyi spoke up.

“Did you catch any fish this time?”

“Nope. Plenty of false alarms though,” she pouted. Erik grabbed an apple and turned to leave.

“Better luck next time. I’ll see you guys later.” He walked out of the kitchen and headed toward his wing of the house. It was nice seeing him. With our living arrangement and work schedules, we could go days without seeing each other. Though I didn’t work and stayed home most of the time – I still didn’t see them.

“Anything in particular you want to eat?” Alyi asked me.

“How about some watermelon?” I had cut a fresh watermelon the day before and put it in the fridge.

“Sounds good to me.” Alyi got the watermelon out of the fridge while I got some bowls out of the cabinet.

We headed back toward our bedroom with our bowls of fruit. Our bedroom was comfortable and decorative. Our bed was up against the back wall that was made of two wide glass doors that we could step out onto our private patio. In the mornings the sun shined right behind our headboard. It was a nice and warm sight to wake up to. There was a fireplace that was on the wall next to the glass wall. It was not meant for heat, but for romantic enjoyment. We had our own closets. Alyi was on the right side of the room and mine was on the left. In between the two closets was our gigantic bathroom. To the right of the room was the TV room. When we got into the bedroom, our wolf-husky mix dogs, Nyklaus and Nyko – now grown, were lying on the couch that we had in front of the television in the TV room. There was a side room made of tinted glass that housed a couch, chair, and large flat screen TV with all the movie systems. Alyi didn’t believe in watching TV where we slept, so the flat screen was in a separate room.

“This watermelon is tasty. You sure picked a good one. I’m glad you don’t put salt on yours anymore. It always grossed me out. Fruit is supposed to be sweet – not salty.” Alyi always made jokes about me eating salt on my watermelon.

“I have seen the error of my ways. I grew up eating it like that, but once you got me to eat it without salt, I liked it better. So, thank you.” I smiled politely at her.

“I think that smile is secretly a smirk. I’m watching you, little girl.”

“I’m silly, Mommy – what can I say?” I called Alyi Mommy when we were being serious or silly.

“You are silly indeed, but it’s part of what makes you special. I love your silly. Eat up, it’s almost time for bed.”

“Okay.” I dug into my fruit and agreed with Alyi – the watermelon was quite tasty. We continued our snack quietly.

Tomorrow was Monday and that meant Alyi was back to work and I was back to school. I had enrolled at a local community college this year and was doing half of my classes on campus and the other half online. I only had to actually go to school on Mondays and Thursdays. I liked that. My history and psychology classes were at school and my English and math were online. It was convenient. I was able to be home and keep house and it didn’t interfere with my cooking or playtime. Everything was going so well for us.

Alyi was finally able to start her own business. It was called Alyi Air. We only spent about a year and a half in New York before she left her job and started to get things in order for her business. Now that she’s been at it for awhile, things have really taken off. She’s been having a lot of success, but she’s been working a lot too. She has a large crew that works for her and a secretary, but everything else she does herself – including going to meet clients. Alyi had been on the ball lately because she just signed a contract for someone in Germany, so she’s been busy designing small aircrafts and even making business trips to meet with clients in person. I would sometimes go with her, but it’s not so easy with school now.

“You seem distracted,” Alyi said quietly.

“I’m just thinking about going back to the real world tomorrow. I wish we had more ‘us’ time.”

“I know, but we are busy for now and we will do the best we can. Right?”

“Yes, Mommy. “

“Good girl. Did you write in your journal today?” We had arranged that if I didn’t write in my journal that I would get five spankings that day. It was pretty fair.

“Yes, Mommy. I did it before the boat.”

“Good. Now let’s go to sleep.” We had just bought a new comforter for our bed. It was a California King sized white down comforter with bright pink lily flowers on them with green stems. Alyi bought it for me and it was beautiful. We climbed into bed, turned off the lights, and snuggled before I fell asleep.

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