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"It looks like yesterday when I first heard his name. Okay, So, I, Kaira Raval is madly and deeply in love and the one whom I'm in love means the world to me," thought Kaira. Kaira was in love with her friend's friend who lived in Mumbai while she stayed in Kolkata. She had a really sweet and cute relationship with a guy named Aaditya Das. But that sweet relationship lasted for only 23 days as Aaditya was just faking to be in love. Kaira was broken and shattered into pieces after her first love turned fake. after 2 months Aaditya again contacts her. And this time Aaditya genuinely falls in love with Kaira. This story deals with how the same person once breaks heart and trust and then later on tries to fix it.

Chapter 1

Kaira Raval, a girl crazy, actually the craziest and biggest mado. She was in 9 and resided in Kolkata.

Kaira was on her way to school with her new friend Ananya, who had recently shifted from Mumbai. Ananya was telling Kaira about her friends, family and lifestyle in Mumbai. Ananya told Kaira about her best friend living miles apart from her in Mumbai. She told that her best friend was an awesome footballer and his passion for football was simply amazing just as him. Kaira had zero interest in football or rather she didn't liked football, so she just heard Ananya's best friend's name, "Aaditya Das." Later on that evening while Kaira was using Instagram, the name "Aaditya Das", echoed in her mind. So, Kaira searched for his profile and in a friendly manner requested to follow him. He approved her request. Who knew this was the approval to enter his heart!

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