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21 Days

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"Do you believe in the afterlife ?" she asked. "No." he replied "I don't". Kriyank is a firm believer in the mortality of things. He has always believed that all things has its end. END OF STORY. That's exactly how his and Evlyn's relationship also ended after 10th standard. But then after 12th, when Kriyank finds out that Evelyn has got cancer and doesn't have much time to live, he writes her letters everyday till the day she dies. But then suddenly, one fine day after her death he starts receiving letters from someone called Evelyn. Could it be someone else or could it really be her, sending him the letters from a place he never believed to be true.....the AFTERLIFE ? Perhaps it's time for him to open his window to something new.....

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Chapter 1

30 Days before.

What does it feel like to be sitting in your room and doing nothing ? Well, technically the answer is to feel bored but to be honest I don’t feel bored. Bored is what you would say when you want to do something but you just don’t know what to do.

I don’t think it’s the same in my case though. I don’t have anything to do and I don’t want to do anything either.

I have been staring out the window for well over 20 minutes now and I can say that I am not bored. The night is warm. Too warm perhaps because I had to increase my fan speed so I don’t suffocate to death.

There isn’t much to look out though. It’s basically just an empty land that has been sitting here from the day I was born. There isn’t much to listen to either apart from the neighbor’s television playing some serial.

I am not complaining though ; the silence is comforting and peaceful.

I try to listen harder to what my neighbor’s are playing. I don’t seem to recognize it. Huh. That’s funny. And I thought all housewives watched the same thing. I can already hear Anupama playing downstairs.

After another ten minutes of staring into the distant land belonging to the silent and lonely night, I realize that maybe I do want to do something. But I have nothing to do. Okay! NOW, I am feeling bored.

I decide to call my friend Vijesh. Vijesh said he would be going to Mysore and I mean – well – He DID go but – I just thought that maybe he might not go and would hang out with me and the gang - Sunil, Sujitha and Shreya.

I dial his number and hear it ring. He doesn’t pick up. Okay now it’s starting to get annoying. It’s bad as it is that I have over two months before college starts but it’s even worse when you have no idea how to pass the time. I have binged like over a hundred anime’s. I might as well break the record for the fastest anime watcher and the most number of anime’s watched in a month.

I am about to start my third season of My Hero Academia when I hear my name being called.


It’s mom. I then hear footsteps approach my room.

“Kriyank-” I see my room door open and my mom steps in. She looks around a bit as if expecting to see me doing or hiding something that I shouldn’t.

I take out my ear pods from my ear. “ What happened ?” I ask.

“What are you doing?” she asks, still thinking that perhaps I might be watching porn or something. Yup. Suspicion level 100.

“Nothing, just watching a show” I say. “What happened ?”

“I have some bad news for you.”


My college application is canceled ? I know that’s not right but that’s the only important thing ahead that I am kind of worried about. It’s always the important stuff that go wrong every time. Isn’t it ?

“Okay ? What is it?”

“Your friend Evelyn’s mother called. She is not in good health.”

Evelyn ? Whoa. Where did that come from ?

“What happened ?” I ask.

“She’s got cancer. Stage IV.”

* * *

I think it’s been over 10 minutes since I have been staring at my phone. My eyes lingering over Sunil’s name in the contact list. Should I call him or one of the girls first ? Or maybe should I just try calling Evelyn ?

No wait. What ?

What the hell am I thinking ? I don’t think my brain has been this confused in a long time. It’s like a box has been opened in my brain, A box filled with emotions and memories. A box that I would have rather preferred to keep shut.

Evelyn has got cancer ? Well, definitely didn’t see that coming. And that too stage IV ? Since when did she have it then ? When did it all start ?

It’s like someone just threw a brick at my head and I am just waking up now. How did it all come to this ? Three years led to this ?

I hear the line ring and I see Sunil’s name on the screen. Guess my brain might not have noticed my hand tapping his number. Yup ; Definitely hit on the head.

I hear the line ring for sometime. I am about to hang up when I hear him pick up.

“Hello?” I hear him say.

“H-Hello ?”

“Yeah bro tell, what’s up ?”

I wonder if I should just tell him directly or ask something else first.

“Bro you know, Evelyn’s mom called just now.”

“What?” I hear him laugh. “ Whoa, what happened ? She called you ?”

“No” I say. “ She called my mom. She wanted to tell something about Evelyn.”

“Um-mm....Okay, what ?”

“She has got cancer.”

I hear him laugh “She has got cancer-ah?”

“Yeah” I say “ Stage IV”



There’s a pause. “Hey, stop lying, dumbass” he says. I hear him scoff.

“Her mother said that it’s terminal.” There’s an even longer pause.

“Are you being serious right now? “ he asks. “She has really got cancer ?? I mean this is not like some kind of prank right ?”

I don’t say anything. I can still hear Anupama playing downstairs. How loud does mom have to keep the volume ?

“Shit bro. Now what ?”

“I don’t know” I say “I don’t know.”

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