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Love never asks questions and never cares about rules. Olivia's biggest dream is to help people and to never let an innocent rest in jail when they could be living life, that's why she became a lawyer. She is just beginning her career when she is given her biggest case to date. The murder of Alex Jackson and now his best friend is being charged for his murder. Alec Ocean has not had the best start in life but for sure he is not a killer but he has no way of proving that, why would the court believe a guy with a criminal record? Now that the two of them meet, the attraction is instant but there are so many reasons to ignore it but that is not what Alec wants to do. He wants Olivia and he is going to get her, no matter what the cost is. Now they both have to choose between lust and responsibility but when you mix in dark pasts with lose murderers and people scared to love, they may just get sentenced to love.

Romance / Erotica
Adelina Taneva
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Chapter 1

This is book 2 in the Finding Love Trilogy.

Olivia’s POV

Why do l have to wake up so early in the morning and go to work? Don’t get me wrong, l love being a lawyer but just the thought of the amount of paperwork l have to do makes me sick.

I have broken a record by being the youngest lawyer in the US and a woman at that. Don’t ask me how many sleepless nights I’ve had trying to pass the overwhelming classes but I did have a head start as my dad is a lawyer so when I was stuck on certain things I could ask him.

I saved money and time. I am now 20 and l have been working for the last 10 months and each month they would give me a harder and tougher case and today l am kind of excited since l am going to be working on a robbery with a murder.

I know that it’s a bad thing for me to be excited but this is the first big chance that I can use to prove to the other snobby lawyers that I am not some kid but I can win important and complicated cases just like them.

I force myself to get out of bed and walk to my closet, l am very lucky to have successful parents that have given me luxuries only some have the privilege to have, every single day I am thankful for all the things that I can enjoy and all the worries I don’t have to think about.

They are also the nicest and kindest people l know and l am not ashamed to say that I’m a daddy’s girl while my brother is a mommy’s boy, I guess it all kind of makes sense as each parent is very protective over their little girl or little boy. The most important thing they taught us was by showing us how to unconditionally love your child.

I cannot believe my 19-year-old brother is engaged to his girlfriend while l am stuck to one-night stands; it should be the other way around but he has always been the more romantic one while I’ve nearly always been sceptical about love and marriage.

I may sound like a slut and l probably am by definition but even though my parents are still happily in love after 20 years of marriage, they did not have an easy relationship and l have had way too many girlfriend’s crying on my shoulder because of a guy.

It’s safer for me to take pleasure when l need it than to spend weeks being depressed that some guy cheated on me, and anyway why should l be called names when guys do this all the time? There has never been anyone that made me think it was worth it.

I prefer to work on my career than to be distracted by a relationship, they take too much time and effort. After l build my life and l am happy at its stability, then and only then will l allow chaos to enter my life, that way l have a larger chance at controlling it.

I pull on a short tight black skirt and a loose cream top and then step into my black heels. I do not dress like this to draw attention but I feel more composed and like I am at work. If I wore casual clothing at the office and suits in the courtroom, I would not be taken as seriously so I just stick to cold sexy bitch all the time, I have enough people doubting me that I don’t need to give them extra reasons to do so.

I pull my blonde hair into a high ponytail and do my natural makeup but I always emphasize my eyes and try to hide my massive lips, I have always been told by friends and my mom that I should be glad I have plump lips that many go under the needle for but it’s just an insecurity of mine that has been there ever since I started going through puberty.

I grab my bag and case with all my paperwork for the last case and walk outside in the warm temperature even though it’s only 6:30 am. I walk towards my car and quickly start driving to work so I can get started early; I have to leave early since I have dinner with my parents that I apparently can’t miss, even though they can be dramatic I still want to be able to spend a while night with them without worrying about work.

It takes me 10 minutes to reach the skyscraper and when I park my car there is only one other car here and it’s my boss’s car. I sometimes feel and think that he lives here but if that were the case then the company would be doing so much better than it is now.

I take the silent elevator up to the top level where my office is and I feel very proud since I started on the ground floor. I leave my scarf and coat on my chair, walking over to the slightly open door of my boss’s office.

I knock twice and only open the door when I hear him invite me in. I walk in and see his chair turned so his back was facing me but I started walking towards his desk anyway, I have plenty of work to do and sometimes formalities are not needed. I doubt he would want me to be standing the doorway like an idiot and wasting both of our times.

I was just going to leave the paper on his desk and walk out but it’s like he has this weird radar as to when I am in an awkward position, like right now when I am slightly bent over and my top opens up slightly to show the round tops of my large breasts.

“Good morning Olivia, looking sexy like always.” My boss smirks and I have to force myself not to throw up since he does this all the time when we are alone so then I have no proof to sue him or even have a reason to move, with all the times he has done this to other women, it’s very clear that he is an expert in how not to be caught.

“Good morning Mr Smith.” I greet with my normal voice and make sure to keep any hint of flirting out of my tone since he will take any sentence and turn it so it sounds like you’re trying to get into his pants.

“When are you going to agree that you should stop trying to act like a man, quit your job and wait for me at home each night?” he leans forward as l lean back and l once more have to chant in my head not to strangle the life out of him and that l have to keep my cool.

“Like l have said in the last 10 months, l have no desire to do what you are suggesting and once more l would like to remind you that you are older than my dad, my boss and l have no intention of ever stopping my career for any man.” l say as politely as l can and grab the new file and turn to walk away before l slap him, that would not do amazingly well for my file and future.

I close my door and go through the file for my new case and see that there are 3 suspects all matching the same description but there is one that has his fingerprint on the murder weapon.

Alec Ocean, 27-year-old male from England with a record that is novel length. Everything from stealing and property damage to illegal fighting is on there but I have a feeling with like any other criminal, there is a background and story to every person. There is no picture attached since his last mug shot was when he was 10.

When l look at his family history and background l realize why he must be acting like this. That section is completely empty, no information about any living relative or any number l can contact, no one since he’s come out of the foster system, nothing but one emergency contact and that was the guy who’s murder he’s being charged with.

There is really no one there for him.

There is not much on his background except that he started with little fights in school and it all escalated from there. I look at his picture from when he was 10 and all l see is a lost boy with empty eyes when they should be filled with joy and laughter, he was only 10.

I shake those thoughts out of my head. I am not supposed to feel anything for clients and anyone on the case but it seems his eyes have grabbed me and are not letting go. I cannot afford to become attached but l have to be passionate in order to convince the jury but l have never had this problem before where there is even an inkling of feelings outside the courtroom.

When l look up from my notes l see that it’s already 10am and l have a meeting in half an hour with the owner of the shop that was robbed and his son was killed and of course there are no cameras to capture or film the stabbing, only voices and arguments. Shouting but it’s hard to actually understand any of the words being said.

I fix my clothing and make my way to the meeting room and on my way glance at the now full office. I push the door open and see a shell of a man sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in hand but staring at the window.

“Good morning Mr Jackson.” l say in my warm tone, the one l let myself use on the victims and my family, they deserve all the help and kindness they can get and I’ll be damned if I don make this as painless as possible.

“What good is there Ms Johnson?” he replies but his eyes don’t meet mine and l feel that surge of passion to find the killer of his son and the man in front of me since he does not look like he is with the living or even wants to be, which is completely understandable with everything that he’s had to live through.

At the end of the day the people that are left behind are the ones that l feel like are the biggest victims since they have to live the rest of their lives with a hole there where the other person used to be and have to wake up each day knowing they will never speak to them again or touch them or kiss them or feel their arms around you.

Living with death is the hardest part of all.

“I know you are going through the hardest moment of your life but l am here to help you and catch the guy that did this but l need you to pull the little strength you have left and fight for your son’s memory.” l say while holding his hand and looking into his eyes to find them glossy with unshed tears but the man he is, he wipes them away and looks at me with new determination in his eyes.

“I am going to do my best since my son was the best man l have ever met and l am beyond proud that l raised that man, l like you Olivia and I’m going to trust you to bring my son justice and to help honour his memory.” he says with a small smile and it is now my mission to find the low life that thinks they are allowed to take another man’s life.

For the next hour l go over the day with him and try to get him to remember anything more but it doesn’t work so l know l have to take him back to the shop where the scenery might help him recall extra information.

I have a quick lunch and spend the rest of my afternoon researching the other suspects since l have this feeling this Alec guy is innocent but l am not going to rely on my gut feeling but evidence and interrogation.

My phone beeps with a message but it’s just my dad reminding me that we have dinner tonight. I don’t know why they think that l forget everything, if that was the case then l would not be a lawyer. Do you have any idea how many books and shit l have to remember?

I send a quick text back and tidy everything up so it’s ready for tomorrow morning before court. I lock my office and clock out, having spent more hours than required but that’s what you do when you are trying to climb up the corporate ladder.

As soon as l am in my car l let my hair down and switch my shoes for some flats that l keep in my car for days like this. I also grab a baby wipe and take off everything but my lip-gloss and mascara, my face is tired and my parents have seen me look shittier than l do now so there is no need to impress anyone anymore.

It takes just 10 minutes to get to my parents’ house but when l drive into the long driveway and park my car next to one of my dad’s bikes, l don’t see my brother’s car, just my dad’s long collection of cars and bikes, those are apparently for my mum. I do NOT want to know!

I let myself into my childhood haven and for the first time today l smile. There is no place like in your parent’s embrace. I’m finally home.

“Honey we are in the kitchen!” shouts my mother before l hear a set of giggles and l have to roll my eyes at how annoyingly cute my parents are. I love that they are still in love and l know that l don’t want to be in a relationship right now but that doesn’t mean that l don’t have my weak moments where l need someone to hold me close and be there for me.

I walk into the kitchen and see my dad sulking in the chair while my mum is hovering above the over and preparing the food.

“Dad, stop staring at mum’s butt.” l say and the both turn to look at me. My dad is smirking while my mum jumps and has an adorable flush on her face.

“You don’t want to hear my answer to that Olivia.,” says my dad as he gives my forehead a kiss and then taking my mother in his arms to give her a sound kiss.

I take off my blazer and go to finish setting the table and leave my parents have their little cute moment. “Why did you call this dinner?” l ask them while we were eating and both of them snap their eyes up to mine.

“We don’t need a reason to call our daughter so we can see her.” says dad but we all know when a parent calls a last minute dinner there is something.

“We haven’t seen you in a while.” added mum and l have to roll my eyes since they saw me on Saturday, today being Tuesday.

“You saw me 3 days ago.” l reply with a raised eyebrow at her because she is being a typical mother where even seeing me every single day is not enough, but I can’t be mad at her when I still have those moments when I miss living at home.

“OK, we wanted to make sure that you were fine with your brother getting married and l know that your job is really stressful and so l wanted to see my little girl, is that so bad?” she says in her mother tone that makes you feel guilty for doubting their love.

“I am fine and happy that Marc is getting married, everyone deserves to be happy.” l say and they seem happy enough with my answer.

That night l go to bed with a smile on my face and like a little kid on Christmas that can’t wait to wake up the next morning. I am living my dream of defending people that no longer have a voice.

I am doing something good with the small voice l have.

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