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Follow these lovers through there exciting story of love, betrayal, action, and loyalty. Yuki Kuran is a young american woman who is visiting japan to infiltrate the yakuza. Within the first few days of being in japan and getting set up she met two young men by the names of Kaname and Zero. *knock knock knock knock* “Miss Yuki Kuran, are you home? If you are, would you mind coming to the door!? We have something we need to take to you about. My name is Zero!” Yuki opened the door and was greeted by two men. “How may I help you Mr. Zero and… !!!” Yuki recognized the other man who had yet to introduce himself to her. “Mr. Kaname, I presume?”

Romance / Action
Night Shadow
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Chapter 1

Yuki Kuran is a young american woman who is visiting japan to infiltrate the yakuza. Within the first few days of being in japan and getting set up she met two young men by the names of Kaname and Zero.

*knock knock knock knock* “Miss Yuki Kuran, are you home? If you are, would you mind coming to the door!? We have something we need to take to you about. My name is Zero!” Yuki opened the door and was greeted by two men. “How may I help you Mr. Zero and… !!!” Yuki recognised the other man who had yet to introduce himself to her. “Mr. Kaname, I presume?”

Zero and the young man behind him looked at Yuki in surprise. The young man was the first one to recover. “May I ask how you know who I am Miss Yuki Kuran?” Yuki took a step back, retreating into her new home. “ I know you because I was warned not to get involved with you for reasons I suppose i’m about to find out…” Kaname smiled at Zero and started to speak to Yuki again. “May I ask who told you that?” Yuki smiled coldly. “You may, but I will not answer you. And that is because if I do you will most likely ‘take care’ of them.” Kaname took a step closer to Yuki and spoke in a faked surprised voice. “Oh, and what do you mean by that!?” Yuki immediately spoke back without thinking. “It’s because you smell like I do… I know what I would do if I were in your position. I would kill anyone who talked about me using my real name instead of my street name…”

Kaname smiled brightly and laughed at what Yuki had just said. He then looked at Zero and walked away. Zero then smiled at Yuki kindly bowed. “Well then if you will, please excuse us Miss Yuki Kuran. We will be back soon to, talk, to you again. Good day.” After the two left, Yuki shut her door and went straight to her phone. She left a message on her home phone saying that if she went missing soon to not come looking for her, and to not worry about the job because she would do it or die trying. After she hung up she went out to the convenience store and stocked up on supplies and then went out to get more clothing.

After about a week of studying the ways of the japanese yakuza, Yuki went to the area where you can run into all kinds of yakuza, the red light district. It only took about a minute to find who she was looking for. Yuki walked up behind Kaname and put a knife to the small of his back. She spoke in a low voice so only he could here. “You know, Master Kaname, if you don’t protect yourself better you could be killed without anyone knowing it. If you don’t watch what you’re doing I may very well kill you when you are walking around.” Kaname smiled to himself, then he spoke in an amused voice. “If you really thought I was out here alone you’re sorrily mistaken Miss Yuki. Oh, and I did know you were there. Did you really think that I was such a pitiful man as that? Don’t make me laugh!”

Kaname grabbed Yuki’s wrist and pulled her into one of the hotels in that area that was vacant. Before she could realize what was going on there was a bag over her head, then pain shot through her body. Zero had punched Yuki in the area below her rib cage to knock her out. When Yuki woke up again, she was in a japanese style room with her hands and feet bound by rope. Within ten minutes she had gotten the rope off of her feet and was starting to work on her hands. When Zero entered 20 minutes later he did not realize that Yuki was no longer bound by the ropes.

Zero approached Yuki and spoke in a soft, reassuring voice. “As long as you don’t try to run you will not be hurt, .do you understand Yuki?” Yuki smiled mischievously. It took a second for Zero to realize that Yuki had had the rope that was what held her in place until about one minute before Zero had came in, was now around his neck and choking him. Zero struggled but could not get away from Yuki. after Zero had passed out, from being choked, Yuki walked out of the room she was in and went to find Kaname.

It was about midnight when Zero woke up and ran to sound the alarm. When the alarm went off Yuki stopped in her tracks. She had still yet to find were Kaname was. She swore softly and started running when she heard at least three people running toward her. As she was turning a corner she ran into another person. After she fell she looked up to see an older man standing where she had just been staring down at her in surprise. She spoke in hurried voice to the old man. “I am very sorry to have ran into you like that sir. Please forgive my clumsiness. I am sorry that at this time I cannot give you a proper apology, but I really must be going now. Again I am sorry!”

Yuki started to run again but stopped as she heard what the old man said. “If you are trying to hide, wouldn’t it be better if you had someone who knew the layout of the building with you!? I could show you to a place where none of the other men will ever think about looking… Here come with me. I’ll hide you.”

Yuki decided to trust the old man and followed him to a bedroom that was filled with expensive looking everything. The bed, the decorum, even the paint on the walls looked expensive. While Yuki was looking around in amazement the old man started to speak. “I must go out and rejoin the search with the others. When everyone has stopped looking I will come back for you. I promise. Just try and not be found out, okay.” Yuki nodded to the old man and went to the window sill and watched all the movements of the men outside the house.

Kaname went to his room to sleep, after it was about 5 in the morning. When he walked into his room he saw a sleeping figure already on his bed. When he walked over to see who it was, he found Yuki. When he realized why she was here he smiled to himself. “There is only one other person who knows of this place and that would be Chichiue. I will have to thank him later.” (note: Chichiue means father in japanese) Kaname silently put handcuffs onto Yuki, and then connected them to his bed frame. After making sure that there was no way she would be able to escape Kaname climbed into bed with her.

Yuki woke up when she started to smell food. What she smelled was bacon, eggs, and oatmeal. Yuki didn’t see anyone around so she spoke to try to get the old man to come out. “Ojīsan!? Are you there!?” (note: Ojīsan means old man in japanese.)When Yuki didn’t get an answer she tried to get up but failed because of the handcuffs.

Kaname came out into the open from where he had been hiding after making breakfast for Yuki. “Yo! looks like you finally decided to get up.” Kaname laughed.“I really do have to say I wasn’t expecting to come into my room to find you sleeping in my bed. Let me guess, chichiue was the one who brought you last night. Saying something like ′ I’ll hide you somewhere no one should come looking for you.′ ” Yuki went to speak but stopped herself because she realized that the old man she had met the night before was Kaname’s chichiue.

“Wait, so you really didn’t realize that he was my old man!? Wow! I really thought you would have been a lot smarter than that Yuki.” Kaname laughed uncontrollably for a short while. At this Yuki spoke angrily to defend herself. “I’m not stupid! It’s just that someone had there lakies running after me, and I didn’t really have time to think about anything. All I knew at that point in time was that I needed to get away, and get away fast. That’s when the old man called out to me. It was either go with him or get caught by you in the next few minutes… So back off!”

Kaname walked over to Yuki and started to unchain her so that she could eat, but as soon as he loosened her cuffs, Yuki lashed out. “Who the hell do you think you are to be handcuffing me to this bed while i’m asleep! It’s not right!!!! You do realise just how hard it is on me right! You know, you should really learn how to treat a girl when she’s in your... bed.” Yuki started to blush uncontrollably and when Kaname realized this he laughed slightly. “Yes yes, I know. I really should be treating you better considering what you are about to be for me. But if I treat you better by un-handcuffing you, you will just run away again. And I don’t want that.” Kaname started to walk away from Yuki after saying that with a smile.

Yuki went to get up, but was pulled back down to the bed by the handcuffs. “What do you mean by that Kaname!?” Kaname was already out of the room by the time Yuki had spoken. After about an hour Kaname returned to the room where Yuki was. When he entered the room he realised that Yuki was no longer on the bed. She was sitting on the window sill on the far side of the room. When Kaname started to walk toward Yuki she turned to him. “You shouldn’t have left the knife here with me, Kaname. It was way too easy to get out of the handcuffs you had on me.”

Kaname whistled and 10 men came in to get ahold of Yuki for him. When she tried to resist he started to speak. “We are just trying to move you into a different room for the girls of the family to clean you up. So please just try to be nice. Even though they are women, they’re just as strong as the men you see here.” then he looked at the men and said something in a different language. “Kanojo o hoka no heya ni ireru. Kanojo ga kono-jikan o hanarenai yō ni shite kudasai.” (note:in japanese this means get her into the other room. make sure she doesn’t get away this time.) Yuki’s japanese still wasn’t very good, so she didn’t understand what he had said to the other men but they all responded together. “Hai, wakai masutā!” (note:this means yes, young master! In japanese.)

Yuki was dragged along with the other men into a room full of clothing. The women that were in the room got to work as soon as Yuki entered the room. Within 30 minutes Yuki had traditional japanese wedding clothing on. After the woman put the final touch of makeup on, Yuki was being pushed into another room. This room was decorated for a wedding, and all the members of the family of yakuza were there.

As soon as Yuki entered the room it got quite. Within a few minutes a wedding ceremony took place, and Yuki was forced into a marriage with Kaname Night. Yuki was now part of the Night family. After the wedding was over, there was a feast. All of Kaname’s highest ranking men were there, along with the heads of other families along with their body guards.

“Lady Yuki! It a pleasure to meet you! Kaname has been talking about you almost nonstop for the past few days.” The man who was now speaking to Yuki was the of the Ketsueki senkō family, Asuna. (Ketsueki senkō, means blood burrow in japanese.) Yuki smiled coldly. “I do wonder what my Otto has been saying, but I must say, you really do seem to know how to sweet talk a lady.” (Otto means husband in japanese.) Yuki looked over to Kaname and then back to Asuna and spoke in a lowered voice. “You may want to rethink how you act toward me in the future, Asuna, because I can take care of myself. I don’t need to depend on the night family for protection. I’m not that weak.”

Before he could say anything else to Yuki, she walked over to Kaname and kissed him on the cheek while whispering into his ear. “I think I probably pissed the head of the Ketsueki senkō family off.” Kaname laughed to himself and kissed Yuki on the lips. Then he spoke to her in a whisper. “Depending on what you said to him, I might have to punish you.” Yuki went to back off from him but was kept in place by the hand that was around her waist. When Kaname went to move closer to her, she started to speak in a calm but rushed voice. “All I did was tell him he needed to watch how he spoke to me in the future, and that I didn’t rely on you or your family for my protection.” Kaname smiled and let go of Yuki’s waist.

All of the family’s came to greet Yuki as Kaname’s wife while everyone ate. By the time the feast was over everyone but Yuki was drunk. Kaname only had a light buzz by the time he finally decided to take Yuki back to their new room. When they reached the room, Kaname dragged Yuki to the bed and smiled. “Come to bed my wife! For tonight is the first night that we are married and alone. I will teach you how to enjoy yourself and fall into a world full of pleasure and ecstasy. Be prepared, because once you have a taste, you won’t want to ever leave.”

Before Yuki had the chance to object, Kaname brought his lips to her’s. Yuki tried to pull away from him, but his hands were already tangled in her hair pulling her in closer to himself. Kaname pulled away from Yuki only enough to lick her lips to tell her to open up her mouth. Yuki opened to her mouth to tell Kaname off. “Why the fuck are you- Ngh… mnm… Ahh…” Kaname had taken advantage of the moment Yuki started to speak and kissed her even more deeply than the first time. Yuki blushed at the sudden action. After she had realized fully what was going on it was already too late, she could no longer think rationally enough to try to get away. Yuki’s whole body was feverish from the heated touch of Kaname’s hands. She no longer had the will to move away.

Yuki’s body moved on it’s own. Before she knew it, she had removed Kaname’s shirt and was letting her hands wander around on his body. Yuki’s heart started to pound even more. Kaname was complete muscle and his skin was smooth except for the few scars he had on his back. “Ah! Mnm…” Yuki only had enough time to gasp before she hit the bed. As soon as she was settled on the bed Kaname started to explore her body, just had she had done to him. He smiled and spoke in a husky voice. “It looks like you are really feeling it now Yuki. Come, lets feel a world of pleasure like no one ever has befo-” Yuki cut him off by biting his neck playfully. Kaname laughed and went back to what he had been doing.

The next morning when Yuki woke up she was embarrassed by what had happened between herself and Kaname. She didn’t even know why her body and her mind ended up like that after so little time. All she could think was that he used some type of drug, but soon dropped the thought because she knew he wasn’t the type to drug people for his own pleasure. As soon as she thought this, Kaname woke up. “Why good morning my dear. How are you feeling? Is your body okay? I didn’t go to hard last night did I?”

The concern in Kaname’s voice made Yuki laugh. “Hahaha! I’m fine, but I don’t think the bedding is okay. Haha!” She walked up to Kaname and kissed him lightly on the lips. Kaname pulls back from Yuki for a second in surprise. Then he smiled and pulled Yuki back onto the bed and cuddled up to her while speaking in a soft voice that still had the sound of drowsiness to it. “Well good morning to you too Yuki!... Well, I think We should stay in bed and have some food brought to us. What about you?”

Shortly after Yuki and Kaname finished the food they had sent for, they got up and got dressed. Kaname was dumbfounded when he saw how well the close he had had prepared for Yuki to wear looked on her. “You know Yuki… I’m glad that I chose you to be my wife… You have a nice personality, you know how to handle yourself in a fight, you can handle problems within the family, and you look good in almost everything I’ve picked for you.” Yuki laughed and went to the door of the room to leave. “Well, I would say it’s about time to go out and greet my new family. You coming with me or are you going to stay here and pout by yourself.”

Before Yuki had the chance to open the door Kaname was up and holding it closed so that Yuki could no longer leave the room. “Just where do you think you’re going Miss. Night?” Yuki gasped and lost her balance from the sudden feeling of someone behind her. After Kaname had spoken to Yuki, he had bitten her lightly on the side of her neck. “Mmn… Ahh!” Yuki turned to Kaname after being bitten and kissed him. “We can play more tonight Kaname… Right now the men are waiting for us to come out and run the family. We can’t keep them waiting for too long. Now come!”

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