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Saturday finally. The day I went to the golf club, the only place I wanted to be.

I hated school, learning, caring, I didn’t care. Well I usually didn’t, unless it was her. The way her full chest rose and fell after a jog when she was breathless. I wanted to be the one that made her breathless. I wanted to care about her but she was stubborn. She refused my ride home on Monday but she didn’t refuse the job which meant I’d see her this afternoon, out of school and in my element on the course. And in a skirt.

A grin played on my mouth as I thought about it, I shook my head and peeled the blankets from my mostly naked body and got up from bed. I hadn’t thought I liked her until a few months ago, I found myself noticing her more. Noticing the little things, the way she dressed, how I thought it was cute, and how I cared for her enough to ask if she wanted a ride when it was raining.

I never cared.

I always thought with my head, the one in my pants, not my actual head though I couldn’t stop being that pain in her ass, I had to keep the relationship we had. The ‘hate, hate’ relationship because I couldn’t have her know how stupidly head over heels I was becoming. I knew she wouldn’t want me like I wanted her. If I kept the relationship the way it was, eventually I’d get over her. Though surely it wouldn’t hurt to tempt fate.

She still thought I was with Lea but I wasn’t and Lea, my usual girl wasn’t really going away this weekend. I had broken up with her. Toni consumed my thoughts too much and though I usually didn’t care about others, I wasn’t that asshole who cheated even if it was only in my mind. I couldn’t keep playing around with Lea hoping it would get me over Toni, when if anything it only made it worse, made me realize I needed her. I needed Sunny.

I adjusted the morning stiffness in my pants as I stood from my bed, listening out. The house was quiet, which meant my Aunt Emily had already left for work. That gave me the time I needed for a cold shower and to mosey my way around the house getting ready for school.

I had lived with Emily since I was twelve and my parents had passed. Their death hit me hard, I was beyond depressed and it definitely made me the heartless person I was now but it helped that they were barely home when they were alive. I always had a nanny or someone other than them as they went on business trips but when they were home, when it was just the three of us, we were the perfect family. That was until one of their vacations became their last one, they were in Thailand and had no shame in flaunting their wealth so in turn some random, homeless guy shot them both and took everything they had on them. That wealth, whatever was left, that all went to me, along with their Golf club. I had never been keen on weapons, or guns and their death only cemented the fear.

I finished my cold shower, sorting myself well enough to brave the day with Toni. It was going to take a lot of me to not just take her as much I wanted to. I pulled on my polo shirt and pants, grabbing my phone to message Toni.

Me:«I’ll pick you up in 15?»

I put my phone down, pulling on my socks and tying up my shoes when my phone buzzed.

Sunny:«I’ll get myself there, thanks.»

I grinned at my phone, I wasn’t going to let her say no this time.

Me:«I’m not letting you walk, it’s an hours walk and I need you there at the same time as me.»

I replied, putting my phone in my pocket and sitting in the passenger seat driving myself the two minute drive to her place. My phone had buzzed in the time it took me to get there but I ignored it, pulling into her driveway as she walked out the front door. Her eyes rolled as she looked at me, over my Mercedes Benz.

It wasn’t originally my car, it was one of my parents, their newest purchase, I didn’t even know they had it until it came into my possession and now it was my usual.

“You know I hate your car,” Toni whined, I flashed her a grin,

“Hate it more than me, Sunny?” I joked and she shrugged,

“Equally.” She replied, climbing into the passenger’s seat, I glanced over, watching her skirt rise up her thigh as she sat and I had to tear my eyes away before I decided to run my hand up her thigh with that fabric.

“You’ve nearly hit me with it more than enough times for me to strongly despise it, no matter how good it actually looks.” She said.

“You’re accepting the ride after all?” I questioned.

“You wanted me sooner than I’d be able to walk and since you’re paying me to caddy, I didn’t have much choice, did I?” She responded and I shrugged in agreement.

Toni placed her bag at her feet, her hair tied up high in a pony tail accompanied by a hat. She wore the uniform black skirt and white collared shirt. She looked good in it and I couldn’t help myself from sneaking a glance every now and then as we made our way to the Club.

We pulled up and she climbed out, her silence deafening. I had to find a way to break it.

“You got everything you need?” I asked and she looked at me puzzled.

“Surprised you’d care to ask but if by ‘everything you need’, you mean my water then yes I do, considering my hands will be full carrying your shit around.” She snarked and I grinned, her bite exciting me.

“Hey don’t sound too excited.” I smirked and she nudged me as we made our way inside.

I greeted everyone before we made it to the store room where we gathered what I’d need.

“Are you playing competitively or just a game with the club players?” Toni asked.

“It’s always a competition for me.” I replied and she rolled her eyes, damn how I wished it was me making her eyes roll back like that. I shook my head, trying not to put my foot in it by saying those thoughts out loud. Didn’t want to scare her off just yet and if I mentioned how badly I wanted to slam her against the lockers and fuck her senseless then she might decide the cash for caddying wasn’t worth it.

“But not a competition today, just playing by myself for fun.” I amended, hoping to win back her favor and she raised an eyebrow at me with a grin on her face.

“I’m sure you’ve had more than enough practice playing with yourself.” She teased, laughing and I shook my head with a grin.

“You know what I mean Sunny, you know just fun.” I replied and she shrugged.

“I wish I knew but some of us don’t actually have time or can’t afford to have ‘just fun.’” She sighed and I looked at her, immediately wanting to take it back to teasing Toni, the one that wore her sunny smile like a weapon but she hid it fast, lost in her own thoughts now because I had said the wrong thing, like usual.

I knew she had it hard and I knew every penny she made went to her family, putting food on their table, paying the bills. Harvey did it too. All for the family. That why I gave her this job a few months ago now, she just had to find her own golfers to caddy. I knew it’d be good money, I knew it’d be helping somehow and despite what she might think, I did want to help.

I watched her as she continued to pack things, a towel, water, a handful of tees and a few golf balls in her side pack. She knew her shit and what she needed. She hadn’t caddied for me before but I had seen her on the course for a few of the older guys. Guys I assumed her grandfather set her up with.

“How is being alone fun for you?” She laughed, “You always have a group of creatures around you squawking gossip like it’s religion.” Toni said and I frowned.

“Hey they’re my friends, at least I have some.” I snarked and she turned away before I could catch her expression.

She threw my golf bag over her shoulder and followed me out to the course. Me and my damn big foot.

I watched her look over at the golf carts and shook my head.

“I prefer to walk the course, can get a better feel for the land that way.” I said. I was lying and I think she knew as she snickered whilst making our way to the first tee. She probably thought it was a ruse to make her job more difficult but really, I just wanted to spend more time with her. I was impressed with how she kept up effortlessly. The breeze was gentle and it took so much in me to not look at her lifting skirt. Okay, I may have sneaked a peek or two, I never said I wasn’t an asshole.

“Sometimes it’s nice, nice not to stress myself to win and simply just keep the skill up in between competitions.” I shrugged, she nodded in understanding. “Sometimes I just like my own company.” I added, and she laughed like I was joking. I loved her laugh, I didn’t hear it often but when I did, it made me fall further.

“But I’m with you today, so not really alone.” She mentioned and she wasn’t wrong, she was here, I wanted her here, just us, it was my entire plan. And yet the idea that she might reject me lingered in my head if I said anything forward. She had nothing nice to say to me and I couldn’t blame her after all the shit I had pulled but surely she had to sense the shift in things? My heart raced at the idea that maybe I wasn’t going to get over her and I wasn’t going to get her to like me the way I liked her, both options preferable to limbo so I fell back on my default setting; asshole who doesn’t say what he really means to hide his true feelings.

“That’s because I needed someone to carry my shit.” I grinned in that devilish way I knew she hated to love, trying to brush her off despite it being the last thing I wanted. I wanted her to brush against me, with her skin against my own. I felt myself getting uncomfortable in my pants and ushered my thoughts to be good. I still had golf to play and a girl to win.

We got to the spot and she set up, not saying a thing about my little dig, but that was better than her walking off so I was going to leave it be and hope she kept being so forgiving and I learned how to talk to her without making her purse her lips like she was.

We got to the first tee and she bent over. I nearly doubled over as she gave me a view that sent blood straight to my cock, red lace cupping her cheek in clear view of my locked gaze and I was screaming internally to not move forward and consume her but I couldn’t, I had to wait. It’d take time for me to get there with her, I had to get her to tolerate me in general first before even considering tempting fate or anything like ravaging her. I also had to get her to forgive and forget all those years I tortured her for no good reason other than the fact I didn’t care about the effect my words had, I was angry then. But now, I cared for everything about her.

She passed me my club and I lined myself up. She stood behind me, out of my eye sight like she was supposed to and I was grateful for it. Caddies were distracting, yes but she was something else, something beyond distracting. She was mind fogging and I had to close my eyes and ground myself as I took the shot.

“Nice hit.” She complimented me and I smiled, passing the club back to her, she cleaned the club and put it back into the bag as we made our walk toward the ball.

“Thank you.” I smiled, I racked my brain for more words, how to start a conversation, what to say but I didn’t know where to begin.

“How’s Lea?” She asked, adjusting her cap so it sat lower to block out the midday sun, taking me by surprise, I didn’t think she cared about Lea of all people.

“Probably not too great,” I replied honestly with a shrug. I wasn’t lying, she had blown up my phone all week begging for me to take her back but I couldn’t. I couldn’t fool myself, I couldn’t hurt her any longer. She wasn’t what I wanted and it wasn’t fair of me to play Lea around when she wasn’t the one that kept me up at night.

“What, did you break up?” She laughed, not realizing she was right on the mark with her comment. I met her gaze so she could see I wasn’t joking.

“Yup.” I responded flatly and she frowned at me as we got to the ball but she said nothing.

She set everything up again and we continued our routine where she would bend over, I’d check out her ass and then ground myself to hit the ball. This time landing only meters from the hole. Normally I’d have got that. I was good at golf and I wasn’t tooting my horn either, I spent hours playing this course. I knew it like the back of my hand.

“Close.” She said as I passed the club back and shrugged.

“I’m a bit off my game today to be honest.” I replied and she chuckled, keeping pace alongside me.

“That’s because you keep looking at my ass.” She smirked, lifting her eyebrows as I looked at her, a heat in my cheeks.

“And what if I am? You should be wearing shorts under your skirt anyway.” I tried to brush it off and she laughed.

“The oldies love it, I’m sure you’re not complaining either.” She shrugged walking ahead to set up the tea again, this time to the side so I couldn’t catch a view.


I grinned.

I hit the ball, getting it in the hole and she grabbed it out, giving it a clean with the towel and placing it back away.

“Well done,” She grinned throwing the golf bag over her shoulder but her stance was wrong and she lost her balance as it swung completely from her, twisting her around, contorting her legs as she shouted out, falling to the ground. I raced for her.

“Fuck,” she shouted, sitting up from having fallen hard on her side, her leg limp as she groaned holding her thigh.

“Are you alright?” I asked, my mind racing a million miles a minute as I looked her over for any significant injuries, her right ankle all twisted and already swelling.

“I think I’ve sprained it,” She breathed hard, trying to stand up before tumbling back down and into me, she sat in my lap and I held her.

“Fuck, nope that’s so broken.” She winced through clenched teeth and I moved her from me to the ground.

“Let’s get you back to the club where I can take you to the hospital,” I said and she shook her head.

“I can’t walk all the way back to the club Patrik, are you serious? You’ll have to get help.” She cried and I shook my head at her, leaving the golf bag on the green then bending over to scoop her up into my arms. I’d get someone to grab my bag later.

“I’m not going to waste my time finding someone to bring you back to the club when I can just carry you back myself, Sunny.” I replied as she resisted for a moment before accepting the fact she didn’t have the option because I already had her in my arms, right where she belonged.

“Why are you doing this?” She huffed and I smiled, finally finding an opportunity to show I wasn’t a complete asshole.

“Because I’m not as horrible as you may think.” I replied and she snickered, the one time her laugh wasn’t what I wanted to hear, instead hitting me right in the chest were it hurt.

“You mean you think all those years of bullying is redeemed because you’re carrying me back to the club? Honestly I’d rather crawl than forgive that hell.” She bit. I bit my lip not sure how to reply since that was the exact opposite of what I had been trying to achieve. I gave up on trying to win her over for the minute and concentrated on getting her back. I walked her into the club and sat her at a seat without saying anything. I went behind the front desk and grabbed an ice pack from the small staff fridge underneath it, going back over to her and putting it on her ankle before holding my hand out in front of her.

“Side bag, I’ll put it away, then get you to the hospital.” I said and she handed the bag with the golf balls and tees in it over.

“Thank you for the ice, and bringing me here,” She said quietly and I nodded.

“It’s nothing.” I shrugged and she hook her head.

“You left your golf bag behind to carry me, it’s something.” She said. She was right, she meant more to me than my bag, I could replace that but I couldn’t replace her and the fact that she understood the significance on leaving my golf bag out there had me hoping with everything I had, that maybe she could think better of me than the guy who had made high school a nightmare for her.

I put the golf balls and tees away, telling one of the other staff members that my tour bag had been left out on the green and needed collecting before going back to Toni.

“Let’s get you to the hospital and find out what’s really happened to your ankle.” I said and she shook her head.

“No, I’m sure Gramps can take me.” She replied and I shook my head.

“Dammit Toni, stop being so stubborn, I know he doesn’t have time, I know he’s at the bookstore with Tilly and I know Ryan’s going to get here in the same time it will take me to get you to the hospital.” I scooped her up again, not giving her the choice and she huffed in defeat.

I put her into the passenger’s seat, giving her the ice pack to keep on her ankle and sped her to the hospital.

“You don’t have to do this. It might be just a sprain,” She said and I shook my head.

“I know I don’t but I am, sprain or not.” I replied and she looked away. I noticed a smile grow on the corners of her mouth and had to force my own to not. Maybe, just maybe she didn’t really think the worst of me.

We pulled up to the hospital and I scooped her up again into my arms and walked her in. I probably could have grabbed her a wheel chair but I was enjoying her touch, our closeness, and this time she didn’t complain.

I took her to the front desk, helped her fill out the forms, the whole time glad she was still letting me stay. It took hours but a nurse finally came through to take her X-rays bringing a damn wheelchair with her so I couldn’t even play hero just that little bit longer. Once the x-rays were done, I pushed the wheel chair from the x-ray rooms to the room we had been admitted into.

Toni was right, her ankle was broken in two places, almost clean through. It was going to be a long recovery and I had no problem being there for her if she warmed up enough to ask though I doubted I’d ever be on her list for emergencies.

“You know you don’t have to stay here with me, I’ll get Ryan to come.” Toni said and I shook my head as I lifted her from the wheelchair into the bed.

“It’s fine, I haven’t got anything else to do now that my caddies gone and broken her ankle.” I said and she laughed.

“What color do I get?” She asked and I looked over at her confused.

“For the cast I’m going to need.” She responded, pointing to her ankle that had a temporary compress on it while we waited for the nurses to come in and make her cast. I sat down on the bed next to her, unable to help my thoughts going astray, thinking about how I wished we were in bed together doing something a lot more fun.

“How about white? Then I can sign it.” I laughed, she smiled.

“You’d be the only one to sign it.” She said, her face dropping. I looked over at her, my heart swelling to make her feel better.

“Erin would? Hell, she’d draw all sorts all over it.” I said, trying to comfort her and she shook her head.

“We’re not talking.” Toni said, “We haven’t spoken since Monday because I’m holding a pathetic grudge.”

“Care to elaborate?” I asked, she shrugged.

“I said it was pathetic.”

“Well surely you have other friends.” I asked and she shook her head.

Fuck. She had it that hard as it was and I’d only made it worse.

“It is what it is.” She shrugged with a grin that looked forced.

I turned to her, cupping her cheek and lifting her face towards mine. I’m not sure what came over me, a sense of no control but at the same time all the control as I leaned into her, closing the space between us, pressing a kiss on her lips. That’s all I expected it to be, a quick kiss that she would then pull away from and scream at me to get out but she didn’t. She kissed me back. Her tongue moved along my lips as I parted them enough for her to consume me. I took the opportunity to consume her, to taste her. She was sweet, strawberry like gum. I devoured it. Her lips perfect against my own, molding together effortlessly. I leaned in more, pressing our chests together, wrapping my hand behind her neck and holding her close, licking, nibbling, avoiding the urges in me to take more of her.

She pulled away from me first, my lips swollen from the nips of her teeth, my tongue desperate for more of her taste. She looked at me, her eyes wide. We didn’t say anything for moment, just stared at each other, trying to make sense of how it led to where it did, why we kissed and why it was the best thing I’d ever done.

A cough from the door tore us from our stare as we both turned to it, a nurse and doctor there.

“Sorry to interrupt but we’re here to see Toni.” The nurse said quietly, I couldn’t manage out any words though Toni forced a stuttered ‘come in.’

I moved away from the bed to give them space.

Another hour later and Toni wobbled out of the hospital in crutches and a white cast on her leg. I stood close, ready to catch her, every fear in me that she’d topple over and we’d have to walk back in but she didn’t, she got herself in the car and I jumped into the driver’s seat. We still hadn’t talked yet, not about the kiss, not at all. I started the car and made my way out of the parking lot as she cleared her throat, I turned to glance at her.

“I’m sorry.” She said and I breathed out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. I didn’t know what she was going to say and sorry was the last thing on my mind.

“Why?” I asked. There was nothing to be sorry for.

“You know why.” She drew out and I pulled over, looking at her.

“I kissed you too.” I said, “Don’t be sorry for that.”

“But you’ve only just broken up with Lea, that’s not fair of me to confuse you or anything.”

“You didn’t confuse me Sunny, if anything you clarified a lot for me actually.” I replied, she turned to me finally, our eyes meeting.

“What do you mean?” She asked and I took in a deep breath.

“I never liked Lea, she was a mask, she helped me disguise what I really wanted. Sunny I wanted to kiss you, not out of sympathy, out of want.” I replied and a blush crept up her face.

“I want you, Sunny.” I said leaning in and consuming her again

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