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Royal Attraction

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This book is filthy. Only people above 18 should read it and if younger people are reading it then do it on your own risk. I REPEAT:ITS FILTHY

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1



Licking my lips nervously, I thought twice of the consequences of stealing. I would get caught, be charged and sentenced to jail and worse case scenario, I might get shot if the officers tried to chase me and even worse than getting shot would be the plummet of humiliation and abuse I would face at the hands of Jayden. He was the brains behind this operation and if I failed, I would be thrown back on the streets, fending off the predators and whatnot.

There was nothing more that I wanted than to get away from Jayden’s clutches. He was the reason that I was kicked out of my dream foster home at sixteen and he was the reason of my misfortunes throughout my life. At twenty-three, I was under his control and he relished on the fact that he had me under his mercy. Nowhere to run other than to him.

That’s what you get if you meet someone like him. He has known nothing other than having people as his bitches, taking his fill from them, sucking their soul and trapping them into his corrupt world of power. Money was power to him and there he was; in the party, his faux image of a reputed businessman paraded among the industrialists. After all, this was something akin to his wet dreams.

Everyone on the list of attendees were nothing short of multi-millionaire, billionaire business moguls whose wealth couldn’t be measured in numbers. And Jayden wanted access to them. He wanted dirth on each one of them and to have them indebted to him. This was his trick. He used it to hunt and kill the prey. In his eyes everyone was a prey.

Except him.

Alaric Cross. The mega industrialist. The billionaire who had everyone by the balls. His businesses were many, the legitimate including luxurious resort chains, oil plants, electricity plans, pharmaceuticals, movies and heaven knows what. He was the definition of power and Jayden wanted him on his knees.

Fat chance, Jayden and screw you too.

He wants me to steal from him and that’s the easiest part. The part where I am worried is how I can get access to him. Jayden had no information on him. What he liked, disliked, in general any trivial information that could come in handy. So, I took the one which seemed the easiest. Get him on top of me.

And to get him on top of me, I had to get under this sleazy russian old fart who brought me here as his date. Screw you, Jayden. Old musty fingers squeeze my waist and a slight lick of my earlobe sent a wave of ickiness.

“Darling, smile a little or do you want me to tie up in bed tonight?” The words held a warning that immediately made me snap back to reality. “Yeah, that’s more like it.” Viktor Ira, owner of the third biggest pesticide manufacturer, was trying to get his paws on Alaric to get him on board for one of his propositions.

Jayden had said that he was the perfect stepping stone to get to Alaric. So, few painful meetings later, he had agreed to bring me as his date. Mind you, his wife was not one bit happy about it, but reluctantly decided to tolerate my presence with her family. She didn’t want to face her husband’s wrath and played her cards well, if I must say.

Olga Ira did everything to ignore my presence even when her husband tried to cop a feel of me in the car, she said nothing. Just endured his activities. I felt bad for her, but like her, I was forced to do this too.

“Olga,” Victor called her. “Go check on Natasha. See if she’s looking fit for Alaric taste.” His wife dutifully nodded and went, to what I presume, the powder room.

Confused, I asked,”Why is your daughter here?.” I immediately recoiled when his sharp green eyes snapped to mine, mad at my audacity.

“I brought you here not to ask questions, darling. Just look pretty and warm ….” Bastard.

I had no choice, but to soothe him. “I am sorry, Viktor. You know I was just thinking out loud. I’ll be quiet throughout the night.”

“Well, not throughout. I expect to screw your brains out tonight. You will scream.” If I wasn’t used to hearing things like this from men, then I might have slapped me square on his face.

The night continued, but the host was yet to make an appearance. I had seen pictures of him on the internet and if he was anything like these pictures, then the man was drop dead gorgeousness packed in a smoldering dreamy haze. His biggest asset were his bright blue eyes that were concealed behind glasses. The man was manly and an eligible bachelor. At thirty-two, he was already richer than some countries and I could see why he didn’t want to settle down. His family origins could be traced back to European royalties. Along with his father, he managed the businesses like a pro. No wonder Jayden felt inferior to him.

I wonder whether a man like him will even have any secrets attached to him.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the shadow looming over me. I lied about using the ladies room and excused myself and strutted down the hall, aware that I was being followed. It wasn’t until I was all alone in the hallway did I turn ready to hurl insults at my guests, but in an instant I was grabbed and pushed to a wall under an alcove.

“Did I mention that you look irresistible in red? Especially that red lip.” He touched my lips. “That fucker must’ve enjoyed himself.” I pushed Jayden’ hand away and he let me do it.

“I have a lot of words for you, you asshole. That man is a prick.” I pushed him away from me, he didn’t budge.

“If it makes you feel any better, I came at the thought of your ass.” Disgusted by my childhood friend, I slapped him. He only laughed like a maniac. “Easy there. I am a respectful businessman here.”

“Yeah, I know the extent of your respect.”

“Good.” Jayden kissed my cheek. “This is your final job, I promise. Then it’s going to be just you and me.” He motioned with finger. I slapped his arm. “Okay, just kidding. You’ll be on your own, kid. No interference.”

If we had met in a different lifetime where fate was kind to both of us, then him and I would’ve been a different story.

For someone his age, he was immeasurably successful and cunning. I met Jayden in foster home where both of us hit it right off. He was already eighteen and I was a teenager with a crush. Our foster parents were kind and generous. I liked them, but Jayden thought it would be fun to take them away from me. He framed me for abusing drugs which resulted in my own destruction. I was sentenced for a year in juvenile prison as I was still underage at that time. My foster parents never expected me again and with no home, no hope, he was the only one to put a roof over my head even though it came with a hefty price.

I’ve hated him since then. On countless occasions, I asked him why he ruined my life. I couldn’t finish high school because of him. All of my dreams and aspirations crumbled. He only replied with his arrogant words.

“I wanted you all to myself.”

And he did for the longest time. He still does, but on borrowed time because after this job. I want out of this life. I need to start afresh. Without the skeletons of my past.

“Give me a kiss.” I inhaled his air. His lips brushed my jawline. “One last kiss on the lips.”

“Jayden, you’re absolutely out of your mind if you for a moment think I’ll give you anything let alone a kiss. That ship has sailed long back.”

His eyes twitched. Jayden had the features of a pretty boy, but when the opportunity arose, he knew how to look dangerous. And now, he was teetering on the edge of danger. His honey eyes shone with a glint of arrogance.

“Do I smell jealousy, Rowena?” He took a long drawl of my scent. “Yes, it’s jealousy, for sure.”

I used to be jealous, but not anymore. I had to feel something for him to be jealous and all I felt was contempt.

“C’mon, kiss me with those lips that you had wrapped around my…”

“You kiss your wife with that mouth.”

“Ah… there it is.” He exclaimed. “My jealous little Rowena.”

“You promised me the world, but made me into your little whore who runs these stupid errands for you so that you can ride on whatever power dynamics you play in your sick little head then go and marry someone else and have kids and you fucking expect to see me jealous? Really, asshole? All I ever feel for you is contempt and disgust. After this job, I am done with you. You’ll be happy with your family and I’ll be far far away from you. You ruined my life.”

I felt with amount of frustration that bubbled out of me and I became even more frustrated when his face didn’t change a bit.

After a beat, he leaned in and whispered,”I made Amy my wife because she brought her wealth and networks. You bring nothing to the table because you’re my whore and your job is to do as I say. Now kiss me.”

Before I could react, his phone rang and he answered it.

“Speak.” I don't know what was said on the other line, but the change in his demeanor indicated he was back to business. “Okay.” He ended the call and typed on his screen.

“He’s here. Get to work. Now.”


I made sure my face was clear of any tear streaks and practiced my manufactured smile. Green eyes stared back at me. Eyes that were so empty and tired. My reflection scared me. How could someone so broken look so manicured on the outside? That was me. I didn’t know how I functioned with so much good on, but I wanted to become a fully functional person.

It was my dream.

And I wasn’t going to let Jayden take it away from me. I went back to the party. Swallowing my diminishing pride, I greeted Viktor with a smile and stayed rooted by his side. While I was in the ladies room, I finally found out why Viktor was here. He had a business proposition for Cross, all right, but that proposition was to marry his daughter and gain his company’ assets. I heard his wife scolding the daughter. Natasha was my age and was too much of a spoiled princess of her family. I had heard her mutter,”Of course, he’ll marry me, mom. I am the perfect woman for him.”

I rolled my eyes at that. Yeah, right.

Something tells me a man like him will be rather choosy when it comes to his wife. After all, she’ll be the one to carry his kids.

The atmosphere shifted with the arrival of Alaric Cross. I could tell by the way Viktor suddenly became nervous. The big dog was in the house and captured everyone’s attention, including mine.

I was stunned. I had seen plenty of handsome men, but he was on a different axis. He exuded class, refinement, elegance, money and God crafted good looks. It was an understatement to call him beautiful, he was phenomenal. I stayed frozen and for once, was thankful for having Viktor by my side.

Alaric, all six feet gorgeousness made rounds around the crowd, personally sparing each and everyone with his attention. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored navy suit that matched his navy eyes and amplified his platinum hair. He made everyone appear bland. My breath hitched when he approached Jayden. But to my shock, he greeted his wife, Allison first then spared Jayden a nod. So he believed in high born ranks. Allison was a part of his kind of crowd, no wonder he spoke the most with her and Jayden only got the scraps of his attention.

I smirked in satisfaction. Jayden’ arch rival didn’t even consider his presence for more than a nanosecond.

“Viktor, get rid of your whore. The Cross are traditional family men with values.” Olga broke me from my chain of thoughts.

Viktor snorted. “And you think they don’t visit the brothels on occasions? Alaric’ younger brother lives in a brothel.”

“They do that in private. Now if you want your daughter to have the slightest bit of a chance of capturing his eyes, then get rid of her.”

With a jerk of his chin, Viktor dismissed me. I didn’t care. It was a perfect opportunity for me to inspect this party. I went to a bar and ordered myself a drink to keep me busy. I had to get access to Alaric somehow.

In the midst of my scheming, the liquid in my mouth suddenly turned sour or more precisely, I couldn’t gulp it down because something far more dangerous had happened.

And that danger had his eyes locked on me. Was he aware of my presence all this time? From his intentional smirk, he affirmed my worst fears. I had to get out of here at this instant. Screw everything.

Before I knew, I was sprinting out of the ballroom. The curse of heels was slowing me down, I slipped out of them and held them in one hand and ran.

When I was far away from all the mess, I took a breath of relief. But it was short lived. Because I felt him and if I turned back, he would come alive. My worst nightmare.

“This is no time to stand there like a frightened kitten, dollface. Turn around.”

I was fighting a losing battle. Don’t give me a chance to be suspicious of you. Pretend everything is alright. I turned to face him. My breath gave away.

He had a cigar to his mouth, he blew a puff, not for a moment taking his mesmerizing amber eyes glowing under the strand of light showcased from the light post. He had matured since the last time I had seen him which was almost two years ago. In his defense, he was straight out of college and I was just… there.

His golden hair was slicked back with a delicate strand falling right on his forehead giving him a posh look. His dimple teasing as he smirked. The pale skin of his face gave a cold edge. He was flawless and livid.

He continued to stare until I broke the silence. “I don’t remember your name,” I lied. “Just your face.”

He chuckled and sighed. “Take this.” He prodded the cigar towards me. “Inhale the nicotine and blow out the smoke.”

“I don’t smoke.”

“Okay.” It was all he said. “I don’t remember your name either. If I had, then you wouldn’t be standing here on your feet.” I flinched at his open threat. “Don’t look too scared. I am usually the one to hurt women.” His knuckles grazed my bare arms and inwardly regretted not choosing something that didn’t show so much of my skin. “I draw the line at whores, but you’re not a whore, aren’t you.”

I started to sweat.

“Were you waiting for a taxi?” He asked me. “I could drop you off.”

“No.” My eyes widened and by God’s miracle, a bus was approaching my way. “I’ll take the bus.”

“Suit yourself.”

He took a step back. Both his arms crossed behind his back. I didn’t know if he was baiting me, and I didn’t care. The moment the bus stopped, I went inside and settled down.

I didn’t dare look at Remington whose name and face I clearly remembered. No girl will ever forget spending a night with someone like him, let alone a whole week. The best and worst time of my life.

I think I’ll never let you go, Raven.

Tell me you’ll never lie to me. That you’ll always be with me.

This is my heart. I am giving it to you.

Memories flooded my mind and pained me to even remember them. I clutched the necklace Remi had given me. Unsettling fear clenched my gut. I still wore the necklace he had given me and he unmistakably saw it on me.

Oh God.

I have to finish whatever job Jayden has assigned me and just disappear somewhere no one will find me, us. I rang the bell to my apartment building and was let in immediately.

I trudged to my apartment and knocked. Penny, who was my neighbor, opened the door and motioned me to keep quiet. I walked inside, careful to not make a single sound.

“You said you won’t come back for a week.” Penny whispered.

“I am just back for the night. You can go if you want. I’ll take care of the rest.”

I washed my hands and went inside the nursery where my baby boy was sleeping with no worries. I reached his bed and smiled, all my misfortune vanished when I saw his beautiful face. I traced my hands to his blonde locks and kissed his chubby cheeks.

My baby boy was just like his father. After meeting him again tonight, I knew there was no way I would ever let anyone know about Raven’s existence. Especially his father.



Two years ago

This fucker had a death wish in her name. No one in their right mind would willingly drown in the ocean unless they had one. I am so pissed right now. I wanted to be left alone on my goddamn boat and surf the waves, but no, this fucker had to drop in.

I am tempted to let them die. I grew up to become an asshole, but my mother wanted me to be a kind, loving gentleman. Now, that was a dream. To her, till her dying breath, I was the son she raised me to be. At least she died thinking that way. The thought of death turns my sour mood into gloomy and before I know, I was in the water and swimming towards the drowning person.

You’ll die someday, but it’s not on my watch.

The body struggled for a bit before losing the fight and slowly sinking. I took a deep breath and went under water. It’s a good thing that I had my divers gear on and my mask had a flashlight to it or else I wouldn’t have found the mass of black hair slowly drifting away.

I successfully reached the mass. It was a woman. I should’ve known. The women I was acquainted with wouldn’t hesitate to use the ocean as bait to scare their lovers into submission or take their lives without the pain.


I swam back up and to my boat. Once we were both back on the surface, I removed my mask and diverted my attention to the unconscious body on my boat. I wasted no time and checked her pulse, they were still beating. I gave chest compressions to get the water out and blew her mouth. Thankfully, she spewed the water, but remained unconscious.

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