Pieces of Me (A Pieces Novel)

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Chapter 10 - Danica

I am on a roll with my new novel. I have so many plans and great ideas for it. I ran some of these idea by my editor and she was thrilled! Once I return home, she and I will be discussing the prospects of my new novels. Using what I have observed over the last couple weeks - the woman reading to her daughter in New York, Micah and Josie in London, Fleur in Cannes, Danny at home - I have come up with a story that follows four characters in different parts of the world. None of their lives connect, except through an online chat room. Each character is going through a suffering. Eventually, they are going to have a moment where each of them crack, and they all help each other heal.

It’s been a few days since I’ve received anything from Aldrich. I can’t help wondering if I pushed too far. Or maybe I scared him off with the one of the last things I said.

You do not need to answer it. Out of my curiosity . . . Are you seeing anyone?

Yeah, probably. I only asked because I was curious. There is something about emailing him that makes me . . . warm and fuzzy. I may have had been down for a while about Danny, but I totally got over that quickly because I like seeing him happy. And Amethyst is cool! I like her alot.

“You’re going to have so much fun in Rome!” Gram exclaims as I speak to her on the phone. “Perhaps you will meet Prince Charming there!”

“Gram!” I gasp, giggling softly. “I haven’t even gotten close to arriving there yet!”

“I met your grandfather there! I gave him my virginity there, too, dear.”

“Gram! TMI; I did not need to know that.”

“Oh sweetie! Sooner or later, you’re going to meet someone and you’ll be walking on the clouds like I was . . . I have no regrets from that day, sweet pea.”

I smile, “I know; you and Gramps have been living the life of luxurious romance.”

Gram laughs which makes me tear up a bit. I miss her so much. I glance at the digital clock on the night stand beside me. It’s going to be dawn soon.

“We’ve been chatting for over an hour, Gram,” I say, grinning. “I woke up to call you and now . . . I’ll have to get a couple hours of sleep on the plane. Tell Gramps that I love and miss him for me?”

“I will, sweetie,” Gram replies, sighing softly. “Remember what I said: Fall in love when you get to Rome. Whether he’s a tourist, like you, or a sexy Italian ma-”

“Gram!” I shout, my cheek growing extremely warm. “I love you, but whenever your definition of sexy is totally different from mine. I’m all chocolate, and you’re vanilla.”

“Oh, stop it! We both agree that Channing Tatum smoked it in Magic Mike. Call again soon, sweetie!”

With that, Gram ends the call, leaving me flushed and thinking of the Tatum. She got me there. We can definitely agree on that detail. I shake my head, grinning like a fool as I put my phone to charge. However, before I even pull my hand away, I get an email alert. I practically jump out of my skin trying to get my phone unplugged. And all for a few seconds, I feel as though my heart has stopped entirely. Surprisingly, this is the longest email I’ve gotten from Aldrich, by far.

April 21, 2016

From: dAldrich91@mail.com

To: authordanicak@authordanicak.web

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Off Topic


A woman such as yourself . . . If I am not too forward in saying so, but from the little I am learning about you, I can see that you are not like most women. It would be an honor to meet you as well.

No, I do not think of you as pushy. I suppose that were it I in your position, I would feel the same.

Am I not seeing anyone . . . I would be lying if I said yes. . . Danica, in one of my previous emails, I mentioned being detained. It was in a literal sense. I was with a girl some time back, but it was not meant to be. I suppose the proper way to say this is that . . . Her character is only skin deep. She was not very pleased that I ended things.

The very day I received your first response, I was getting ready to dine with my father and the prime minister’s family. The girl I was with, she is the prime minister’s daughter. She wanted to take a walk, and her mother encouraged it. Needless to say, her mother still believes we are a couple.

We had only been walking for a few moments when the she made me believe someone was, um . . . stalking her? I suppose the proper term for it. I thought he was sneering at the both of us, but . . . he was sneering at me. I was thinking of how he might be disrespecting a woman, someone I know, and I do not tolerate it. I was too late in my thinking. Before long, he was assaulting me and I defended myself blindly. The two of them used this to their advantage . . . I was arrested and falsely accused for starting the fight. After a few days, a resolve was made. I defended myself. My father helped clear the problems and I am to stay far away from the . . . ‘gentleman’. My father is well respected in our city. So . . . it was not so much of a challenge for him to convince them to let me go with little charges.

I wish she had not been involved. Despite what I learned about her, I never disrespected her in any manner. Now, whenever her family comes to my father’s . . . establishment, I am to turn the corner and wait for her to be elsewhere. Meaning, I am to stop working my job, for however long, and when she leaves I am can return to my work. Not a fun task, especially when I enjoy working as I do.

Well, there . . . now you know. I hope that does not change your impression of me. I do not normally tell people such details about me. I know you said I could speak to you if I needed, but I did not expect to tell you, to be honest. I apologize if this is not something you wish to receive in an email.

Anyway, I had better end this here. I’ve rambled to you enough . . . Thank you.

With much gratitude,


Wow. I was not expecting that. Damnit! What was that girl’s issue? Obviously, she is the type to hold a grudge. A terrible grudge. I don’t even know Aldrich on a personal level, and right now all I want to do is give that girl a piece of my mind. I take a deep breath. The very thought makes me seem like a jealous girlfriend. Which I am not. Where the hell did that come from? Instead of mulling over my weird thought patterns, I start a reply. To be honest, I am happy Aldrich opened up to me like this.

April 21, 2016

From: authordanicak@authordanicak.web

To: dAldrich91@mail.com

Subject: Still Off Topic


That’s terrible! I cannot believe someone would do such a thing. Aldrich, whatever motives she had, they were obviously for evil. It is better you do not associate with her. If someone I knew did something like that to me, I would cut them off as even acquaintances.

But onto a slightly more upbeat subject. Since we have, clearly, strayed away from the original purpose of asking/answering questions. I am currently in Rome, Italy. I’m at the Trevi Fountain of Love as I write this reply. My grandpa brought my grandmother back here when he proposed. I am taking pictures and I hope you won’t mind me sending them to you next time. I mean . . . technically, I will be posting them to my website, but you’ll get a first glance at what I’ve been up to in Italy.

It’s funny. I didn’t think I would have this much free time between tour stops. I extended the end of my trip, after my final tour stop, so I could do some sight seeing. My last stop is in Serbia. I’ve wanted to go there for so long. Publishing my novels has allowed me to make it happen.

Well, I should go. I have a flight to catch.

Best wishes,

Danica Kensington - Author

P.S. Thank you for confiding in me.

Satisfied with my answer, I tap send.

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