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My Neighbor The Biker

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Her father is not a good man. His bad dealings come back to bite him in the ass. His wife and daughter are made to leave. Safety, a new start, and happiness.........or so they thought.

Romance / Adventure
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As i look out my living room window i see him pull in his driveway. I have my headphones in or i would of heard his bike before i ever seen it. The sound of that harley echos through the whole neighborhood when he leaves and comes home. Sometimes i can even feel the vibrations in my house from it. As he parks the bike and shuts it off he removes his helmet and hooks it on the handle bars. He stands up off the bike and stretches his large muscular frame. He is probably around 6' 2" or taller, he has blonde hair and is built like a brick shit house. Very solid and stout. I don't know his name cause honestly im to chicken shit to ask him it but i have been watching him like this for weeks now. I know stalker to the core but what can i say, he is delicious looking and i can't help that looking out my front window puts me in direct sight of his house. I decide to get a drink and go to bed after staring at my neighbor for what seems like forever. I take a peak out the window one last time before turning out the lights and heading to bed and i swear when i looked at him he was staring straight at me with the biggest sexiest smile i have ever seen on a man. His arms crossed over his chest making him look all the more yummy. I decide its time to stop and shut out the lights, lock the door, and head to bed.Once i am in bed and comfy i almost instantly fall asleep thinking about the gorgeous specimen living across from me.

"I know we don't know each other sweetheart but you just smell and taste so good names don't matter right now. Please let me in baby." My smile reaches my ears and i part my legs and grant him entrance. He immediately moves in between them pushing them apart just a little bit more. He leans down and kisses me gently while caressing my body with his hand that isn't supporting his weight. I wiggle under him because honestly i want him inside of me and right now i feel like he is just teasing me. " You have watched me for weeks and been using my body for god knows what kind of pleasure I want to feel and touch all of you baby." Now i feel my juices flowing out of me making me slick and wet and i feel a knot forming in my belly of what is to come. As i relax and let him do what he is doing my body comes alive at his touch. Tingles and sensations i have never felt before surface and before i know it i am moaning and begging him to fuck me. As the words leave my mouth i feel my face heat up and try to hide in his chest, the chuckle that leaves this man makes me want to cum right there on the spot. As he is chuckling he grabs his cock and slides it in between my slick folds making me wetter and wanting more, as he starts to slide into me i can feel myself stretch to fit him and the pressure feels so good i can't help but moan again. With that he thrust the rest of the way into me and starts pumping in and out of me. I can feel my orgasm building already and i tell him it feels amazing. He takes my wrists and pins them above my head as he picks up speed, he is slamming into me like his life depends on it and it feels so amazing i am on the verge of seeing stars. Out of no where i start coughing like he is choking me but his hands are no where near my throat. I feel like i can't breathe and like someone is forcing the air out of my lungs.I hear him yelling at me but he is getting farther away and my body feels like it is burning up. I don't know what's happening i was just having the best sex of my life and now i feel like i am burning to death and the hot neighbor is no where to be found.

I feel myself being picked up while i can't breathe and feel like i am on fire. I know someone is holding me and moving with me but i don't know anything past that. I hear someone talking to me but i can't focus on what or who it is. I am so tired now i just want to sleep. With that thought everything goes black and quiet.

"I have fun knowing my neighbor checks me out all the time and thinks i don't notice. I get home and as usual she is chilling in her living room. As i get off my bike i notice she is watching to i stretch extra long and let her get her fill for the night before i decide to head inside. When she gets up and leaves i just stand there and smirk knowing she is flustered. She comes back and goes to turn out her lights but stops and looks at me one more time, thats when i flash her my smile and can visibly see her whole face turn red and then bam lights are off and house is dark. Mission accomplished i think to myself as i head inside. Around an hour after i am home i decide to take my shower and head to bed myself. I get all clean from the day at the shop and am heading to my bedroom when i see flames and two guys running from the neighbors house. In no time flat i get dressed and rush over. By the time i do just that her house is already in flames and i know she is still trapped inside. I break through the door not caring about the yells from neighbors that it isn't safe and to wait for firefighters. I reach her room and panic, she is still in bed with flames dancing all around her and she is coughing violently. I don't think she is even awake and knows what is going on. I pick her up in her sheet cause apparently she sleeps naked, and i run out of the house with her. As i get her to the street and away from the house the firefighters start work on the house and ask if anyone else is there? I know from the other neighbors and living here as long as i have that she lives alone and i tell them no. They start to give her oxygen and to get fluids in her and then she barely opens her eyes and looks at me, I can't help myself and it just slips out, " youll be ok baby girl. I got you" with that she shuts her eyes and passes out. I don't even know if she realizes what is happening all i know is that whoever those fuckers are they are going to pay with their life."

I wake up to the sound of beeping and pain in my chest. I try to sit up but can't, just feel way to weak. I look around and realize i am in a hospital room. Wait? How did i get here? Why am i here? As i look around some more i see the neighbor in the chair on the other side of the room sleeping. He did come back and he got me here but how? Then i remember, I was having a sex dream about him and woke up choking and not being able to breathe. I don't remember anything after that. I try to speak but it just comes out as coughs and choking, the minute i start coughing he is up and next to my side. Again i try to say something but i just choke, my throat is so dry. As if being able to read my thoughts he pours a glass of water and puts a straw in it. He moves close and holds the straw to my lips, " take little drinks baby girl it could make you choke more if you chug it." The minute he says this i feel my face turn red and i know he can see it to as he just smiles big and nods toward the cup of water. I take a few little sips and moan at how good the cool fresh liquid feels going down my throat. Before i can ask what happened he sits in the chair next to my bed and takes my hand while looking straight into my eyes. "When i saw the flames and the guys who started the fire running away i didn't care about anything but getting you out of there. I was so scared but i couldn't just leave you there and hope someone made it to help in time." As he talks i realize what is going on, my house was set on fire and i almost burned with it. But why? Why would anyone want to kill me or damage my life in that way?

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