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Monsters x Reader Story Collection (NEW!)

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A collection of heady stories about inhuman creatures loving on your favorite character - YOU! These chapters will contain monsters ranging from sea serpents to sentient carnivorous plants and everything in between! Romance is my absolute FAVORITE, and I love writing and sharing my characters, but please note that these are creatures and not humans, and some of these works will be dark, unconventionally erotic, and gorey. I will post warnings at the top of each chapter, and I implore you to take a second to read them. I want people to enjoy the stories I post, and unknowingly making someone uncomfortable is the LAST thing I aim to do. Of course, feel free to leave comments or thoughts on my stories, as I LOVE reading them, and don't be afraid to reach out with questions or requests!

Romance / Horror
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Star (Alien x Reader) M/F

*Warning: This work of fiction includes gore, biting, death, drug-influenced consent, cervical penetration, breeding, graphic sex, sterilization, and oviposition.*

The first time I saw Star eat a human, I lost my lunch. I watched his chest open - long, spindly legs unfolding outward toward his prey. At the sight of the inside of his stomach, my brain swam. The meal - a child named Eric - should have screamed, but his cry was unheard, his nerves paralyzed by the miasma pouring off the alien's body.

Star was a royal, and being so meant that he was significantly larger than others of his species - meant that the chasm in his chest could have easily held the boy's body while he was digested whole. Star, however, had a particular love of gore, so the young boy was ripped limb from limb - his thin arms and legs torn from his torso as if it took Star no effort at all, which I know now that it didn't. He'd tucked the boy's parts into the gooey, digestive fluid-laden pocket in his center, and the armored appendages had folded closed, threading together like fingers and sealing so tight not a drop of blood nor clawing, desperate fingers could get out. Star had locked gazes with me that day, an amused glimmer in his dark eyes that promised interest.

Later that day, he cornered me in one of the dark maintenance corridors. I couldn't see much, but I knew how many serrated teeth resided in his jaws, and I knew his barbed tail waited to skewer me should I choose to scream or try to run. Each of the four eyes located on the sides of his bestial head shone through the lightless space between us, emerald like the forest I used to play in as a child, and his hunched, four-legged body rumbled and clicked as he sniffed the air around me. Those eyes narrowed as he closed in, and my fear of him reflected in my fogged-up lenses. Star's anatomy - from his paralyzing capabilities to his animalistic form and the spines on his back - was in no way human. His species could maneuver on two or all four legs, the scales protecting their bodies making them look as if made of both organic and metal compounds.

Star rose until his weight rested on his back legs, pressing the claws on his front into the wall at either side of my head. The gentle press of his muzzle against my neck was disarming, because I knew he wouldn't hesitate to kill me. "Take off your respirator, human."

"I can't," I whispered, holding back tears as I pressed my back flush against the surface behind me. "If I do, your toxins-"

"Will paralyze you, yes." His answer was lit with a smile. "You'll want to be paralyzed when I fuck you, I promise. I may rip you in half otherwise."

His tail bumped the side of my thigh, snaking behind my knees in a silent warning.

"Will you eat me afterward?" I whispered, and that time tears did pool on my lashes. I was terrified.

"Do you want me to eat you afterward?" He chuckled. "After seeing your expression earlier, I'd say you might be ready to leave my ship by any means necessary."

"No," I shook my head, sure of my words as I sniffled. "I'm not ready to die yet."

"Well then, you'd be wise to start working on your obedience."

I nodded, and adrenaline rocketed through my veins as I undid the latch at my throat. I hesitated, but a twitch of his tail warned me against any action other than the one he wanted me to complete. I swallowed and removed my mask.

Though I couldn't see his features very well, being in his presence without the respirator's protection was an experience all its own. His growled breaths were clearer in my ears, and to my surprise, his scent was pleasant and masculine. I couldn't process any other sensory details because the chemicals in the air between us swiftly wound through my nostrils, into my lungs, and deposited themselves into my blood.

In a heartbeat's time, the neural connection between my brain and my body started splintering, and my limbs turned to Jell-O. My eyelids drooped, my spine went numb, and my muscles liquified. Star caught me before I could fall, and I gasped, my conscious mind fighting to retain control. I managed to dig my fingertips into his hard shoulders before my motor functions were ripped out from underneath me.

"Easy," He purred. "it won't harm you, and in a few hours, it'll have completely worn off."

"Why?" I choked. Somehow I could still speak, unlike Eric. "...Why... me?"

"You didn't look away." He stated simply. "Unlike your comrades, you watched until I'd finished. I believe you are less repulsed than the others, if not at all."

"Not repulsed..." I forced out, my tongue starting to feel heavy. "...afraid."

"I can deal with afraid, repulsed, however..." Star lifted my body and curled it close to his chest - dangerously close to the lethal chasm that could - at any moment - open up and swallow me whole. "I do not want to be viewed as repulsive. It is inevitable when dealing with most humans, but I think you understand that we have needs, just like you."

I processed his words, but in the moment I couldn't form a vocal response, and a wave of fear crashed into me with the knowledge that I was wholly at his mercy - Star, a royal and the leader of the largest and deadliest fleet in this alien solar system. I couldn't act on that fear; my mind unplugged from my nervous system in such a way that if he decided to tear open my stomach and suck out my intestines, I wouldn't bat an eyelash, just like Eric.

Star walked through the dim halls of the ship and toward his quarters, baring his teeth in a display of dominance whenever another of his kind would look our way. It wasn't necessary, but some primal part of him had become territorial over my body in the few minutes since our first exchange. It didn't make sense to me, but to Star, it seemed that the difference in mentality between myself and the other humans aboard was enough. I didn't know if my scent or even my looks contributed to his attraction, but it didn't matter. Star was about to rail me into oblivion, and though I was terrified, I was also hopeful. Call me a traitor, but I wanted to live, and if living meant becoming the hole Star chose to bury himself in each night, I would take it. Usually, the only options for humans here were ultimate servitude or death, and neither seemed preferable to what was about to happen.

His suite was massive, with two levels overlooking the nose of the ship and the prismatic expanse of planets and stars we floated in. Gentler than I would have expected from such a creature, he placed me on the black sheets on his bed - a gelatinous mattress far softer than I was used to - soft enough to conform to the rugged ridges on his body as he slept. I could see the galaxy through the skylight above - breathtaking even in my drugged state - until the bed dipped, and my hazy field of vision was overtaken by his form. His massive jaws parted, and I got a personal introduction to his tongue when it lolled out over his lower teeth to lick a stripe across my face.

"...Sta-r..." I breathed with great effort, and he slowly cocked his head to look contemplatively into my half-lidded eyes.

"You can still speak. That is interesting." He murmured as he pushed his sharp tail through the front of my suit, blade facing upwards so he could slice through the thick material. I felt the coldness of his scales slide from my abdomen upward as he cut. I wanted to move away from the sensation, especially when that blade came into contact with my throat, the razor edge pressing gently into my neck as the collar gave way and my jacket popped open. Even that slight pressure was enough to split the skin, and tears pricked my eyes at the bitter sting.

Again, the flat of his massive tongue pressed against me, starting between my exposed breasts, trailing up over my chest and across the blood weeping into the hollow between my collarbones. A growl worthy of absolute submission reverberated through the room as he pulled back to lick along the outsides of his teeth like a hound who'd just finished a meal. In my entire life, I'd never been more terrified. Star's bared teeth, the carnivorous pit of his stomach hovering so close to my own, and my utter immobility had my heart crashing against the back of my ribs.

If I could have moved, I would have trembled and sobbed, probably begged him to release me, but the moment I removed my respirator, I'd relinquished my control to him. I could only watch what he would do to me through the fog his miasma had poured over my mind. I was his for as long as he wished to keep me. I felt my eyelids slide shut, and tears ran slowly down my cheeks as his talons cut into my pants and his tail wrapped around my boots, tugging one off, then the other.

The thing with Star, is that biologically, he was designed precisely as an apex predator should be. Not only did paralyzing fumes pour off his body, but the same chemicals also resided in his blood, saliva, and probably even his ejaculate. He was a story-tall nightmare summed up in razor edges, lighting fast speed, and a body toxic enough to ensure he would always - always - win.

Though I'd already succumbed to our differences in DNA, once my body was completely bare, he nuzzled my sex and began to lick me in slow, sanity-fraying strokes, and somehow, his mouth stole even more control from my grasp. His tongue saw to it that more chemicals wove through my skin and into my veins, and I'll tell you what little awareness I had, shattered like glass.

My vision began to blink in and out, his form becoming little more than a shadow I viewed through foggy lenses. I could no longer make out his shape or what he was doing, but I felt it every time the tip of his tongue brushed my cervix, its thicker base rolling and swirling in the tight channel between my thighs. Breathy moans slipped past my lips; at least, in my mind, they did. I'm not sure if they made it to Star's ears, but I heard him speak when he moved above me again - when something wet and long and warm slapped heavily against my stomach.

"Looks like you're starting to enjoy this." Star mused, his breath hot on the fragile flesh protecting my carotid artery. He licked me again, rolling his hips so his slick member slid down over my sex. He began to rut the swollen veins on the underside of its length against my hooded bundle of nerves, and I nearly came undone.

As much as some small part of my mind wanted to disagree, Star was right; I liked it - loved it - from the roots of my teeth to the bed of my nails; I loved everything he was doing, and lucky for me, it only got better.

"More..." I managed to whisper, though it was hard to believe the lust-dipped demand had come from me. "...pl-ease."

"You don't have to beg, though I do like that you can speak under the influence of so much. I wonder if you'll still be able to talk when I'm through with you."

I felt his claws drag over one of my breasts - which one I'm not entirely sure. At that point, my brain felt like it had been flipped on its back and spun. The only thing I was sure of was that Star was there, touching me, making me feel better than I ever have, ten times over. He spread my thighs, using his tail to lift one of my ankles to rest on his shoulder while he lined up his rigid cock with my weeping slit. I almost gasped when I felt the fat head of it part my lips. He was enormous - larger than anything I'd ever imagined taking - and even with how slippery we both were, my tight entrance kept rejecting him, allowing him to slide a few inches past my lips before popping him out. Star growled again, and with a little more pressure and precision, my body yielded. The force he'd needed sent him sliding in fast, and I remember hearing myself cry out and how my tears ran past my temples and into my ears as my eyes weakly scrunched.

When I opened them again, I was shocked.

There was a flash of clarity in my boozy vision when I'd looked down at the organ buried deep inside me, and the fear from earlier came rushing back, but only for a fractured moment. Star's cock - though his body was mainly silver and black - was bright blue and purple, and although he'd managed to stuff my guts with it, it most certainly did not belong there. It had to be as wide around as a softball. I couldn't feel much other than pressure, but I knew with how stretched I was, it should have hurt. I could see the bump of it beneath the toned plane of my stomach.

I couldn't feel it against the wall of my cervix, but I knew he had to be very close, which would have terrified me more since so much of his length had yet to be buried inside me, but the haze returned, and when Star inched forward, I could feel it in my lungs. He didn't get much farther before my body stopped him, but he started to fuck me with what I could take, his slippery length gliding effortlessly, even with how impossibly tight our connection was. I was dripping - practically gushing - onto the sheets with each cautious thrust, and I concluded that his body was creating some kind of silky lubricant as well.

Every time he pulled back, my body acted like a suction, pulling against his retreat. I watched him bare his teeth each time, a flash of crystal white against the dark shadow before me. I couldn't blame him. I would have snarled too if I'd been able, but the only thing I could do was watch, the occasional moan or whine or gasp somehow slipping from my lungs. I wanted to touch him - to cradle his face as he fucked me into the mattress and separated my soul from my body.

Maybe another time. I thought. Maybe next time, he'll let me keep the respirator on, and I can touch him. Maybe-

I didn't get to continue my thoughts as Star yanked me from them with a particularly rough thrust. After starting with experimentally slow pumps, he'd concluded that I wouldn't rip apart around his girth, and his pace picked up. Each time he dove in - each time the throbbing veins along his cock slid across the soft ridges of my interior - lights flashed in my vision. The blood rushing beneath my skin turned molten, and each rut nearly knocked the wind from my chest. I had no control over my breaths, and in the moment, I only hoped my subconscious could keep up with his brutal treatment. My core pulsed with pleasure each time the ridge of his cock head pressed up against my g-spot, and each time I struggled to regain my bearings, fighting for some semblance of security as his body threatened to destroy mine.

My first orgasm came faster than I could comprehend, sparks of pleasure dancing on each nerve ending in my body. My mind swam, and my walls fluttered, milking his shaft and drawing him further in. He took advantage then, pressing down until the tip of his weeping dick kissed the pulsing entrance of my womb. He gripped me tighter, persisted forward until it gave, and another fleeting moment of control hit my brain. I used it to scream.

"STAR!" I cried, the immense pressure now resting in my abdomen making my lower half go numb. I knew, and my body knew, that it was wrong. I wanted to dig my fingers into the sheets, but I disconnected again, and all I felt was pleasure.

"The more you speak, the more I want to keep you." He muttered breathlessly and thoughtfully, pushing in more. "How would you feel about being a mother?"

I wanted to shake my head, confused and taken aback by the question, but he started moving again, and somehow, he dove even further within, fucking the sopping passage of my cunt and my womb, the ledge of his head catching that impossibly tight ring of muscle deep inside me with each thrust. His hips met mine as he bottomed out, and we both groaned, tugged so deep into the throes of bliss that neither of us could form a train of thought.

"Yes..." I breathed. "I want... to, St-ar. I want..."

The snarl that left him was dangerous - possessive and wanting and hungry - and I shivered, my breasts bouncing as he picked up his pace. Another orgasm spun like cotton candy inside me, and I fought to keep it in.

"I want to... mother... your children. P-le-ase..." I found myself begging again, and he bit into the space between my shoulder and my neck as his orgasm crashed over him. He kept pumping, fucking the hot liquid gushing from his cock into me and tipping me off the ledge of reality for the second time. I blacked out, the pleasure far too much for even my subconscious to handle, and when I came to a minute later, Star was still above me, his face buried in my neck and his cock still inside my womb. I felt it twitch before a bulge slid down the tube of his swollen length, squeezing through the tight ring of my cervix. My abdomen hurt, and the amount of pressure above my hips had doubled.

"Star?..." My eyes opened slowly. "wh-at..."

"Eggs," He snarled through clenched teeth. His breath was like fire against my flushed skin. "We'll be locked for a while. I will put the respirator on after, and you can rest."

"Mm... want to touch..." Flames of pleasure still burned within me, and in the moment, what was happening - the words he'd spoken - seemed surreal. Then, I only wanted to be closer to him. Dim light hit my dilated pupils as my lids opened, and though I tried to lift my arms, they wouldn't budge. "...you, Star."

"The way you say my name is utterly hypnotic." He admitted, mumbling the words lazily into my shoulder. He started to lick me again, lapping at the blood beading from the marks his serrated teeth imprinted on my skin. "You will bear my children, and I will keep you, less you want me to eat you when it's over."

"No..." I whispered as more fear crept up my throat. Another egg squeezed into me, and I could feel my body beginning to protest the stretch. "keep... me."

"Very well then," He chuckled. "you will become my mate. There are no females of my kind, so we rely on other species to reproduce, which means I will breed you like this more than once. Now that you are pregnant with my seed, your body will not be able to nurture human embryos. My sperm sterilized you the moment it made contact with your womb."

I blanked for a moment at his words, and my vision blurred with water as a tidal wave of emotion cut me open. I started to cry again. I knew the hopes of ever having a human family and normal life were slim to none, but still, the news stung. I didn't try to speak, and his head moved up so he could lick the tears from my face.

"Your DNA will affect the eggs I have laid in you. Their colors, shapes, and sizes are decided by your genetic code. They will be as much yours as they are mine."

I looked down at myself, fighting to blink the haze from my eyes. At that point, my stomach had distended, and I wondered when he would stop filling me - when I would have to birth them.

"Wh-en..." I started, but he knew my question.

"A normal clutch is fourteen eggs, and only one will grow at a time. Gestation is rather fast, so you will give birth every thirty days until each egg has been dropped. I will let you take a break once they are all born but know that I will stuff you full again shortly after. As for our current predicament..." Star bumped his head against mine, pumping softly into my womb before pulling back. Now that he was in, my cervix didn't want to let him go, the head of his member catching on the clenched hole choking his shaft. He retreated more, and for a moment, it felt like he would pull my uterus straight out of my body. When he finally popped free, static filled my brain. "It's done. Lucky for you, human, I am a royal, and my clutches are larger than most. I will not have to do that to you again for another two years, at least.

I'll be pregnant for two years? My pulse thundered in my ears. I wanted to touch my swollen stomach - to connect with the reality of the situation, but I was still far away from any type of conscious movement, and I would be for the next couple of hours, at least.

Star left me, returning a moment later with my respirator, carefully lifting my head, placing it over my face, and securing the clasp around my throat. It didn't change anything since my body had taken in so much toxic air, but I felt somehow safer, knowing I could sleep and that I'd be able to think straight when I awoke. My eyes closed, and before my spent mind drifted off, he lifted my hand and pressed it to my stomach. It was warm and round, and a contented sigh spilled from my lips as the kiss of silk sheets fluttered over my bare skin. The bed dipped to my right, and I felt Star's tail curl protectively around my abdomen, just before my thoughts dipped into nothingness.

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