Mr & Mrs Sullivan

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Chapter 10

Dane’s Point of View

Emerald clearly hadn’t been living here. As in, not eating here. The fridge was empty. There wasn’t a single thing in it. Not even milk. Nothing at all. The pantry was also empty. So she hadn’t been eating here.

I had turned her alarms off and was expecting to be in trouble for that as soon as she wakes up. But she looked like she needed sleep. And if I knew her at all, she wouldn’t be getting any. She would be running herself into the ground.

I had finished her maths homework and was starting on her English essay when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye.

Bang. There she was. When I had said nice view last night, I had been looking directly at her, wasn’t till I realised that the words had come out of my mouth, I quickly redirected my stare. So she didn’t think I was completely obsessed with her.

Her hair was wet and up in a ponytail, showing off her perfect shaped face. Her face was fresh, she wasn’t wearing makeup. And the normal designer clothes she wore were gone. Instead she was wearing trackies and a tshirt that still framed her figure. She looked relaxed. I had never seen her like this before. Not completely decked out. God she looked like eighteen and not a twenty year old.

The normal front she had on, wasn’t there. She looked happy and I hoped I had something to do with that. For once I was seeing her age.

“Morning.” I smiled getting up.

“Do I smell food?” She frowned like that smell couldn’t be possible.

I could touch her now, couldn’t I? It basically killed me last night to not touch her and even then, I had given in. When it came to Emerald, my self-control wasn’t there.

“Yeah I cooked you breakfast.” I gripped her by the hips, kissing her frown away.

“But there wasn’t any food. I’ve only been sleeping here.” She pulled back and looking up at me. “You’ve been up awhile then, haven’t you?” She didn’t hide her disapproval. “You could have woken me up.”

“That would defeat the purpose of you sleeping in, though wouldn’t it?” I let go of her and walked into the kitchen. Pulling her breakfast out of the oven, which I had had on keep warm for the last half an hour.

“Wait a sec, you actually cooked me breakfast?” She said, as I put it in front of her.

“Don’t look so shocked.” I laughed at her response.

“It’s just you didn’t have to. I would have grabbed something on the way, or something. You don’t have to cook for me-”

“Emerald, just say thank you.” I cut her off before she came up with every excuse possible on why I shouldn’t have cooked for her.

She smiled “Thank you.” And started eating.

I went and picked up her homework and sat down next to her at the kitchen island. I had to admit this was one nice house. I wondered if her other houses were just as impressive. Still can’t believe she owns so many. She hadn’t wasted her money. Though she was a billionaire now. She didn’t act like one.

“What’s that?” She asked.

What was she talking about? I frowned and she gestured her head to my hands. Right. Her homework.

“Your homework.” I put it down.

“But it’s finished?”

“I told you I was good at maths.” I pulled on her chair, dragging her closer. “You weren’t kidding when you said you were doing advance maths though.”

“Did you seriously do my homework?” Again she was giving me that look, like it wasn’t possible.

“Don’t look so shocked.” I smiled at her expression.

She opened her mouth then closed it. Was she mad?

“What’s wrong?” I said, trying to read her. I had never wanted to be able to read a woman, but I wanted badly to read Emerald. Like right now was she looking at me like that because I crossed a line?

“It’s just.” She started, then stopped. Putting her knife and fork down and turning on the bar stool, to face me. “I’ve never had anyone do that for me before.”

“You’re smart, I doubt you have needed anyone to do the work for you.” She was more intelligent than me. She would have easily done those problems if she had time. “I didn’t do them because I didn’t think you were capable of them. I did them, because you didn’t have time and the time you did have, well I made you spend it with me.”

She looked at me with wide eyes.

“Don’t be mad?” I scratched the back of my neck, hoping I could someway get myself out of this situation without those emerald eyes of hers narrowing and she starts telling me all the reason why I shouldn’t have touched her homework.

Her expression softened. “I’m not mad.” She stood, up, standing in front of putting her arms going around my neck. “Thank you.” She kissed my lips and pulled back.

But she had just given me a taste of something I hadn’t got a full dose of last night. I was quick to pull her back, greedily taking her lips. Wanting, craving more. I was officially hooked on Emerald Asher.

Or Emerald Sullivan. I smiled pulling back. I loved that she had my last name.

“You alright?” I asked, as she looked to be struggling to breathe.

“You just make me....” She shook her head. “Never mind.”

“I make you what?” My hands ran down her sides, stopping on her hips.

“You just...make me forget...everything.” She stagged out. “You should be illegal Dane Sullivan.”

“Nah. You’re the one who should be. You and that figure of yours.” I kissed her cheek. “Do you have to go to work?”

She nodded her head. “As much as I don’t want to. Yes.”

“So you would rather spend the day with me?” Was there a chance I could convince her to blow it off?

She narrowed her eyes, like she knew my plan. “Don’t play that card. You know I have to go to work.”

I sighed. My plan failing. “Ok, well do you know when you will be finishing up to come home with me? Or are you planning on staying here?”

She sighed, stepping back out of my grasp. “I don’t know.”

“I understand you’ve made commitments.”

“I do have some say in what country I work in.” She went back to sitting at her stool. “But are you sure you want me in the same country as you? We only lasted three weeks dating last time. Maybe it would be better if we attempted long distance.”

“Fuck that. I want you. In my bed. Every night.”

She laughed. It was sweet and innocent and just made my heart pump faster for her.

“Good cause I’ve missed your football games.” She smiled at me. “Talking about games, you blew one off to be here didn’t you?”

“You don’t need to give me a lecture I’ll get one when I get back.”

She shook her head. I’m sure she had some lecture planned to give me. “Well was it worth it? Knowing you are going to be in trouble when you get back?”

I got up, turning her around on the bar stool. Gently cupping her face, lowering my head to hers. “I got you back, didn’t I?”

A smile graced her lips. “Yeah you did.”

“So I say it was worth it.”

The smile dropped from her lips, and a serious expression captured her face. I didn’t like seeing it.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, noticing her change immediately.

“I don’t do relationships. So I might screw us up again.” She started to bite her bottom lip.

I pulled her lip from her grasp. “You didn’t screw us up to begin with. I did. And that shit with Leah didn’t help.” I forced her to look me in the eye. “You won’t screw us up.”

“Leah. That is a subject we have to talk about.” She tilted her head. “She knows the truth doesn’t she?”

I really was hoping, she wouldn’t have picked up on that but now she was asking. I couldn’t lie to her.

“Yeah she does.”

“So she knows you aren’t really married to me?”

“Last time I checked we are married.”

She rolled her eyes. “You know what I mean Dane. She knows the truth.”

“She thinks she does, that was before.”


“Before I made a real commitment to you. I’ll tell her to back off and if it makes you happy I’ll even tell her we are really dating.” I smirked. “I would tell anyone that will listen that Emerald Asher is agreeing to date me. But they all think you already agreed to marrying me.”

“I did agree to marry you.” She linked her arms around my neck, standing up. “Just don’t make me regret dating you.”

“I won’t let you down twice.” I quickly kissed her lips. “You have to go right?”

“Yeah I do.”

“Well I’ll go do tourist things, while you work.” I smiled. Not wanting her to feel like she had to entertain me.

“It’s only photo editing. They shouldn’t need me for long. Where is your phone?”

I frowned. “Why do you want that?” I dug it out of my jeans pocket and handed it to her.

She took it. “Cause I think it only fair that my husband has my new number.” She handed it back. “Don’t give it to anyone. Three people have it. Well four now. But that’s it. My last number got released and I had to cancel it.”

“So you didn’t just cancel it to get away from me?” I had thought that was why she changed her number to begin with.

She looked at me like I couldn’t be serious. “I’m not childish! I may still be in my teens but I am an adult. It wasn’t like I washed my hands of you. I tried to contact you. You rejected my calls.”

Yeah and I still felt guilty about that. “If I had of picked up, would you have not jumped to a divorce so quickly?”

She looked at me with a hardened expression. I didn’t know what she was thinking.

“I still don’t know if we are making the right decision by not getting a divorce.” She let go of me, sighing. “My brain is pointing out all the reasons I should go through with it.”

I might have convinced her last night but my gut was telling me, she was still out of my reach and clearly her brain was reminding her of that.

The reality was I couldn’t force her to stay with me.

I had to let her go, if that’s what she really wanted.

“You have to do what’s best for you Emerald. And if that is a divorce, then I’ll give it to you.” And I would. As much as I didn’t want it. I couldn’t force her to stay in this relationship, no matter how strong my feelings were for her.

Her face softened and she quickly stepped back into my grasp. Wrapping her arms around my neck. “I don’t want a divorce. Not now anyway.” Her lips were so close to mine. “I’ll head home with you this week.”

I closed my eyes, hearing that. It smoothed my nerves and panic of losing her.

“You better go.” I opened my eyes, running my hands down her back, enjoying having her so close. “Before I lose all my self-control and not let you go at all.”

She nodded her head. “You say that like I would fight you on the idea.” She brushed her lips against mine. “But if I don’t head in, they will start calling me.” Stepping out of my embrace. “I need to ask you a favour with we get back home.”

“That being?”

She shook her head. “I’ll ask when I know you won’t bolt. Bye Dane.”

“Bye babe.”

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