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Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Emerald’s Point of View

I hated cropping and ‘zoning’ in stage of editing. I was trying my best not to snap at the editors as they edited my photos. And the one shot they were working on at the moment, was a zone in picture of my breasts. It was really bothering me.

Especially considering I was wearing lace and if you zoned in enough you could see my nipples. Ok that’s it I was making them edit them! I opened my mouth to start giving orders.

“Hey Em?”

“Yeah Megan?” My eyes were still on the computer screen. Normally the model wouldn’t have to do anything with editing stage. But they wanted my input. Why I didn’t know.

“Your Mum surfaced this morning.”

I looked up hearing that and, seeing Megan standing there. “How is she?” Megan spoke more to my Mum than I did. “She isn’t flying here is she?”

Considering I was planning on leaving this week, her coming here didn’t make sense. But I still hadn’t told Megan I was planning on heading home with Dane this week.

“No. She just wanted to know, why she didn’t read about your divorce this morning.” Megan gave me a firm look, looks like Mum wasn’t the only one wanting to know why I had pulled article.

I really didn’t feel like being questioned, so I looked back at the computer screens. Not answering.

“Is there anything you want to tell me Em?”

I shook my head. Then the chair spun around and I was face to face with Megan.

“I think we should talk.” She gave me a look I couldn’t argue with.

I got up out of the chair and followed her out of the conference room. It was when she pulled me into her temporary office. I got nervous.

“Ok start talking, why you didn’t we officially announce your divorce this morning. You aren’t seriously thinking about staying with him?” Megan had been hard on Dane ever since those pictures of Dane and Leah came out over a month ago.

She had been the one to push the split as soon as she saw those pictures.

“I don’t see the big deal in seeing the year out.” I wasn’t going to tell her I had agreed to being his girlfriend again. I knew the lecture I would get. And maybe if people didn’t know, then I wouldn’t be seen as a complete hopeless fool when he breaks my heart. “We talked he made some good points.” I was leaving out the part that I wanted to be with him.

“He made good points?” She said dryly, giving me a look like that was impossible.

“He is actually smart. He isn’t some stereotypical foot baller player, with no brains.” I was defensive automatically. Dane was smart, he made quick work of those fractions that I had been struggling with all week. “Look what I do in my business life, is all your business but my personal life is off limits. To you and Mum.” I snapped.

“Since when did Dane become part of your personal life and not business?” She picked up on my slip up.

I groaned, no way was I getting out of this without confessing everything. “Since he stopped being used solely for business.” I sighed. “My brain is screaming at me not to say it but I like him. He smart, protective, and is one great football player.”

Megan looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I was saying. She opened her mouth and then shut it. Then shook her head.

“You like him.” She stuttered looking at me with wide eyes. “You actually like him!?”

“Don’t make it sound like that is impossible. I have liked people before!”

“But never ONCE have you acted on those feelings!” She looked at me frustrated. “Of all men, you had to fall for the one you are using!”

I clamped my mouth shut. If this was her reaction. I could only imagine my mothers.

“Does he like you back, like are you dating or something?” Megan looked to be still in shock-that and frustration.

“Like I said, my personal life, my business.”

“Since when did you separate the two!”

“Well as soon as I had a personal life, it became private.” I had lived and breathed work and I had never separated the two. That was because I never had personal life. “Also I’m heading back home.”

“But you have appearances to make, shoots you can’t just back out of!”

“Reschedule the shoots for at home. Indigo, won’t mind changing locations.” If I knew him well enough, he would follow me anywhere. “And clear my weekends.” I put my hands on my hips. “We are going back to the arrangement where I live and breathe football of a weekend.”

She looked at me gobsmacked. Not once had I told her, how my working life was going to be. I just did what I was told.

“Now I have to get back to those editors. Is there anything else you want to say?” For the first time in my life I was sticking up for myself. “And it better be business related not have anything to do with my personal life.”

I was a strong, successful woman. I should have started sticking up for myself a long time ago. It shouldn’t have taken me to get a personal life, to want to protect it, to make me stand up for myself.

“Nope you have made yourself clear.” Megan looked slightly hurt. Like I had just broken a friendship or something.

I liked Megan. I trusted her to run my life. But when it came down to it, I didn’t need judgement on my actions. I could look after myself.

I turned and my hand was on the door handle. But when I really thought of it, Megan was more than my agent which had me turning around.

“Megan maybe next time, if you want to know about my personal life, act like a friend not a boss. Because last time I checked we were friends first.” I gave her a smile and then walked out. I wasn’t going to just turn my back on her and start acting like a spoilt model, that treated her like shit. She was still my friend.

And as my friend she should respect me when I say, my personal and business life just got separated.

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