Mr & Mrs Sullivan

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Emerald’s Point of View

I spent the day doing edits and to be honest the day went no where. I was on my phone walking past a newsstand heading to where my driver was waiting when I saw it.

You have to fucking kidding me.

I picked up the magazine. Dane and I were front cover news. Considering I had kept a low cover for over a month and wasn’t even in the same state as him for that month they weren’t running new pictures.

Instead the caption said ‘Em and Dane still hot and heavy’ and by the pictures they were using you would think that!

Someone I don’t know who but had taken pictures of Dane and I on the beach that day when we were kissing in the surf.

By these picture you would think we were a loved up couple. I brought the magazine and noticed numerous other ones were running titles similar all questioning the divorce.

But they weren’t in English. This one was.

I wonder if my pretend husband had seen these.

I ended my phone call because I had lost my train of thought and walked to my driver. He was parked at the curb like normal.

I hadn’t released the press release today announcing our divorce. Megan had questioned me on it. The whole world was waiting on a yes or a no.

I said in that interview we were getting a divorce but they were waiting for a word from my team to confirm it.

I chewed on my bottom lip getting into the car.

Was I making a mistake trusting Dane?

My heart was beating risk it. My brain was screaming don’t let him get close- and those walls I love to have up, well put them back enforce.

We pulled away from the curb and I had one question on my mind, was I doing the right thing?


I smelt food as soon as I opened the door. Considering Dane had no idea when I’d be home I was surprised he was cooking.

“Didn’t think you would finish till late?” He said turning around in the kitchen.

“Have you seen this?” I waved the magazine at him while walking towards him. “We are news like front page news and this was the only one in English.”

Dane took it off me and had a large grin on his face when he saw the cover.

“This would be one of my favourite days with you.” He looked up from the magazine. “Till you freaked out.”

I clamped my mouth shut. I was not going to let him in on why I had freaked out. Though on the day I think I made myself clear.

That was the first day Dane had kissed me not in front of cameras or in front of people putting up a show. But it would seem our private scene had been witnessed.

I thought he had kissed me just because he wanted to, now I was frowning.

“You didn’t know people were watching did you?” I asked.

“Nope.” He answered but his eyes were on the magazine he had now flipped open and reading the article. He smirked “According to this you can’t get enough of me.” His smirk dropped and he frowned “And I’m playing two girls at once it would seem.”

Him and Leah. I sighed “Well that bit is true.”

He looked up with wide eyes “I’m not in a relationship with Leah.”

“She might argue differently on that.”

“I’m not in a relationship with her!”

I narrowed my eyes at him “I don’t care if you were. But don’t flat out lie to me! She likes you. Hell she knows the truth about you and me!”

“I’m not lying! Her and I are just friends. I needed someone to talk to when it happened and she was the only one that knew we weren’t a couple.”

I scoffed “Your story just changed.” I crossed my arms “You said you still considered me your girlfriend when we were apart. But you just said we weren’t a couple.” I picked him up on his mistake.

He groaned “Come on Emerald I’m telling you nothing happened between Leah and I.”

Why was I being stubborn on this? Maybe it was the fact that not only she knew I was no threat but also she was just one, of many, I would have to compete with when it came to Dane.

I sighed. I had had a long ass day and I really didn’t have energy to fight him.

“I guess we will agree to disagree.” I said and walked to a bar stool. You would think I’d be over sitting, considering I had spent the day at a computer, but I found myself irrigated after my fight with Megan and couldn’t sit down. Instead I stood and rocked back and forth on my feet.

The bar stool I was on spun around and I was face to face with Dane.

He shook his head. “No way am I letting you walk around thinking I’m playing you and Leah at the same time.”

“It’s really not a big deal.” I had brought the subject up and now wished I hadn’t. I was too tired to deal with this. “As long as it stays out of the papers. Cause I can’t have my name ran through dirt. Not even for you.”

I had worked too hard and too long, and wouldn’t let my name become a house hold joke.

His expression hardened. “I won’t speak to her, will that make you happy?”

He wouldn’t seriously do that! Cut off a friend, or somewhat more of a friend- just to make me happy? But his tone was painted with honesty. He really would cut her off.

My eyes widened and I frowned. “You should know me better than that.” He couldn’t seriously think I expect that of him?

“What? I don’t want you thinking I’m in a relationship with her. If I have to cut her off for us to move forward I will.”

“Dane I don’t want you to cut her off. I just want it out of the papers and magazines. You can see her. Hell you can speak to her.” Hell when it really came down to it, I added “You can even touch her- just don’t get photographed doing it. Because I won’t have my name become a joke.”

I wouldn’t have people think that I was such a weak person standing by a man who clearly had feelings for someone else.

I frowned again. He said he was willing to cut her off. So he mustn’t love her, right?

“I’m not touching her. The only woman I want to touch I’m married too. Which is you.” He took my hands linking them with his. Dipping his head. “I won’t drag your name down. I promise.”

I sighed. I guess this is what I should be wanting to hear. I nodded my head. “Ok.”

“You’re saying that but I think everything is far from ok.” He frowned, and then pulled on my hands forcing me onto my feet. “Emerald tell me you believe me.”

“I believe you.”

“At least put effort into your lie.”

I through my head back and all but groaned. “I just don’t trust men, ok? Don’t take it personal. But my brain is screaming all the facts at me, like you will hurt me.”

His eyes locked with mine “What’s your heart saying?”

How did he know the two weren’t the same? I pursed my lips. “To trust you.”

“So which one are you going with?”

My heart was beating one thing, my brain was screaming another- and I was exhausted from work. I really didn’t know which one I was going with. I couldn’t make an on the spot decision. I knew there was only one way out of this. Change the subject.

“When do you have to get home?” I did just that, change the subject. Because I wasn’t about to have a debate on whether my heart was right or my brain was right because when it came down to it, the only way I was going to find out which one was right, was by time.

“I um, well that’s a good question.” He looked guilty immediately.

“Ok you are keeping something from me.” I picked up on it.

“Let’s just say I’m ignoring my phone.”


“Stop it’s not a big deal.”

“Yes it is! You shouldn’t be here! I knew you missed a game, but if you don’t get back I know you will miss training and then you might be benched. You need to get home.”

He scoffed. “Coach might be pissed but he isn’t going to bench me. Might get a fine from the board though.”

I couldn’t help the smirk. “Lucky you’re a billionaire then.”

“No I’m not!” He shook his head giving me a challenged look.

I nodded my head “You’re my husband. One of the things that comes with me, is money. So get used to it.” I hated having the amount of money I did. So I smirked, seeing his reaction.

He narrowed his eyes at me, giving a look to say he wouldn’t accept that. “You aren’t paying my fine.”

I tilted my head. “So you expect me to move into your house, which you pay everything for.” I shook my head. “Nope, not happening. When we go back, we are discussing money. Cause I’m not having you pay for everything.” I remembered something. “Actually in fact Andrew said to invest my money into something, any suggestions?”

“I’m not helping you spend your money either.”

“Come on there must be something you want.” I said, enjoying the fact he looked uncomfortable with this subject. “It’s just money.” I pointed out.

“Your money.”

“Our money.”

“YOUR money.”

“OUR money.”

He groaned. “I’m not having an argument with you over it.”

“Good.” I went up on my toes. “That means you can help me spend it.” I was going to kiss him, till he pulled away from me.

“You’re a girl I’m sure you will find something to spend it on.” He went back into the kitchen, and the stove. I didn’t like the way he just said, ‘you’re a girl.’

“What’s that meant to mean?”

“Girls like spending money. If that is one thing I’ve learnt that’s, girls spend money.” Clearly he was talking about girls he had meet before me.

“So you just assume I’ll blow money on clothes and jewellery then?” I crossed my arms, my temper going up by the second. Some girls way have wasted his money on clothes and jewellery and I was getting the impression that, that was exactly what he was talking about. By saying ’I’ve learnt that girls spend money’.

“You have expensive taste when it comes to clothes. I haven’t seen you in anything that is a brand name and not just any brand name, but the high-class ones.”

“So these trackie pants, are brand named then?” I arched an eyebrow at him.

“Well not what you are wearing now, but normally you are dressed in designer stuff. You can’t deny that.”

“Do you know what I do for a job?”

“Yeah you’re a model?”

“Exactly. So I don’t buy my clothes I’m given them. I have never brought an item of clothing. In fact, people pay me to wear them.”

He frowned. “So that double door wardrobe at your place that is full, with all those clothes, you didn’t buy?”

I shook my head. Then looked down at my trackies. “Even what I’m wearing today, I’ve been given. Some indie brand trying to get their name out there. I do admit I like them though.” I admired the trackies that had kept me comfy all day.

“What about those earrings you were wearing last night?”

“Diamonds but again given to me.” I smiled at his shocked expression. “You really don’t get me do you?”

“It’s just….I just assumed…” He frowned. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I sat back down on the bar stool. “I’m sure you’ve never paid for a football.”

He smiled. “No I haven’t.”

“Perks of our jobs I guess.”

“Well you hungry?” He started serving up tea.

“I should be but I’m not for some reason.” I frowned. Actually that had been happening a lot.

“Have you really eaten today. You barely touched breakfast.”

“Just not hungry.”

“Emerald. You’ve lost weight while we have been a part.” He gave me a lecture and a firm look.

I rolled my eyes. “Seriously not you too! Just because everyone is used to seeing my body at the same weight. As soon as I drop a few kilograms everyone is acting like I have an eating disorder.” Megan may have always given me a lecture on my lack of eating as well last week. “I don’t by the way.”

He placed the food in front of me. “Then you won’t mind finishing this.”

I groaned. “Force feeding me, really?”

“You are the one saying you don’t have an eating disorder. And I know for a fact you didn’t eat much breakfast, doubt you had lunch, so this will be your first real meal for the day.” He sat next to me. And gestured for me to pick up my knife and fork.

“Ok fine.” I picked up my fork. “I don’t know what everyone is worried about, some models are thinner than me.”

“Yeah unhealthy thin. I don’t want my wife being a stick figure.” Dane said that like it would happen. As if I would ever let myself get that thin. Sure I was thin at the moment, maybe ten or so kilograms under what I normally sit at. And my collarbone and hips bones are sticking out a bit more than normal.

But I’ve been under stress and had insane deadlines. There just hasn’t been time for food.

I put a mouthful of his stir fry in my mouth and all but moaned.

“This is delicious. Seriously where did you learn to cook?” I turned to look at him, seeing his eyes on me.

“Glad you like it.”

“I think…” I thought about it for an extra second and then nodded my head. “Yep, I think you are the only guy that has cooked for me.”

“Good I want all your firsts.” He reached for his beer and I wouldn’t lie and say my eyes weren’t running up his tanned tattooed arm.

“So when do you have to get back?” I said ripping my eyes off his beautiful toned arm and looking him in the eye.

“Depends on you.” He shrugged, like he was really going to wait till I figured out what I was doing for him to make his next move.

“Forget about me. When do you have to be back?”

His normal easy going expression changed to determine in a second. “I did that once and it resulted in me flying half way around the world to get you back.”

“You didn’t have to come here for me.”

“Were you going to come home to me if I simply called?” He arched his eyebrows at me, knowing the answer.

“I wouldn’t have taken your call, so no.” I turned back to my dinner. “In fact if I knew we had had an appointment booked in I would have made sure I was out of the office.”

He scoffed. “Well I’m glad Megan didn’t tell you. Otherwise,” He spun on the bar stool grabbing mine and dragging me closer to him, till my legs were in between his. “I wouldn’t have you now.”

I dropped my knife and fork, and focused solely on him. “So when you have to be back Dane?” I asked gently.

“I’m not going anywhere without you.”

“What if I say I’m needed here for another month? Would you really let your season drop just like that?” I challenged him, trying to get him to see how stupid he was being. My mouth dropped open when he shrugged, like it was no big deal and he had thought about it!

I whacked him on the arm. “How can you be so stupid?! The ONLY reason you married me was to ensure you KEPT your career!”

“It was like I was saying the other night, somethings are more important than a game.”

“It’s not just a game. It’s your career. You can’t just…” I lost words, what was he thinking! “We are flying back tomorrow.” I made the decision. And pointed a finger at him. “And you are going back to living and breathing football.”

“You can’t just drop work like that!”

“Watch me.” I arched my eyebrows. “After all you did.”

“Emerald I’m not letting you walk from your career.” He stood, his hands going to my face. “I will always have another season, you don’t.”

“I can work from anywhere. The cameras literally follow me. So,” I stood up running my down his arms, till I took his hands. “I’m sure the paparazzi will love a change of countries.”

“Nope.” He shook his head. “You said yourself you are needed here.”

I had let go of his hand and picked up my phone. “We’re flying back home tomorrow. When’s training?”

“Wednesday. But we aren’t going.”

“Gives you one day to get used to the time difference.” I frowned. “I always find that the worse, adjusting to the time.”

He took the phone out of my hands. “I’m not letting you drop everything for me. You’re modelling comes first.”

“Your career comes first.” I said back. We weren’t going to agree on this, were we? I sighed. “Dane I had already made the decision to fly back with you at the end of the week. Flying back tomorrow, might cause a few headaches for Megan but I pay her enough to handle them.”

Megan could retire on the amount of money she gets off me. I was waiting for the day when Megan had had enough of me, and had enough money to call it quits. And that day was going to suck.

He still had a determine look on his face. And wouldn’t hand over my phone.

“Dane seriously, I’m not jumping to a decision. I can leave. It won’t cost me my career. In fact I make more money at home, than I do overseas.”

“So this deal with Victoria Secret isn’t depending on you being in Europe?”


“So what was keeping you here?” He frowned and cupped my face. “Why did you come here then?”

There was only one answer to that but I wasn’t telling him that. I just shrugged my shoulders.

“It was me wasn’t it?” He read my reaction. “I literally made you move to another country, that’s how much you wanted to get away from me. Some husband I am.” He took his hands off my face, and took a step back with an expression I couldn’t read.

“You needed space. Megan wanted me in Europe.” I shrugged again. “It just worked out.”

“But if I hadn’t come you wouldn’t have come back to me. That’s how much I screwed up.”

He was being hard on himself and taking all the blame.

I reached out for him, “There is blame on both sides. Now stop beating yourself up over something I’ve moved on from.” I went up on my toes. “Last time I checked you and I are back to dating and now heading home. If you will give me my phone back.”

He sighed but nodded his head handing over the phone. “You sure about this?”

“You came all this way for me, and now you are actually asking me if I would do the same for you?” I smiled. “God Dane, think more of yourself, would you.”

“I’m not worth it. But,” His arms wrapped around me “you are.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck. Liking touching him.

He kissed the top of my head. “If you really are sure about this, then book the flights. Though I doubt you will get anything good on this short notice. We will be stopping everywhere.”

I smirked but didn’t have the heart to tell him yet. I didn’t fly commercial.

I let go of him and dialled my pilots number.

“And don’t put us in cattle class. I only fly business.” He pointed at finger at me, just as I walked off smiling into the lounge.

Not everyone had a private jet. But I did.

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