Mr & Mrs Sullivan

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Chapter 4

Dane’s Point of View

We had kicked the season off with a win. I had more disposals and goals than normal. It was a good game. They didn’t let us win easily.

The week went quickly. I hadn’t seen Emerald since Saturday night. She was that busy. It wasn’t like my schedule wasn’t busy either. My days were packed. But of a night I was by myself. So I found myself not wanting to be home.

I went out with the boys. They still couldn’t believe Emerald was letting me out of the house without her. But when I explained how busy she was, they realised how just unlucky I was. Having a wife as hot as her and not being able to spend any time with her.

All week I had been thinking of one thing. How the hell did I get Emerald to agree to date me?

It was Friday night. And seeing as my game wasn’t till Sunday afternoon. I knew I wouldn’t be seeing her till then and even then it would only be for a brief few seconds.

So even though I had stopped myself from reaching out to her all week. Even when I was wide awake of a night, wondering where she was. Or even during the day, I just wanted to know how she was. But I didn’t bug her. Till tonight. My willpower was gone and I just wanted to see her. So I decided to call her. I took a gulp of my beer, listening to it ring.

It was eight at night. Surely she wouldn’t be working all night.

“Hey Dane it’s Megan.” Her agent answered her phone.

Great I wasn’t even going to be able to get to talk to her. “Hi Megan.” I knew I should be thanking for woman for putting Emerald in my life but I also wanted to yell at her, for keeping Emerald so busy.

“I’m guessing you want to talk to Em?”

“Yeah.” I took another gulp of my beer. “She there?”

“She’s working.” Megan just confirmed the fact I wouldn’t be able to talk to Emerald. “But you could always come to see her.”

“What at the shoot?” Wouldn’t that be crossing a line? I doubted Emerald would want me there. I get that she wanted to keep this a business relationship. But as soon as I laid eyes on her, I knew I wanted more than that.

“Yeah come! You might be able to convince Em to leave at a reasonable hour tonight. I’m telling you now, I might book the gigs but she is the one staying till wrap.” Megan laughed.

“I doubt Emerald would want me there.” My truth just came out. And I quickly took another gulp of my beer to fill my mouth before I said something else. Like the fact I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Emerald.

“I’ll ask her.”

“No don’t do that.” I was saying it but I already heard Megan call out to Emerald. “Seriously Megan don’t bother her.” I was saying it but from what I could hear, Megan was having another conversation and wasn’t listening. Why couldn’t I just keep my mouth shut?

“Em said come. If you want to.” Megan was back on the phone.

“What she actually doesn’t mind if I show up?” I was stunned. I knew Emerald took her work seriously. And she wouldn’t just blow if off for me.

“Nope. Do you want the address?”

Hell yes I wanted the address. “Yep shoot.”

Megan gave me directions and said she would let the guards at the door know I was coming.

“Now when you get here, maybe you could convince that wife of yours it doesn’t have to be perfect. And I can start weekend at a reasonable hour.” Megan was joking but at the same time I think she was serious.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one sick of Emerald’s work schedule.

“I’ll try my best.” I told her I’d see her soon and hung up. Grabbing my keys. It was when I walked past the hallway mirrors that I decided maybe I should change. I couldn’t rock up, not looking my best.

I had seen Emerald in a wedding dress. I had seen her picture all over the internet. I had seen her in real life in her underwear. But what I was seeing now, well it was cruel. She had black lace panties on, and a men’s white shirt with one middle button done up and no bra.

In the middle of a bed. And that was enough to get me hard. But what had my jaw clenched and me doing my best not to clench my fists, was the man she was straddling.

I thought she didn’t like it when men touched her? But she looked so relaxed with this man. As he ran his hands up the outer of her thighs. Pushing the shirt up her legs and showing off the fact there was only underwear keeping them from skin on skin.

Megan was on her phone, she waved when I got here but looked to be in a serious conversation.

My eyes were on Emerald anyway. The cameras were flashing as they were on the bed. He looked like he was a minute away from taking her. She was laughing, touching him and looked relaxed.

It pissed me off, she was letting another man touch her. More importantly she had told me, she didn’t like men touching her but with this guy, she didn’t seem to care. Which meant she trusted him.

Maybe that pissed me off more.

He gripped her by the ass and flipped her on to her back. I hated the way his hands ran up her stomach, opening the shirt up more. I hated it even more when Emerald squealed with delight, and pursed her lips at him.

It was when he was so dangerously close to kissing her lips I wanted to go over there and rip him off her. But it was when Emerald leant up to him, about to kiss him. I didn’t. If she wanted to kiss him, who was I to stop her?

I shouldn’t have come.

Fuck. They looked like they were about to have sex. I saw the pictures of them pop up one after one on the computer screens. But it wasn’t like the man behind the camera was giving them direction. Nope they were doing it all on their own.

Emerald arched her back, and threw her head back into the pillow, as he kissed down her neck slowly and his hand moved up stopping just below her breast.

Was she enjoying herself? Did this guy get to kiss her a lot? Fuck they looked like a couple on screen and the chemistry they had told me this wasn’t their first shoot together.

Surely, she wouldn’t just let a stranger touch her like that?

But she had let me touch her, hadn’t she? I had been a stranger to her. Something inside me wanted me to think I was different, that she felt what I felt.

I was that pissed off by what I was seeing, that I nearly didn’t notice her eyes flash to mine. But when I did lock my eyes were hers, she smiled and called cut. Pushing the guy off her and getting off the bed.

Had she just realised I was here?

Was she actually stopping work to talk to me? They looked like they were in the middle of it. She was walking towards me when I told myself to pull myself together and not act like a jealous prick.

“Hey.” She grinned. “Did you just get here?”

“Been here awhile.” I stuttered the words out. “Um you look busy.”

She opened her mouth to answer, but Megan started calling her name. “I’ll be one sec.” She said and walked off in the direction of Megan

I was watching her walk away that I hadn’t noticed her male friend come towards me.

“So you must be Dane?” He extended a hand. He said it friendly but the look on his face told me he was anything but pleased to see me here.

“Yep.” I shook his hand quickly.

“So you’re the one that married my Em.” He looked at me with a pissed off face. I noticed the way he said my Em. “Did you know about her and I?”

There was something to know? “Sorry who are you?”

“Jordan. Em was mine, till you proposed. Funny she never mentioned she was dating anyone when I was making a move.”

I had been right. This wasn’t their first shoot together and it seemed like I had stepped on his toes. But I really didn’t give a fuck.

“Emerald and I kept things quiet. But it’s not like anything did happen between you two.” I hoped I was right. Had Emerald already signed the contracts before this guy had a chance to make a move on her.

“Yeah real quiet. Almost like you were ashamed of her.”

“Emerald and I had reasons for it.”

“Yeah fucked if I know what they were though. If I had been you, I would have been telling everyone Emerald Asher was my girlfriend. But hey,” He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not ashamed of her.”

Just don’t punch him. I looked over at Emerald. Right now would be a good moment for her to come back. But it looked like that serious conversation Megan had been having on the phone, she was now having with Emerald.

I kept my mouth shut. If you have nothing nice to say, you say nothing.

“Anyway, it’s not like this marriage thing is going to last long. If there is one thing I know about you Dane Sullivan, it is you aren’t faithful to a woman.” Jordan flashed a grin Emerald’s way. “And just so you know. This time around, I’m not stopping when she says no.”

“I’m faithful to Emerald.” I wanted to hit him with that fact. But I knew, as soon as the news broke about mine and Emerald’s break up, he would make a move on her. And this time nothing would be stopping her. So I just had to make sure, that I made this year count. So when the time came for us to spilt. She wouldn’t want to.

“Right. Because it looked like you were being real faithful to her Wednesday night.” Jordan took a step closer to me. “If I had have seen the pictures of you with that chick. Means she has too. Em doesn’t let people treat her like shit. I always assumed this marriage of hers wouldn’t last. And I was right. Second week in and you are photographed with another woman.”

What the hell was he talking about? What other woman? My eyes widening slowly. Leah. I had been with her and boys Wednesday night. I remembered hugging her and I remembered her keeping her hand on me all night.

But it wasn’t like I was fucking kissing her or had her against a wall. But if I knew the press well enough, they could spin anything to look bad. Suddenly I needed to talk to Emerald. Had she seen pictures? Did that add to the reason why she had been so busy this week? I was too busy panicking to notice Emerald was back, till Jordan threw an arm around her and pulled her to his side.

“You right to keep going Em?” Jorden had the guts to kiss the side of her head.

It was bad enough he had been bold enough to tell me he was making a move on her. Now he had her under his arm and into his side, like she belonged there. I wanted nothing more than to rip Emerald from him.

“I’m actually going to go over what has already been taken.” Emerald was saying when Megan appeared at her side handing her glasses. “Can I talk to Dane for a minute?” Emerald said, taking her glasses.

Megan shot me a smile almost to say she was sorry before walking off and Jordan let go of Emerald.

“Sure I’ll start talking to the photographer and see if he wants more.”

“Like I said he should have enough but I’ll review it in a minute.” Emerald smiled at Jordan but it didn’t reach her eyes. It was tight. Professional. And as if she was so angry she couldn’t even force a real smile.

Why did I have a feeling that angry was about to be directed at me?

Emerald grabbed my hand and started to drag me through the set. I had a really bad feeling about this. My stomach was clenching, and suddenly my dinner for earlier wanted to come back up.

I wanted to try and convince her to date me. But I knew that wasn’t about to happen.

Emerald opened a door to dressing room and let go of my hand, it was when I heard the small thud behind of the door, I wanted to be anywhere but here.

I turned to look at her. This room felt even smaller, when I looked at her. She had put her glasses on top of her head, and she sexy kitten hair was still falling around her face.

“I’m guessing you’re mad?” I asked, taking a stab at her feelings.

She shook her head. “Not mad but we need to talk.”

“Is that why you wanted me to come tonight?” Because she wanted to question me? Because she thought we had to talk?

“Nope. I wanted to see you.” She bit her bottom lip. “Sorry I didn’t realise you were here earlier.”

“Nothing to be sorry about.” I uncrossed my arms and stepped towards her. If she wasn’t mad, then what was wrong? “So what’s up?” What had her pulling away from work? It wasn’t because she simply missed me. Or felt like she was slowly going insane, like I was from not seeing her.

“Megan just told me about Wednesday night.” She ran a hand through her hand, sighing. “They want a statement from me for an article running this weekend.”

“Emerald you have to believe me when I say nothing happened.” I reached out for her, needing to touch her. Running my hands down her arms, till I linked our hands together. “Leah is just affectionate.”

“She likes you.”

“Yeah well. It’s not happening.”

“Saw the pictures Dane.” She looked me in the eye. And why did she have to look so hurt? Like I had confirmed every thought she had about a man. That when it came down to it. Men couldn’t be trusted. More importantly. I couldn’t be trusted. “Look I just need to know, if we are still doing this or not. If you’ve changed your mind. Just tell me.”

“Nothings changed.” I pulled on our linked hands. “I’ll tell Leah to back off.”

“No that’s the last thing I want.” She shook her head. “I’m not expecting you to be faithfully to this fake marriage. I just want you to at least keep it out of the public eye. If we are to keep this marriage lie alive. You need to keep your other women out of the public eye.”

“I’m not dating other women.” I gritted out. She was the only woman I was thinking about! And wanting to be with! And wanting in my bed! “I just hugged her. That was it. Anyway I’m not the only who will be questioned about being faithfully. You’re basically having sex with Jordan. On camera!” Maybe it wasn’t the best time to tell her I was unhappy about her co-worker and their chemistry on camera.

She scoffed. “As if Jordan would even be interested!”

“You’re kidding right. Because he basically laid it out really clear to me that you two were nearly dating before you decided to suddenly take me up on my engagement.”

“That was a long time ago.” She looked annoyed. “We are friends. We work well together.”

“Yeah because he wants to fuck you!”

“I don’t have time for this.” She spun around and was about to leave me, when I moved forward and blocked her way to the door.

“I thought we were talking?”

“No you’re yelling and accusing me of sleeping with my co-worker! I have a whole production waiting on me. So I better get back to them.”

“I’m not letting you think I’m dating other women.” Not when all I could think about was her.

“It really doesn’t matter. I’ll give Megan a statement or something. I don’t know why I was expecting you to be any different.” She was saying it like she thought she wasn’t enough for me.

She was more than enough for me. All I wanted was her. So I just let my self-control go. I cupped her face, bringing my lips crashing to hers. If she wouldn’t listen to me, then I’d just have to prove it to her.

At first her lips were hard against mine. And I knew she was holding back. Maybe because of what happened on the beach and she didn’t want a repeat or maybe because she was so sure I was dating other women.

Then just like my self control had disappeared. I knew hers had too, when her lips melted against mine.

Knowing I had her exactly where I wanted her, I gripped her hips, throwing her legs around me. When she locked her legs around me, I smirked against her lips. Looks like she wasn’t holding back.

I moved her across the room, swiping the makeup dresser of its contents and sitting her down. I was hungry for her, so I wasn’t gentle as I kissed her. And she wasn’t gentle as she kissed me back. I forced my tongue in her mouth. She gasped and it wasn’t enough for me.

I ran my hand up and under that shirt she was wearing. When my hand touched her skin, I remembered she wasn’t wearing a bra. I got an instant burst of excitement and need, so I kept my hand moving up.

She would stop me, wouldn’t she? If she didn’t want me? She would push me away? Right?

She moaned in my mouth as soon as my hand cupped her naked breast. And it sent me stiff. Being suffocated by her scent, her perfect breast under my hand and the sweet noises she was making.

Her grip on me tightened and she pulled my head even closer to hers.

She was acting how I was feeling and the walls she was so determined on keeping up against me were gone. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

I pulled away from her lips and the small groan that left her lips made me smirk. But my lips were back on her within a second, kissing down her jaw, slowly down her neck. She arched back, pressing her breast into my hand. Taking her nipple between my thumb and finger, she gasped.

I took her lips just as she moaned. She had no idea what she was doing to me with those sexy little noises and her breasts were perfect for my hand. Now I had her sensitive breast in my hand, I realised I was going to have to get some will power from somewhere, to stop myself from ripping of that black lace and finishing what I’ve started.

It dawned on me that there was people waiting for her and she was currently in the middle of a shoot. I wanted to take my time with her, I wanted to explore every inch of her naked skin. Learn what makes her gasp and moan. And fuck her. Hard. And in my house. Where no one will hear her scream. And hopefully my name.

I wanted more than a quickie in the dressing room with her. So I pulled my lips away from hers. She leant her forehead against mine. Breathing heavily.


“So do you believe me when I say I’m not dating any other women?” My voice was steady even though I had completely lost myself touching her.

She looked like she was drunk and I smirked when I realised I had done that to her.

“What are you talking about?” She frowned. And it was so cute I pressed a kiss between her eyebrows.

“You and me. We’re dating.”

“Wait a sec,” She pulled back to look at me. “you are asking me to date you?”

“Not asking. We are.”

“Nope. This is a business relationship.” She felt the need to push further away from me. “Business Dane. If we let it get complicated it’s going to be harder for us.”

“We past complicated on the beach. And I’m not planning on going back.” I ran my hands up her thighs. She knew that day on the beach that we started something. That’s why she freaked out. “Come on Emerald. Give me a chance.” I was pleading with her. Please tell me she wouldn’t go back in her shell and push me away. I wanted to be with her. I wanted to be able to message her. I wanted her to want me to touch her. Not just let me because she thought someone was watching.

She was biting that bottom lip of hers and her expression told me she was torn between what she should and what she wanted to do. Which meant I still had work to do.

“Just give me a shot?” I kissed her cheek. “I promise I won’t let you down.”

“I don’t date.”

“Well we are already married.”

“If we date and you change your mind and you want to break up. We will still be married for a year. We have to think about this reasonably. You and I...we can’t... we just shouldn’t...” She was speaking as I was kissing down her neck and she groaned. Grabbing my head and forcing me to look her in the eye. “It will hurt me if it ends badly. I don’t let anyone get close to me for a reason.”

“You trusted me enough to marry me. Now trust me enough to be your boyfriend. Normally that one becomes before the other.” I grinned. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.” If I hadn’t married her, I would never have met her and then I would still be in the same state. Going from woman to woman. Changing one every weekend. “I won’t hurt you.”

“You will and that’s the sad part.” She muttered “And I know better. Every single thing I know tells me to stay away from you. To not let you any closer. But....”

There was a but. Something was stopping her from saying no altogether. “But?”

She pursed her lips. “But I’m still going to say yes.”

The biggest grin spread across my face. This is what victory felt like. I thought I had felt it when we won those grand finals. But this. This toped it. Winning Emerald was better than anything I had ever felt. Finally I could treat her how I would treat a girlfriend. Not that I’ve never had a girlfriend or a woman I really care about before.

“You have to get back to work don’t you?” I ran my hand up her back and she pressed into my chest.

She nodded her head.

“Which means I can’t keep you here.” I nipped her ear with my teeth. “And make you say it over and over again that you’re my girlfriend.”

Her hands gripped my shoulders. “The sooner I go. The sooner we can go home.”


She had always referred to home, as my place. Not once had she admitted it was her home as much as mine.

She gently pushed me back. I groaned. “Please tell you won’t go back to that bed with him.” While helping her down.

She laughed. “You have a thing against Jordan don’t you?”

“He wants what is mine.”

Her eyes widened. Had I just said that out loud?

“I mean well you know what I mean. You’re my wife and he basically wants to take you off me. In fact he is counting on us breaking up. Did you know that?” I quickly recovered from my slip up.

She put her hands on her hips. The shirt parting, showing off her perfect flat stomach. “You’re not threatened, are you? You’re my husband. You kind of win.”

I moved towards her and when she was in arms reach I grabbed her shirt. “You said you were done with the shoot tonight yeah?”

“Yeah I think we have enough to work with why?”

Just what I wanted to hear. I starting buttoning the shirt up. Would it be going too far to do it right up to the top?

Her sweet giggle, made me look her in the eye.

“What?” I asked.

“You’re acting like I’m naked.”

“Do I have to remind you, you aren’t wearing a bra under this shirt?” I arched my eyebrows at her.

She blushed. “No.”

“Good.” I pulled her in and kissed her forehead. “Now hurry up and finish so I can take you home.”

“I swear I’ll only be an hour.” She spun around and opened the door.

If she wasn’t going back to that bed with Jordan than I’d be happy to watch her work. I walked beside her as we walked back on set.

Emerald pulled her glasses down and went to the computer screens. I noticed how Jordan got out of the chair for her. I went and stood on the side lines and listened to her give directions through the pictures. Saying which ones she thought would work and which ones wouldn’t. I liked it when she dismissed the one of Jordan kissing her neck. The time went by quick. And Emerald looked so cute with her glasses on and such a serious look on her face. She took her work seriously.

“So you must have convinced Em to finish early by the way she is wrapping things up.” Megan was at my side.

This was Emerald wrapping things up? “She looks like she is ready to keep going for hours.”

“Nope she’s wrapping it up.” Megan smiled. “You should come to her shoots more often.”

“Is she booked next week?” Now we were dating I wanted to take her on actual first date. I wanted all her firsts. And if she didn’t date men. That meant she had never been on a proper first date.

Megan sighed. “Don’t start me on next week. I’ve actually dropped clients so I can focus on Emerald and her crazy schedule. She is getting more and more requests. I can’t possibly fit them all in. But Victoria Secret are the ones that won’t leave us alone.”

“So she hasn’t given them an answer?”

“Nope. She’s putting it off. But I think she will have an answer tomorrow.”

“Why tomorrow?”

“Let’s just say. When her father books in an appointment to talk to her. It usually has something to do with her career or money.”

“What her dad actually makes an appointment to talk to her?” My parents just called me whenever they felt like it. I always dropped what I was doing to talk to them.

“Her Dad is a busy man.”

Too busy for his own daughter? “I should have spoken to him at the wedding.” I should have made more of an effort with her family. She had made an effort with mine.

“Just be thankful you didn’t. He only loves two things in this world. That’s his oil and Emerald.” Megan looked around us. When she realised no one was listening to us, she added. “He wasn’t happy about the whole marriage thing.”

“Yeah Emerald said they didn’t approve of marriage.”

Megan scoffed. “That’s an understatement.”

I watched Emerald get up out of the chair.

“Looks like we are finished.” Megan picked up a stack of pictures off the table.

Emerald was walking towards us speaking with Jordan.

“Hey Em, I need you to sign these.” Megan handed her a stack of pictures. “It’s just for this weekend even though I know you aren’t making an appearance.”

“You still sure I don’t want need to be there this weekend?” Emerald started signing.

“Yeah have the weekend off. You do remember those assignments you need to do for school right? And that university essay?”

“Yeah I’ve got it scheduled.” Emerald finished signing and handed them back to Megan. “Ok Dane, I’ll just get dressed and we can go.” She shot me a smile. “Oh and Megan when will my car be ready to be picked up?”

“Monday. I knew you changing that tyre was a bad idea.”

“How I was I meant to know the nuts were important.”

“Because they hold the tyre on.”

Emerald pursed her lips. Jordan was about to make a move on her and I could see it happening. So I quickly stood behind her and pulled her to my chest, wrapping my arms around her.

“So what haven’t you had a car this week?” I asked her.

“Nope. Been getting lifts with Megan and Jordan.”

Well that won’t be happening anymore. “Why didn’t you tell me? You could have taken one of mine.”

She twisted to look up at me. “I didn’t want to put you out.”

“You’re my wife. You do own them too.” I kissed the top of her head.

“You’re sweet but I was just going to get my bike out of storage. Actually Megan can you organise that. I wouldn’t mind to go for a ride this weekend.”

“You own a motorbike.” I turned her in my arms. Not believing her.

“Yep.” She smiled.

“Didn’t you know that Dane? I swear all Emerald rode was her bike last year. Till she ran out of points.” Jordan laughed. Knowing again something I didn’t. “How many points do you have left Em?”

“I got five back.” Emerald said proudly. “And I haven’t been speeding in my car.”

“But as soon as you are back on your bike you will be.” Megan rolled her eyes. “I’ll get it delivered to Dane’s. Anything else you want?”

Emerald got out of my arms. “Nope. Just want to get dressed.”

“I’ll run over next week with you while you get dressed.” Megan followed her to the change rooms. Megan was rattling things off from her phone to Emerald when the disappeared.

How did Emerald do it? Keeping everything going and spreading herself thin across multiple things. She took everything seriously, her work and studies. She didn’t half ass things. She was passionate and I couldn’t believe she was my wife.

I was still thinking how amazing she is, when I caught a glimpse of her walking towards me.

Oh. My. God.

“Please don’t tell me you wear that to school?” I stuttered out. Seeing her in a tight school dress, which spilt perfectly at her cleavage. Every man’s wet dream. Especially mine.

“Well it is a school dress Dane. So yeah. I wear it to school.” She picked up her duffle bag. “Ok I’m good to go.”

Emerald was heading for me and I was about to take her hand when Jordan stepped in my way.

“So Em, you got plans this weekend?” He asked her. Blocking her from my view.

If I realised how attractive and sexy she looked in that school dress. I knew he would be thinking the same. It pissed me off more knowing he had seen her in it before me. If he had been driving her around.

“Just spending the weekend with my husband.” Emerald answered.

My husband. I liked that. No I loved hearing that.

“Well if you decide you want a break. Just give me a call I’m in town till Tuesday.” Jordan leant and kissed her on the cheek, then whispered something in her ear.

“Thanks Jordan. But like I said earlier. It isn’t happening.” Emerald stepped around him and I was quick to take her hand as soon as she was near enough.

“You got everything?” I asked taking the bag off her shoulder.

“I can cary a bag.”

“Not if you don’t have to.” I realised how heavy her bag was. “What the hell do you have in here?”

“Two weeks worth of work to do and every textbook I own.” She smiled. “You’re wishing you didn’t take it now, aren’t you?”

“More like wishing you hadn’t been carting this thing around all week.” I squeezed her hand. “Let’s go home.”

“So I’m guessing you haven’t eaten?” I asked her when she walked into the lounge, in shorts and a tank top.

“No I haven’t. Have you seen my phone? I need to remind myself to buy pjs.” She started searching through her hand bag.

“Yeah it’s here. It’s been ringing.” I picked it up from the kitchen island and handed it to her. “Don’t you have a rule or something stopping people from contacting you of a night. You can’t always glued to your phone.” She needed a break from it. Always being in demand. It wasn’t healthy.

“Only one person calls me after ten.” She took the phone from me. “I knew he was calling. I shouldn’t have forgotten.”

I was guessing she was talking about her Dad.

“So dinner what do you want?” I walked back into the kitchen.

“Well what are you having?”

I looked at my meal planner. All year around the club had someone working on what I can and can’t eat. I even had a chef make them. All I had to do was pull them out and cook them.

“Trust me you don’t want to eat what I’m eating.” I opened the fridge.

“You would have a strict eating plan yeah?”

I glanced at her but she was on her phone, typing.

“Yeah I do.”

“Well I’ll eat whatever you are eating.” She looked up from her phone. “Sorry I don’t mean to be living on my phone. I was just leaving myself a note to buy pjs.”

“Surely you would have been given some by now?” She would have modelled pyjamas before.

“The pyjamas I have modelled aren’t exactly what I can wear around the house.”

“Sounds like I’d like these pyjamas.”

She walked into the kitchen. “It’s one thing to model them for strangers. It’s another to wear them, in front of someone you like.” She took the steak from my hand. “I’ll cook this.”

Someone she liked.

“You’ve worked all day.” I went to take it back off her but she just put it out of arms reach.

“I’m not letting you cook for me all the time.” She put a pan on the stove and sprayed oil on it. “And believe it or not, I can cook a steak.”

“Fine but I’m doing the veggies.”

“Whatever you say husband.” Her phone starting ringing on the kitchen island. “Um can you answer that and put it on loud speaker.” She put the meat in the pan.

I answered her phone and put it on loud speaker for her. Putting it next to the heat plates. As soon as I put I down I needed to touch her, so I ran my hands down her perfect side.

“Hey Dad sorry I didn’t answer earlier.” Emerald said, taking in a sharp breath as I greedily touched her body.

“We had an appointment Emerald.” Her Dad’s voice was firm and controlling. Like he really expected her to answer the second he rang. “Enough time wasted now. I need to talk to you.”

“Shoot.” Emerald turned in my arms, while she may have implying her attention was on the conversation. Her real attention was on me. And I loved it. Her eyes lit up. “Wait before you give me a lecture I wanted you to know I saw Mr Wong. He owns a restaurant here. His food is still amazing.”

“Let me guess you’ve been living on dim sims.”

“No.” Emerald pursed her lips and scrunched her face up.

“Have you had them for breakfast?” Sounds like her Dad knew her too well.

“Maybe.” Emerald said stubbornly.

Her Dad grunted.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Emerald said, and let out a little squeal of surprise when I gripped her by the ass and lifted her on to the kitchen bench.

She shook her head at me with a smile on her face. She was my girlfriend now. I could touch her as much as I wanted too and as much as I needed too. So I didn’t feel any guilt as my hand slid up under her top.

“Two things. First what is this I hear you are not taking the contract with Victoria Secret?”

“I don’t think I can manage school, my already committed modelling gigs and give them full access.” Emerald’s breathing was coming out stagged. Good.

I kissed along her collarbone.

“Asher’s do not turn down work.”

“I know Dad.”

“If you want my advice I’d give up school and focus on your career.”

Emerald pulled away from me. “I told you modelling isn’t my career.”

“Emerald be realistic. You are making what someone works a whole year for in a few days. You will never have to take a nine to five job. And if you take this Victoria Secret deal, you would be sealing your fate as a model.”

“I haven’t studied by correspondence all these years, to give up in the final year! You know me! I’m not a quitter.”

“You also have a trait that usually doesn’t let opportunities pass. Are you not taking this deal because of that man you married?” He didn’t hide his anger as he spoke to Emerald. “I can have you out of this marriage by Monday if that’s the case.”

Emerald looked at me, her eyes softening. She ran a hand down my jaw. “No Dane is really supportive. I think he is thinking along the lines as you. That I should take it.”

“Because he wants the money.”

Emerald rolled her eyes. And mouthed a sorry at me. “No Dad. Believe it or not Dane isn’t after my money. Anyway I’m sure he has as much as me.”

“That brings me to the second reason I wanted to talk to you.”

Emerald locked her legs around my back and pulled herself into me. I knew what she wanted but as soon as my lips hit hers, I’d be making sure to have all of her attention. So I kissed her neck instead.

“I hit oil again.”

“Mm?” Emerald had her eyes shut and was enjoying me kissing her. Good. I kissed along her jaw line.

“I need to transfer you some money.”

Her eyes lit up and she pushed me back. “Nope. Not happening.” All of her attention was now on the phone and her Dad.


“Give it to Mum.”

“Already have.”

“Bet you she was as pleased as me.” Emerald muttered.

“Yes her reaction was that same as yours.”

“Well give it to a charity. I’m not a charity. So I don’t need your money.” Emeralds hands ran over my shoulders. “Maybe give it to the RSPCA?”

“Have you spoke to that investor I put you on to?”

“I don’t need to make more money off the money I have.” Emerald sighed. I had a feeling money was something Emerald had a lot of.

“Well you will have to give Andrew a call once the money clears in the bank. You can’t have your bank account full. Maybe you could buy that house on the coast of Thailand you liked so much. You did stay there an extra week because you liked the view.”

“I doubt it’s for sale. How much money are you sending me?”

“Six hundred and twenty four million.”

“NO WAY AM I TAKING THAT AMOUNT OF CASH!” Emerald picked up her phone. “I mean it Dad. Do not send it to me.”

“Emerald. You are my daughter. You know I need to rely on you. You are my only child and I want you set up.”

“Dad if I take that money it will make me a billionaire. Why don’t you give it to Jeremy?”

“Don’t mention his name to me!”

“Have you attempted to talk to him?”

“No, have you?”

“He won’t see me. Just wanted money for rehab.”

“You didn’t give it to him did you? Make him struggle through the public system for once.”

“Of course, I gave it to him. Like I said I have too much money.”

“Well you are about to have more of it tomorrow. Now are you taking this Victoria Secret deal or not?”

“I’m thinking about it.” Emerald narrowed her eyes. “Not even you can back me into this deal.”

“Well I’ll be expecting to see a press release with the details about it soon. Talking about press. I saw your husband with that other woman.”

“What has you reading the gossip pages?” Emerald’s words were sharp.

“Since you became the headlines of them. I don’t care how rich or how famous he is. He is making you look desperate putting up with him cheating.”

“Well he isn’t cheating on me because we aren’t really together are we?” She was speaking to her dad but she was looking me dead in the eye. “Anyway Megan is handling it. Dane has many female admirers so I’m guessing this won’t be the last time he makes headlines.”

“Well are you at least still seeing Jordan? You need a man you can count on.”

“Just because you approved of Jordan doesn’t mean he is a man I can count on. Anyway I don’t need a man. When I have you.”

“Still I won’t be around forever. I need you settled down with a man I trust before I die.”

Emerald frowned. “Since when are you dying? Are you sick or something? Because I can come take over and give you a break.”

“I’m fine Emerald. I’ll be on my death bed before I pull you from your life to take over my work. Now I have to go.”

“Can I give that money to charity?” Emerald quickly asked.

“No. I expect you to have a meeting with Andrew and discuss how you are investing it.”

Emerald groaned. “I hate any meetings with any one when its regarding money.”

“Well expect more of them when you become a billionaire. Bye Emerald.”

“Bye Dad.”

She reached for the phone hanging up. She ran a hand through her hair and sighed again.

“Sorry you had to hear that.” She looked at me. “All Dad talks about is money.”

“By the sounds of it, he has a lot of it.” He would have to just give away that amount of cash away. He must really love Emerald. Which meant he must really hate me about now.

“You would think he’d keep it to himself. But whenever he has a good year. Money comes my way.” Emerald frowned. “Sometimes I think he doesn’t think I am capable of making it on my own.”

“He just loves you.” I linked our hands together. “Just doesn’t want to see you going without.”

“Yeah well the things I want money can’t buy.” She smiled dimly. And then her eyes went wide and she pushed me back and jumped off the counter. “I forgot about the meat! Why didn’t you say something?”

I was so focused on her, I had forgotten that she was even cooking. I watched her flip the meat and by the looks of it she had got is just in time.

But I was more interested in what she had said. “What do you want that money can’t buy?”

She looked over her shoulder. “Unconditional love.” She then looked back at the meat. “Are you going to start the veggies?”

“You have unconditional love.”

“No. No I don’t. My fans love me because of my work. If I stopped that. They would disappear. Megan loves me because I pay her bills. If I stopped modelling she wouldn’t love me. Mum loves me because of what I do. And Dad. Well Dad only loves me when I succeeding. If I was having a hard time, he would wash his hands of me. Just like he did Jeremy. Now start the veggies!”

“So this unconditional love thing, it’s your kryptonite.”

“What can I say? I spend too much time reading romance novels.” She turned around, “Stop looking at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m something special and amazing.” She pointed the tongs at me. “You need to stop looking at me like that.”

“Maybe you are something special,” I grabbed her, pulling her into me, “and amazing.” I blew against her ear.

She leant back looking me in the eye. “Dane Sullivan you really know how to charm a female.”

“I’m only interested in charming one woman.” I kissed her, just under her ear.

“Really? Do I know her?”

“Yeah you might. She’s a workaholic. Insanely beautiful. And has no idea how crazy she makes me feel.” I kissed down her neck. “She has a habit of keeping people away from her too. She’s too independent. Doesn’t need me but I still can’t let her go.”

Emerald cupped my face and looked me in the eyes. God those eyes of her. Killer. “I think she needs you just as much.” She planted a small kiss on my lips and before I could deepen it she was gone. “Now start the veggies Dane. Otherwise we will just have meat.”

I groaned. “Fine.” So I started pulling the vegetables out of the fridge. “I hope you eat every single one of these veggies because I can think of something else I’d rather be doing than cutting up vegetables.”

She laughed. “You’re acting like you only have me for the night.”

“Yeah well I do. Till you change your mind. You said yourself. You don’t date. So come tomorrow morning when you realise what you are doing, you will back out.”

“I don’t know if anyone has told you this. But I’m stubborn and when I decide I’m doing something. I commit with everything I have.”

“Is that your way of saying, you won’t be breaking up with me in the morning?” I turned to look back at her.

I was surprised to see her staring at me. But when I looked into her eyes I had my answer.

“Yeah I guess it is.” She said. I went to put my knife down and was planning on making her say that again, when she pointed at me. “Don’t you dare stop cutting them veggies!”

Stupid darn vegetables. Who needed them anyway? I turned back and started cutting them up.

It was after nine in the morning and I had been waiting for her to wake up. I didn’t want to wake her up. But I also couldn’t stay in my room any longer. I glanced at her closed door. I assumed because it was her day off she would sleep in.

I was going to head to the public pool and do some laps. Since my shoulder injury, I had to do laps after I did a major weight session. Which is what I did yesterday.

I was grabbing my keys when I saw something come flying up the hallway.

I looked down at the pen and walked the past it came, past the dining room and into the lounge. And bang. There she was sitting at the dining table. My dining table was covered in books and papers.

She was rubbing her temples.

“You alright?”

Her head snapped up. And she was looking at me with wide eyes, wearing her glasses. I noticed the empty mug to her left, which I’m assuming had had coffee in it.

“Maths is going to be my undoing.” She groaned. “All the numbers have ganged up on me.”

“How long have you been studying for?”

She frowned and lit her phone up. “Since after five.”

“Why didn’t you sleep in?”

She reached across the table and grabbed another pen. “Too much on my mind.”

“Victoria Secret?”

“That and,” She paused, biting her bottom lip. “it doesn’t matter.”

“Is it me?”

“Nope.” She went back to working out the equation.

Maybe she needed a break? “What’s your plans for today?”

“Um just this.” She gestured down to her work. “It’s going to drown me.”

“Can you ditch it for the day?”


I grinned. “Me.”

Her blank expression, changed. And she smiled. Closing the textbook in front of her. “Ok. But if I fail maths. It’s your fault.”

“I doubt you will fail.”

She pushed herself away from the table. “The way I’m doing. I will.”

“You put too much pressure on yourself.”

“So what do you suggest we do today?”

“I’m about to go do laps at the pool. You can come? Then after that I’m taking you out.”

“Are you just.” She stood in front of me. “And where are you planning on taking me?”

I grabbed her by her hips. “That’s a surprise.” I kissed her forehead. “So do you want to come to the pool first? Or want me to pick you up after?”

“Nah I’ll come to the pool. I think I have a bikini somewhere. I’m actually not sure if I packed one.”

My eyes were on lips, so red, so plumb. “We can get you one on the way. Maybe a one piece.”

She laughed. “You’re funny.”

But I wasn’t joking.

I never thought I would get Emerald to agree to date me and now she had. I wanted to impress her. I was putting my stuff in a locker when a guy ran in to the changing room.

“Emerald Asher is out there!” He basically yelled to his friends.

“Yeah of course she is. Next you will say she is stripping naked.” One of his friends laughed at him.

“I’m not joking! I know that ass and perfect breasts. She is my background on my phone! I know her body better than you lot. And I’m telling you she is out there!” He quickly ran to a locker next to mine. “You guys mightn’t believe me but I’m getting a picture with her.” He bolted out.

“Maybe he was serious.” One guy got up and just like that the locker room was empty.

Suddenly I was moving quicker. Locking the locker. The last thing I wanted her to deal with was drooling fans. I walked out and knew where she was by the crowd.

I started pushing my way through to her when I noticed she was posing for photos.

I couldn’t exactly rip her away from what she was doing.

She was wearing a white bikini with gold trimmings. She looked stunning. And the boys were loving looking at her too much.

“Excuse me.” I pushed past another guy.

My eyes locked with hers. I wasn’t happy with how that guy had his hand on her side. Posing for a photo.

As soon as the picture was over. I took my chance before another guy could get in there for a picture.

“You right babe?” I kissed the side of her head and pulled her to my side. Giving all the guys a clear message. She is mine.

“Yeah I’m fine.” She went to her tippy toes and kissed my cheek. “So you going to show how much of a good swimmer you are?”

“Emerald when are you going to do a full naked pose?” The same guy that had announced to the locker room she was here asked.

“There is only one guy that sees me naked and that’s my husband.” She smiled sweetly. “Sorry to let you guys down.” She went up on her toes and waved for someone to come to her.

“Now you can all back off.” I said not liking that fact they were picturing her naked. But loving the way she was implying I was the only guy to see her naked.

A man, I hadn’t seen before started to break the crowd up. With the help of two other man. Which made me useless.

I watched them all disappear and then the men went back to standing on the side lines.

“Hold on a sec, who are they?” I pointed to the men that had just broke up the crowd and were now watching her.

“My body guards.” She shrugged.

“Do they always follow you?” Why the hell hadn’t I noticed them?

“Nope. But seeing as I was coming to a public pool. I didn’t want you to have to put up with my fans.”

“I should have thought of that.” God I was an idiot. She couldn’t just come to any public pool!

“Doesn’t matter. Now you go do your laps.” She pushed me away. But I wasn’t ready to leave her.

“Actually I just remembered something.” I held back my smirk.

“That being?”

I made sure she was close to the edge. I let go of her and with one gentle push, she fell into the water.

I watched her find her feet and stand up. Her hand pushing the hair from her face.

“Pay back is a bitch Emerald.” I smirked at her.

“You already dropped me in the ocean for that!” She splashed water at me. “You’re lucky it’s hot.”

I slid down into the water. Walking towards her.

“Don’t even think about coming to suck me up. Because I’m not talking to you.” She turned her back to me but before she could swim off I grabbed her around the waist and pulling her back to me. God why did I get tingles every time I touched her. Like I couldn’t get enough of her. Her skin was so welcoming. It sent my body into a fit.

I had never been addicted to a woman before. But when it came to Emerald, she was my own personal drug.

I kissed her bare shoulder. “So how much sucking up do I have to do?” My hands ran down her perfect sides, over her hips and stopping just below her belly button and I wanted nothing more than to go down further. When she didn’t answer. I slid my hand under the strap of bikini bottoms. “Emerald? You’ll tell me to stop right?” I kept my hand frozen were it was. Till she nodded her head.

I looked around and made sure no one was watching. No cameras on us. I slid my finger against her. God she was soft. I kept one hand on her stomach, pushing her back into me.

“Do you want me to stop?” I whispered against her ear. She didn’t say anything.

Then she shook her head and I had my answer.

So I slid two fingers across her soft and welcoming sensitive skin. And then with one thrust I was inside her. Her chest was rising quickly, and her hands went to my arms. Like I was holding her up.

“You want me to stop?” I thrusted my finger in her again and she clamped her mouth shut tightly. I kissed the side of head. “I’ll stop if you want me to.”

She shook her head. She was trusting me right now. So I wasn’t going to break her trust. So I thrusted my finger in to her again over and over. Her clamp lips broke apart and the sweetest moan left her lips.

Now that’s my girl.

“God you’re tight.” I gritted out. As much as I wanted to put two fingers in her. I couldn’t. God if she was this tight, how the hell was she meant to take me? Suddenly something Scott said on our wedding day, came back to me. He said she was a virgin. Surely not. No way would I be that lucky. There is no chance I would be her first.

But the more I felt of her, the more I got my answer. She was a virgin.

Her hand tightened on my arm. “Dane you need to stop.”


“Because those boys are heading straight for us.” She quickly wiggled out of my grasp. Just as four boys started saying my name.

I wasn’t finished with her yet.

“I’m going to the spa. Get me when you’re finished. And I mean with your laps. Not with your fans.” She swam off.

My eyes were on her as she climbed out of the pool and headed to the inside pools and spa. Even though I was answering every one of the kids question, I didn’t look at them till Emerald disappeared inside.

I had spent an hour and half doing laps and only stopped when my shoulder started to pinch. I headed inside to find Emerald. I scanned the pools not seeing her. She said she was going to the spa, right? That was over an hour ago though. I looked at each spa, and no Emerald.

Maybe she left?

That’s when I spotted one of her body guards.

“Hey do you know where Emerald is?” I asked him.

“In the sauna Mr Sullivan.” He answered professionally and gestured to the closed doors.


I walked forward and pushed open one of the double doors to the sauna.

God why were there so many people in here? Geez hell it was hot in here.

Then I saw her. Laying down on the of the benches. Her knees up and eyes closed. She looked to be on her own planet. Maybe that’s why she hadn’t noticed that every man with a pair of eyes was stripping her free of her bikini. No wonder there was so many men in here.

And suddenly it was hotter in here, and it wasn’t the steam.

There was beads of sweat running down her perfect body. Her back slightly arched. God, did she have any idea what she was doing to the men in here? Or me for that matter?

I walked towards her. Kneeling on one bench and I only had one idea to bring her back to earth. I brushed her lips with mine, at first her eyes went wide and then she smiled.

“You ready to go wife?” I pulled my lips from hers.

She nodded her head and I helped her sit up.

“How was your laps?” She asked, as I held her hand as she stepped down. The last thing I wanted was her slipping on the wet benches and falling.

“Fine.” I grabbed her by the waist as soon as she was down. Shooting a few glares at the men watching. Yeah that’s right boys she’s taken.

“I’ve never been a swimmer.” She said, pushing the door open.

“I never was either.” I took her hand. Bringing her hand to my lips I kissed the back of her hand. “Sorry for keeping you so long.”

“You didn’t keep me, from doing anything. It was actually relaxing.”

“So you weren’t doing a mental check list of what you should do be doing?”

She looked at me a bit guilty. “Maybe.”

“Well that list will have to wait. Cause I have you for the day.”

“Shouldn’t you be at the club?” She looked at me, as if she knew I was blowing work off.

“Maybe.” I repeated her answer back to her.

“Dane. You need to be focused on your career and reputation. Not spending time with me.”

“You made me first. I’m putting you first.”

“Dane the whole point of us being together is for your reputation to be repaired. So you need to get your ass to the club. Anyway I’m fine by myself.”

“So not happening. I have this afternoon planned and,” I pulled her to a stop, wrapping my arms around her. “it’s involves you. And our first date.”

“Date?” She frowned up at me. “What today?”

“Yep.” I had it all planned in my head and with a few phone calls everything was locked in. I was going to give her the best first date. I just hoped she liked it. “So go get dressed.”

I whacked her on the butt and she squealed. She looked at me as if she couldn’t believe I had just done that.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“Only for you babe.” I winked. “Now get dressed.”

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