Mr & Mrs Sullivan

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Chapter 7

Emerald Point of View

Ok it was official. I was drowning under the pressure of homework. Maths again was giving me a headache. My teachers had been emailing my work weekly. They weren’t used to students studying off campus and well didn’t really know what material to send me. But my maths teacher. Well he took the cake. He wasn’t only not sending me key information, he was sending me half written questions!

I had spent days working those fractions out only to send them to him, to have them sent back all wrong. All because he hadn’t spent me the questions correctly. I wanted nothing more than to fly back home and straggle him.

So I was redoing the questions with the correct information. I had been doing it nearly all day. And I was nowhere near finished.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” I didn’t take my eyes off my work, I was in the middle of a fraction. I had taken over one of the conference and had my work spread across half of it.

“Your three o’clock is here.” Megan said sounding unhappy about it.

“I don’t have a three o’clock.” I pushed my glasses up and kept working on the fraction. I tucked my legs underneath me. I knew I had today free because I had depended on it- to get this work done.

“Um you do. I just didn’t expect him to show up.”

“Why did I agree to do advance maths? Seriously. Why didn’t you talk me out of it? What’s wrong with general maths!”

“You wanted an edge when it came to university next year?”

“Well next time I want an edge, tell me to do some bloody volunteer work.”

“You don’t have time for that.”

“I don’t have time to redo bloody fraction questions! I’ve been at it since eight and I am still nowhere near finished. Why is it Mr Gardener personally wants to make my life hell!”

“I can make a note to him, to give you more detail next time?”

I scoffed.

“Um about your three o’clock?”

“I don’t have a three o’clock!”

“Like I said you do. I just didn’t put it in your schedule because well I didn’t expect him to show up.”

I groaned. “If it is Evan about me doing that lace shot again, tell him no. I am not modelling anything that is completely see-through. It’s basically me with no top on!”

“Um it’s not Evan.”

“Well if it isn’t the CEO of Victoria Secret, who the hell would be important enough for me to stop what I’m doing?”

“Your husband.”

I dropped my pen and swung the chair around, confused, as if Dane would be here, my eyes glanced to the door way. Megan was standing there but who was standing next to her, had my full attention.



Right now.

Right in front of me.

I ripped my eyes off him and looked back at my work. Oh my god what is he doing here? Why did my heart decide to have a fit at just seeing him? He looked even more good looking than normal. The way he had his white shirt sleeves rolled up, and dark jeans. And that serious look on his face.

“Why is he here?” I kept my voice calm and empty of all the emotions that were currently flooding my body. How could one look at him, do this to me?

“Because I have an appointment with you.” Dane’s voice was confident, calm and steady. All things I wasn’t right now.

“I’m busy.” I picked up my pen.

“I’ll um leave you two to talk.” Megan said and I heard the door shut after here. Which meant, I was left alone with him.

Just don’t look at him.

Just don’t look at him.

“Emerald can we talk?”

“I told your lawyer if you wanted to speak to me, speak through my lawyer. I suggest you contact your lawyer.”

“Why would I do that, when you are right in front of me?”

Why did it sound like he was closer? I felt the chair spin around and then, bang I was suddenly in front of him. His hands gripping the back of the chair, and his arms brushing past me. He had me trapped.

I kept my eyes on my lap. “If this is about the divorce, we can say we parted mutual ways.” I stagged out and finally forced myself to look up at him. Why was he looking at me like that? Like it was the first time he was seeing me. “I’ll even agree to us saying we are still friends. Just discuss the details with my lawyer. I’ve already signed it.”

“You’ve signed the divorce?” His voice went up- it sounded like out of panic.

I nodded my head. “I rang to tell you but you never answered.” I saw the fear in his eyes, but I didn’t understand it.

“Emerald you have no idea how sorry I am for not answering your calls.” His hands cupped my face. “Just tell me what to do, to get you to change your mind? I’ll do anything, just please tell me what to do. Because I don’t know what to say or do.”

He looked scared. Terrified even. He nervously lowered down to my level, keeping our eyes locked. I saw the regret, the fear, the panic. All clear in his eyes.

But it didn’t change a thing.

“You wanted a break. I’m just making that break permeant.”

“I don’t want that.” He ran his thumb over my bottom lip. “I don’t want a break. I just want you back.”

“You never had me to begin with.” I gripped his hands and pushed them off me. “You should go, wait sec.” I frowned. “Don’t you have a game today?”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“Your coach will just be loving you right now.” I rolled my eyes and pulled my chair back to the table.

“Emerald I don’t want a divorce.” His hand gripped the chair again and he swung it back around. “If you don’t want to agree to go back to dating me. At least see the year of our marriage out.”

“No.” I looked him squarely in the eye. “Why would you think, that I would wait for you to dump me or divorce me?”

“I’d never do either.”

I scoffed, shaking my head. “You were the one wanting a break. You told me you wanted a break from me. So how can you stand there and say you wouldn’t do that! When you did!”

“I was under pressure with the club. I had to focus. Pushing you away made sense. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

Hurt me. That was exactly what he did. And I was never letting him do it again.

“Just tell me what you need from me?” Dane said looking like I had been the one to hurt him.

I don’t know where the anger came from but suddenly it was bursting through every blood vessel.

“You know what I needed! I needed you a month ago!” I got out of the chair pushing him away from me. I had never felt so angry! “I needed you when everyone was demanding an answer from me! When I had to make a life decision. But I was on my own. Like I have always been. You weren’t there as a boyfriend, you weren’t there as a husband. Hell, you weren’t even there as a friend! So don’t come here and act like you care!”

I wanted to leave. I had to leave. I couldn’t be in this room with him anymore.

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