Mr & Mrs Sullivan

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Emerald’s Point of View

Being near him was suffocating me.

But just because I wanted to leave, didn’t mean he was about to let me. He stepped in the way of the door.

“Emerald I’m so sorry.” It actually sounded like he meant it. As if.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m finished with you. Marrying you was a mistake. One I’m correcting. So can you move now because I’d rather swallow glass then spend another minute with you.”

My need to get out of here was even stronger. I couldn’t be near him.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere till you agree to come home with me.”

I wanted to laugh! Had he not heard a word I said? “I’m not going anywhere with you. We,” I gestured between him and I. “are over.”

“I’m not divorcing you.”

“That’s right because I’m divorcing you.” I took a deep breath in. “Now move.”

“Did you really want this deal with Victoria Secret? Is it something you really want?”

Where was he a month ago! When I needed to be asked that question? “I’ve already signed the contracts.” I couldn’t change my mind even if I wanted to. Legally I was theirs.

“You said you didn’t have time for it. You said you didn’t want it.”

“Yeah that was before!”

“Before what?”

Before you broke my heart. “You said the club forced you to take a break from me, right?” I had to speak logically with him. If he realised that I was making the best decision when it came to ending our marriage, then maybe he would leave and I could try to find a way to live without Dane Sullivan.


“So you had to pick between your career and me, right?”

He looked at me with a hardened expression and I saw the regret in his eyes. “Yes.” He gritted out.

“Right well. I wasn’t taking the deal with them because I couldn’t handle school, my modelling and you. You made me see, I was making a stupid mistake by putting you before my career. Opportunities like this rarely happen. And I was going to turn down a massive opportunity because I had already made a commitment to you.”

“I never wanted you turning down that deal for me. I told you that.”

“But I was going to.”

“I wouldn’t have let you.” He moved towards me. “We would have talked about it and I would have made you see your career comes before me. Even if it meant we had to spilt for you to take it. I would have supported you.” He took a noticeable step closer to me, his hands going to mine. “And now I will support you through it.”

I looked at his hands as they entwined with mine. Why was I letting him touch me? He was saying all the right things, but it didn’t change the facts. He wasn’t there when I needed him. So how the hell does he expect me to believe him that he will be there through all the shit I was about to go through?

I was in for long nights, a crazy schedule. What I had been dealing the last month was crazy enough. And the shoots have just started. It was going to be months of shoots, runways appearances, parties, exclusive interviews and more shoots. And that wasn’t even factoring in my school and university commitments.

He had no idea what he promising being with me through all that.

“You should go.” I pulled my hands from his. “Fly home. Go back to Leah or whatever. I’m sure your talent will out shine your reputation.”

“I’m not with Leah!” He grabbed me sounding frustrated. “I want you. What do I have to do to get you to agree to see the year out with me?”

At least he had accepted the fact we weren’t dating anymore. But he still hadn’t given up on me. My first real relationship and it failed before it started. I should never have agreed to dating him, in the first place. I was the idiot.

“I’m sorry Dane. But I’m not changing my mind. I’ve already approved the press release for tomorrow.” I ran a hand through my hair. “You are wasting your time.”

“I’m not accepting that you’ve made up your mind.” He looked more determined than ever. “Give me a night. If I can’t change your mind by midnight, I’ll fly out tomorrow and I won’t bother you again.”

He wasn’t changing my mind. But I was interested in how he thought he could. I sighed. I knew I shouldn’t even bother. So why the hell was my heart pumping so fast hoping he would do something that would change my mind. I never had a weakness before but now I did and it was Dane bloody Sullivan.

“Come on Emerald, just give me the night.” He was pleading with me, and my body loved that his hands were on me. Loved it too much. It wasn’t healthy. “One night.”

I looked him the eye. My brain was saying don’t do it. My heart was pumping let him try. Like I said, I have one weakness now and it was him and his stupid smile, and the way when his hands touched me it sent every nerve in my body alive.


I groaned. “I can’t give you a night. It’s my only day off. I have a heap of studying to do.”

“I’m good with maths. You wouldn’t think it but I can help.”

“So your way to win me back is to do my homework?” I couldn’t stop my smile.

His eyes lit up seeing it. “If it gets you smiling at me, then yes, I’ll start to win you back by doing your homework.”

I laughed and then sighed. Do I do it? Why did it feel like I was giving him back my trust? I wasn’t, was I? I was firm on the divorce. What could he possibly do, for me to change my mind? I knew the answer, there simply wasn’t anything he could do to make me change my mind.

“Come on you don’t expect me to just give up on my wife.”

“I’m not really your wife.” It wasn’t like we were together out of love.

“You are legally married to me, are you not?” When he put it like that, then yes. I am his wife.

I nodded my head.

“So do I get you for the night?”

No. Yes. No. Maybe. No. NO. “Ok.” I blew out. “But there isn’t anything you can do that will change my mind.”

There wasn’t was there? Why was he looking at me like that? Like I had just given him everything he needed to drag me back home.

Well I hadn’t. Had I?

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