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Inside his dark world

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Alix is a woman who lives with her best friend and her early twenties single life is cut short when she is forced to get married to Chase. What Alix doesn't know is that besides getting married to the person she hated the most, she was also getting married to a dangerous man with a personality similar to that of a cold alpha but his handsome face and billion dollars in the bank, made him a dream to most women who most probably wouldn't have cared that Chase was the worst criminal ever seen, he was a low key psychopath. Chase has a childhood arranged marriage with another woman who besides having been engaged, marries Alix for a reason not known to Alix herself because she sure knew Chase hated her to the guts and her feelings were no different to his. Now that Alix's world changed, will she adapt and accept the marriage and the new life where there is another woman in the picture wanting her new life to be hers? What will Alix do when she realises her husband is a psychotic serial killer? Will she accept the darkness in her husband's world where besides being a psychopath, he is the leader of the most dangerous mafia organisation in the city? Read to discover drama after drama and walk through the journey of finding light in the dark world.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter One:Marriage

I slowly opened my eyes hissing from the pain in my back. What was going on? I felt like a person on a hangover only that I had not been drinking alcohol recently.

My eyes met dark ones and I jolted with a start ignoring the sharp pain that came with me raising my head hastily.

"Who are you?"I immediately asked the person looking at me. He was a man seemingly in his early thirties or late twenties.

"Finally, you are awake," he said standing up and I slowly sat up looking around to figure out where I was."you sure do sleep deeply Miss Alix," he added walking away then in less than a minute he was back with a document in hand.

He handed it to me then he reached for a pen from his black leather jacket and gave it to me."What I'm I supposed to do with this?"I raised my eyebrows confused about what I was supposed to do.

"Don't play dumb with me Alix, open the document and sign." the man ordered coldly.

I narrowed my eyes at him with a frown on my face." You did not just order me. I'm not your puppy, frankly, I don't even know you. Do you understand how that makes me feel? I....." he cut me off.

"I don't care about your feelings, all I need from you is a signature on that document. "he said.

I scoffed looking at him."this is seriously ridiculous. I'm in a place I don't understand with a strange person ordering me around. I don't even know how I got here or what time it is, would you explain what is going on first before talking about some stupid signature?"I angrily said.

He looked at me his eyes revealing nothing of what he was thinking." You are getting married tomorrow and the thing is that if you sign or don't sign that document, you will still get married. I would suggest you......"

I held my hands up signalling him to stop." slow down. Did you just say I'm getting married tomorrow? To who? I don't even have a boyfriend. Is this a joke?"I astonishingly questioned.

" I can't disclose any more information than I already have. My boss would not appreciate it," he let out and it was like my mouth was itching to speak.

"Your boss? Did he send you to bring me here? Is he the one marrying me? I think you and your boss are crazy. This is illegal and trust me, I will not hesitate to call the cops on you."I yelled.

My mouth would not shut up because I was angry that I had just received the most ridiculous news ever and on top of that I was in a place I couldn't figure out how I got to it. Did this guy kidnap me and if he did, how? I needed answers to many questions.

"You are talking too much, it's better when you are asleep. I should put you back to sleep," he said holding a white handkerchief and walking towards me.

My heart started beating so fast because the look on his face was so scary I started moving back out of instinct." what are you doing?" my lips were shaking as I asked.

"Shutting you up. "he said then covered my nose with a handkerchief that smelled of chloroform. Had I been drugged? Before I could form a sentence to ask why he was doing that to me, I lost consciousness.

Now here I was crying to myself as I watched my reflection in the mirror dressed in a snow-white wedding dress.

Yes, I was getting married today, true to the man's words. He kidnapped me, I had come to realize that after countless thinking of the situation ever since I regained my consciousness in a well-maintained but dark-themed bedroom.

Up to now, I was not sure where I was but when I gained consciousness, I woke up in a different place.

The worst thing is not the kidnapping but the fact that I was getting married against my will and I couldn't do anything to stop the wedding.

A few hours ago a gun had been pointed at me as a threat to get in my wedding. I could not choose death of course so to escape it I got in my dress and allowed the make-up artist to do her thing on my face.

I had a lot I would have said but to whom would I have said it? The men with guns outside or the scary make-up artist? The man who informed me about my marriage was nowhere to be seen. I swear at this point I had turned into a robot because I was being controlled to do things the only difference was that I was well aware of the things that I was made to do and I had feelings.

For crying out loud, I didn't know why I was getting married. I wanted to laugh at myself fit being the most pathetic bride in history but instead, tears run down my cheeks.

"It's time Miss Alix." a male voice called and I quickly wiped my tears ruining my make-up in the process but I couldn't care less about my looks. I was not proud of what I looked like anyway.

I turned and faced away from the mirror. "why are you doing this to me?"I found my voice to raise a question.

"I don't have the right to answer your question." the man in black said his face icy cold."You should get going. They are waiting for you," he said extending his arm for me to clutch onto.

"I'm fine, I can walk alone just fine. Lead the way."I sadly said as what he said lingered in my mind. They? Who was he referring to as they?

I walked my mind absent from everything and I just followed the man leading the way. So many things were going through my head because I knew what I was doing was not right and it was not fair to me but what could I do?

"Do you walk aimlessly?" a deep low voice spoke and I suddenly halted my mind coming back to earth.

I looked up only to meet the most beautiful ocean-blue eyes. Out of lure, my eyes travelled down tracing the slim straight nose down to those average red lips. That jaw and chin made me swallow because of how strong it was.

What were my eyes seeing? After a long torturous moment of thinking about my wedding, was I meant to be welcomed by such a godlike figure of a man as a soothing remedy?

For a second I forgot about my pathetic wedding situation. Great, the face could work magic huh?

"What took you so long? I don't have the whole day." that voice spoke again and I broke out of the trance I had got myself into because of his face.

I cleared my throat and averted my gaze away from him to look around. To my surprise, I was standing in front of what seemed like fifty people. My heart began racing again, I had never been in front of so many people in my life except for that one period at my mother's funeral, a memory I don't like bringing back to life.

"If you looked at where you were going, you would have realized what is in your surrounding. Get yourself together and let's get done with this." the man said turning me around.

What was going on? I had never been confused in my life like I was at this moment. Everything seemed to move so fast I could not grasp anything and I just hoped it was a dream because if it wasn't a dream then I was in for a shock after all this was done.

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